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Created on : Friday, May 11, 2007, 02:25:58 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

(Original Air Date: 05/14/07) Do you think your child is destined to be a star? Are you spending your life savings trying to get him or her in the spotlight? Has your life become a non-stop roller coaster of auditions, rejections, lessons, rehearsals, costumes, headshots and agents? The business is cutthroat and competitive, yet thousands of families set out for Hollywood every year, believing their child is the next Dakota Fanning. Dr. Phil helps some aspiring child stars get noticed and at the same time takes a behind-the-scenes look at stage moms in the throes of battle. Seven talented kids get big-time opportunities in The Dr. Phil House, auditioning for some of Hollywood’s most esteemed child talent agents. But the true test is to see if their mothers can handle the heat, the competition, the stress of it all, without becoming stereotypical backstabbing stage moms. How will the kids perform after being coached by their moms? Will the mother/child teams work well together, or flounder under the pressure? Do these seven kids really have what it takes? Big prizes are at stake, such as free rent during pilot season, a Hollywood agent and a $25,000 scholarship. Follow the sweet success and the crushing heartbreak in Dr. Phil’s three-part talent competition, and talk about the show here.


Find out what happened on the show.

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May 14, 2007, 8:12 am CDT

"Make My Kid a Star"

WoW ... Can not wait to see tomorrow's outcome of all this!  Geesh!
May 14, 2007, 8:21 am CDT


I can't believe some of these moms! It's too bad for the kids that their moms think that they have to push so hard. The cussing is rediculous! You should never do that to your kids. That will only bring them down. If you want them to have confidence, be supportive and loving. C'mon moms! Think.
May 14, 2007, 8:21 am CDT


Come on people! Lets not forget that they are children here. How is a child supposed to win any kind of dance competition when their mother is in their face yelling at them. Gracie won because her mother talked positive to her and did not cuss at her. I am looking forward to seeing gracie on the next show. GO GRACIE!!! YOU CAN DO IT GIRL!

May 14, 2007, 8:23 am CDT

Be Fair

Although I wasn't in the Dr. Phil house, I witnessed the taping of this show.  The children are very talented as you will see when you watch. We all have preconceived ideas about mothers who we think are living vicariously through their children and fathers who do the same with sports.  Let the perfect parent throw the first stone......

Where are the attitudes of support for parents to either do their best or get support?  I am a mother of four children and have chosen not to let my talented 17 year old do more than a local commercial until she graduates..That's a personal decision.

If these children were not talented then they would not have been chosen to be on TV.  There are hundreds of kids who would have loved this opportunity.

I will tell you that I spent the weekend with one of the mothers and her child and had the priviledge of attending church with her on Mother's Day.  I also watched the "actor child" play and fight in the sand with my two youngest children, enjoy a cookout at our apartment, read a book, go shopping with my husband and four other children, pray and snuggle in the air matress on the floor for a good night's sleep with her Mommy.  I never saw or heard anything about needing to memorize lines or learn dances....This show is a one week experience.....a great opportunity for all parents to reflect and help guide our own children to experiement and find their dreams.....My children are all so different. Some knew their passion early and others are still trying to figure out what path to walk.

All the parental beahviors we see will not be desirable but, haven't we all made a similar mistake...Just not on TV?  I love my children and would do anything within reason to help them live their dreams.  These parents are doing what they think is best for this time. If not, Dr. Phil points it out and hopefully we all learn something.

I know one parent who adores her child and I know one child who so strongly wants to do this that I could never be critical of this persuit of her dream......Have all of you who are negative given up watching any movie, commercial, or TV show with a child in it?  If not, where do you think they come from?  Watch the show and enjoy. The kids are tremendous!!!

May 14, 2007, 8:25 am CDT

Being professional

I am very happy for Gracie. And actually when I first saw the photos before the parent interviews, hers wasn't my favorite. But actually the way her mother coached her during the dance competition was so much better and seemed more loving than any other mom. Also her mother did the best at presenting her daughters picture. As for the other moms they didn't impress me this first show I hope they get better. We all think our children are specail and they are. But the poor sportsmanship that was being displayed would be my main turnoff. I would never want to choose a child and her parent who is willing to fight dirty and immaturely. I would want someone who can roll with the punches.            

                                                         Faye from Ohio

May 14, 2007, 8:29 am CDT

Good Parents

Quote From: graciesdad

I tell Gracie nearly each time we have a talk about her desire to have a movie/tv career to remember that most all of life is more about the journey than it is about any particular destination and that if you can be happy and joyful during the journey then whatever your final destination you will have peace of mind and a lasting internal joy of living!


All the best to your 13 year old son with his endeavors!  Gracie's brother, my son Warren, is also 13 and very much enjoying school drama, school chorus and community theatre far away from teh bright lights of Hollywood.  In fact, Warren's probably a more natural gifted actor than our Gracie.  We call him the "Zen Master" because he has an innate ability to just go with the flow, dude :-)  Grace, in contrast, continue to live up to her namesake, Ayn Rand, in that she's singularly driven and has focused tenacity when it comes to just about any goal she chooses.


It's fun having two kids with lots of intelligence, talent and strong-wills who've chosen to manifest their attributes in very different ways.  As for me, I'd just as soon Gracie be right back here in Kentucky being the funny and fun 11 year old country girl that she is when she's with us out here in the sticks.  But, anyone who knows Ayna Grace Maddox also knows that simply wouldn't be Gracie.  No, she embodies a very rare drive to achieve her goals.


My sin, if I've committed a sin, has been to consistently tell both my kids that they can be anything they want to be and that they can achieve anything they want to achieve if they can believe it in their heart and then commit it to their minds that they can.  We've combined that with suggesting to them that in the final analysis, it is the journey that is more important than any destination and that if they remember to enjoy the journey then the final destination doesn't really matter all that much :-)


Be Good!


Gracie's Dad

After watching the show, I must say I'm a little concerned about the mental and emotion well-being of SOME of the children. I also know that everything you see on TV, especially reality TV, is not truly "reality." Veronica, the mother that was swearing at her daughter and throwing a tantrum at the dance audition, and Susan, the mother that told her daughter that she wouldn't pick her if she was Dr. Phil, went too far, in my opinion. It's not my intention to judge someone else--it would be silly to think I could have someone figured out in an hour on a TV show--and it's not my intention to add to the ridiculous amount of negativity that has already been posted here. But I must say that I felt really bad for some of the kids. Maria and Meagan seemed so unhappy and defeated in the dance audition.


I am, however, extremely impressed by Kiki and her daughter Gracie. I think she's a very supportive and proud mom. I didn't see her doing anything negative or damaging on the show. It seems like she understands that the most important thing is her daughter's happiness. I see quite a few negative postings that have grouped ALL of the parents into the "stage mom" category, and I just didn't get that impression from Kiki. So kudos to Kiki (and Steve)! Kiki, people will always have something negative to say about you, especially when you're successful (i.e., the jealousy about your daughter winning 2 competitions), but you're doing the right thing for your daughter. She's beautiful, talented and, most importantly, happy! Kiki and Steve, you are an inspiration and should be an example for other parents whose children dream of being "stars." So keep your heads up and don't pay attention to all of the negative postings.


I wish Gracie all the happiness and success in her life and career!

May 14, 2007, 8:29 am CDT

Stage Moms


Gracie is the perfect name for this child.  She and her mother are the only ones showing tremendous grace and poise. I hope they win and win big!  They deserve it.  Gracie's dedication and talent along with her mother's kind-hearted inspiration will take them far.


Hope your dreams come true!



May 14, 2007, 8:30 am CDT

Mother? A term I would use very lightly


I love that these "Mothers" and I use that term lightly think that something is up because Gracie has won both contests.  Maybe the Mom's of the other children should take a look at the poll results.  I believe Gracie won because she is actually having fun and  that her Mother knows how to interact with people with style and grace.  When the parents are a class act it only adds to the possibilities.


The other Mothers are some of the most obnoxious, controlling and embarrassing examples of parents that I have ever seen.  How dare you belittle your children because they are not perfect and how dare you do it on naitonal television for all to see.  You need to wake up and watch the tape of yourselves. Watch your child's face as you criticize them with every breath that you take. Isn't it good enough for you have to a healthy, happy child rather than one who loathes the thought of being around you? And, Veronica ... what is your problem???  You are the absolute mother of all of them!!  Your swearing not only at your daughter but, the agents and choreographers who are there to help is incomprehensible.  Without question you are the most tactless woman ever. It's funny how you're able to dish out the crap to your daughter but, you close your ears and deny everything when you're confronted with your behavior.  I've got news for you,  YOU'RE the one causing all of the problem, not your daughter. You are despicable and need to get your own life and stop living through her!  

May 14, 2007, 8:33 am CDT


Quote From: graciesdad

Goodness gracious!  Wow... I'm really sort of taken back by these comments and the mean-spiritedness of some the commenters.  As someone who has been involved from the sidelines of the 'Make My Kid a Star' special, I can tell everyone that although you're going to see some things that most anyone would see as bad behavior -- you're also going to see some very geniunely talented kids and some very authentically loving and supportive mothers.


I don't want to set myself up as an apologist for anything Dr. Phil's cameras have captured because I'm sure there will be some behavior and parenting that won't be defensable.  I, nor anyone else, including the moms and kids that participated, have seen the show.  So, we'll all be watching this special unfold together.  What I can suggest to everyone is that the trailers are likely a little more negative in tone than the actual shows will be.  I certainly hope so, at least!


As for my daughter Gracie's participation, I can also tell you that she really had a very nice experience at the Dr. Phil house.  Her mother, Kiki, on the other hand, was a little more stressed-out about the whole thing.  Still, Kiki told me as recently as an hour ago after reading these messages boards that she's very surprised about how negative the tone is about the show and that overall she fells very good her own participation and believes that she and I along with Grace's Bonus Dad (Kiki's husband, Steve) made the right decision to allow Grace to participate and compete for some very nice prizes and maybe even that 'Big Break' that anyone needs who has a dream of acting on television or in movies.

I believe if you'll just watch the show, you'll see about what you'd see if the camera was on most parents 24/7 in any competitive venue -- lots of loving support along with some behavior we might not accept as exactly healthy for the kids or the parent.  I was a decent athlete growing up and I can tell you that although my parents were never anything but positively supportive that there were plenty of Little League fathers and Soccer moms who behaved very badly when it came to their little Johnny or little Janice performing up to their standards on the field of play.


To me, this is what Dr. Phil is trying to show all us parents through these shows -- that you have to develop some objectivity about your child and learn to be supportive without either living vicariously through them and without making a mess of your child's emotional life and psychological health.  Now, that's a lesson any of us can benefit from as loving parents who have to wake up each day and figure this parenting thing out in real time without the benefit of Dr. Phil's cameras, his challenges to our behavior when we are a bit irrational or his insights about how we might raise healthy and happy kids.


As for my  Gracie, I hope the show will let you see at least one kid whose truly happy to be doing exactly what she's doing and a mom who simply is willing to do what she can, within reason, to support her children's most ardent dreams!


I'm excited to find out just exactly how this whole thing looks after the 3rd show!  My thoughts and prayers are also with the other kids and their families as we each go through this somewhat intimidating experience together.


Oh, and I promise you, the show's NOT 'rigged'! :-)


All The Best!



Gracie's Dad

I just wanted to say when I watched the show that the only thing that stuck out to me was gracies mother talking privately to her and giving her positive reinforcements. I think that is why she won the first round. And, to winning the second round I believe all of one mother did really well. It seemed as though gracies mom just put herself out there and what impressed me was she was the first to shake his hand and did not wait for anyone else. It was dependant on the mothers to sell themselves to this guy. And, well lets just say the first mom didnt do that with all that attitude she will not win anything. Well good luck and I will be routing for gracie.





May 14, 2007, 8:46 am CDT

05/14 The Dr. Phil House: "Make My Kid a Star"

I have to say in watching todays show I was shocked at how ALL the moms treated their children. From embarrassing them to cursing at them, screaming, and threatening them, it seemed nothing short of a form of child abuse. Granted we do not know what goes on in their private lives, but if this is how badly they would treat their kids knowing they are being taped for a TV show how they treat them in private cant be any better, I truly feel for these girls/boys. As parents we are to raise our kids with dignity and respect, teach them how to be good honest people, i feel that these children have very poor role models in their mothers. I cant see what these mothers think they are accomplishing or teaching their children while they humiliate them at every turn. No one is saying that these kids are not talented, I think what we are saying is the mothers need to take a big step back and really look at how you are treating them. I am sure that if any grown person was to treat these mothers like they treat their own kids they would not stand for it at all, if this treatment is not OK for you then how can it be ok for you to be treating your own children this way.
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