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Created on : Friday, April 20, 2007, 02:36:22 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Do you know someone whose behavior always makes you scratch you head? Dr. Phil has advice for guests who wonder if their actions are out of control. Rev. Bob Larson has been performing exorcisms for over 30 years. He says he can’t believe how many people are possessed by the devil and need his help to save them from evil. Is the reverend just on a witch hunt, or can people truly be demon-possessed? Then, Nikkea says her boyfriend, Adam, lies so much, she has to watch his every move to see if he’s cheating. She checks his cell phone, home and work e-mails and text messages, and even checks the passenger seat of the car to see if it’s been occupied. Nikkea says she knows her behavior isn’t normal, so why can’t she stop snooping? And, in October 2004, Jon and Kate found out they were pregnant with sextuplets. The only trouble is, they already had twins! Jon and Kate show what it’s like to raise a large family in a new series on Discovery Health called Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Don’t miss the surprise that Dr. Phil has for the couple. Plus, is it normal for girls as young as 11 to make a commitment to remain a virgin until marriage? Tell us what you think!

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April 22, 2007, 7:08 am CDT

Exorcism (Deliverence)

I believe that people who think the devil, posession, exorcisms, etc. are rubbish are living under a rock!!   Just because you refuse to believe something you can't actually see does not mean it isn't  real.  Trust me... I have witnessed Bob Larson doing exorcisms (actually called deliverence) on quite a few occassions and IT IS REAL!!!!!   Things happen while you're there that can not possibly be staged.  Of course the devil doesn't want you to believe it's real because then you might be set free from his bondage.  I've seen the people before and after and they are completely different and so thankful to be free.
April 22, 2007, 7:44 am CDT

make her understand

I think we should teach sexuality to our girls . what her privat part means to her and to men especially to men. I grew up in a Christian environment with an arab mother . I was told to get married before having sex. i ended up getting married at 18 . no need to mention that it didnt work out.
more important than sex before marriage is respectful and responsible behavior and learning about consequeces.
a promise at the age of 11 to 14 (as they do it nowadays) when u dont know about life yet, cannot work out. the worst thing that happens is that a young girl cannot keep their oath.
April 22, 2007, 8:43 am CDT

the devil

Quote From: catbel30

I agree with you on there are alot of  patients with mental illness and need help, but there can be demonic possessions.  I believe in God and that means their is a Devil.  He is out their trying his best to make sure you follow him, on the other hand I do not believe this guy has done any exercisms.  I feel if there was someone possessed their is no one out there that would know the first thing on how to handle the situation or the person.  If you believe in God then you gotta know that it is possible for the devil to jump in and cause havoc for anyone.

I do believe in GOD - but not in the same way you do. The "devil" only exists because people of the church made this myth up in order to manipulate their followers as well as being able to have an excuse for their sick behavior.
April 22, 2007, 11:32 am CDT

Demons and such

i am definitely a religious person but i don't really believe that you can become possessed. i mean God gave us free will so if you acted like a demon or whatever it YOU thats doing it. Yes the devil exists but he can only tempt you he cant take over your mind, body, or soul unless you invited him to stay.
April 22, 2007, 1:40 pm CDT

Virgin Pledge...

I don't think that "pledging" really does anything to stop premarital sex.  They could be raped, and thru no fault of their own, they broke the pledge.  If you make up your mind to live a certain way and stand by it, I think it's more goal-setting behavior that youre trying to instill (which is good).  It's really more of a "guideline" that you try to live by.   You don't need to be sworn in as a virgin to make it happen.  With every nasty disease and pregnancy to dodge during the teen years, there's better things to do than sex- and I think that's where churches need to focus their energy.  Provide an outlet to channel sexual aggression- sports, working soup kitchens, volunteering at hospitals-to name a few. 
April 22, 2007, 1:47 pm CDT

Devil is an angel...

Quote From: twinsma546

I do believe in GOD - but not in the same way you do. The "devil" only exists because people of the church made this myth up in order to manipulate their followers as well as being able to have an excuse for their sick behavior.
The Devil was known as "Lucifer", the angel of light.  He was supposed to be in one of the higher ranking of angels (Seraphim, i think).  He started a revolt against God to take over Heaven.   When he lost, he and his followers were cast into Perdition or Hell.  If you believe in angels, you probably believe in Morning Star (Satan)....
April 22, 2007, 2:00 pm CDT

I agree...

Quote From: penny_lady

DARE programs have been being shut down all over the country because it doesn't work. Having kids pledge to do something at the age of 11-12 does not work. Kids who took the DARE pledge to not do drugs have the same amount of drug use as those who didn't take that pledge.  This is why these programs are being shut down, they are a waste of money...they do not work.

Making a young person pledge publicly to something so private, like sex, strikes me as a little icky.

The best thing to do is to teach kids about sex, what it is, what it's for, the TRUTH of it, the consequences of it, how to protect themselves, including just abstaining from sex all together. But kids NEED to be armed with all of their information so if they choose to NOT abstain from sex they are fully armed with KNOWLEDGE.

This is not about the intelligence of teens, this is about the impulsiveness of the teen brain. This is about the underdevelopment of frontal lobes. Knowledge will help kids make better choices, not silly little pledges.

They do need to be taught EVERYTHING.  Birth control, including abstinence and Natural Family Planning, as well as the pill, the shot, the implants (Norplant), the anatomy of sex, pregnancy and diseases and what protects from pregnancy versus what protects from diseases (which are two different things altogether).


Actions speak louder anyway.  You give them the info, and the choice, then it's up to them. 

April 22, 2007, 2:49 pm CDT


I just know this board is going to be divided. One part (myself) will be the of the "religious" (I hate that term) or faith in God group who believe that abstinence is the only course and that demon possessions DO happen. I myself feel both ends of the spectrum about the demon possession. I feel that some do use that as an excuse for poor behavior (like that grandpa) and that it is glamourized to the degree of desensitizing people to it. It does exsist. But not the way I feel we have seen on television, or even this pretcher claims. So I do believe, but I am on the fence about this guy, I guess I need to see the show. Plus, as much as there is demon possession, there IS mental illness. There is both, and I feel that by not knowing the origion in the individual, we are doing a disservice to the the people who are truly mentally ill and recieve no help, or the people who are truly possessed and recieve no help either. This is exactly how the devil works, he wants us to believe that he doesn't exist cuz that's when he does his best work. Please be reminded, this is my opinion... you don't have to agree (many of you wont), but everyone is entitled to their own thoughts.


As for making eleven year olds take a celebacy pledge... look at the rate of twelve year olds that are pregnant. I'm sorry, it is an epidemic. (thankfully that number is shrinking). BUT, again, I am seeing both sides. I mean, christian or non, it's about educating your children. I want my children to wait until they are married and know the value of sexual relationships in a christian faith, but I can't make that desicion for them, All I can do is educate. What bothers me, personally, is that education is just starting out. My grandmother didn't know anything about sex, and learned about periods from her BROTHER (nothing sexual there, that I knew of, he just bought her her first pads... or whatever they used then, cuz her mother never informed her). My mother was told 'keep your pants on'. and my wonderful talk was "he puts it in you and you hump each other and then it's over". No- I'm not kidding. Not very informative. Even with sexual education, we learn the ins and outs (so to speak) and the pros and cons, the preparedness of pregnancy and stds... but where is the teaching about more than hormones. One thing I pledged to myself was teach my children not only the science of sex, but the emotion of sex. As a christian, to me it is more than "don't do it cuz it will make God angry"... I believe he gave this command to wait to our benifit. How many of us feel empty after one night stands (I am a recent Christian, so yes, I have had pre-maritial sex). How many unwanted pregnancys? I have been used, I have used. I have felt empty, un appreciated, worried (because I was uneducated about sex-ed... thankfully I have never had an std, despite many stupid 'mistakes'), But to me, that's the thing. So many are willing to jump the gun regarding sex (I did it cuz my friends were) and have NO info on either the science (like condoms or how pregnancy occurs) or the emotions of sex, that both these, hand in hand are what keep us from making these 'mistakes' that make us feel hollow and empty, no matter how much we feel that we grow with our mistakes. I wont be happy if my children decide to have premartial sex, but the thing is, even as a christian, I can't stop them. I will inform, I will listen (as much as they would want to talk) and most of all, I will pray that my kids make the right choices and learn from any of their poor ones.

April 22, 2007, 2:58 pm CDT

04/24 Is This Normal?

Quote From: gwarrior6

They do need to be taught EVERYTHING.  Birth control, including abstinence and Natural Family Planning, as well as the pill, the shot, the implants (Norplant), the anatomy of sex, pregnancy and diseases and what protects from pregnancy versus what protects from diseases (which are two different things altogether).


Actions speak louder anyway.  You give them the info, and the choice, then it's up to them. 

Exactly, I couldn't agree more.  Information is power, kids are impulsive, they aren't going to abide by some promise they made at puberty. But real knowledge might be there for them...might help them to do the right thing.

I made a similar promise, repeatedly in church growing up. I had sex at 16. I DID use a condom though. I wasn't taught as much as I should have been, not by a long shot, but I do remember my dad saying "don't compound the problem, at least protect yourself if you are stupid enough to have sex.".....not the best words in the world, but enough to make me use a condom.
April 22, 2007, 5:01 pm CDT

The exorcist-Ha!

Dr. Phil, will you please ask this con artist where he got his license? Did he get it from God or the DEVIL himself? The Old Testament was written for our learning and the telling of a coming Savior...The New Testament teaches us what to do to be saved. During the days of the Apostles, YES, they could perform miracles...but, after the church was established there was no need then to perform those things-people saw and learned what to do and had the inspired word of God to tell them what to do...PLUS..ONLY did the Apostles have those abilities, except for Christ Himself....NO OTHERS!  After the Apostles died, so did the healings and other miracles cease...We had the word of God.  The Bible warns of FALSE TEACHERS AND FALSE PROPHETS and I am sure this man is one of those...'they come in sheep's clothing, but are ravenous wolves'.  You know in the Old Testament the Bible taught the Jews to kill the witches...We should have nothing to do with this kind of 'man' whatsoever...ask him if all of his family are alive or if he brought them back from the dead...ask him if anyone in his family wears glasses...ask him if anyone in his family ever has to see a doctor....ask him why he doesn't cast out all devils from all of us, (especially my X) Put him on the spot and I would appreciate you more than I do now...Ask him where he PUTS the demons he casts out? No one can save, but God and no one can pronounce judgment on the sinners, except for GOD. This 'man' cannot deal with demons if he tried-he'd be burned up, LOL...even the devils tremble when they think of God. IF we are Christians, then all we have to do is to say to old Satan to get behind us and he can't bother us anyway...why does this man think he can do it for us?

We supposedly live in the Christian Dispensation of time...and all people should read their Bibles to see if those things are so....challenge them to do so...

Thanks and I'll be watching to see what a farce he portrays..and how you handle this 'false teacher'....I am counting on you. Oh, there are many who act like the devil, but this man is not the one to cast them out...



Nancy Baker, TN

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