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Created on : Friday, March 23, 2007, 10:09:33 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 3/28/07) Imagine waking up at dawn to discover your 9-year-old child missing. The next day police call saying they’ve found your son -- but he’s halfway across the country at the San Antonio airport! This is only one of the waking nightmares single mother Sakinah has faced. Her son, Semaj, stole three cars and ran away nine times in just five weeks. He's charged with three felonies, including auto theft, attempting to elude a police officer on a high-speed chase, and driving without a valid driver's license. What is behind this traveling tween’s cross-country misadventures? Then, Amy's 16-year-old daughter, Tiffany, has run away several times, but this time her mother says she has gotten involved in a prostitution ring. The concerned mom discovered her daughter's behavior the way a lot of people find used furniture or apartments to rent: on Craigslist! See how the teen used this community Web site to advertise her services. But did she act alone? Find out why Amy fears for her daughter's life and the lives of her other children. Plus, learn what Dr. Phil has to say when he sits down for a heart-to-heart with Amy’s two younger daughters, and then talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 28, 2007, 1:10 pm CDT

03/28 Runaways Gone Wild

Quote From: msknowsomuch

Pretty sure the Semaj's Mom on Phil right now was the same one one I saw on the national news saying she was   PROUD   of the child for stealing airline ticket/s and flying halfway across the country.  There's your problem.
Everyone want's to be proud of there children I don't think she is proud of the things he has done but I think she is not being as serious about his crimes as she should be.
March 28, 2007, 1:23 pm CDT

There but for the grace of God.....

C'mon folks, give this woman some slack. It is NOT this mom's fault! I have a grandson who was exacly like that. He too stole a car at 9yrs old. He used to do things like waking up before dawn and taking his toddler sister out to play. When his mom asked where she was, he threw up his hands and said "dunno, gone!" I could tell you stories that would curl your hair! It was non-stop chaos! With help from  public agencies, they managed to survive it and he is now a nice, well -behaved young man. Those of you who are convinced its Mom's fault need a few lessons with kids like that. I guarantee you it would change your attitude in a dang hurry!
March 28, 2007, 1:49 pm CDT


Dear Dr.Phil and Robin,

                          This has nothing to do with any show,just all of em.I was living in W'ford,Tx. when you first started coming on at 3pm.Then I had to live in Ms.where you also came on at 3pm.THEN!! I moved to Louisiana where my life is lovely except for one thing,,,,,,,you came on at 4pm.I have "felt throwed  off" for about 6 mos.LOL.I heard on tv today that next week you will be on at~~~~~~~~~YEP!!!!! 3 PM!!!!!!!!!!.Thank you ever sooooo much for fixing this for me.

                                                                                                     Always Bobbie Hamm

March 28, 2007, 1:59 pm CDT

Dr. Phil-3/28/07

 Please, please tell me WHY these people (Tiffany's mom) are so afraid to be a parent to these children?  I just do not get it.  We never were afraid to tell our kids no, and had no problems other than the normal disagreements.  My husband always made the comment "who is the parent and who is the child?"  I just cannot even imagine not going out and getting this 16 year-old and and setting rules, but it might be too late if mom does not change.  Another thing we always did (our kids are 22 and in college, and 26 and married, a college grad) was start from DAY ONE!  You cannot go back and think when they act up at 7 or 8, it is okay, and then at 15 or 16, it isn't.  Our daughter had a friend who in 3rd grade told me someone thought she was sexy.  I was upset someone would make that remark  and her dad said, "oh, they are just kids."  WAKE UP PEOPLE!   You are going to turn around and they will be grown and out of control.  This girl ended up on a much faster track than our daughter and I watched her go through a lot of stuff that would not have happened at our house.  Another thing that helps kids is if the parents are committed to their relationship.  My husband and I have always said from day one it is a forever thing (and we taught our daughter that when she got married).  Our family is far from perfect, but it is very close and pretty darn good.  I also prayed for who our children would marry, and our daughter found such a great guy.  Not perfect, but no one person is.  And life is too short, which after my dad died I kind of adopted that thinking, and don't sweat small crap.  If my husband doesn't make it to the hamper with his clothes, I pick them up and just thank God he is here with me because I do things that upset him also.  I wish the whole family unit was more normal.  If you have it, it is a great thing.
March 28, 2007, 2:15 pm CDT

03/28 Runaways Gone Wild

I have a daughter who decided that she didn't want to follow ther rules. Dr Phil makes it sound so easy for your child to do what you say! I tried talking, consueling, I tried tough love, grounding, putting my foot down, keeping her on a short line, just about everything. Where did it get me.... my daughter went to live with her father where she was allowed to do many things and have the freedom she wanted. It left me without a relationship with my daughter. She has called the police on me for making her stay in the house and not allowing he to drive her car. I was told I had to let he go because she was 16yrs old and I could not lock her out of the house. Kids these days can quit school at 16 yr and you the parent are resonsible for them untill they are 21yrs  (in NY) You can't bde to forceful because then you are charged with child abuse. My daughter is 23 and talks to me very little, we really have no relationship, it is one sided. My husband tells me to give it time and she will come around, but time can seem so long. It is not as easy as I am the parent so you listen to me, laws have made it tougher, and I understand because somebody abused the system so now we all are punished. I just prayer someday I will be able to talk with my daughter the way a "mom" should
March 28, 2007, 2:17 pm CDT

What an eye opener, but where do i go

What an eye opener of a show.  As a mommy i would not choose nor want to be in either of these mothers positions.  I kinda find myself in the same shoes as the second mom with the prostituted daughter.  I want my 3 year old twins to be my friends and enjoy what we do together and want to be together.  I am already seeing the results of my choice to be their friends instead of preparing them for their future.  It has been hard to become the displinarian when I love them so much, but because I do love them so much i have to discipline them.  Its easy to get them down of the couch at 9 months cause they just find something else to play with, but at 3 years it is not as easy, and I have to deal with the cry fests and heartache of telling them 'no', and with two 3 year old one would think i would be used to it.  I can see that I am putting them on the same road and i DO NOT want that, but I don't know what to do or even where to start.   I am so dumbfounded on what to do, any help?

March 28, 2007, 2:52 pm CDT

from a youth..

Quote From: faeryedark

I'm with you on the no computers in kid's rooms PERIOD! Ours is in the great room and our children are limited to one half hour after homework is done and we must be around nearby so we can look over what they're doing whenever we feel like.  I can't cancel my cable (cause I'd miss Dr. Who, Jericho, Stargate,and Robin Hood (my kids like the same shows) but I have blocked out all channels I've found  unacceptable programs on and the digital box is in my room so, the kids can't order any shows or movies either.

ya know, I can tell you from experience that having a computer in family areas isnt a complete no worry situation. I used to stay up all night having sexually explicit role plays on aol (I dont know about know but 4 years ago the chat rooms were a perverts dream), surfing hentai (pornographic japanese style anime for the most part), and some actual porn. I have and I still do honestly see most of it as references artisticly, but over the years it became entertainment as well. At 13.. I really wish I hadnt seen those images, heard descriptions and sex stories glorified. I'm a mature young lady now (yes, girls can get pulled into that stuff too!) and I still am that sweet girl I was back there, but people are suprised if I speak of the things I've seen. Even the good girl can be up to no good. I wish my parents had done something when I was younger to discourage the temptation of the internet's privacy. My dad in an effort to educate me about computers told me how to clear the cookies so there was no trace. I learned how to make sure no one knew, had up random webpages  to hide what I was really looking at.  I became sneaky, doing things like this when my parents went to bed for the night.. I'm not proud of that. As much as you want to trust your teenagers, I urge you to take precaution. When I have children, I will always have a key logging program in the computer. I'd even go so far to disconnect the internet past a certain time perhaps. It sounds extreme, but in some way I think that it is worth the inconvenience.

Know what your children are doing, boy or girl.  The internet is like a free access pass. A child can purchase sex toys, porn, sex itself..  and never even have to give a real name.


Hope that gives someone incite.


(btw in reply to that parent that plays guitar hero with their child: I applaud you. I didnt get into the smut as much when my dad and mom played video games with me, and as they slowly stopped I did too. and guitar hero itself is an excellent choice :) hand eye coordination, a sense of beat and balance, and the opportunity to challenge yourself. rock on!)

March 28, 2007, 3:21 pm CDT

I am so disappointed

I am so disappointed by the general assumption that parents should have done something different with their kids. Sure some parents DO need to stop and take a good look, at themselves,  but there are plenty of others who can't win for losing.  My daughter started running away at the age of 12 and I turned over every stone available to get her some help.  Teachers told me to chill out, guidance counselers took offense when I aspired to work WITH them to uncover the sources of the problem , and police officers refused to respond when I'd request they arrest her on the most trivial of offenses in order to ultimately mandate the treatment she desperately needed. I was always more than willing to acknowledge whatever  role I might have played in contributing to my daugher's problems and the system severely let me down in alot of ways. Long story short, my daughter is now 27 , a recovering heroin addict, is miraculously alive and today we are the best of friends.  But I feel like a victim of PTSD.  The turmoil and stress of years of trying my damnedest when she was younger to get her the help she needed left me quite spent, discouraged, perplexed and feeling like Yossarian  in Catch-22.  I mustered all the chutzpah I could to contend with one crisis after another and perhaps because my daughter was well-spoken and had the ability to maximize on her upbringing for being polite, clean and (apparently) respectful of herself and others, my requests for assistance were considered without merit.  And I simply resented the implication that it's parents who have to buck up and look at themselves in relation to the situations they're faced with.  Some of us buck up alot and end up feeling  like white noise. Today, I'm grateful my daughter is alive.   SOrry to vent, but it was so often an uphill battle that I was so willing to fight...but often felt all alone.  And a person can absorb just so much intensity alone til they crash or simply throw in the towel.

March 28, 2007, 3:22 pm CDT

Sad Kid

What a cute KID!


I hope that he gets the counseling he needs to keep him becoming a master crook. He lies and steals at 10 years of age but he is cute!!


Good luck to that family.


March 28, 2007, 3:25 pm CDT

It's tuff being there with a runaway

I also agree no computers in the bedroom, and I do block tv shows that are not age apprate. My children range from 3 to 16 and the sixteen hates that she can't watch shows she likes.  She will get over it I say.  I have always montor what they watch, read, who they hangout with, etc..  In my case it backfired my sixteen year old ranaway.  Her boyfirend (whom she wasn't allowed to have) said she needed a break and she ranaway to be with him. 


No one gives you a handbook on teenagers and they defently don't give you a book on how to handle a teenager with bi-polar, ADD, ODD and delusions.


It has been my experse that most people blame me for her running away.

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