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Created on : Monday, March 19, 2007, 05:20:36 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Nearly a month has passed since the burial of model and actress Anna Nicole Smith, and though she’s been laid to rest, the fighting and bitterness continue! Around water coolers across America, people have been talking about the alleged secret meeting between Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead – two of the men claiming to have fathered her daughter, Dannielynn. Exactly who is Dannielynn’s biological dad, and who will get custody of the baby? Then, Entertainment Tonight weekend host and correspondent, Kevin Frazier, reveals how his interview with Anna not only made him feel uncomfortable, but also caused an uproar after it aired! Plus, Howard K. Stern’s sister, Bonnie, joins Dr. Phil to set the record straight about Howard and Anna’s relationship. Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 22, 2007, 12:09 pm CDT

do the dna test and move on.

quite frankly i don't see why howard k stern wouldn't be first in line to get the dna test done - media or no media.he's the onet hat has chosen to have that kind of lifestyle, he can't now ask not to.


i don't know who is the father but this all would be wrapped up in short order if all parties would do the right thing for the baby instead of themselves.


March 22, 2007, 12:12 pm CDT

Stop, everyone just stop

Why is this show on if Dr Phil believes that everyone should just stop? I haven't seen anything here that hasn't been or won't be shown on Entertainment Tonight. Why is Dr Phil jumping into the arena? The paternity of Dannielyn is a PRIVATE matter. It is a private matter that has become public. I realize that the story is fasinating. Stranger than fiction with all of its twists and turns but the truth is that we the public don't know the truth. We can listen to the rumors and make judgements from edited interviews but we don't know the truth. The one thing that I believe is that both Howard K Stern and Larry Birkhead believe that they are Dannielyn's father. I also believe that each of them really cares for her. The rest of us should stay out of this with our opinions about who the father is and whether he loves her or her money. It is not our business. I have not seen one thing (and yes, I do watch ) to suggest that Dannielyn is not being well cared for. Every day that goes by, she bonds with her caregivers. She is a little person. She is growing and learning about her surroundings at an amazing rate. She is busy being a little girl. She has people around her who love and care for her. If it turns out that Larry is the father, her life will change but I feel very confident that she will be loved and cared for. I feel badly for Howard and Larry who both have a lot to lose. Not the money but the daughter that they each believe is his. Dr Phil, if you say STOP, i recommend that you actually stop.

March 22, 2007, 12:30 pm CDT


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March 22, 2007, 12:31 pm CDT

Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil

I can't even believe that Dr. Phil would give any credibility to ET or to Bonnie Stern in any way shape or form.  Anna Nicole has been a meal ticket for ET for years and their opinions generally are so biased to Howard Stern its transparent.  Stern comes off as a sociopath to me, and his sister Bonnie, well, she's a liar and is practically a twin to Howard.  Watch Stern.  Doesn't he remind you of Scott Peterson in his mannerisms and behavior?  Give me a break.  Stern kept her doped up so that she would sleep all the time and HE could enjoy the lifestyle that she provided to him.  Not only is he Svengali but he is a freeloader, manipulator and a scary person.  When Daniel began to question Stern's relationship, well, suddenly he's not around anymore to stir the pot is he?  Believe me, he wants nothing but to turn this little baby girl into another Anna.  Yeah, Howard might be willing to take the baby without the half billion, but its because he feels like he made Anna, and he wants to mold this baby and turn her into mini Anna, all for the benefit of his lifestyle. Dr. Phil ... you need to get real.  You are way off from any semblence of truth in this entire matter because you are relying on people who ALL have financial interest in pampering to Stern to stay close to him.  GET REAL!!
March 22, 2007, 12:53 pm CDT


I plan to watch today's show, but I think Dr.Phil might be grasping at straws to think this show has any "real" relevance.  We all know that what Anna Nicole's baby daughter needs the most she probably will not get....a loving Mother & Father who both put her welfare first, with no thoughts whatsoever about her inheritance.  It doesn't matter who the real Father is.....the baby is probably destined to have less than a normal childhood & life in general.  Like most normal folks, I too, wonder just how long it takes to have DNA tests done for paternity reasons & have a really hard time believing the Father of this child wasn't proven long ago.  It bothers me that the courts'  hands are tied by legal shenanigans that would prolong the outcome of DNA testing.  The lawyers must be making tons of money on this case & it's disgusting.


March 22, 2007, 1:00 pm CDT

03/22 Anna’s Aftermath

Quote From: pgc77099

I had a daughter who was (is) a drug addict.  She had one baby that tested positive for cocaine at birth.  This baby was given up for adoption, and I don't know if there were serious consequences.


This daughter blames me for everything that she has ever done.  She takes NO responsibility for her actions though she is now near 40 and and I have raised 2 other children who are very successful and NOT drug addicts.


I hope you do not allow Stern's sister to attack and berate Vickie Lynn's mother.  We only have the daughter's take on it.  My daughter uses  blaming Mother for attention and sympathy.  I think that is possible in this case too because she - Anna Nicole - was a drama queen for many years.  And it was shameful for Stern's sister to attack her after the funeral.  She should have been the one thrown out of the house.

I agree with you, to a point.  The fact is that NONE of virgie Arther's children will speak with her.  I am pretty sure i heard that she had two other daughters?  Yours  sounds like a different situation.  I agree there are bad apples to a perfectly good raising, but not three???

March 22, 2007, 1:03 pm CDT

Sad, sad, sad

Sorry, but Howard K. Stern's sister is too cute by half.   Same dancing with words as Howard.  "If it doesn't make sense, it's not true."  It doesn't make sense that Howard won't take a dna test;  therefore it's not true that he is the father.


Let's face some truths here.  ANS was a drama queen and was famous for marrying an old rich man.   She couldn't dance, sing, act or compose a coherent sentence.  It's nice that Howard was 'there for her' because God knows she needed someone to attend to her affairs.  But, I don't think much of her for escaping to the Bahamas for the sole purpose of denying Larry Birkhead access to HIS daughter.  Those aren't the actions of a nice person.   And Howard isn't a nice person either.  His loyalty to ANS was bought and paid for - and too dearly, IMO.  


Prediction:  Howard isn't going to be granted rights as executor of her estate.  Her will is too old and with Daniel dead, everything is changed.  No court is going to allow a will that disallows her daughter from any inheritance rights.  IMO, the court will assign an executor and that won't be Howard.   Howard just wants to continue to pursue the lawsuit against Marshall's family.  Money, money, money.    Let Howard finally get a real job and get on with his life.  He has lived off ANS long enough.





March 22, 2007, 1:04 pm CDT

Dr Phil I Can Hear Dannielynn Saying









Please be my guardian angel until all this grown up stuff gets sorted out ..... I want it to STOP soon because I need my daddy NOW !



March 22, 2007, 1:06 pm CDT

03/22 Anna’s Aftermath

First:  I think that Howard K. Stern WAS obsessed with Anna.  And that he'd probably do anything just to be that close to her.  He wasn't her manager, he was her lawyer, did he really think he needed to make any legal judgment  when she wanted to go on a date with someone else, like Larry Birkhead?  I don't think so!  He didn't need to be there every second of every hour of the day.  That's why lawyers are put on retainer, when you have a question, you call.  I'm sure he thought him being there all the time would make her fall in love with him.  He was her enabler.  Wouldn't you keep someone drugged up and keep telling them what they need to say and hear if you didn't want that person to be the ball in your court?  I'm sure he thought to himself that "HIS SHIP HAS COME IN".  Last time I checked, GREED was one of the seven deadly sins.


Second:  If he was so "In Love" with Anna he would have not made Anna go on any entertainment program to make a profit, he should have said, "Hey, we are in love please respect our privacy".  That's what love is all about ...  not trying to make a profit from it.


All in all ...  What needs to happen that Dannielynn grows up knowing her mother and brother and to have a good life!!!


And for all the others,  JUST GET OVER IT...  the truth will prevail and this time next year, we'll have another tragedy to deal with and we'll hardly remember this.

March 22, 2007, 1:12 pm CDT

03/22 Anna’s Aftermath

I just finished watching the Anna's Aftermath show and it was great to see someone finally ask if Howard is so sure he is the father, then what is holding him back from just doing the DNA test.  Howard's sister claims that Howard is willing to do so but not in front of all the media.  If this is true then why did Howard let Anna's funeral become such a spectical in the media, his plane ride home from Florida and his tears, again, all for the media.  It just seems hypicritical to me.  You can't have it both ways.  I do not feel that Howard's actions have at all been in the best interest of this poor baby!


Oh, and the pictures of Howard and Larry as babies......Danielynn looks like Larry!

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