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Topic : 03/12 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp, Part 6

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Created on : Friday, March 09, 2007, 12:37:32 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Four months have passed since Scott and Tara, John and Cherie, and Nic and Amanda moved out of The Dr. Phil House, armed with tools to save their crumbling marriages. One couple has curbed their fighting but now reveals an issue that the wife says is tearing them apart. Why did they keep it a secret from Dr. Phil? Then, a couple learning to work together sees the changes in their children but still struggles with issues from the past. Plus, a reinvigorated pair say they’re best friends again and falling back in love. Which marriages are thriving, and which one is hanging on by a thread? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 14, 2007, 4:40 pm CDT


Quote From: flrat69

Your message was inspirational.  She didn't like the flowers because I changed my mind and got her a gold necklace instead.  She definitely liked that!  Thank you again.
Good for you!!  That is wonderful.  Continue to enjoy each other.  I will remember you and your wife in my prayers - please do the same for me.  God Bless.
March 14, 2007, 11:27 pm CDT


Quote From: kphilips10

Maybe she already had the purse.  Maybe it was a gift.  You nor I know.  And she was not selling herself.  She was dancing in a bar.  Are you saying you wouldn't do whatever it takes to put food on the table for your kids?  I doubt it.  Unless you have never experienced being poor and not knowing where your next meal is coming from.
Maybe whoever "gifted" her that purse should have "gifted" her some diapers!  And that coach purse has been for sale for less than 2 years.  Since she has been stripping during that time, then it doesn't take an engineer to put two and two least not in my case.  She was selling her "image" for money.  What do you call it when you get PAID to have people stare at you?  They were not paying her for her dance moves.  If she was such a great dancer, she would not be dancing in a strip club, she would be on broadway, working in a dance studio, or some other employment that is not paying her to take her clothes off.  She was getting paid because and ONLY because she was taking her clothes YES that is selling yourself!  I have three kids and let me tell you, I wouldn't have them if I couldn't afford them.  I would LOVE to have a few more, but we can't afford to provide in the manner we want if we had more, so we do not get pregnant.  That is how ADULTS do it.  I saw the clothes they were wearing, the things in their house in the interviews, and the housing complex they live in.  What resonsible people do is downsize.  That means relocate to a lower cost of living area, shop garage sales, whatever it takes morally and ethically to get it done.  I WOULD NOT TAKE MY CLOTHES OFF AND SAY IT IS TO FEED MY CHILDREN WHEN I HAVE A NICE CAR, NICE FURNISHINGS IN MY HOME, DESIGNER CLOTHES...ARE YOU PEOPLE BLIND OR DID YOU MISS ALL THE STUFF IN THE BACKGROUND.  You know the stuff that tells everyone exactly what your priorities are...and it isn't feeding her kids!
March 14, 2007, 11:29 pm CDT


Quote From: momisme2

Oh brother!  Sell herself?  She wasnt out hooking, ya know.

Besides, she did stop stripping and is now working some where else.  For less money.  That should make all the critics hush, but apparently not.
She has not been stripping for a few months...this isn't the first time she stopped and then went back.  Give her a few more months and she sees something she wants like a pair of jeans or shoes and she will be right back on the meat market!
March 15, 2007, 2:26 pm CDT

Thoughts ...

Quote From: pearlhanna

Its difficult dealing with one addiction, let alone 3.  If Scott gets the help he needs for one of the addictions, quitting the others, hopefully, will fall into place.

Nah .. can't "just quit one" .. gotta do them all at the same time .. clean and sober or at the very least dry. 


My thoughts on this series ...


- Brutal to watch at times .. so much anger and rage in the participants ... my 17 yr old son and I played Man Camp afterwards modelled by you all ... we could not imagine living like that.  We simply never ever are like that with each other.


- Nic - you a STAR baby .. omg .. Amanda you a double STAR ... one poster mentioned how your face looked softer and so true .. for me it was not the stripping as much as the toxic environment you were exposing your sweet spirit to .. Bravo to you both!


- Scott is probably using street drugs which is why they wouldn't be mentioned .. illegal don't you know?- don't want to disclose that on TV (until after the rehab that is!) - Yeah Scott's an addict - no doubt .. he'll never make 90 days dry ... Tara ... go to Al-Anon or a therapist or sumthing honey ... you deserve better for yourself ... like Amanda .. a softer face ... a bit of 'stop'.


- Cherie and John .... I don't know about you two ... John I think needs more than 2 emotions (Happy and Tasmanian-Devil) ... I can relate coz I used to not have any at all ... so .. imagine that?  On the internet there is a word list of emotions - and when I can't figure out what I feel I go through the list .. and think yes/no .. it's great practice for emotionally-disconnected people .. Cherie ... reread this past sentence .... doll ... I totally get  what you meant about being able to finally say it out loud ... but what I saw when I saw you was a very good manipulator .. not judging here .. just stating .. and I wonder if you recognize that in yourself ... it may not be .. but from where I sat watching .. ah yeah ... and I think every once in a while you knew you were doing that .. but I think most of the time .. totally unconscious .. probably the way you're learned to operate over time ... but you both were very encouraging in the past show .. keep up the excellent work!


Took lots of courage to do what you all did ... quite impressive ... Good job! 



March 17, 2007, 8:56 am CDT

A message for Scott

On the show, you said, and I quote..."I can quit anytime I want."


I have heard those words before from people you have never met and do not know.  One is now dead and the other has a spouse who is seeking a divorce because she will not tolerate physical and emotional abuse anymore.


You, Scott, have a problem, and don't roll your eyes (you do that quite often you know and it drives me NUTS!) and think you don't.  You know nothing! 


Yes, your wife is "bitchy" - I see that - but I had to live with you I'd be "bitchy" too.  When you walked out the door, I was telling my tv to "don't let the door hit your butt (another word, trust me) on the way out!


There is no way in this God's earth I would put up with you and your childish ways.


Just think....your little  girl sees this, and she hears this.  Dollars to donuts, she will find a guy just like you, have her self-esteem brutalized, and you won't know how to deal with it because YOU never dealt will it yourself, because YOU don't have a problem!


Your way would probably be best dealt with by beating the daylights out of the person who hurt your children...but you have done it, so its' OK.


My daughter has said she's not getting married because of guys like you.  There are too many of them around, she says, so she's keeping her freedom, sanity, and physical well-being.


Thanks least my child will be safe from ogres like you.


March 19, 2007, 4:59 am CDT

03/12 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp, Part 6

Quote From: taborl

Good for you!!  That is wonderful.  Continue to enjoy each other.  I will remember you and your wife in my prayers - please do the same for me.  God Bless.
I will, my friend. 
March 20, 2007, 2:24 am CDT

toxic words will destroy

Quote From: flrat69

I am in agreement with you regarding Scott.  On the other hand, Dr. Phil told Tara that she never shuts up!  She said she starts when she gets up in the morning and doesn't quit until she goes to bed at night.  No, she doesn't make him drink, but she sure reminds him of where the bar is.  Scott is in denial, but so is Tara.  I know I would not/could not put up with her myself.  So, I think that regardless of what Scott does, she will still be toxic.  She says she will work on herself, but the words are kind of hollow.  I saw no clear admission from her that she doesn't thrive on drama and nag him to no end.  I don't think she believes she has to change.  Unless both change, this is not going to work.
    Tara's relationship with Scott.  she knows she's negative; even Dr. Phil said she won't shut up.  Scott goes to the bar and doesn't come home until 3 or 4 in the morning because he doesn't want to go home.  i am not hopeful for any of these couples i am sorry to say.  Cherie is another one who hammers away non-stop at her husband.  Scott mentioned on the show that Cherie called Tara 15 times a day.  these people just don't get it.  if you want a successful relationship, be kind to your partner.  watch what you say.  walk away when the tension builds.  go to the mall and come back later on.  go get your hair done.  sheesh.  how hard is it to keep your mouth shut? 
March 20, 2007, 10:14 am CDT

Why should you degrade someone?

Quote From: uw4ydoac

She has not been stripping for a few months...this isn't the first time she stopped and then went back.  Give her a few more months and she sees something she wants like a pair of jeans or shoes and she will be right back on the meat market!
 Why should you degrade someone that is providing for their family?     It does matter what the perfession is sa long  it is just a job.    Alot of men,and,women dance for money it may be degrading for others,but,you can make good money.  Some  people take to the extreme,and,sell their bodies,but,there are some that dance to  provide for their famlys. So the way that I feel is that  if you judge them. All you are doing is judgeing your own self.and,leaving yourself wide open to be judge by other people as well.
March 20, 2007, 10:46 am CDT

I Agree

Quote From: momisme2

Yep! Thats me!  The board hog.  HAHA     :)

Im afraid I would make peoples eyes sore watching me dance around a pole!  LOL   It is pretty easy for me to say I would do it considering it would never happen.   Even if I worked out alot and got in real good shape my husband wound never be ok with me dancing.  So of course, I wouldnt do it.   The money is what gets me thinking about it though.  And plus, I dont put any moral judgements on the whole thing.  I do realize money isnt everything but dang!  It sure comes in handy when youre wanting to put three kids through college! 

As far as the objectification of women... well imo, thats not the womens fault!  So many people have logged on dissing Amanda but have remained silent about the establishments that pay so well and the men who frequent them so often.  As long as there are going to be places that pay real good money for dancers/strippers, there will be women who will do it.  If people want that to change, then they ought to go after the establishments, not the women who are trying to make some money to survive, or go through college, or take care of their kids, or whatever.

However, once you start walking down that road(getting rid of the establishments) seems to me youre trampling on peoples personal freedoms.  Imo, thats a FAR bigger issue. 
Why should people put  them  down when  all they are doing is tring to provide for their children? I have never done that cause my husband would not like it,but,the other women that do  are just doing it for the money.   I  do not understand why people  have to judge other people? Also I feel that  the people that do judge  other people  harshly are leaving themselves wide open  to be judge by other people  as well.
March 20, 2007, 11:05 am CDT

Why should you be judged?

Quote From: canadiangirl1

Well said momsime2!!  I always enjoy reading your posts.  Keep them up!
Why should anyone judge you?  You are just looking for a better job to make better money to put your  children  through school.
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