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Created on : Thursday, March 29, 2007, 12:41:55 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
We’ve all secretly wondered what it would be like to live like a celebrity -- going to red carpet premieres, jet-setting to exotic destinations and having lots of money. Well, Dr. Phil’s guests say having it all can be a double-edged sword. A&E’s new reality series Sons of Hollywood follows the adventures of childhood friends Randy Spelling, son of the late Aaron Spelling; Sean Stewart, son of singer Rod Stewart; and David Weintraub, their manager and best friend. The show documents the struggles they face trying to make a name for themselves while living in the shadows of their famous fathers. They tell Dr. Phil the good, the bad and the ugly sides of having a famous name and growing up in the Hollywood scene. Plus, Dr. Phil speaks with guests who are obsessed with living the high life, or living life in the fast lane. Tiffany admits she’s obsessed with being in the spotlight, and loves to order people around as if she were famous. She even demands people call her Princess! Her brother and sister-in-law say they’re sick of her narcissistic ways. Then, Derrell and Esther are concerned that their son, Joel’s, rock-and-roll lifestyle could kill him. They say Joel’s party animal ways have already landed him in jail and almost in the morgue – but Joel says he has it all under control. What does Dr. Phil think? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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April 29, 2007, 9:36 pm CDT

Afraid of failure?

Quote From: mstiffanyhayes

Well oh my gosh.  I never expected to be ridiculed and scrutinized like this.  But, I put myself out there by appearing on the show, so I accept it.


From the beginning, when my sister in law contacted the show, this was all done in fun.  It's very tounge in cheek.  I DO NOT seriously think that I am better than anybody else, prettier than anybody else or more deserving than anybody else.


My family and friends "get" the show because they know me and know my personality.  I am a great person with a HUGE heart.  I DO work full time, attend church weekly, donate my time and money and maintain wonderful and healthy relationships with my family and friends.


If you all watch Dr Phil (or any other talk show) you will know that A LOT of editing goes into the final production of the show.  Please take that into mind as well.


The whole "princess" thing is a joke and always has been.  I DO NOT order people around nor do I use people.  I do for others just as much as people do for me.  I DO NOT walk around with a tiara on my head and my nose stuck in the air.  I am a very down to earth person, seriously.  I am, however, VERY confident in the person I am.  I know I am not "TOP MODEL" beautiful, nor do I claim to be.  I am a woman who has dreams.  Don't we all?  I don't knock or judge anybody else's dreams so I don't understand why you are all knocking mine?  I believe in myself and am confident in the woman I have become.  Some people mistake confidence for cockiness.  I AM NOT conceited, cocky, bitchy, prissy or self centered.


I am just a regular person.  My sister in law wrote into the show thinking she would NEVER in a million years get a reply.  I agreed to do the show for fun.  We had a good time and I have NO REGRETS!! 


I am continuing to be me and live my life.  I LOVE MY LIFE "AS IS!!"


I understand it is very easy to judge me having only seen a 10 minute edited clip of me on t.v.  I would probably judge me too.  We are all human and that's what we do, judge others.  All I'm asking is to maybe think twice about what you want to say and how you're going to say it. 


Remember, I am somebody's daughter, sister, aunt, friend, girflfriend, co-worker, god-daughter, cousin and grand daughter.  We all have feelings too!!


:) Tiffany Anne



  • Dr. Phil had it right when he said that Tiffany wasn't doing all that she could to get her career going.  Is Tiffany afraid of the fact that if she does pursue her dreams that she will have to face the reality of them not coming true?  I think so.  It's much easier to dream and talk and have a 'passion' about something for 20 years than it is to actually get out there find out for yourself.  By the way, to get a thrill out of people watching you do a demo is so sad.  You really have to be scraping at the bottom of a barrell to find such enjoyment out of that.  I suppose Tiffany also likes crossing the street when the light turns green, the people in the waiting cars might be looking at her-wow.    I've flown with FA's like her. No doubt, at work, Tiffany's reputation precedes her and the crews have heard and repeated many sad stories about her before she walks into inflight to sign in for a trip. Tiffany can be sure that the Crews are laughing at her behind her back, at everything she does and that she's considered a pathetic joke.  Sound cruel? Mean?  Maybe, but it's the truth and it hurts sometimes.  Tiffany, it's not too late to grow up and work on getting a healthy self image.  If you could start thinking about something other than yourself, you might  GET.... A would  surely better than what you're hiding behind now.
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