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Created on : Thursday, March 29, 2007, 12:44:31 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Armed with a team of four doctors who have four different specialties, Dr. Phil busts medical myths and answers your burning questions! First up, the doctors weigh in on controversial headlines from women over 40 having babies to celebrities in rehab. Then, Kim is only 48, but says she has so many wrinkles, people think she’s old enough to retire. Plastic surgeon Dr. Ordon gives Kim a 15-minute makeover backstage, and you won’t believe the results! And, Amy and her husband, Joe, say getting their two girls to bed at night can take up to two hours and involve lots of tantrums. Pediatrician Dr. Brown makes a house call to the harried parents. Will Amy and Joe finally get some ZZZZs? Plus, OB/GYN Dr. Masterson performs an ultrasound on stage, and meet a woman who says she exercises three times a week and lifts weights, so how could she have osteoporosis? Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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April 5, 2007, 2:39 pm CDT

04/05 “What’s Up, Doc?”

Quote From: mommy2nicholas

Was anyone else a bit annoyed with the mom of 4 who complained about her belly. Hello??? Welcome to having children! I had 2 c-sections and have a belly. I breast fed and the breasts are a bit saggy. Such is life! I would love to have a breast "lift"-no increase in size just a little perkier. But I'm NOT going on TV to whine about it and hope for a freebie. Like she was shocked when he gave it to her for free??? That's what Dr. Phil does...
Glad I'm not the only one...  I did make a post a few comments back...  Yeah, did you hear her say that it would be nice for the consult, but now she has 2 kids to put through college and doesn't have the $$ for the tuck??  Geez...  Like I said in my post, i just hope she realizes what kind of gift was given to her...  wouldn't it be great for someone else to give you that $$ for cosmetic surgery? 
April 5, 2007, 2:50 pm CDT


Quote From: glutenfree


As I watched the segment about Osteoporosis, I tried to talk to you through the television, but it didn't work, ha.

I was diagnosed with severe Osteo at age 38.  It took 2 more years to find an answer. I was fortunate to be seeing a physician at Wash U in St. Louis at the start of a Celiac/Osteo study.  After losing nearly 50% of my bone density at only 40 years of age, I was VERY excited to have an answer.  I wasn't absorbing properly due to an auto immune disease - Celiac Disease. 

What does someone with Celiac do?.... the only answer is to eat 100% gluten free; meaning, no wheat, barley or rye.  Within 6 months, I regained 11% of my bone density.    Not only that, but SO MANY other health issues were resolved; some issues that I thought were just about age! 

I could go on and on. 

PLEASE! do a search for Celiac Disease and consider being tested.  It affects 1 in every 133 people, yet nearly 97% of those in our country who have it remain undiagnosed.  Awareness is increasing, which is surely seen in food availability.  The growth in our local support group is evidence to the increase in testing and diagnosis of Celiac Disease.  It's HUGE!


If you look at what you listed as causes of Celiac disease are grain type products.  It is not the grains, per say, but how the grains are stored.  All grains are stored in silos that are allowed to heat & cool with no ventilation.  Moisture then collects and mold/fungus begins to form in the stored grain.  The mold produces a toxin - a mycotoxin - that is injurious to health in so many different ways.  An example of this mold is aspergillus.  It produces the mycotoxin aflatoxin B-1.  This mycotoxin is one of the deadliest known to man & has been researched to produce a weapon of mass destruction.  Aflatoxin B-1 is also a known carcinogen - causing liver cancer.  The FDA tests for certain levels of this toxin in our food, but allows much more in animal feed.  Aflatoxin B-1 as well as nearly all mycotoxins is heat resistant up to 500 degrees.  Use the internet to do further research into molds, fungi and yeasts and the deleterious health effects they cause (skin ailments, digestion problems, asthma, arthritis, migraines, infertility, diabetes & many others).  To combat these mycotoxins from molds, fungi & yeasts antifungals (natural & prescription) need to be taken as well as the elimination of these items from your diet.  Just like you said, grains are a problem.  Eliminating them & all white vegetables, eliminating sugar and eating antifungal foods (carrots, brocolli, green apples, garlic, onions etc.)
April 5, 2007, 2:51 pm CDT

Not all CE's

Quote From: truckman59

In addition to the MDs being 'in bed' with the drug companies, the FDA's budget is nearly 50% funded by the pharmacological companies.  The continuing education that doctor's receive is not given by medical schools, colleges or the like, but are given by the drug companies.  You cannot continue to be a doctor without the medical CEs.  Guess what the first thing a doctor is given when graduating from med school?  A prescription pad.
Not all CE's are given by drug companies.  You have to filter out the bias.  Hospitals provide continuing education courses without agendas.
April 5, 2007, 2:57 pm CDT

Soft bones. Hard head.

 While KD discussed, at great length, her current exercise regimen, she said nothing about  her eating habits. I suspect that a calcium poor diet contributed to her osteoporotic condition. And, if she was ever a heavy soda drinker, the phosphoric acid leached what littlle calcium she had, out of  her bones. The damage, I suspect, has already been done. While  her exercise regimen can  help retard any further damage, I think she ought to eat a calcium rich diet. And,  let her MD prescribe  some meds. At 48, she may consider osteoporosis an "old lady's" disease. But,  many women,  only in their 20's, are beginning to show symptoms. KD needs to lose the "hard head" before her bones get any softer.
April 5, 2007, 3:04 pm CDT


Quote From: rockymary

maybe its not what shes doing now that matters but what she done ten years ago in regards to her eating healty and exercising?
 I am so excited that finally a television program will allow someone who doesnt look at Medical Doctors as Gods voice their opinion! I am in no way saying that drugs arent needed, in some circumstances they are, but they are so overprescribed its rediculous! I find the statement the doctor said about drug companies not giving them money is hard to believe. Pople with business degrees take Medical doctors out to lunch and pay for everything just to get them to buy on and use one of their drugs. How is that not paying them? Im just glad there are people out there that can ask why questions to doctors and realize that there are better options!
April 5, 2007, 3:07 pm CDT

04/05 “What’s Up, Doc?”

Quote From: mommy2nicholas

Was anyone else a bit annoyed with the mom of 4 who complained about her belly. Hello??? Welcome to having children! I had 2 c-sections and have a belly. I breast fed and the breasts are a bit saggy. Such is life! I would love to have a breast "lift"-no increase in size just a little perkier. But I'm NOT going on TV to whine about it and hope for a freebie. Like she was shocked when he gave it to her for free??? That's what Dr. Phil does...
 My husband was in the bathroom, shaving, during this segment. As soon as Kim mentioned having two college educations to pay for, I called out "Heeeeeeeeere comes the giveaway!"  That  is what  Dr Phil does. And, I think that's what she was counting on. IMO, she seemed more relieved that he fell for it. Than shocked.
April 5, 2007, 3:17 pm CDT

04/05 “What’s Up, Doc?”

Quote From: milababy1


    mabe she is not eating the right food or could it be  that osteoperosis run in the family?

 I think osteoporosis could be genetic. After all, certain ethnic groups, such as Asian and Causasian, are at greater risk.. Especially  those of a slight, smalled boned build. And, a calcium poor diet  increaases the risk. KD never mentioned how  she ate. Her exercise regimen should help retard further bone loss. It helped the former Texas governor, "Ma" Richards. Gave her shaplier triceps, too!
April 5, 2007, 3:19 pm CDT

different options

  Its great to see so many  people question drug companies.  Just because I am a student, people tend to think I am too "one sided" when it comes to the allopathic and holistic types of medicine.
  I commend those who can go on national television and question a Medical Doctors opinion on something. 99% of the time, there are other options that just arent given to people, and many people look to MD's as medical gods, and go on every word they say.
  I was on the allopathic side of things for the first 22 years of my life. I thought there was an antibiotic for everything and all was curable with a simple pill. Since 98% of all television and radio is controlled by drug companies (if you dont believe me, watch tv for 15 minutes) its hard to find information that is credible about other options for problems.
  Im dont think drugs are completely unnecissary, but I think people need to look down other avenues first!
April 5, 2007, 3:20 pm CDT

Fosomax vs Boniva?

Quote From: jayfay

I was diagnosed with osteopenia and my doctor told me I needed to take Fosamax...the only choice I was given.  After less than 2 years of taking it, I had sensitivity in my teeth.  My  face hurt, my teeth hurt on the right side, then my gum became swollen, opened up and a piece of my jawbone came out. This all happened in a matter of two weeks (my vacation..which was miserable even though I was in Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon)  When I saw a specialist, the first question was "Do you take Fosamax?"


I now have osteonecrosis  which is Jaw Death.  My doctor said this is rare, but it doesn't seem rare when it's you.  My piece of bone was sent to Ohio State University where they are doing a study.  Now, every time I go to my dentist, the hygenists tell me that they are watching for other cases.  If you do take Fosamax or any other bisphosphonate, be sure to advise your dentist, as tooth extractions or any oral surgery can speed up or worsen the necrosis of the jaw.

In all my life I had never even  had a toothache, have had regular appts.  I am sorry that I let a doctor so intimidate me that I took a drug that will now remain in my body for EIGHTY YEARS! 

I too, have been diagnosed with osteopenia.  I'm 48 and thin.  One thing my ob/gyn told me was that thin women are more prone to osteoperosis because of the lack of density in the fat cells.  Evidently fat cells excrete estrogen which aids in bone strength.  After doing what little research there is with any of these drugs, I selected Boniva.  I, too, am more of a homeopath and have issues with taking synthetic drugs.


Oddly enough, my dentist and periodontist had already cited bone loss in my jaw... years prior to being diagnosed with osteopenia.


Does anyone know anything about Boniva vs. Fosomax?


In addition to the Boniva, I exercise (not very much, but I do), take Caltrate, and drink about a gallon - or more - of skim milk per week.

April 5, 2007, 3:25 pm CDT

Having a baby at over 40

Dr. Phil sent a negative message about women having babies over 40 today.  Not all of us had the option to do so in our 20's and 30's as we have not all found the perfect spouse yet.  I am 40 and hope I at least have a few more years to try.  That was terribly judgemental and disrespectal of you to speak negatively of the woman who is 56 and having twins.  I mean they are about to be born and you just exploited her situation.  As far as older parents at soccer games, why don't you talk to your home state Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson.  She's what, 64 I see her out there like a pro at her young children's games.  Come on Dr. Phil....
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