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Created on : Wednesday, July 06, 2005, 01:01:07 pm
Author : dataimport
For those of us who struggle with Chronic PAIN, DIABETES, FIBROMYALGIA, Chronic FATIGUE, or who take MEDICATIONS that work against your efforts to exercise or lose weight, this group is for you. Please join in and share your struggles and your knowledge. We need and can provide that special kind of understanding, empathy and help that traditional groups do not.

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May 10, 2007, 6:50 am CDT

Checking everytime I'm on now...

but I don't see anyone here....Hello (Hello) THere is an echo in here!  (There is an echo in here!) LOL


Seriously, hope to see you ladies soon! I'm lonely!



May 23, 2007, 6:05 am CDT

Thought I'd check in...

I don't know if you all know, I had pains Friday night that didn't go away so I went to hsopital Saturday night and had my appendix out Sunday morning!  I haven't gotten on the scale but between hospital food and the appendix hopefully I have lost weight this week!  LOL


My kids served me breakfast in bed -- fruit salad (fruit from the fruit basket SIL sent me yesterday) and scrambled eggs.  Kyle wanted to make me bacon or sausage but couldn't find any so I didn't have to eat it and was able to stay on program! ;-)


Yesterday, my MIL picked up my mom's ring that I had resized so I am very happy about that...


We are going to Costco after Kyle goes to school today and I am going to get the next size sneakers cause the ones Megan got me for Mother's Day are a bit too small.  I will also double check that my cell phone was not returned to them and if not will order a new one today for me. 


Tomorrow I go to the surgeon for my followup and Tuesday for the general physican follow up (Dad is gonna take me cause I can't drive yet and it is his doctor too so I am gonna make him feel good to take care of me instead of other way around!)  Kids have off school tomorrow through Tuesday so gonna go get my haircut tomorrow with MIL and have some "ME" time without the kids. 


Next Friday is the special day for Kyle -- we are going to NYC for my specialist doctor appointment and then going to see Thomas the Tank Engine on Broadway but Kyle doesn't know that yet! 


Well that's it for my busy life right now...just wanted to check in and tell you I am alive and well!



August 22, 2007, 2:53 pm CDT

1.Diabetes? FMS? CFS? Chronic PAIN? Your WLC Home

hi im new to this and i am so glad that i log on, my dilema is that i also have type 2 diabetes and weigh 180 pds and my height is 5/3 i want to loose weight but everytime i cut my food intake i bottom out , i get dizzy ,shakes and nausea so i found myself having to eat more, and when i exercise its even worse  i get out of breath after a 10 min . of walking on the treadmil. now i can walk for miles on the street but not on the treadmil. i cant walk all the time because i have children that i have to take care of and the my husband doesnt come in until night so do anyone have any suggestions or is anyone having the same problem. p.s i do experince sleepiness at least twice a year and it last for about  2 to 3 weeks at a time. but the doctor says its nothing its could be allergy related? HELP!

September 22, 2007, 12:45 am CDT

Helo babygurl & Trish

 It's been a long while since I popped in here. So much has changed in my life since I was here last.  But I won't go there.

babygurl I'm sorry this is so late in coming. 
Trish how is your house selling going? Way too many homes in California are in foreclosure. It's a tough market out west.

I am actually trying something very different for me diet-wise. The Dr. Phil weight loss program worked for me for the first 6 months and then I slowly found myself going back to my old routine and I ended up gaining back all my weight plus a few more - just like every other thing I've tried.

So a couple of months ago I heard a (medical) Dr. on the radio that got me interested in his work. He has researched the effects of diet on patients with heart disease, cancer and diabetes for decades and found that variations of Vegan-ism (eating no meat, dairy, eggs or animal products) actually cured most of his patients with heart disease and diabetes and to a lesser degree (but still miraculously) cured cancer patients.  In fact he found that eating a diet void of all animal products even cured arthritis, Gerd, IBS and many other diseases. 

I'm generally leery of a diet plan that says it can help people with all kinds of ailments, but because he discovered this sort of by accident after years of researching the effects of animal products on the human body I was intrigued.

So I ordered his book, read it and have now committed to being a Vegan for 21 days. After that he suggests that you think through the new Vegan lifestyle and make a decision if you can and want to continue it for another 21 days. So far I'm hooked.

In just 3 days the arthritis in my hands was all but gone. It has been years since I have been able to make a fist without serious pain. And now I can type, do precision work on my crafts like I used to with no pain at all. I was absolutely amazed and nearly shocked with disbelief.

Almost immediately my Irritable bowel symptoms disappeared and that has been a problem for me for over 8 years. And today, after less than a week my blood sugar is down to about 121. For the last year it has run around 185-200.

And I haven't felt deprived or hungry at all. I eat as much as I want, whenever I want. I must admit that I have wanted a glass of milk now and again but I just fix something else that doesn't have animal products in it, like a sandwich with vegan cheese and tomatoes on rye bread and I end up feeling so satiated that I no longer feel the craving for milk. Plus a nice side-effect is that I have lost 6 pounds in 7 days And I haven't even started exercising yet.

I used to look at vegans like California tree hugging radicals, but now, after learning about how quickly your body can heal itself with a proper diet void of cholesterol and low in fat I am really willing to give it a good try.  If anyone is interested in hearing my updates let me know.
September 30, 2007, 11:36 am CDT

Did anyone make it back with all these changes?

I know that some can't even log in... Medical update for me is that after my appendix came out in May the pelvis pain continued and last month it went around to the the point where I couldn't get out of bed...crawled to the bathroom! After many CScans, ultrasounds, bone scan and now MRI they have determined I have slipped discs -- how did I do that? Anyhow...hope everyone is doing well... Trish
November 5, 2007, 6:30 pm CST

New at this...

Hi,  I don't know much about yawl, but I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes and told to lose weight.  I find that every time I try something comes up that seriously emotionally hits me and the weight won't come off.  I have a hard time getting into the routines and better eating habits, lately I'm having trouble walking - something about a planters something or another on my heal.  Any suggestions? 




November 9, 2007, 1:00 pm CST

New to here

 I am a 43 yr lod Man. Just diagnosed with diabetes and alsoI have degenerative disc disease. Also just had back surgery to repair a pinched nerve. I am 70 pds overweight and I am looking for a way to lose weight and exercise that wont aggrevate my lower back? trying to change my diet is really hard to do. I have 2 teenage kids that keep wanting junk food and the temtation sometimes is to much to resist. I need help
January 3, 2008, 12:17 am CST

Hey there Nomi and everyone

Quote From: nominatio1

 Where is everyone? Karen, Grace, at all. I surely hope you are finding your way back after the disruption of the boards.  Lets hear from you, ok? Take care and God bless. Nomi

 Hello there Nomi. Wow it has been sooo long since I heard from you. Actually it has been a long time since I have checked out the board. After nearly a year of little or no posts I decided to back out for a while.

I am still working at improving my health in a major way and it is working to a degree beyond my imagination. I have become a vegan. I heard Dr. Neal Bernard talk about his accidental discovery that a low fat vegan diet cured heart disease, diabetes, obesity and, in recent research, even cancer. I bought his book and he made so much sense that I decided to give it a try. It has only been 4 months so far but I can't imagine going back to a regular diet. 

2 weeks after starting the vegan lifestyle we went on a month long vacation which was a real challenge for a beginner vegan. That was followed by a month and a half of holiday season and another trip. So I feel like I have been baptized by fire. It has really given me a great education though about different foods and cooking styles as well as how to be a vegan while away from home.

In spite of the high fat holiday foods and restaurant foods I have lost 15 pounds in the last 4 months. I haven't been dieting. In fact I think I'm eating more now than I was before. I eat as much as I want of anything i want whenever I want. I haven't been exercising either. I know i need to get back into my exercise and I plan to start that up again this week. I expect that i will loose weight faster once i start walking everyday again.

I'd love to hear how you are doing - and what you have been up to this last year.

Take Care,
April 7, 2008, 8:52 am CDT

Hi again...

  I was reminded why I started on Dr. Phil eating in the first place...My husband and I went out to a political dinner (a night for us though so I wore a dress that he bought me for Christmas -- I felt good in it cause he said I looked good!) It was buffet but I didn't overdue it and had a big salad.  Well, it came time for the cake and I passed.  One of the electees (she lost my vote) brought a piece to my seat and said maybe your baby wants a piece!  GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Anyway, here I am back to rapid start....and the stationary bike got a dusting off last ngiht!

Hope eveyone is doing well...there are too many messages (over 100) so I'm not readign to get caught up but I will catch up with you as I go from here...

June 4, 2008, 3:56 pm CDT


I just found this board and hope I'm not too late to the party.

I suffer from CFS and FM, and have been suffering from severe depression and anxiety due to fighting for disability benefits for 7 years now, and continuing.  My living situation is becoming unstable as well, which is adding to it all.

I guess given that it isn't too surprising that I am overweight. I am about 80 pounds overweight though, gained slowly over the last 10 years or so.

If I am active enough for it to help with weight loss , I end up bed ridden for a day or two and unable to do more than basic self-care for a few days after that.  I have become frustrated at almost all diet advice because they all either tell me to stop eating over 2000 calories a day (which I don't do), or to exercise in a way that I cannot do reliably.  I admit I have not read Dr. Phil's diet book yet, but have seen several of his shows about weight loss and he seems to realise there are more factors to weight than that.

Anyway, I seem to be babbling now, so I'll end this.  Hello all, and feel free to ask me questions.
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