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Created on : Friday, April 27, 2007, 02:02:37 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 05/04/07) Dr. Phil speaks with women who say they feel forgotten by their loved ones because of their excessive weight. Lorna weighs 650-plus pounds and feels abandoned by her family. Lorna’s sister, Glenice, says Lorna got herself into this situation; now she has to take responsibility and get herself out. Lorna’s boyfriend, Blair, takes care of her, but Glenice says he’s not the Mr. Nice Guy he appears to be. She says he's really an abuser. Lorna says Blair is exhausted and stressed from the hard job of caring for her, and her family needs to help rather than drive him away. Is Lorna ready to stop accepting the abuse and start accepting help? Then, Sunni weighs almost 300 pounds and wants to pursue her dream of being a plus-size model. Her boyfriend, Christian, however, says she’s too fat for the runway, and she should leave that dream to the skinny girls. Sunni says she is big and fabulous, and Christian makes her feel like she should crawl under a rock. Will Sunni be forced to pick between her relationship and her dream? Share your thoughts here.

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August 13, 2007, 1:09 pm CDT

Thank you!

Quote From: housewife52

You sound like you're overwhelmed. I feel that way a lot of times. Not about weight , just about life in general. I sometimes don't know how to "get over myself." I sometimes feel like I don't want to do anything at all. Then I force myself to do just one thing. Then I feel better and can go on. But then sometimes I start feeling that way again. I think we all feel that way once in a while. Good luck to you.
Thank you for your wishes of good luck, it's well appreciated. I'll "get over it", to live and struggle through another day. I just wish it didn't seem so difficult! Get out of my own way! What I'd do if I could!!! You know, the day the show aired about the women who was 600lbs., it just so happened, we had severe weather in my area and the whole hour I recorded on my DVR, turned out to be the news coverage of the current weather conditions that day. I cried! I record Dr. Phil everyday, even wrote to be on the show. Something I said I'd never do, don't want to embarrass the family or anything like that. Yet I digress, this to shall pas. Thanks again. Any support is good!!!
August 16, 2007, 5:13 pm CDT

Caring for and invalid

My dad had a heart attack and we found him 2 days later lying on the floor of the hallway leading into the bathroom, we immediately called rescue.  He lived and the VA put him up in a nursing home for three months.  After that he was on his own.  His whole right side was paralyzed.

We moved him into our guest house  behind our own home.  I took care of him initially, when it became obvious I was not up for the task.  (He needed 24 hour care.)  He had the money and we spent it for the next month on him.  Needless to say, he was difficult, ornory, and was a mess to clean up.  I think I can understand his abuse to a degree.  Maybe he was trying to use tough love.  i.e.  "You want it? get up and get it yourself"  But then maybe not. 

The biggest thing I saw was diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholorestral, thyroid problems, gastrointestinal problems,  colon problems.  With all these and more problems life is cut seriously short.  Maybe he did not want her to die just yet.  It is difficult to say.  Maybe he is staying around for a free ride.  No one mentioned what they subsided on.  No one should be abused, but I suspect he is helping her because he'd rather not work out of the home.  This is just speculation on my part, but one has to wonder what the motivation is when she weighs 5 times what he does. 

Reminds me of my sister-in law who was a Phd.  Four years ago she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer (smoking) and  at 43 with her mother by her side, she looked up and said to her mom "Well mom, I guess I killed myself"   So it can be cigarettes, food, drugs or whatever, use them to excess and there will be consequences.  I'm sorry for all involved.

Heck, we lose 500,000 people a year to cigarettes and 50,000 a year to car accidents.  I wish everyone protesting the war with the fevor they do would do that against cigarettes.

May 17, 2008, 12:13 am CDT

08/09 Overweight and Forgotten

I have wtitten this about 5 times and each time it goes back to sign in.  so this time I'm doing the short verson.
   I'm five feet two and I weigh two hundred and sixty something.  I can't do what i want to, because of my weight.   I 'm afraid of  lousing weight because people keep telling me that i will gane more then what i louse.

I suffer from sever leg cramps and the drug company took away my quinenine and so i have to live with leg cramps.  Even takeing of my shoe will give me a leg cramp.  exercising will defently give me a leg cramp.  The quinine that i use to take worked better then the muscle relaxent,  but now its only for melarea.   so now i can not evern exercise without geting leg cramps even when i sleep if i stretch my feet i get leg cramps this one better work .

May 17, 2008, 5:25 pm CDT

overweight and sever legcramps to boot Help

 I'm five feet two, and i weigh about  two hundred and sixty.  I usto ware a size 30 now i'm up to size 50,  I wanted to louse weight  people around me keept saying you will gane more then you louse.  Which scares me quite a bit.,  I do not want to gane more.   I don't feal over weight. until some one mentions it. So I usually stay home,  I covered all the big mirrors. because when i see my self  I get a bad fealing. 
 The doctors say i should get into exercizing,  but with sever leg cramps (which i've had all my life) won't let me.   The more i exercise the worse the leg cramp are,  I was taking quineine for the leg cramps and it worked wonderfuly.  So I did start to exercise, on my tred mill and my  exercising bike.   But now the drug company took away the quinine, and now i'm  on something that does not work so well.  Its muscle relaxent, and it causes sleep so I only use it during night time.  So during the day,  if i get sever leg cramps theres nothing to take.  The longest sever leg cramp i have so far lasted all day, I just stayed in bed.  Until  the pain was  not so sever,  I can get leg cramps even bye taking of my shoes.    The doctor wont tell me who I'm supost to complain to,  at night  if i stretch.    I wake up screaming, so I try not to go to bed until 5 am.     I am not going to lie to you,  at times when i did have  quinine and no leg cramps  I would try to louse weight, but everytime i went to see my uncle he would say  "boy your fat".     When  i got a job working with horses at High horses (its a place for handicaped people and kids)  My uncle and quite a few others said "you r too fat to ride a horse. "  I said "if dan blocker can ride I can."    Even high horses has a rule about weight and I'm over it.   I want a horse someday, if i can ever get ehought money  to gether.  So for now I just want to learn how to take care of them, and who knows maybe just maybe i can get a job where i can ride one and not have to worrie about monney.    There is a place not far where I can ride, western is what I like.  But I'm sure if I can ever get the monney together, river edge stable may not let me ride with the  weight. that I am now.   I really want to louse the pounds,  but evern the exerzing area near bye cost too much. to go. 
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