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Topic : 04/27 Obsessive Love: The Drama Continues

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Created on : Friday, April 20, 2007, 02:40:41 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Jeffrey and Jennifer's shocking and complicated story continues. During their 11-year marriage, Jeffrey has become so obsessed with Jennifer, he watches her every move. He has installed a GPS system in her car, taps her phone conversations, takes inappropriate pictures of her and watches her while she sleeps. Dr. Phil probes deep into Jeffrey's mind to find out why he acts the way he does. Is there any boundary Jeffrey won't cross when it comes to controlling his wife? Then, how are Jennifer and Jeffrey's three children being affected by the madness in the house? Their eldest child has been an eyewitness to his father's schemes. And, while Dr. Phil speaks one on one with Jennifer, Jeffrey has a total meltdown backstage, becoming physically ill. When Dr. Phil confronts him about his anxieties and offers a solution, will Jeffrey choose to make a change? Don’t miss the second part of this dramatic and emotional story, and find out if this family is on the path to healing or headed to divorce court.  Join the discussion.

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June 27, 2007, 9:12 pm CDT

What's new with Jeffrey and Jennifer?

It's been some time since the last time we heard anything about this madman and his wife.  Any news on what's happening? Are they divorced yet?


Thank you.

July 7, 2007, 8:19 am CDT

Dr Phil we need an update, please..

Quote From: elleahl

It's been some time since the last time we heard anything about this madman and his wife.  Any news on what's happening? Are they divorced yet?


Thank you.

I feel so sorry for her.  Jeffery needs help. I hope that she will be able to get away safely.  That she and her kids will be able to live without having to look over their shoulders as they go thru life.  Don't know if that will ever be possible for them. I hope it is though.  
September 9, 2007, 1:08 am CDT

04/27 Obsessive Love: The Drama Continues

First of all, poor little Jeffrey is still in jail. So, until Dr. Phil and his satff update this board,  it is safe to say the this little  punk names Jeffrey still sits in jail.

As for Jennifer's 'cheating,' seems many posters here have conveniently fogotten that Jeffrey cheated FIRST, and that his controlling ways started LONG BEFORE she did anything immoral, IF she did anything immoral. As for her 'fake tears', did the thought ever cross any of yall's minds that she's probably cried so much that she has no tears left to cry?

I can to a certain extent understand the control, as my ex husband started to exhibit similar control abuse towards me soon after our 2nd child was born. All of a sudden, I had 'rules' to follow. I had to be home in 1 hour or else call him (he claimed if our car broke down sort of thing - oh please, it was his way of accusing me of cheating which I NEVER did), I was accused of spending his paychecks like water, that he wasn't seeing results for 40+ hours work weeks, that now being a full time stay at home mother of 2 is not a 'real' job because I don't get a paycheck for it, that I wasn't allowed to spend so much as 1 cent on me for a new bra or new underwear, yet perfectly fine to spend $30 on new work jeans, that I don't clean/cook/do laundry/take care of the kids....ok, then the house runs itself, the kids take care of themselves and all I do is open my legs and eat bon bons all damn day? Um no. That's not me. I value myself and my kids more than that.

Then he lost his job of 3 years because why? Sexual harassment. When this happened was the start of him refusing to hold down steady employment, the accusations to me, threats of physical violence towards me and our oldest child. I had to wonder how much longer would it have been before he started his threats against our 2nd child, and then how much longer would it have been before he actually carried them out? I wasn't willing to stick around to find out the answer to that one, so I kicked him out with all of his belongings. And I am so grateful that I did. Now some poor thing in Texas is stuck with him, and has 2 kids with him. He hasn't bothered to have any contact with the kids he has with me since May, 2001. Whenever support is collected, it's less for him, his girlfriend and their 2 kids. I feel bad for those kids because they have such losers for parents.

So, I do understand the control Jennifer has experience to a point. If I can get out, and other women in similar situations can get out, so can Jennifer. Just remember who did what first...JEFFREY started his sick cheating stuff FIRST!!! His sickness needs mental health help, including prescription medication. Or maybe just let him rot in jail., along with all of the other abusers. Let them abuse each other.
October 5, 2007, 5:23 pm CDT


Quote From: michellables

Raised Christian, married 22 years to this same kind of man. I lost my  friends, church, family, my car.  He forced me out of my job and at the end I spent several weeks in a mental facility. Trying to regain my sanity because it was a disgrace to divorce and bewildered trying to understand how the man I loved could treat me so cruely. I speak from experience, not out of opinion. Running is best if it saves her life.  Too many women die every year at the hands of their "LOVED ONES"  . He admitts himself that he is "OBSESSED AND OUT OF CONTROLL", he does not know how to change. I lived in shelters with women and children all running from "THE MAN, THE FATHER, THE HUSBAND"  who had vowed to love, povide and potect.  Strange the "PROTECTORS"  of these families are the ones we (women & children) need protection from.

Dear busdriver2004

I told you so!!!!  Dreams are for fools and children. Men kill their wives. Jenny  "RAN" and saved herself and children. I'm glad she did.  If she took your advice, "Lord knows what could have happened" My prayers are with you Jenny, may God Bless and keep you protected always. And you "busdriver2004 wake up and get a man instead of that dreamed-up version in your head.  Have a great life Jenny--YOU GO GIRL!!!

January 25, 2008, 10:31 am CST


I am from the netherlands. I have just been watching this show this evening about the obsessive love. I have been watching with my mouth open. How can someone who says to be so in love with his wife be so selfish and keep a wife, who he says he loves and his little children form a normal way of living for jennifer and a normal way of growing up for his children, I cannot have any imagination how someone who does those things can live with himself.


A worried amazed viewer of this show. I wish all good to jennifer and her children specially under these circumstances ! To the man who does is I also wish the good. The good in a way to come to reality to give jennifer their children and himself to live life in a "normal" way. In a normal way it is already difficult enough.


Peter W. Netherlands.

February 17, 2008, 4:58 pm CST

04/27 Obsessive Love: The Drama Continues

Dr. Phil is wrong that she is “totally” not to blame because she did cheat (once, not twice.) But I agree that she needs to get away from that guy and start over. She probably needs a lot of counselling too. As for him, he needs a psychiatrist ... or two. He is a real psycho. I do feel very sorry for her.

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