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Created on : Friday, March 02, 2007, 12:00:40 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Two Hollywood stars, two incredible sagas that have captivated the nation. Dr. Phil takes you inside the drama surrounding Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears. Anna Nicole’s story is one of the most bizarre celebrity cases with unbelievable twists and turns: a beautiful but troubled model, a headline-grabbing pregnancy, the shocking death of her beloved son … culminating in the actress’s untimely demise. Pat O’Brien, host of The Insider, has known Anna Nicole for eight years and shares what it was like spending time with her during her last days. Next up, Alex Goen, CEO of Trimspa, weighs in on the death of his company’s spokesperson. Then, some argue that Britney Spears’ recent behavior—leaving rehab after one day, shaving her head bald, and angrily brandishing an umbrella—indicates that the pop star is in a tragic downward spiral. Frank Griffin, a celebrity photographer, has captured Britney’s public pain through his lens. Are the paparazzi partially responsible for driving this young star to the brink?  Talk about the show here.

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March 4, 2007, 1:39 pm CST

Howard a killer??

Quote From: manxcatt

I know this is non of my business. But when I heard about her death a huge red flag has gone up, and it has stayed up. Forget about lifestyle and paparazzii, its the 105 temp that got me. I've raised 4 kids, and would panic at 104. But I always understood that 105 was 'always' serious and dangerous. First thing I thought was meningitis. Second thing was, why did they not take her to a hospital. How can someone with a nurses training not say this is an emergency. Its as if she was in a car wreck and mortally hurt but conscious enough to say 'I don't want to go to hospital', so they just let her die?? I don't understand this. Its almost an 'oooops, she died, oh, thats too bad, tsk tsk, we are so heartbroken' I hope you explore the temp part. Unless this was chronic and they were used to dealing with it, and knew exactly the cause, there was horrific neglect here. If she were a child they would have been charged with neglect. Wouldn't she have been delirious, maybe even seizing, possibly terrifyingly cold and in pain? Isn't there a very very real possibility of brain damage especially for an adult, with a temp that high even for a short while. If they didn't honestly 'know' the cause, as a trained nurse, why didn't she think, yes we have the fever down, but the cause of the fever would still be present? A flu that can cause that kind of fever would have serious side affects taking place I think. It just doesn't ring right!

I so agree with you about all this.. 105 temp?? who cares if that person wants to  go to the hosp or not, if you really loved that person you would take them and seek medical attentionfor them. you would not just let them lay there and die.. Howard and Anna's bodyguard has testified that  Anna was burning up with a fever and the bodyguard said he put her in ice water to get it downand then left on errands.. left a very sick woman  to run errands?? they killed her... Howard was out buying   yacht with Anna's moneywhile Anna is dying.. All these people who profess to love her that wasthere with her killed her..

For months we have watched her on tv all drugged up crying and there was her prostitute,whimpy  Howard K Stern smiling in the background.. He is responsible for her death by getting the drugs and giving them to her.. he is such a whimp!!!. more rat than man..  He should be charged  with murder..and in Danny's death too..  They have to get this baby away from him before the baby is next and has some accident.. Howard just made 4 million I heard from letting Entertainment Tonight film  Anna's funeral,  What a scum bag... If he loved her he would not have done that...

I truely believe he is on drugs too the way he talks.

.. PLease someone investigate this and don't let anything happen to this innocent baby.. This trim spa guy is trying to benefit form Anna's death also by  going on talk shows like Dr Phil to promote his product now that Anna is gone... Dr Phil What are you thinking to have this on your show?????

March 4, 2007, 1:52 pm CST

Desperate people

It truly breaks my heart that these two tragic figures are all that America has to be captivated by.  This is what happens to people when "GOD" is removed from EVERYTHING.  There remains nothing to give people hope and they become very selfcentered and self serving, what else is there for them.  I am very sorry that these two young women along with most of the rest of the young women both older and younger than these two have been sexualized and commercialized to the point that they feel they must LOOK perfect and be SEX symbols in order to BE HAPPY in todays society, yet they can't seem to see that neither of these makes them happy.  American parents are no longer parents, they have become FRIENDS to their children with no direction for themselves much less directions to give to the children.   Both these young ladies are sad stories and I for one will continue to pray for Brittany that she sees the truth before it is too late for her as it is for Anna Nichole.


March 4, 2007, 1:53 pm CST

What a waste of news meda resourses

It is beyound me why people get so wraped up in this CRAP, They must live very dull lives. I wonder if they would want their children to live and act  like these two do and there are a few others in Hollywood like them.


What a waste of news meda, this was is trash news. It is time to publicize the good people, like the man that returned the $20.00.   



March 4, 2007, 1:59 pm CST

So very sad

 I think it is quite obvious that Britney is suffering from Post Natal Depression - even if she is being treated with medication, it can take some time to find a suitable medication.  It can take a bit of trial and error.  I hope she somehow manages to get the help and support she needs to get through this - her poor little ones need their Mum.

Anna Nicole lost her son 3 days after her daughter was born, that is enough to make anyone depressed and then spiral into Post Natal Depression. She really needed to have someone keeping an eye on her 24/7 - but not the media!

Respect and privacy don't seem to be in the vocabulary or ethical guidelines with the media anymore.
March 4, 2007, 2:01 pm CST

sounds familiar

Quote From: manxcatt

Just one more thought that I had forgotten. You would think that someone that sick would have either had 24 hour watch, or, been checked on at least every hour. Perhaps that did happen, I don't know. She deserved to live.

 I am so sad for both of these beautiful young ladies.. This reminds me so much of the last days of Elvis Presley's life.. It seems like it is unavoidable for young people who have more talent than wisdom, to be used up and essentially thrown away.  I don't understand why someone with some compassion didn't step up and keep both of these young women in their sights and get them professional help when they needed it.. As long as the money is attached to them though, their "advisors" are willing to let them self -destruct.  So sad for Ms. Smith, and Ms. Spears- Federling seems to be heading along the same path with "toadies" enjoying the advantages of being on the shirt tails of her descending star.. If she isn't intercepted, her life will become another tragedy to be told in the "Supermarket scandel sheets"..

March 4, 2007, 2:03 pm CST

03/05 Anna and Britney: Behind the Headlines

Quote From: jfitch88

Yeah, Totally. Thats why I was diagnosed with it?
Being diagnosed with something doesn't make you an expert.  There are a lot of varying reactions to depression including erratic behavior.  I too have had severe PPD, but I didn't know about it until I read a lot about it.

Having a disease =/= being an expert on it.
March 4, 2007, 2:04 pm CST

Post Partum Depression

Quote From: cassaemmia

Does any one maybe think that Britney may have post pardon this girl is losing her mind and thank god she doesn't have the kids and she stay in rehab .Is this what being a celebrity is all about what Britney and Nichole have gone through. I think my quite little life with very little money works great for me. It just doesn't seem in the whole scheme of things that it is all worth it.
Usually Post Partum is more than a hormonal shift after pregnancy that lasts 2-3 weeks or more.  It can include thoughts about hurting the baby-even killing it.  She may be erratic because of that and wanting to distance herself from the kids to keep them safe (so she doesn't act on her thoughts).  She may be erratic from the alcohol or toxins still in her body or a nervous breakdown from the kids, the divorce, the partying and the strained family relationships (with her mom).  Rehab would be a vacation...except that it's exacerbating the stress by taking away her coping mechanism (drugs/alcohol).  I don't know, just theories,  who knows what her situation really is, but I hope she can get back to rehab as soon as possible.
March 4, 2007, 2:05 pm CST

03/05 Anna and Britney: Behind the Headlines

Quote From: bible12

Watch the bad words!  Please!!!!!!!!!!
What the half nude pictures of men!  Please!

March 4, 2007, 2:12 pm CST


Britney's husband had threatened to take the children, and TOLD HER HE WANTED  A HAIR FOLICLE TEST to prove the drugs she was using....So why is everyone so concerned with her shaving her head?  This was her logical solution....Personally I don't understand why she chose to have children with a shaky marriage, but often that is a "plan" to try to hold the marriage together, BUT IT DON'T WORK...



March 4, 2007, 2:12 pm CST

Anna and/or Brittney

Each of these women craved the media attention, Anna more so than Brittney I believe, and Brittney still likes the media entourage but only on her terms, albiet not when she's out partying with friends.  In my opinion the media is partially responsible for Brittney, but only a bit, in that she knew what she was doing with the excessive partying and taking the chance of doing so publicy put the future custody of her children as risk.  While going through this much publicized divorce from that punk Federline, she should have kept her activities more discrete.  As for Anna, I do not feel that the media has done anything to harm her.  She gained her notoriety by constantly flashing at and grabbing the spotlight.  Anna was a definite media junkie.  She was notorious because of her media display, which is what her goal was.

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