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Created on : Friday, March 23, 2007, 10:09:33 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 3/28/07) Imagine waking up at dawn to discover your 9-year-old child missing. The next day police call saying they’ve found your son -- but he’s halfway across the country at the San Antonio airport! This is only one of the waking nightmares single mother Sakinah has faced. Her son, Semaj, stole three cars and ran away nine times in just five weeks. He's charged with three felonies, including auto theft, attempting to elude a police officer on a high-speed chase, and driving without a valid driver's license. What is behind this traveling tween’s cross-country misadventures? Then, Amy's 16-year-old daughter, Tiffany, has run away several times, but this time her mother says she has gotten involved in a prostitution ring. The concerned mom discovered her daughter's behavior the way a lot of people find used furniture or apartments to rent: on Craigslist! See how the teen used this community Web site to advertise her services. But did she act alone? Find out why Amy fears for her daughter's life and the lives of her other children. Plus, learn what Dr. Phil has to say when he sits down for a heart-to-heart with Amy’s two younger daughters, and then talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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July 5, 2007, 10:31 am CDT

Not Bad

Quote From: moonglow38

I am a single parent too and know how tough it is.  I think you and your son are just are both obivously very smart people.  I am sorry your neighbors tormented your son like they did.  In cases like that the police can do very little unless they catch them in the act...I image you know that too.  I am glad you got out of there but sorry you had to go live in a hotel just to get away from them.  PLEASE try not to let some of rather heartless posts on here about you or your son get to you.  People assume an awful lot without knowing the details.  They pass judgement on others, many times very ugly negative judgements without really knowing all the facts.  I really wish Dr. Phil's staff would not allow some of these very damaging and hurtful posts on here...supposely they are checked before being allowed on, but I don't think they are. :(


At any rate I think you are great and doing the best you can and its clear you really love your children.  I honor you for sticking with it and being there too...being a single parent is an extremely hard job to do.  I wish you were my neighbor...we could be good friends and your kids could play with my son.  I think they would get along great! I really hope semajs is still with you and the courts didn't send him away...I was very concerned about that since I know they tape these shows months ahead.  How is he doing if you don't mind me asking?  Is he home with you? I sure hope so.  I would really hate to see him sent away for what he did...he is so young I am afraid it would crush his spirit and that would be such an awful thing to happen. 


Hang in there and I will be sure to keep you and your family in my prayers!

Your post was very good and to the point.  I just wanted to add that caring for a child who is so obviously intelligent can make things harded for the mom.
July 6, 2007, 7:54 am CDT

Hello, proverbswife, How are you?

Quote From: proverbswife

Of course it is the mother's fault...and the father's. If they didn't create the dynamic that allowed that kind of moral grey area then who did? For God's sake, choose to procreate purposefully (and who you procreate with, for that matter)  and then take the development of the life you created seriously!
Remember, "A worthless person, a wicked man, walketh with a perverse mouth"
July 6, 2007, 12:11 pm CDT

skin color isn't an issue

Quote From: moonglow38

I guess Dr. Phil didn't include those things because they are non-issues...meaning, not a concern and have nothing to do with what is going on.  I mean really...what difference doe it make if she is married to his dad, divorce or whatever?  The dad bailed out, plain and simple...leaving her to struggle alone.  Second...why do you get the idea she left the children alone while she worked?  Is it because she is a single parent that you assume that, or because of the color of her skin?  There are thousands upon thousands of single working parents and most do not leave their children alone at home.  I can't even figure out what you would think that about her in the first place...


As far as the video games, have you not been watching the news?  Kids (not saying this is true in her son's case) are spending SO much time playing video games AFTER school and on summer breaks, they are getting over weight...this isn't a few kids they are talking about either, but thousands....


Obviously her son doesn't just sit and play video games all day to the point he has gotten overweight.  Even playing just an hour a day, kids will learn.  The type of game he was talking about though isn't usually found at home...but in game places.  You know where you sit down inside of a big machine shaped like the inside of a car and have pedals like car petals and a steering wheel and race cars and stuff...I have taken my son to a few of those games places before when we still had them in town.  I would stay right by him as he played. I would give him so much money to spend and when it was gone it was gone.  We usually did stuff like this in the winter on cold, bad weather days ...something fun to do to get out of the house.   We also do other fun family things like go to movies, go to the public pool in the summertime.  Go skating, go for walks, go to the know...normal family stuff.  This was just one of those things we did once in a great while.  I am sure this boys mom does stuff like this with her children too.  All of these activites can be done after school and on weekends and on school breaks....its not like either of us are taking them out of school to do family activities together.  I just think its again rather odd you would be concerned about whether he went to school or not...obviously if he was going to school... she would be in legal trouble if he wasn't.  Apparently he was though, or Dr. Phil would have brought it up...he didn' it wasn't an issue.

Its so funny how people always toss the race stated "why did you assume she left her child alone, because of the color of her skin?" What does that have anything to do with it?? I don't care if she is pink blue or purple...I'm biracial...does that mean I am gonna leave my kids alone?? No, I don't think so... but 90% of the time inside or outside of the classroom/home when children act out it is for 1 of 2 reasons, he/she is bored or he/she isn't properly supervised...thus, she made a conclusion from an one mentioned race...

Also there are hundreds of free after school and summer programs for children to enroll in...Why not try that first?  

I think the mother was 100% correct for coming to Dr.Phil for advice...and I'm sure she will get everything together, but I'm just saying just because people make a statement it doesn't mean it is because she was black, she would have made the same statement if she was Green!! :0)

July 12, 2007, 6:26 pm CDT

Runaways Gone Wild

         That is a really smart child. The way he snuck on planes and skipped flights and travelled half way across the country. Not bad for a 9 year old child............
July 13, 2007, 1:00 pm CDT

i need advice

I have a 14 year old daughter who is at this point very much in need of my intervention and believe strongly that she wants it. Just to give a little background on the family i was married the end of march after being a single mother for 13 years. Her dad has never been in the picture even though i would like him to be. He told me once that it would be a bad idea for him to be a dad to her because he was mixed up in drugs and alcohol and didnt think he could be the kind of dad that she needed. I was 15 when i got pregnant with my daughter and have had no more children since. I have always been a close member in my daughters life and until recently was a good friend of hers. i knew that when this time came it was best to have a strong firm relationship with her that she could trust. i have always been the disciplinary in Melissas life and would never allow anyone else to take on the role. now that i am married it has changed a little as it would be expected as life changes. Anyways i still do about 95 percent of the discipline and anything that is done goes through me first which sometimes my husband has a hard time with but is growing to understand slowly. they r not friends and sometimes she really likes him and sometimes she hates him which i know is normal. anyhow to the questions i was looking though all my daughters msn chats with her friends which r automatically stored in my computer so i can keep tabs on everything she does and says on there. i have been doing this for about 3 years or more and i came across some news. i have my daughter in counselling due to the fact that i found out she was drinking and smoking pot i thought she had quit and was keeping closer watch over the things she was doing but i found out that she has also tried percaset (not sure of the spelling) and is smoking, on top of smoking pot but doesnt really drink anymore. i have also been told by health professionals in this town 90 percent of the pot is cut with crystal meth and i am scared she thinks she knows what shes doing but really doesnt understand the danger. so with out telling her how i knew i asked her to be honest with me about all these things and she was surprised how much i knew. she admitted everything. now i also know that my daughter has not been sexually active with a male but dates males and is more active with females. on certain things through life i have picked my battles with her, knowing that the day would come that i would need her to hear me when it was important instead of saying well mom always nags and tune me out. i need some advice on what to do at this point i have an appointmet for her with the outreach centre in town that deals with teen addictions but i am very unclear what exactly to do with this info now that i have it. a part of me wants to bring down the hammer hard and another part of me believes that if i do that she will go further into what she is playing with. i know that in the beginning it is very important to do the right thing im just not sure what it is i really would welcome any help that i can get and any advice. i know that she is heading down the wrong road and i want to stop her before it is to late. please help me she is an amazing girl who i am very proud of. even through all the hormones and yuck she is dealing with she is still honest but only when asked and she is loving most of the time with outbursts of hatred i need to stop this before she swings to far to the negative and and losses that great person she is.
July 8, 2008, 3:52 am CDT

Arrested Again

Well, Semaj is 11 years old now and has been arrested for burglary and lying to police. The judge has ordered him placed in a juvenile detention facility. I don't care how 'smart' or 'resourceful' Dr.Phil thinks this boy is - he's unfortunately going to end up like so many fatherless young black males today. The mom clearly loves her children, but she should not have had four children by a deadbeat man who is not around for her kids. Shouldn't being a single mother of one have been enough of a wake-up call for her?
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