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Created on : Friday, March 02, 2007, 12:03:32 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
The 2002 Christmas Eve disappearance of Laci Peterson and her unborn son, Conner, caught the attention of the nation and started a massive search for the beautiful pregnant wife. But as the case unfolded, the obsession with this story turned into outrage. Ultimately, 12 jurors not only found Scott Peterson guilty of killing his wife and his unborn child, they unanimously voted that he be put to death by lethal injection. For nearly six months the jurors submersed themselves in a case of cold-blooded murder; and now, in a daytime exclusive, they join Dr. Phil to tell their incredible story. The graphic photos shown in court of what was left of Laci and her unborn child, Conner, are so haunting that they have been forever sealed -- never to be shown to the public. Could what the jurors saw have been traumatic enough to scar them forever? Then, one of these jurors did the unimaginable. After sentencing Scott Peterson to death, she became his pen pal. Find out what his letters revealed to her.  Next, after taking six months away from their lives for the trial, some of the jurors emerged only to face death threats. One received a menacing letter which he never opened. Will he break the seal for Dr. Phil? Join the discussion!

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 5, 2007, 8:19 pm CDT



It is thursday the 6th September, 2007, one fifteen in the afternoon in Sydney, Australia. I have just watched this episode and cannot believe that some of the jurors received a threatening letter. The fact that someone out there cannot see that these people were doing one of the greatest services that we as free people can provide boggles the mind.


This person needs to take a deep, deep look at themselves to find out why they would react in this most uncitizenlike attitude.


I say congratulations to all the jurors and I hope that in time you will realise that the majority of people are proud of what you did.

October 10, 2007, 4:04 am CDT

Shocked by Dr. Phil's conclusion

I have just seen the 'Scott Peterson jurors' episode of Dr. Phil and I am completely shocked by Dr. Phil's conclusion, which I don't understand at all.


The episode shows that a jury makes decisions based on emotions rather than fact. Show them photos that are so gruesome that they will be traumatized for the rest of their lives and they will convict the suspect to death, even if the only evidence is circumstantial. What kind of justice is that?

So after watching the first 40 minutes I was convinced that the jury system is wrong, both  because jurors can be traumatized and because people can be put to death for no apparent reason. But then Dr. Phil says that this case shows that the jury system works???


If he really is guilty (of which I"m not convinced, apparently there's no real proof) he should be punished, of course. But it sounds very much like the jury was pushed to give him the death sentence.

And why were two jurors replaced on the last day? Why didn't we hear anything about that? Maybe because they were not so sure of Scott Peterson's guilt?


I hope Scott Peterson gets a fair trial before he is actually put to death. And I have no clue why Dr. Phil, after showing us the horrors of the jury system, comes to the conclusion that the jury system works.

November 23, 2007, 3:44 am CST

peterson jurors

How can Dr. Phil say with dry eyes, that the system of a jury works in his country,

how can a country expose their civilians to such a horror, and then give no counseling afterwards.

this is in my opinion a savage way, belonging in the old wild west, when people had no rights.

Even if your goverment gave counseling afterwards, it is still not done to give people this sick responsablity.

I hope you realise that a lot of these people have no life at all after a jurorship.

I am not saying that in my country, "The Netherlands" everything is perfect, but we don't put people at risk this way.

Thank you for letting me express my opinion.

 Ben Bakker


The Netherlands

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