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Created on : Friday, April 13, 2007, 03:09:57 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 04/16/07) Dr. Phil continues his work with a family torn apart by a 6-year-old girl’s secret: she was molested by her grandfather, and her grandmother failed to report it. Cat and Todd have cut off all contact with Todd’s parents, Steve and Anne, and haven’t seen them since they learned the horrifying truth from their daughter, Grace, over two years ago. Steve has served time for the assault and is now a registered sex offender with a protective order keeping him away from Grace until she’s 18. After secretly watching Dr. Phil’s interview with Steve and Anne, and learning the details of what really took place, will Todd and Cat ever feel comfortable with letting Grace’s grandmother back in her life? Dr. Phil sits down with both couples as they confront each other for the first time face to face. Then, Dr. Phil addresses Cat and Todd’s marriage, which has started to crumble under the stress. How can they get back on track for the sake of their daughter? Next, Grace wants to ask Dr. Phil some questions. See what this brave little girl wants other kids to know. Plus, Dr. Phil has an update on this family one month later. How are they now? Talk about the show here.

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April 15, 2007, 3:18 am CDT

Every Families Nightmare!

I am a survivor of being molested and have gone through years of therapy to break the chain and I have broke that chain. I too am a father that had a daughter that was molested by her grandfather on my x-wives side. What troubles me the most is his wife, my x-mother-in-law protected her husband and my x-wife too. I wanted to kill that son of a bitch, but that would of only put me in prision and my two children would of hated me for killing him. What a hell of  a place to be. To the parents of Grace, if his wife protected him then she is no better and deserves to burn in HELL too along with that son of a bitch. I have broken off all ties with my x-wive's family. I have not and will never ever forgive him, his wife and my x-wife.  You and your wife should never ever forgive him and her for the damage that they have done to your daughter. I would never allow either one of them to be around my family for the rest of their lives, so help me GOD!

Your daughter doesn't need to be subjected to either one of them; as it will be terrible memory that she will have to live over and over again ever time that she made to be around her grand- mother knowing that she protected him! If you want to save your daughter then get the strength from your GOD and help for her through therapy for many years and I would sue them for the cost of her medical treatments to the age of 21. She needs your love and your strength and faith in your GOD to help her heal. GOD bless your daughter, you, and your wife and just stay the HELL away from them as if you allow your mother-in-law around your daughter, she will only cause more damage to her and she could make your daughter blame herself for what her grandfather did to her was her fault and I have seen it done to my own daughter too. I will pray for all three of y'all but I will not pray for your father-in-law nor your mother-in-law as it would be wrong for me to pray for something evil to happen to both of them. I am sorry but this is how I feel. GOD Bless, Will

April 15, 2007, 5:26 am CDT

I agree

Quote From: binkycjo

Did you notice when the grandfather made excuses about the sexual abuse of Grace how upset & disgusted the mother became and the father of Grace did not show any emotion?  Cat is so concerned & askeds Todd if he thinks he can face his father?  Where was the comfort from Todd when Cat was so upset & crying?  Wouldn't you think the father would show more emotion about the fact that HIS FATHER sexually abused his daughter?  I am just as upset with the father as I am with the grandfather.
Grace's father seems to be extremely apathetic when it comes to his wife or daughter, but has feelings and emotions when it comes to the perpetrator! What's wrong with this picture?
April 15, 2007, 5:40 am CDT

Saving Grace

Grace is a very brave little girl for coming forward and telling her parents what her Grandfather did to her and i was glad to hear that her parents took acton to have something done to him for her. Her Grandparents don't need to be grandpartens  if they let something as sad as this happen to her. And I would NEVER let them around my kids again! I know a girl who was sexually molested at 7 years old and she told her Mom and her Mom did nothing about it and i guess her Mom never believed her so she has to live with that the rest of her life. It also happened to someone else and the guy tried to go back to the state that he was from but, he was caught and spent time in jail but that girl ended up having a baby by him so she has to life with that the rest of her life too! so i want to congraduate Grace for being brave and telling her parents and i also want to say that they will be in my prayers.
April 15, 2007, 5:53 am CDT

Mom Is Absolutely, Positively Right!!!

When I think of what that darling little girl went through while watching the show last week, I was almost in tears.  Thank God that Dr. Phil is now involved in this horrendous act on a 6 year old CHILD!!!  When I think of what that b****rd (excuse my language, but I will NOT give that man the dignity of calling him her grandfather), it actually made me want to throw up!!!  I was ready to go through the TV and do him bodily harm for what he had done to Grace.  Then we have the grandmother who, as anyone with a brain knows, is in complete and total denial of what that man did to her granddaughter.  It truly sickens me that he only spent 8 months in jail.  I do not for even one second believe his story about 'the devil made me do it'.  Come on...give me a frigging break!!!!!!!  That line went out about 25 years ago and now he's trying to use it to justify what he did to that child!!!  I know that Dr. Phil realizes that Grace will need long term therapy to even be able to cope with this situation.  Even with extensive therapy, I seriously doubt that she will ever forget it.


I will definitely watch the second part of this story to see what happens between Grace's parents and those two monsters who call themselves her grandparents.  In my opinion, Grace nor any of her siblings should EVER be allowed to see those monsters again.  Since that b*****d did what he did to Grace, what's to stop him from doing the same thing to any other of her siblings?  For that matter, what's to stop him from doing the same thing to other innocent children???  Are we going to hear 'the devil made me do it' story again??????


This male person belongs in a state prison for the rest of his life.  Obviously, we do not know where they live and it doesn't matter, however, I can almost guarantee that if they live in Texas, he would be serving hard time in Huntsville.  As a fellow Texan, I am quite sure that Dr. Phil is aware of what I speak.  This man is beyond rehabilitation and his wife is no better.



April 15, 2007, 6:07 am CDT

No, no, no, no

I don't think the grandparents have any right to see their grand-daughter---they gave up that right, when they acted as one might expect a stranger may act. For the grandfather to say, " It was the devil ,"who made him sexually abuse his grand daughter is a cop-out. For the grandmother to ignore what Grace tried to tell her, is wrong, wrong, wrong. These key people are suppose to be one of  their granddaughter's lead support systems---they've failed her. Who will she be able to ever TRUST again? If she doesan't count as someone very special in their lives; will she ever feel special again to anyone?

And why is the father of Grace not more angry at his father for harming his own daughter--weird!!

I think all the energy should go into helping the grand daughter---the grandfather and grandmother need counseling big time---so does the father.

And I think Dr. Phil should print out everyone of these postings and hand them to the grandparents--have them read what harm they have caused.

April 15, 2007, 6:44 am CDT

Good Guess.

Quote From: tkdeva

Was I the only one who thought about this?  I don't knw about anyone else, but the mother & son did not really looked surprised to me at all that the grandfather was molesting the grand daughter.  That was a sick feeling I got inside but after listening to the son & how he cried for his dad & not his own daughter & then hearing the grandmother & seeing her face as if she already just made me wonder if they had molested their own son??  What a sick story.  It is truly sad to me & made no sense at all that the grandmother would still stand by her husband after he did such a disgusting thing!!!  Sick sick sick!!  I would NEVER EVER trust my baby around her grandparents, I'm sorry but I would just write them off.  I would not risk my daughter's life that way, ever, I don't care how much counseling they took or how much regret they said they had.  Just looking at their faces they looked as if everything was alright?  God bless them all....especially that lil girl.


I also believe Grace's father could've molested her.

That would make 2 abusers.


Somebody needs to DIG into this family a whole lot more.

April 15, 2007, 7:23 am CDT

How can you prove

My (at the time) 2 1/2 year old granddaughter (very smart for her age)  told me that her daddy had stuck his penis (she referred to it as his ukky belly button at the time) in her mouth and we reported it to the authorities but they said they could not do anything because if they charged him and it went to court that he would have the right to question her and she would not be able to stand up to him.  She is now 3 1/2 and in counseling and showing signs of all the damage that this has done to her. 


After the police questioned him and he of course denied what happened, he never had anything more to do with her (thank God)  I guess his knowing that she would tell made him not interested in her anymore.  But he has another female child 1 year younger that his mother is taking care of because he and his girlfriend were more interested in  drugs than parenting.  His mother is his greatest enabler because she believes her son does no wrong.  And until we found out what had happened, had allowed him to be alone with my granddaughter.  We no longer allow her visits with my granddaughter either because we can't trust her.


My question is how can this be proved in court.  I know my granddaughter will tell and has told her counselor but I am not sure how she would react if he was around because she is terrified of him and every so often, just out of the blue, even at daycare, announces that she hates her daddy and wants him in jail.  He does not desrve to be able to get away with this with her or any other child he may do thist to.  He needs the label in society that he deserves.  She will have to live with this in her head the rest of her life and even though she is in counseling for it, it never goes away for long.  Why should he or any molester be able to live freely while their victims live with a life sentence of this.  I AM SO FRUSTRATED about this.  It is affecting our whole family unit. (her mother, myself and my husband) 

April 15, 2007, 7:52 am CDT

In Denial???

The interviews with the grandparents especially made me SICK.  I cannot believe the grandmother can sit there with her "sex-offender" husband and not be humiliated, embarrassed and most of all appalled.   Obviously they are not thinking of or concerned about their grandaughters feelings or the parents of the child.   I will be most interested to see if they ever "accept" responsibility and get down on their knees and ask forgiveness of all concerned and especially the child.
April 15, 2007, 8:52 am CDT

04/16 The Dr. Phil House: Saving Grace, Part 2


     As a Grandmother myself I cannot believe this grandmother not standing by her grandchild. She doesn't deserve to be called GRAND mother. The sicko grandfather should be locked up forever. I cannot believe that this was the first child he molested. Probably other children were to afraid or ashamed to come forward and he had gotten away with it so he thought it was O.K. to abuse his granddaughter. What a sick sick couple. They deserve each other. I would never allow my child to see them again. Neither of them deserve to be called GRANDPARENTS.

April 15, 2007, 8:55 am CDT

I have walked in the little girls shoes

The same thing happen to me when I was the little girls age, believe me I am now 67 and it still bothers me to this day, I just get scared when alone in a room with another man and I feared for my girls when they were growing up and when I see a Grandpa or any male raising and around little girls, well you know my thoughts.  I am the youngest of my family, my sisters - well, I was baptizied during my oldest sisters wedding and was a Aunt at 13 months, my other sister I was five when she got married, so you know I was young.  I never told anyone as during those times no one would of believed me and would of been a hush hush deal.  I believe even if it is told and the person jailed, that don't help at all to a little person getting molested.  I am so sad for the little girl as I know in her mind what she has to live with all her life, it cannot be repaired at all as far as I am concerned with jail time, can't be around the little girl, NOTHING will help and she will continue to be afraid as I have all my life.  I just don't understand people women or men who does this to any child.  The excuses that they were molested when they were little has no bearings on a form of an excuse for what they have done to others.  No excuse I hear for any of that is a excuse at all.  But I do know from experience that any type of correction will not wipe the image away from our minds who have been molested of any type of source.  Scared for life. 
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