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Created on : Friday, April 27, 2007, 02:01:34 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Investigations, accusations, allegations -- Dr. Phil's guests are ex in-laws who are practically putting each other on trial. Cindy and Randy say their ex daughter-in-law, Michele, is an unfit mother, and their 8-year-old granddaughter is living in danger. Michele says Cindy and Randy make up sick accusations. Who's really telling the truth? Renowned attorney Lauren Lake weighs in on how the courts will judge their situation. When the bickering becomes heated between the couple and Michele, find out who storms offstage. Will Dr. Phil be able to settle this battle once and for all, and will Randy and Cindy be able to finally see their granddaughter? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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May 3, 2007, 6:30 am CDT

All about control

It sounds like the grandparents want total control. This is ridiculous. This sounds like my mother. When my sister had her baby, my mom insisted on butting in with "advice" and always saying "because I know better". When my sister died of cancer, my mother horned in on my nephew's Dad and insisted on taking care of him. Now she's upset whenever my brother-in-law, his new wife (whom is wonderful, by the way), and my nephew make plans without her. They are their own family now! My mother thinks becauase since she "raised" my nephew, that she has the right to be included in everything. And I don't understand this- on a previous show, Dr. Phil said the grandparents have NO rights, that it's the parents decision whether or not a child can spend time with the grandparents. If I ever have kids, my mother will NOT ever meet them, and I will make a legal document of some sort that if something ever happens to me, then my mother is to stay away from my kids. My mother is an unreasonable, unrational control freak,  unsually strict and just plain mean. I try to avoid her whenever possible. Sounds like this would have been a great idea for Michelle to have done. And don't give me this mess that because I don't have kids, I don't understand. I do understand. I lived it.
May 3, 2007, 6:43 am CDT

05/03 Lay Down the Law

The inlaws on the show are completely off their rocker O.O

If you want to win a custody case you dont go onto national TV and sling insults and accusations in that manner!


i also have a problem with the information they gave about grandparents rights, it is NOT legal in every state, and has been proven time and again to be unconstitutional in that it prevents fit parents from being able to exercise their parental right. 90% of those cases are cases that should never have been filed because it was used as a method of control against the parents of those children.  All of those cases are purely because grandma and grandpa decided that THEY had rights, not that their grandchildren have rights, because if they stopped to think for have a second, they would realise that dragging that kids family through court, and making them pay to the point of bankruptcy, just so that the grandparents can feel in control is NOT in that kids interest at all.


I will say it till the day i die, Children do NOT NEED grandparents, they NEED HAPPY HEALTHY SUPPORTIVE AND LOVING PARENTS, and if those grandparents are PREVENTING the parents from being happy, healthy, supportive and loving through their actions, then those grandparents need to be GONE from the childs life. PERIOD.


an abusing parent is still abusive as a grandparent, and to be honest, those grandparent own son is in jail, and the childrens mother isnt and is doing her job as a mom, those grandparents havent exactly proven themselves to be the most stellar parents with one in jail and their behavior to their ex-daughter in law.


Im REALLY dissapointed in DR. Phil for not doing more to protect the children, just because those inlaws havent touched her physically, doesnt mean they arent abusing her, they are mentally RAPING her by trying to turn her against her mother. Im betting that all of the stuff she says against her mother is what they have put into her head, and she is now coming up with more BS so that they will be nice to her and reward her. Its what happened to me when my parents divorced, and its absolutely horrible to go through! Seriously, what grandmother tells her granddaughter that she came out of grandmas tummy????? Thats mental abuse and its EXTREMELY divisive to the mother-daughter bond, plus its insane to boot, even if she had custody, she doesnt have the right to obliterate the childs knowledge of her REAL MOTHER.


to those grandparents:


LEAVE HER ALONE AND GET SOME HELP, you are acting crazy and NOT in the best interest of those kids, if you want to see them and help them, STOP abusing their mother, and start being loving, supportive people toward their mother. Court cases arent going to help anyone at all.


To the mother:


honey, move to florida, if i am remembering correctly, grandparents rights doesnt exist as it was ruled unconstitutional, and they dont recognise GPV cases from other states either. *hugs* to you for having to deal with these completely insane and abusive people.

May 3, 2007, 6:52 am CDT

05/03 Lay Down the Law

What in the world is going on here!!

Michele is being attacked and "quieted" at every turn all the while, these crazy grandparents are talking over her, making accusations, being defended by the lawyers, and actually Dr. Phil. 

I truly feel sorry for Michele and feel she is being attacked.  Period.

Why does she have to constantly defend herself and the grandparents don't have to prove anything?

This actually scares me.  Can anyone say anything about you, whenever they feel like it? 

May 3, 2007, 7:05 am CDT

05/03 Lay Down the Law

dr phil normaly when we hear the term grand parents we think of old people who show nothing but love to their children and grand kids, and who havent got a bad bone in their body,but i know you will some how make it possible for every one to see what  these people are really thinking.
May 3, 2007, 7:07 am CDT

Where's the father?

I don't mean to ask a stupid question, but where the heck is the father and what does he feel about all of this.  She stated she doesn't receive any child support, which pretty much makes him a dead-beat dad, and that they were doing drugs together.  It doesn't seem to me that the grand-parents did such a wonderful job with their son, so why in the world would anyone give them a second chance to raise this little girl?  Being a single-mother with no support financially is hard enough as it is and maybe the girl doesn't have a bed, but she has a home to come home to and food on the table and a mom that will fight for her, a lot of children don't even have that.  The grandfather sounded like a bible thumper to me.  (No offense to anyone out there, I believe in God and his word) but it seems to me that what he was saying was completely out there.  You can't turn someone gay, and the relationship between the two women are simply not any of his business.  In one statement he complains that she has a revolving door for men, then states that she has a girlfriend.  They need to stop obsessing over this, let her raise her children, and love her simply for giving them a grandchild.
May 3, 2007, 7:30 am CDT

Dr. Phil's Expert

The woman in the yellow suit is NOT nice.  This mother has two people yelling at her and then this woman starts, too.  What a rude person!  No matter what is going on, this woman should not be yelling at her.  She's NOT a judge!  If I were this mom, I'd move to a state where grandparents have NO rights!  Bingo!  Out of the picture!
May 3, 2007, 7:43 am CDT

05/03 Lay Down the Law

my god do these grand parents really think they have the child's best interest at heart? if they are trying to get a visit with their grandchild they are going about it in all the wrong ways, they do seem to be full of bad ideas!! its a good thing your there dr phil maybe you will get these people on track to a stable standing in life.
May 3, 2007, 7:49 am CDT

In-Laws? More like In-Sane!

This whole story has got me kind of upset. In my opinion, I believe both parties need to shut their mouths and take a chance to listen. Michelle, to me, could use some sort of counsel but in no way should she loose her rights as a mother. The in-law's stories keep changing and I believe that they really do think Michelle is the way they say she is. But not because she really is a "bad mother," but because they have lied to themselves and have now convinced themselves of the lies they've told. I feel for Michelle. And the in-laws disgust me.

May 3, 2007, 7:50 am CDT


I have so much sympathy for Michele.  I am going through the exact same thing, only it's not my in-laws that are causing the problem; it is my own mother.  She and I had a huge fight five months after I remarried to a wonderful man in 2004.  It was over money, her trying to control me and my children, and her disrespectful attitude toward my husband.  She would send me hate mail.  Calling me names and degrading me and my husband.  I refused to allow her to speak to the children.  Numerous times my husband and myself tried to step-up and be the "hero" in this relationship by apologizing and trying to work it out with her, and everytime we did this, she would turn around, again, and send another hateful letter or attack us in some way.  She began sending hurtful and defaming emails about us to others.  She just would not understand that these are MY children and not hers.  After two years of fighting and the birth of my third child, she wrote a slanderous letter full of false accusations regarding my mental status, my past relationships, and alleged abuse my children have suffered at my hands.  She addressed this letter to the attorney for my ex-husband, and now he is using this letter as the basis for seeking sole custody of my son.  Although my mother has admitted that she only wrote this letter out of anger and frustration and that I AM a good, loving mother, this all has to be played out in court.  I have not spoken to my mother in a year.  I am done with her toxic behavior, manipulation, and her trying to control my life and my children's life.  It has been two years of HELL, and I know in the end, she will get hers...Hang in there Michele.  God knows what you do, and he knows what's in everyone's hearts.  He will not let them win.
May 3, 2007, 7:59 am CDT


First off...the grandmother's tears....FAKE! She is an underhanded, coniving, liar. She, for whatever reason is trying to ruin this womans character, and take control. She has a control problem, and she has run into someone (Michelle) who is not going to be bullied! Good for you Michelle!! If visitation is granted to the grandparents, then it should be supervised, due to the fact that she will continue to run down the kid's mother.


Good Luck Michelle!

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