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Created on : Friday, March 02, 2007, 12:03:32 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
The 2002 Christmas Eve disappearance of Laci Peterson and her unborn son, Conner, caught the attention of the nation and started a massive search for the beautiful pregnant wife. But as the case unfolded, the obsession with this story turned into outrage. Ultimately, 12 jurors not only found Scott Peterson guilty of killing his wife and his unborn child, they unanimously voted that he be put to death by lethal injection. For nearly six months the jurors submersed themselves in a case of cold-blooded murder; and now, in a daytime exclusive, they join Dr. Phil to tell their incredible story. The graphic photos shown in court of what was left of Laci and her unborn child, Conner, are so haunting that they have been forever sealed -- never to be shown to the public. Could what the jurors saw have been traumatic enough to scar them forever? Then, one of these jurors did the unimaginable. After sentencing Scott Peterson to death, she became his pen pal. Find out what his letters revealed to her.  Next, after taking six months away from their lives for the trial, some of the jurors emerged only to face death threats. One received a menacing letter which he never opened. Will he break the seal for Dr. Phil? Join the discussion!

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 6, 2007, 11:17 am CST

We were the 13th Juror.

I'm happy Dr.Phil is doing this,  I don't think it's air time for that Monster S.Peterson.

We know what he is, But I do think it will bring to ppl's attention to  the hurt and pain the 12 jurors had to go through.  We may think its as easy as 123, but sitting there  in the same   room and hearing what he did to that beautiful woman and her unborn child, It's not about Scott its about remembering Laci and Connor,  we cared for Laci and connor from the 1st timewe heard it on the news she was missing, we prayed and lite candles  for them. There gone but not forgotten. I wonder how the 12 ppl sleep at night? and if there lives changed forever. I think it did.  I have a brother who is a policeman and sometimes tells us stories and do u know what, some of them hurt me so bad,  I can't imagine sitting 6 months and hearing  this trial and not being a changed person.

Good for you Dr.Phil, I will be the 13 Juror and will watch for sure.

My thoughts and prays are still with the family of Laci and Connor.

March 6, 2007, 11:24 am CST

03/08 The Scott Peterson Jurors

Quote From: maplemama


 I don't know Scott but it appears to me he is someone who cares what others think of him and would perfer if the public would just leave this case alone and forget what he did to  Laci and Conner. Maybe I'm just taking my experience with a ex-boyfriend who mentally and phiscally abused me to shape this opionion of mine. To me Scott is a coward, but that is beside the point.

 These juriors put their lives on hold to give Laci, Conner, her family and friends the justice they so richly deserve. I would hope they woud want to hear how the juriors are feeling and help them to deal with their terrible ordeal.

This is not about S.Peterson,

We don't care and won't give it much air time to day he dies, WHO CARES ABOUT HIM.

Laci and Connor are gone but not forgotten.  I am interested in hard case these jurors have had to endure, looking at that monster, Talking about them is not a negative its that we were all so hurt and sadden and ppl still remember them with fond memories. 

We don;t care about the monster.


March 6, 2007, 2:51 pm CST

Changed forever

  I served on a major murder trial as a juror. Two community police officers who were well known and loved were killed in broad daylight .It was a whole summer in the courtroom with escorts where ever we went ,even the bathroom.  There were death threats against us but they never told us during the trial.The graphic photosof heads blown to bits, blood stained vests and sunglasses, etc.are still sharp in my head after 15 years. The looks from the defendant bearing down on me and his eyes I still remember.  The sea of blue uniforms all around the walls of the courtroom as the verdict was read I remember. The defendant is on death row today. It was not an easy task for the jurors to make such a decision . It was not easy to leave that courtroom escorted out because the cameras were in our face. One even put his camera in my car window. It was all very unnerving. To make that kind of verdict ... I live with it everyday and everytime there is a high profile case it is like bring up an old wound.

  There are so many who make excuses why not to serve on a jury.  . Yes , it cost me money in lost business revenue and it cost me emotional drain, but I did my civic duty. The payback is knowing I didn't lie to get out of it .I admire and appreciate the jurors who are willing to due the same.

March 7, 2007, 10:02 am CST

03/08 The Scott Peterson Jurors

Quote From: ciao911

This is not about S.Peterson,

We don't care and won't give it much air time to day he dies, WHO CARES ABOUT HIM.

Laci and Connor are gone but not forgotten.  I am interested in hard case these jurors have had to endure, looking at that monster, Talking about them is not a negative its that we were all so hurt and sadden and ppl still remember them with fond memories. 

We don;t care about the monster.



 I don't know why you replied to my reply but just to set the record stright I don't care about him. I was just trying to state that when the public talks about this case they are not giving Scott attention in a good way rather they are reminding him of what he did and that it will never be forgotten.


March 7, 2007, 5:24 pm CST

One received a menacing letter which he never opened.



                 Just how do they know that a letter is "menacing" if it has never been opened???

March 7, 2007, 6:01 pm CST

Duty and Priviledge to Serve!

I have ALWAYS wanted to be on a jury. The ONLY two times I was called I was 8 months pregnant and having to use the bathroom every 20 minutes! It broke my heart not to be able to serve. Now I doubt I'll ever make it onto a jury because I am a former parole officer and my husband is now a federal officer.


God bless all those who fulfill their DUTY TO SERVE. With all the rights we have in this country, serving should be a PRIVILEDGE. Without jurors, our entire criminal justice system would break down.


Yes, if the trial is especially dreadful (photos of dead children, etc), counseling should be offered and paid for by the local, state or federal jurisdiction.

March 8, 2007, 2:45 am CST

03/08 The Scott Peterson Jurors

Quote From: happykitten



                 Just how do they know that a letter is "menacing" if it has never been opened???

The other jurors had received the same letters and had opened theirs.  Also he has received death threats via the phone and in person.
March 8, 2007, 3:59 am CST

Who Cares???!!!

Lacy Peterson was not the only person who has been murdered in thsi country and she will not be the last!  Why oh why did we then, and do we now, give her so much coverage?!?!  Is is because she was white, middle class, surburban, desperate housewife?!  Of course it is!  If she had been hispanic, black, asian, etc., of a poor background no one would have given her a second glance!  (By the way, I am white, middle-class).   Do I believe Scott Peterson is guilty - I have my doubts!   If Scott Peterson had been so careful not to be caught, why would he have admitted to being at the marina where coincidentially her body would be found months later?   Maybe his little road ***** Amber Frey was so angry when Scott confessed he was married that she killed, or had someone kill, Lacy then after finding out where Scott had been that day have Lacy's body conveniently thrown in the bay at the very same location where Scott had been.   She could have enacted revenge on both parties at the same time. 


Anyway, can we put this case away and wait for the 'Next Big Thing' to come along?!?!  Good grief I am sick of seeing this story everywhere you go!



March 8, 2007, 5:07 am CST

What Trauma !

I have never been on jury duty , and i am 55 years old. I often thought that i would like to serve on the jury and do my service for the State, but after seeing and hearing about the Scott Peterson trial and the terrible emotional and mental distress that these poor jurors suffered and are still suffering in their different ways, i don't want to serve on the jury personally. I do believe that the State should have offered them the counselling that they needed at the time, maybe they would have been further on in their healing stage. Maybe they will never get over it as one of the lady jurors said of herself.  I feel sorry for all these poor innocent jurors, who had to put up with death threats to them and their families.  I just pray that God will eventually heal their memories and they can find peace again in their spirits and minds.




March 8, 2007, 5:44 am CST

To the woman with the sociopath step son

Quote From: forevermrs

  Why have you stayed for 4 years? You might want to see if you could go on the Dr Phil show in return for their helping you move and change identities to protect yourself. Sounds like you should get away from all of these as far as possible. We should always listen to our gut...your heart will give you that 'Uh-oh" feeling and we need to listen to it.

  Your husband sounds pretty evil in his own way. No child grows up without a conscience unless the parent is totally self centered and never gives him any real love and discipline. The parents enabled the child to grow up blaming the world for his pathetic choices, and giving him the attitude of entitlement. Good luck and hurry up and get out of this.....


I feel for you.... a lot of times these Sociopaths/Psychopaths are so smooth... you don't know what has hit you until they have wreaked so much havoc on you, it leaves your head spinning.  I wish you all the best in getting through your divorce and starting over.


The best book I ever read was "THE SOCIOPATH NEXT DOOR" (BY MARTHA STOUT).


Honestly, it is the BEST book I ever read, and totally recommend it to everybody.

I always wondered how people could be so deceptive, cunning, cruel, devious etc.  This book explains it so succinctly... they have NO conscience or ability to empathize whatsover.  They will befriend you and have no problem robbing you and leaving you.  They go through life getting what they want from whom they want... they can be charming and smooth - which is how they suck you in...... they have to act out emotions they do not have innately ( i.e. feign sadness to get you to feel sorry for them, so they can victimize you again, or manipulate you in to doing something for their benefit).  Unfortunately, because these people have no REAL emotions to stimulate them - they sometimes get their kicks from watching others in despair and are very cruel.


These sociopaths and psychopaths leave a trail of victims and move on to the next with no thought of how you will be left to cope - they simply don't care, or have the physilogy to 'feel', beyond meeting their own needs (how ever devious they may be).  As a society....we pick up the tab -- both financially and emotionally. 


The best we can do is prepare ourselves with the awareness that people without consciences exist among us..... 1 in every 25 people. 


I still struggle with the fact that Scott's mother so adamantly maintains Scott's innocence.  I recognize that it must be difficult for her to see her son as the ruthless murderer he really is... but what a slap in the face to Laci's family.  Time to own up to the fact that your son is a Sociopath Mrs. Peterson!!!!!  I would love for Dr. Phil to interview her and set her straight!!!!


Dr Phil should also do a show on this book...... the examples are in the scores..... society as a whole would benefit in learning how to recognize these people, and accept the fact they exist among us ( I found it inphathomable that people truly exist without conscience and empathy -- but that is how they victimize people!).

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