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Created on : Thursday, March 29, 2007, 12:44:31 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Armed with a team of four doctors who have four different specialties, Dr. Phil busts medical myths and answers your burning questions! First up, the doctors weigh in on controversial headlines from women over 40 having babies to celebrities in rehab. Then, Kim is only 48, but says she has so many wrinkles, people think she’s old enough to retire. Plastic surgeon Dr. Ordon gives Kim a 15-minute makeover backstage, and you won’t believe the results! And, Amy and her husband, Joe, say getting their two girls to bed at night can take up to two hours and involve lots of tantrums. Pediatrician Dr. Brown makes a house call to the harried parents. Will Amy and Joe finally get some ZZZZs? Plus, OB/GYN Dr. Masterson performs an ultrasound on stage, and meet a woman who says she exercises three times a week and lifts weights, so how could she have osteoporosis? Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 21, 2008, 9:13 am CST

04/05 Osteoperosis Waht's up Doc?

Quote From: drmurray

As a physician and nutritionist, I became involved with calcium metabolism soon after my mother has an osteoporotic hip fracture and my wife was diagnosed with osteopenia (precursor to osteoporosis).  I strongly advised her not to take Fosamax and that Tums was not the answer for calcium replenishment, in fact, calcium carbonate used in over 85% of calcium formulations has a poor absorption rate and requires gastric acidity for ionization which is not readily available in the middle aged to elderly.    


There are many causes that bring on osteoporosis - good diet and resistive exercise are beneficial - but you have to look at heredity, morphology, birth control pills! and earlly menopause.  The drug companies that make bisphosphate remedies readily admit that it puts the bone in limbo and once you stop - the osteoporotic process restarts - besides the osteoclasts are supposed to contribute calcium essential and critical to over 65 calcium responsive functions - so taking these drugs is very harmful in my opinion.

Do you know anything about the drug Forteo? a 2 year injected drug unlike Fosamax????

Do you know of what excerises a person with Osteoperosis can do without causing a fracture???

I take a drinkable calcium calledCalc Plus with Magnesium, zinc and vit D The clcium is tri-calcium phosphate, calcium citrate 1200 mg 400 IU of Vit D3 600 mcg of Magensum and 15 mg of zinc. I am confused about types of calcium so I just take this. Is it a good one??? Should I be taking K vit too?

January 21, 2008, 10:46 am CST


Quote From: dezaster

Do you know anything about the drug Forteo? a 2 year injected drug unlike Fosamax????

Do you know of what excerises a person with Osteoperosis can do without causing a fracture???

I take a drinkable calcium calledCalc Plus with Magnesium, zinc and vit D The clcium is tri-calcium phosphate, calcium citrate 1200 mg 400 IU of Vit D3 600 mcg of Magensum and 15 mg of zinc. I am confused about types of calcium so I just take this. Is it a good one??? Should I be taking K vit too?

Have you heard anything good about Forteo???
January 21, 2008, 10:47 am CST

What books??

Quote From: dezaster

What are the books on how to reverse Osteoperosis you mentioned? There are excercises that a person with Osteopersosis should not do and I do not know which ones they are.  I went to a Rhumatogolist and he told me my Osteopoersosis was so bad that I needed to take the drug Forteo that is injected daily and costs $800.00 a month. What do you know about this drug?? You can only take it for 2 years but the the place I got my density scan told me they see remarkable changes from women using this drug. I tried Fosamx for 1 month and felt horrible. I do not know what to do so I have done nothing now for over a 1 1/2 years. I try to eat more vegies, no soda more salmon, broclli, soy beans, yogurt and millk and I walk on the tread mill. I have never excercised in my life so even that is a hard for me. I try to avoid sugar as well. Do you know of a good Dr. in the Phoenix area to go to as well as what type of excercises I "CAN" do??
What excercies can you do that won't cause a crack or fracture?
January 23, 2008, 11:34 am CST

No one answered my question??????

I was trying to find out What book you get to tell you what excercises you can and can't do if you have osteoporisis. There are some excersies that are not good to do and I do not know which ones. Can anyone help me????????????????????


Also does anyone know if you are sapose to take Vit. K supplement if you have Osteoporsis????

January 23, 2008, 11:37 am CST

Do you know anything about Vit K and Oste??

Quote From: area51

I also don't thnk you should take Fosamax. Read Jon Barron's article on osteoporosis and he explains why Fosamax  is not the answer. Also besides your diet, hormones are also a contributor to osteoporosis so you need to take a natural progesterone cream. Jon Barron also explains the link to hormones and bone loss and why dairy does not build strong bones and why it is magnesium, not calcium, that we need more of. Here is the link......


And by the way, doctors DO get kickbacks from drug companies. I can't believe Dr.Stork said that. Read the article titled "How much are drug companies really paying your doctor?" by Dr. Mercola. Here is the link for that......




January 24, 2008, 7:58 am CST

Answer to my question on Osteo

Quote From: dezaster

Thank you for the information. It is so confusing when you get Osteoporsis as there are so many different conflicting views on it. I will read your links and I thank you. : )
April 17, 2008, 9:59 am CDT

04/05 “What’s Up, Doc?”

Quote From: thecatlady

Hi Ramair-


I can't seem to find the post I wrote to you in response to my "diet".


To you and anyone who hasn't read all the previous posts....


In addition to my exercise routine, I live an extremely healthy lifestyle.  No soda - ever (even when I was younger).  I am a vegetarian, eat no refined foods, eat a low fat diet, no refined sugar, etc. etc.  My diet probably isn't a negative factor here.  I know this wasn't told on the show, but I can assure you, calcium isn't being sucked from my bones because of poor eating habits.  I even grind my own wheat, make from scratch whole wheat pasta, bread & bagels (no store bought stuff for our family).  So while I appreciate the idea that maybe while I exercise, my diet may play a negative role in my osteoporosis situation, it is doubtful.


Thanks for your input.

Are you a vegan, eating no amimal products at all? Or, vegetarian who eats eggs and dairy products? I still eat some fish and chicken breast. As unprocessed as possible. I drink low-fat goat milk. And, eat yogurt. Made from goat milk when i can find it. I was eating sugar-free, fruited yogurt, but became concerned about the artificial sweeteners and coloring. Now, the only fruited yogurt I eat is fruit juice sweetened. When I feel like driving almost 50 miles to get it. When I don't, I'll be eating plain fat free regular, and Greek yogurts. I do drink some non-dairy milks, hemp, rice, or soy. I've begun eating sprouted Ezekiel bread products. And, I'm getting into eating raw foods. Have you tried any of Dr Malkmus' Hallelujah Acres recipes? Dr Bragg's? Or Jordan Rubin's Maker's Diet recipes?
June 19, 2008, 11:14 am CDT

04/05 “What’s Up, Doc?”

Quote From: yinandyang

Just out of curiosity, did it EVER occur to you that NOT everyone is out to get a freebie?  I happen to know first hand that this woman was brought on the show  with her twin boys to discuss the  argument between her kids whether she needed surgery or not...if it was too vain to want to have the body she had before she had kids and to help her get some self confidence.  IF YOU LISTENED to her son speak, you would of heard him say that she raised her four kids almost all their lives by herself.  She has worked up to three jobs giving every dime to her children and NEVER thinks about herself.  That is why having twins going to college (by the way, with the help of financial aid and scholarships) is her top priority rather than spending it on improving her appearance.  If the plastic surgeon and Dr. Phil decided to gift her for it then God bless them for caring about a human being.  Why be so bitter towards a woman's life you know NOTHING about.  She thought she was there to talk to Dr. Phil with her kids about helping her self esteem...not looking for a "freebie".  SHE NEVER WATCHED ONE DR. PHIL SHOW BEFORE THE TAPING!!!  So, you and these other viewers are wrong.  She never saw it coming.
I find it awfully hard to believe that she's never watched even one of Dr Phil's shows before the taping. How did she hear of him, then? His website? Even from that, you can learn quite a lot about his past shows. And, practices. Besides, it isn't bitternes to state the obvious. Even if she wasn't, an awful lot of people are out to get freebies.
July 14, 2008, 12:39 pm CDT

Being Born without a uterus

Hi Dr Phil i was watching your show today and i noticed it was about uterus transplants when i was 15 years old i was diagonesed that i didnt have one i dont rember what they called it but the reason why i found out was because i wasnt gettin my period and my mother was gettin concerned about it soo i was put on soo many test to see what was wrong and they finally figured it out and kids are my life i love kids like no tomorrow i would doo anything to have  one of my own and i know there is plenty of diffrent options but nothing is the same then carrying your own kid and going through the whole expiernce of having one and people say im lucky but i dont think of it like that at all im still young and its good for now  but i know when i get older and want to start a family and i know some states  have started giving uterus transplants but i dont know much about it and when i saw the show there wasnt much said about it and im intrested in this topic
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