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Topic : 08/23 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star," Part 2

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Created on : Friday, May 11, 2007, 02:27:02 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 05/15/07) Dr. Phil’s child star competition continues! Seven talented kids compete against each other in The Dr. Phil House while auditioning in front of some of Hollywood’s most esteemed child talent agents. But the true test is to see if the mothers can handle the stress of coaching their kids without ruining their chances to be noticed. Big prizes are at stake, including the ultimate opportunity to become an established child actor in Hollywood. One child has already won the photo challenge and the dance audition, and some of the competitors are not happy. Today, three more auditions take place, and the judges pull no punches. One child breaks down in tears, but is it the judges’ criticism or the pressure from her own mother that is the cause? Dr. Phil meets with the moms alone and questions their motives for pushing their children, including a harsh criticism of one mom who the talent agents think presents her child in a provocative way. Tempers flare as moms grow desperate. Can Dr. Phil teach them how to become an asset to their children instead of a liability? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

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May 15, 2007, 4:13 am CDT

Make My Kid A Star

I am a mom with 3 successful children.  I too grew up being on a very high pedestal and it took the opposite turn when I was ready to meet the world myself.  To live up to others' expectations were beyond what I could handle at that age.  The one mom in particular was the rudest, disrespectful & overconfident with her child.  Her attitude was absolutely uncalled for.  I think this "bad attitude" had hindered her daughter from being selected and her progress in general and bad attitudes create low self -steem.  Children were meant to be children for a reason NOT to live up to mom's expectations but to be "themselves always and have fun in the process.  Their comprehensions are just that, what "they" can comprehend for their ages NOT those of adults.  Don't rush them into it let it happen naturally.  Lighten up mom because I "didn't" see any love for your daughter on yesterdays show.
May 15, 2007, 4:42 am CDT

Repressed Dreams?

Whose dreams are these really?  These mothers are shameful in their treatment of their children.  It was incredulous to see how these mothers push their children to fulfill what would obviously appear to be dreams they were unable to manifest for themselves.  Surely, all of these children have talents.  I am equally certain; this experience, will have a few of these children deciding to put their gifts on the back-burner ((that is; IF they are allowed to). Did I say these women are shameful?  They are SCARY too!  
May 15, 2007, 5:09 am CDT


I do not watch the Dr. Phil that often; however, when I saw the previews for this show, I had to comment.  Of course, Dr. Phil is trying to teach everyone a lesson.  Well, maybe not so much a lesson, but prove a point.


I can't say for everyone, but I am sure most of us like Gracie.  Now, can this just be due to her talent, and charm?   Partly.   But I believe this is in a way is a set up.  Her mother treats her nicer, and their relationship is not 'fake' like the other mothers/daughters.  She calmly talks to Gracie, and Gracie talks to her in the same way.  Even though sometimes you can tell they are both frustrated.


My kids like Gracie too.  I asked them why and they said two things.  "Gracie looks like she's having fun.  and "Gracie mom is not mean, and doesn't talk bad about the other girls."



So, Dr. Phil?  Is this what this show is about?  Did I figure it out? Or is it just that I am seeing something that no one else in. 


Good luck Gracie and mom   And keep having fun =)))

May 15, 2007, 5:11 am CDT

05/15 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star," Part 2

I am a 35-year-old married woman without children, so I am pretty objective and non-emotional about these issues.  It is amusing that each of the mothers seem to think that her child is different, special, extremely talented, etc.  I didn't see anything remarkable about any of the kids.  They were cute, and somewhat talented (in a school play sort of way), but that's about it.  I'm not in the entertainment industry, so I could be wrong of course.  What was remarkable to me was the mothers' behavior.   They were acting crazy!  I feel so sorry for those kids.


When I was a child, my parents encouraged me to take piano lessons, ballet, and I also sang in the youth choir.  I was talented enough to sing in church, but not at the White House, and I knew it.  I was good enough to go to some piano competitions, but not play at Carnegie Hall, and I knew it.  And I was talented enough in ballet to have a solo in a recital and teach a few classes to younger children, but at 5'8" and 125 lbs. I knew I would never go pro.  Back in those days, parents were honest with their children, and told them the truth.  Also, the teachers and professionals were the ones to tell the parents, "Your child has true talent," not the parent telling the professional.  It is embarrassing to watch these mothers on Dr. Phil making big fools out of themselves by arguing with both Dr. Phil and the professional people.


Dreams are great, and I think every child should have them.  I also think parents should encourage their children to have dreams.  My parents told me that I could be anything that I wanted to be, and then they told me that I had to do the work myself.  I was allowed to pursue whatever talents I wanted, but I also was expected to make excellent grades, attend church every week, and contribute to our household by doing chores and babysitting my sisters.  I had to earn every penny of my allowance, and then I had to work outside the home (babysitting) to earn extra money.  Consequently, I did not spend 20 wasted years of my life pursuing a dream that would never come true.  I made excellent grades, graduated from college with honors, put myself through law school, and am now happily married to a Naval Officer and living in Japan.  If my parents had pushed me in only one direction, I have no idea where I would be now.  I doubt it would have been Hollywood, and I doubt even more that I would have been as happy as I am.


My point is that because of MY choices, MY decisions, MY hard work, and MY life goals, I have a great education, have lived in some of the greatest places in the USA and have had the opportunity to travel the world.  There are more places in the world than Hollywood, and there are more ways to define success than being famous.  I thank my mother from the bottom of my heart for teaching me that.  I hope these little girls have a chance to learn the same before it is too late. 


I feel truly sorry for these mothers.  Most of them look tired, overweight, and washed-up.  I hope for their sakes--and for the sakes of their children--that they will turn their attention to themselves and realize some of their own dreams.  Living vicariously through your child is no way to live.  My mother went back to college and earned her nursing degree at age 40 (when I myself was a freshman in college).  She was raising my 8-year-old and 13-year-old sisters at the time, and she managed to graduate with honors.  She has been an ER nurse for over a decade, dedicating her life to saving others' lives.  My sisters did not suffer from my mother's lack of attention.  One has a master's degree in psychology, and the other is raising a wonderful 6-year-old, has another baby on the way, and is going to college to become a teacher.


Sorry this was so long.  I just wish more parents would teach their kids values rather than the importance of fame.  It broke my heart to see one little girl say to her mother after the script reading, "She [the talent agent] is kinda rude."  Her mother's reply?  Well, that's the way it'd better get used to it.  I can't believe that's what people are teaching their kids these days.  Good luck to all the kids and their parents in life, and God Bless.







May 15, 2007, 6:06 am CDT


I truly feel sorry for these kids. Those mothers are mean and aggressive towards their children. A mother is supposed to love and support her kids and not humiliated them on national TV. Too bad there is no law against mothers like that. I was shocked to hear about the photos Victoria (Maria"s mother) wanted Dr. Phil to look at. They are more than provocative for a girl Maria's age. I wonder how far Victoria would go to make her daughter a star.  All those mother's out there who would do anything to make their kid a star should be ashamed of themselves.
May 15, 2007, 6:20 am CDT

05/15 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star," Part 2

I find it sad that most of these parents can't see that their children are not that special. It appears that Veronica is living through her child.  It's very, very sad that she didn't have a talent herself then maybe she wouldn't be pushing her semi talented daughter so hard.  As a Mom of four kids, I think that you should let your kids dictate what they want to do and help them learn to accept that they may not be the most wonderful, beautiful , etc.  Life is full of ups and downs and the sooner they learn to deal with the downs the better.  We have created a generation of kids that don't get it.  They all think they are "special" and that they should start at the top of whatever they choose to do.  This is a nice thought but it's not how the real world operates. 
May 15, 2007, 6:31 am CDT


Quote From: kristylynne

I cannot believe all of these mothers. Why would you go on national televison and act so DUMB!! I mean all of the viewers seen how each and EVER child did not want to go ahead with their "Big Dream" Kids need to be KIDS!!
what a mouth.
May 15, 2007, 6:35 am CDT

05/15 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star," Part 2

Quote From: graciesdad

I'm the father of the 'Gracie' participating in Dr. Phil's 'Make My Kid a Star' with her mother, Kiki.  First, I want to thank Gracie's mother for her courage to be on this show when she knew going into the project that Dr. Phil and his producers were likely looking to uncover more than just whose kid might have what it takes to 'be a star'.  She and her husband and I discussed the issue at length, but, decided in the final analysis that Gracie understood all sides of this opportunity, including the risks involved that things could go badly or that we might learn some things about ourselves that would be difficult to learn in front a few million of Dr. Phil's viewers.


Really, it was simply our belief in Gracie and our confidence that we were honestly supporting HER dreams and not vice versa that gave us enough of a comfort level to do this show.  Again, the parental credit all goes to Kiki and I couldn't be more pround of her.  Of course, none of us have seen the show so there could very well be plenty of footage that'll make us all blush or worse, but, we're all very excited about the show and ready to learn some lessons that will only build on the insights that  Gracie and Kiki learned during the actual taping of the show.


Like any loving and rational parent, I love my kids regardless of their objective level of talent or ambition.  My and Kiki's son, Warren, is perfectly content to live with me in a town of 400 people in rural Kentucky, perform in school plays, hang out with his friends and be his Dad's best friend.  Like most siblings, Gracie's different.  She has a very singular ambition of becoming a working actress in Hollywood.


I don't find anything wrong with either vision.  Our kids are individuals and they've chosen individual paths in life, as you'd expect.  For both of them, their mother and I along with their very large extended family support system have guided them with a couple of very simple principles:


1. You can do or be anything you desire.  No dream is too big and no ambition is too grand.  The only true limitation in life is your belief.  If you believe you can -- you can!  If you believe you can't -- then you can't.

2. Life is a journey and not a destination!  Whatever your dreams may be, never forget that happiness comes from the joy of becoming and from the adventures along the way.  If you embrace the adventure of getting there, then the ultimate destination will never matter too much.


We hope these principles come through over the course of Dr. Phil's 3 day special.  Either way, I know that my daughter is a very loving, kind, generous, thoughtful and talented young woman and that she'd got the best mom a girl could ever hope to have to guide her along life's pathways!



Gracie's Dad (...and Warren's too!)

Awesome that you wrote this. Notice none of the other parents are on here. wonder your daughter seems to be the most level-headed of the bunch.
May 15, 2007, 6:36 am CDT

Kudos to the Children


  My husband and I watched the show yesterday , I will keep my comment short except to say honestly the Kids did a great job, all of them , especially considering what they had in their enviornment.  The parents EVERY ONE EXCEPT GRACIES I saw appalling behavior from and they should be ashamed of themselves.  For children to succeed you have to nurture them and always remember It's not what they could win, how much $ they can make, etc etc What truly matters is the child's heart is in it.


It disturbed me to see one of the girls say "modeling, acting is the only thing I am good at" At her age that's a statement that leaves me thinking this is something she has been told. 


What I saw from Gracies mom was calm even toned focused advice and gentle encouragement.  gl gracie and family.



May 15, 2007, 6:45 am CDT

05/15 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star," Part 2

I think Gracie deserved to win both competitions. Her Mom was the only one that seemed like you could actually work with her. Veronica is a first class B---- and will only hold her daughter back. These Moms need to back off and let the kids have fun. They are going to ruin the passion the kids have. 
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