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Created on : Friday, March 02, 2007, 12:00:40 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Two Hollywood stars, two incredible sagas that have captivated the nation. Dr. Phil takes you inside the drama surrounding Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears. Anna Nicole’s story is one of the most bizarre celebrity cases with unbelievable twists and turns: a beautiful but troubled model, a headline-grabbing pregnancy, the shocking death of her beloved son … culminating in the actress’s untimely demise. Pat O’Brien, host of The Insider, has known Anna Nicole for eight years and shares what it was like spending time with her during her last days. Next up, Alex Goen, CEO of Trimspa, weighs in on the death of his company’s spokesperson. Then, some argue that Britney Spears’ recent behavior—leaving rehab after one day, shaving her head bald, and angrily brandishing an umbrella—indicates that the pop star is in a tragic downward spiral. Frank Griffin, a celebrity photographer, has captured Britney’s public pain through his lens. Are the paparazzi partially responsible for driving this young star to the brink?  Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 4, 2007, 8:12 am CST

105 ??

Just one more thought that I had forgotten. You would think that someone that sick would have either had 24 hour watch, or, been checked on at least every hour. Perhaps that did happen, I don't know. She deserved to live.
March 4, 2007, 8:20 am CST

03/05 Anna and Britney: Behind the Headlines

Quote From: snowboardchic

All i have to say is that i am so happy that anna nicole was buried where she was supposed to be with her son. Her mother didn't even care about her and anna couldn't stand her all her mother wanted was money.  I hope and pray that Baby Dannie lynn's father will be howard k stern.

I couldn't agree more,except for Dannie lynn's father. I hope Larry is the father. Howard seems very shadey and slippery to me. He's all about the money in my opinion. I think there's more to him and this story than we yet know.

March 4, 2007, 9:52 am CST

Was The Story Worth her Life?

There are people who are so busy trying to get the story they ignore the people who the subjects of the story.  I watched Entertainment Tonight (ET) running back and forth between Larry Birkhead and Anna Nicole Smith (Ms. Smith) like vultures.  On many of the interviews you could tell that Anna was not focused.  However, ET was busy being the "Only Station" getting the "Exclusive Story" they never addressed Ms. Smith's condition.  I did and I believe others did also! 


Ms. Smith lost the will to live when her son Daniel died and after his death no one gave her time to mourn.  When love ones die, there is a process that those left behind have to go through.  However, no one gave Ms. Smith time to mourn.  ET or the paparazzi. 


In the beginning and through most of Ms. Smith's  career, I believe she did want the attention.  However, during the recent years, her comments began to change and you knew she was tired, depressed and oppressed by the media.  At one point she stated, "There is always a battle".  She may have had a contract with ET that gave ETexclusive rights to her story; however, I believe ET should have seen the signs and backed off until Ms. Smith was emotionally stable.  She moved to the Bahamas to get Peace of Mind.  I believe that Mr. Birkhead had a right to know if he was or was not the biological father.  Even he knew something was wrong with Ms. Smith.  Why didn't ET?  I remember when one of the male ET cast member was touring Ms. Smith's new house and mentioning Danielynn's room.  She was not even focused.  He did not even noticed. 


I don't really know what part Howard Stern played in Ms. Smith's life.  I just don't believe many of his statements.  I am not really sure what he felt during his "funeral speech".  I was not touched.  When will people begin to think again.  When will people begin to care again.  I think it is time for ET begin to show more compassion. They appear to me as a being just talking heads trying to be glamorous.  I am not impressed and have not been impressed with ET for years.  Frankly, I don't care who got the story first as long as it is presented tastefully and be more aware of people's feelings and humanity.  Some may disagree, some may not. 


As far as Britney Spears is concerned, someone should have intervened long ago to keep her away from the vultures.  There should be a limit to what the paparazzi will show and the TV stations should be more moral about what they show.  I felt sorry for her.  Where was her family.  Why didn't they recognize her distress.  I believe she had post-pardum distress and depression.  She had here children for close and when her husband betrayed her I think that was the "straw that broke the camel's back".  What has happened to the heart's of those in America.  We need to take a good look at ourselves instead of feasting off of others misfortunes.  I hope Britney comes out of this a stronger woman.  Life is our schoolroom and we must learn from our mistakes or be doomed to repeat them.  Britney needs to learn from the lessons of her life.  Anna Nicole was not given the opportunity.


The story is no longer worth it when it destroys others lives.  One might say that this is what happens when someone is famous.  I don't thing anything is worth some one's life, dignity or honor.  If they won't honor themselves, then we do not need to dishonor them just to get the story. 





March 4, 2007, 9:53 am CST

Did anyone not notice?

In the weeks before Anna's death, The Insider had show after show of "interviews" with AN.  Did anyone else not notice that she was slurring her words, staggering and appeared stoned?  Everyone acted as if this was a normal mother, caring for her baby, asking people to leave her alone.  Why did she not let them do the paternity tests?  What was she hiding?  What was Larry hiding?


It really disturbed me to see Pat O'Brien, who went public with his own rehab experience last year, interviewing this obviously stoned out of it woman as this were normal behavior.  I'm sorry she died, but it was quite obvious where she was headed and yet no one did anything about it, no one confronted her that it was not normal to be nursing a baby while stoned.


I hope the paternity test is finally done.  I'm happy she's finally been laid to rest.  I feel sorry for that baby and hope that it all turns out for the highest good of her well-being.


As for Britney, my hope for her is that she has finally hit bottom. It's too bad it had to happen in public, but for a famous person, that's part of what being famous is all about - you do lose your privacy.  I hope she gets serious about her recovery.  If she doesn't, I hope her two boys get the best care possible.

March 4, 2007, 10:27 am CST

Has any one stopped to consider that she...

had 2 babies in 2 years and this might be severe post -partum depression? DUH. Just because she's young doesn't mean she's horomonally healthy. 2 babies in 2 years would make me crazy!!!!!
March 4, 2007, 11:15 am CST

anna and britney

 Ithink it is so sad that everyone is in their business and displaying there private lifes over television I don't care who it is we all have skeletons in our closets and we all have issues

Ithink they should have buried anna more quickly and with dignity and as far as Britany she has a problem that only she can address I hope she gets the help she needs and bounces back and people can just leave her alone

Give them their privacy

It's only the stars and important people that get no privacy the rest of all are just chopped liver







March 4, 2007, 11:20 am CST


Anyone who had the misfortune of being raised by a parent who is cruel, vicious, vindictive, calculating, manipulative, a liar, cheat, selfish or neglectful may benefit from reading some of my favorite books which provide a great introduction into the subject of family systems and dysfunctions:   


Understanding the Borderline (Parent) Mother Helping Her Children Transcend the Intense, Unpredictable and Volatile Relationship by Christine Ann Lawson  OR  Surviving a Borderline Parent:  How to Heal Your Childhood Wounds & Build Trust, Boundaries and Self-Esteem by Kimberlee Roth and Freda Friedman  


Why is it Always About You?  The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism by Sandy Hotchkiss 


Emotional Blackmail:  When the People in Your Life Use Fear, Obligation and Guilt to Manipulate You by Susan Forward 


There are families that are so destructive that the only option is for a person to get out.  Get out with the little bit of sanity you may have remaining.  As painful as it may be, make a promise to yourself to leave so that you can begin a life of healing and recovery so you can eventually learn to live a joyful and peaceful life. 


Hope it helps!


March 4, 2007, 12:15 pm CST

And the public is to blame for it!

You know who's responsible for all the publicity these people get?  We are!! Well, not me, because I couldn't care less what these people do in their private OR public life.  If my next door neighbor partied, drank, shaved her head and had tattooes every day, I would call the Child Care Division and report her for being a bad (or at least suspect, mother).  But, what do we expect? The Kennedy family has been out of control for decades, celebrities think they can do whatever they want to, and then when someone dies young, everyone is surprised!  The press loves it! They loved Diana to death!  They loved Marilyn to death!  They are'nt people to the press, they are dollar signs and front page pictures.  "OOOOPppppps, Diana was killed in a car crash.  Aw, crap, now who can we follow all around Paris and England?"  Celebrity worship is the lowest form of humanity there is.  Makes me wonder what has happened to our morales, these last few decades.
March 4, 2007, 1:29 pm CST

Anna Nicole

Anna Nicole had the makings of a great woman but I think she (in spite of her beauty) had very low self esteem.  I  wished Dr Phil could have had her on his show and offer her help.  Not sure if she would have taken it.  Perhaps now he can help that sweet innocent baby so she can live a normal life and not be exploited like her mother allowed herself to be.  RIP Anna Nicole!

March 4, 2007, 1:30 pm CST

Man Camp Families?

What happened to the final episode of the Man Camp families?  I am sick and tired of hearing about the shennagains of the tabloid queens.  We are being saturated with stories about them from every angle. 
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