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Created on : Friday, March 02, 2007, 12:00:40 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Two Hollywood stars, two incredible sagas that have captivated the nation. Dr. Phil takes you inside the drama surrounding Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears. Anna Nicole’s story is one of the most bizarre celebrity cases with unbelievable twists and turns: a beautiful but troubled model, a headline-grabbing pregnancy, the shocking death of her beloved son … culminating in the actress’s untimely demise. Pat O’Brien, host of The Insider, has known Anna Nicole for eight years and shares what it was like spending time with her during her last days. Next up, Alex Goen, CEO of Trimspa, weighs in on the death of his company’s spokesperson. Then, some argue that Britney Spears’ recent behavior—leaving rehab after one day, shaving her head bald, and angrily brandishing an umbrella—indicates that the pop star is in a tragic downward spiral. Frank Griffin, a celebrity photographer, has captured Britney’s public pain through his lens. Are the paparazzi partially responsible for driving this young star to the brink?  Talk about the show here.

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January 25, 2008, 10:52 am CST

Anna Nicole Smith/Howard/Britney

Almost a year after Anna Nicole's death and I am still grieving in the worst ways. I don't know how to let it go. My heart is truly broken about all of this, since the first day I heard about it. I am also so sick of hearing people dissing on Howard and the things that are being said about him. People constantly keep saying "if he was in love with her, he wouldn't let her do these things to herself". 1) you can't stop people from doing things they want to do. I'm sorry. you can't. I have had problems with drugs, eating disorders, etc. I had to want to stop for myself. And 2) what about all these other people that supposedly "loved" her? You NEVER hear any of them mentioned as much as Howard. I believe Howard was the only one she could trust. If you read her message board on her webpage, she says as much, adding that she will say so in person on her webcam to prove she wrote it. Unfortunately, I never got a subscription to her webcam diaries before she died, and now they are not accessable to new members, but i am sure it is there. Her exact words were, "the only people you can trust are me and Howard". And as for him wanting her fortune, being a golddigger, look how long he acted as her attorney with no money from it whatsoever? Of course she's going to be paying for things for him, not only was he working on a contingency, but they developed a close friendship, so I think it seems fair, considering how much time he spent on her case, and just in general doing things for her. People also talk about him alienating her from people. That is something, that is even very apparent on the show, that every time she has to deal with confrontation or standing up for herself to someone (that isn't in her close circle) she had to get Howard to deal with it. And if you look at the string of characters in her past, her family, her friends, I would thank Howard for doing so. If I were Anna I would want someone to be doing the same thing. Also, if Howard was a goldigger and he was in on some intricate plan to have her die, or something, or even just to get her money, why did he say he was the one who wanted to hold a comittment ceremony instead of going through with the marraige and wanting to make it legal at a later time? Wouldn't he want to make it legal as quickly as possible if he were some type of golddigger? One other thing that is so hypocritical, people always talk about how he is selling Anna's story because he allowed ET to film him being reunited with Dannielynnbut #1 ET was the one show that Anna and Howard quite often allowed into their lives and #2 No one seemed to be criticizing Larry when he allowed ET to film her birthday, her holidays, etc. It's silly to paint Howard out as this one diminensional villain. I think he lost his life when he lost Anna's. He is not a golddigger. If anything, he probably NEEDS money very badly right now and may very well even be why he allowed things such as that to happen. Imagine how much money he is spending in legal fees alone. Not just to make sure that her body was buried next to Daniel's but all the other things that people are slandering against him, and then all the money he is using to try and maintain the respect and dignity of Anna Nicole by taking on these assholes in court who are exploiting her life with completely false biographies and interviews and whatnot. In a way, I think it is a good thing he has these troubles, and that may sound odd, but he has always said he will dedicate the rest of his life defending Anna...and I think once these lawsuits finally all go away, once the dust FINALLY settles and we see the end of all this chaos (even though I don't think there ever will be an "ending", as with many tragic hollywood stars), that is when I think we might see the end of Howard. His whole life revolved around Anna Nicole and right now, it still is. But when everything's all gone, I think that's when it will truly hit him, reality will set in, and he will be left with the pain, emptiness and lonliness of grief, like he is now, only multiplied because there will be nothing else for him to focus his energy on. And, although he has family to lean on, he doesn't have Anna like she had him when Daniel died. I just hope he does not take his own life. I am disappointed that Howard is not the father, but I think she is in good hands with Larry, as long as he doesn't let that nasty *&#@!#% of a mother into Dannielynn's life. Hopefully he gets her out of Hollywood and into some place more private. Athough what Howard and Anna did was wrong, involving paternity, I can totally understand why it happened. She wanted a family with Howard. She was finally ready to trust again and be open with their relationship. And look at what family bloodline must mean to must mean absolutely nothing considering her mother and all the other relatives that treated her llke crap. So, in her mind, if she wanted to have a good and happy life, and she wanted to have it with Howard, she viewed him as the father and blood meant absolutely nothing to her. I also don't doubt the fact that her stalker was getting out at the end of 07 played a part in her moving far away from the US.  I could go on forever, but I will stop, this topic is probably long since dead, but, if anyone does have anything to say, I will continue to back up my opinion and nothing anyone can say will ever change my mind. I grieve for Anna, I grieve for Daniel, I grieve for Howard and I grieve for Dannielynn and anyone else out these who actually REALLY cares about Anna, and although I wish things had turned out differently and that he had handled certain things differently, I grieve for Larry as well.


It's too bad that Britney seems to be headed for a possible similar road, I hope something comes along to help her soon. And as for Dr. Phil being charged for visiting her, that's crap. He was so respectful on the interview with ET and didn't say anything that the rest of the world wasn't already thinking which is that she is in dire need of help. I think there should be some type of law against the stalkarazzi. I also think they played a role in Anna's death as well because she did not under any means want a big deal being made about the fact that she was in the US and she knew if she went to the hospital, it would be a media frenzy. It's sick how far things have gone.....


R.I.P.: Anna Nicole Smith, I love you and I always will. February 8th, I am spending dedicated to you, just as I did on your birthday in November.


Has anyone else ever notice that when you say Dannielynn's full name "Dannielynn Hope" fast, it can come out sounding as "Daniel In Hope"...coicidense?

If no one has anything to say about my above opinion, I guess I just have one final question and thought. The question would be, does anyone know how to get over this grieving process that seems to be spiraling out of control into a full-on obsession for me?


And my comment would be that Dr. Phil should do a show exposing Jackie and Mark Hatten. Those are two of the sickest people in this whole mess as far as I'm concerned. But I don't think Mark "Hollywood" Hatten should be aloud on the show, as I don't think he should be allowed anymore publicity than he's already gotten from his stupid websites and interviews. He is a sick stalker, and Jackie Hatten should be called out for claiming to be Anna's best friend (which she quite obviously was not) and being the first to make comments about her death. She deserves to be thrown under the bus.  Also, Rite Crosby or Cosby or whatever her name is, the sick and twisted mind behind "Blonde Ambition"....I would like to see her on Dr. Phil's hotseat.


Usually I am a stickler for spelling, but I didn't have much time to write this, and I just kept writing more and more and more (I am truly serious when I say this is something that is almost constantly on my mind anyway,) I'm sorry if there are any spelling mistakes, usually I would be checking everything I was unsure about on but I just didn't have the time today.


I really hope that Britney does not die young and gets some real help soon. It disgusted me when I found out that Kevin Federline had made #7 on some top 50 list of Forbes or something for being a good father....Is he really the only other option? Look what he was out doing when Britney was being a good mother? Everyone seems to forget those days.

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