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Created on : Friday, February 23, 2007, 02:10:16 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 02/27/07) How ethical are you? Many people believe they would do the right thing when confronted with a dilemma, but what happens when the line between right and wrong becomes fuzzy? Mylissa says that after a bitter breakup the right thing to do is get revenge, so she created a Web site where women learn tips and ideas on how to get back at an ex. But did this Web site really help her get over her ex? You won't believe what she says! Then, Heather says her best friend, Roza, is sneaky and will do anything to save a buck. Roza has even asked Heather to participate in shady activities. Roza says it's a game, and it's fun. What does Dr. Phil think? And, the Dr. Phil show hits the streets of New York City to conduct its own social experiments and find out how honest people really are. Hidden cameras catch unaware people in action. Will they return extra money to the cashier? Stop a shoplifter in action? Help a woman who's being yelled at by her boyfriend? Or tell a woman her thong underwear is sticking out of her pants? What would you do?

Find out what happened on the show.

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February 25, 2007, 8:27 am CST

being a prisoner is no fun

This show sounds like it will be a hoot when it airs on Tuesday.  Anyone that obsessed with an ex is trapped in anger and is a prisoner of that anger.  She is in a prison of anger and that would not be any fun.  I am not sure how I would react to some of the situations they  mentioned in the e-mail.  I would be embarrassed to say anything to someone who is showing off part of their butt.  Heck, I would assume anyone wearing thong underwear should know they are taking chances. We do not always have a chance to stop a wrong BUT everyone should be honest enough to tell a cashier if a bill is wrong.  But being a prisoner of youth &  proverty can preclude some of being honest with the easiest of circumstances. Being a prisoner is no fun.  She needs to let Dr. Phil get her help to set her free.

February 25, 2007, 1:11 pm CST

02/27 "What Would You Do?"

Quote From: madison159

I have told clerks in the past they have given me to much change back. Two weeks ago found a purse in a frends driveway when I went to pick him up. Called 411 to get phone number got no answer and machine was full. Later found a police officer and turned it end hoped the person had not had to go thur the pain of getting new id and credit cards plus new keys. Rented a motel room a year ago durning mothers furneral. in trying to change the kleenex box in the bathroom found a eyeglass case hid on top of the container. Contained a pipe  and some dope called police and turned it in. but I have seen a freind smoke a joint and never turned him in what would you do if you see a freind smoking dope. I just leave should I call the police? 

Personally I have no problem with weed, I don't do it, and I tell my friends not in my home, not in my car, but what they do in their own homes, well you're right, then its my option to leave.

Calling the police, only if they decide they're getting behind the wheel of a car (I do the same when it comes to drinking as well ), or I KNOW they're selling it to kids, I know in my area, well we don't have the space in our prisons for all the people who smoke weed (more popular than beer here, and cheaper ), but then I'm only talking about weed, not the other stuff ( crack, heroin Meth etc. ) , if anyone I know is doing that, they aren't exactly bragging about it.

You did the right thing though handing the pipe over to the police, it's not something you want to be held responsible for having.

I guess I'm trying to say, you need to use your own discretion on that one, but and yes I've heard the whole thing about weed being a gateway drug and everything else , but if its just weed just leave, anything else though, your friend NEEDS help, and fast.

February 25, 2007, 1:37 pm CST

Ethics & Morals

My philosophy is "What goes around comes around."   Life is too short to spend on engaging in "getting even" with someone.  It has been my observation  that an individual who is vindictive toward me will encounter challenging times, in which I had no part of creating. There is phrase that I think of when something happens that I find distressing, "What am I supposed to learn from this?" 

February 25, 2007, 2:44 pm CST

02/27 "What Would You Do?"

Quote From: jeichor1

My neighbors for over 15 years have a son who was ejected from Middle School to Alternative School for a sexually offensive act.  I did not know this when the neighbor knocked asking me if I knew (not his name) Mike--"Of course--he is such a sweet boy (was 13).  She--the neighbor then stated I would receive mail that indicated ' Mike 'had had an inappropriate interaction with another child.  I checked my mail--I received two letters.  (I am a widow who has kept my late husband's name as in Jack and Jan)  I read one letter.  It stated that if the police did not take care of the problem, they would find a way to take care of the problem.


A few months later, the neighbor's dogs were poisioned--one by one.  It was horrid.  When I talked with "sally"-she had no idea who had done this.  I have found out from the Police it was rat poison.


This happened three times until all dogs were dead. 


I believe Sally never told her husband that Mike had a problem.  They accuse me of poisioning their dogs--it makes me angry--I no longer want to see them--and wish they would move--to the end of the earth.


It is perferctly apparent that the family of the molested did this, the lie that Sally told by ommission--decided what would happen--she was warned--all of the neighbors were told.  And their family is the only family with dead animals.


They decided that the 65 year old widow that lives next door, is smaller than the fence, and had to go out in the dark of night (guess I had to carry the rat poison in my mouth since I had to climb a tree) and throw something over a fence, over a pool, and over another 4 ft fence plus all their shrubs to get to the area where the dogs were kept.


I am still in rightious indignation over this--need a Dr Phil moment.


They proceeded to do things such as turn me in to the Community Association as having "bricks" stored in front of my home--they were pavers at the side of my house--and being nasty at every opportunity.


All of this because a wife lied.

All of this because a woman chose her child over truth.


Thank you for reading this diatribe.



Not a diatribe you have reason to be angry.


However since the family was spreading the news about the molester, this means that lots of people would know and it may not be them who were involved in the disgusting and unethical murder of the animals.

When someone was bothering me years ago someone asked to do something bad to them and I begged them not to because that is not how I wanted things to be and fortunately they did not.


re some other people's comments about "getting back what you plant". THat is not necessarily true. Be honest. we know many nice people who married brutes or dated brutes and were beaten or raped or ......other heinous acts.


Blaming the victim is unethical. I like Dr Phil because he shows us right and wrong and holds the offenders accountable at the same time he teaches people who are wronged to learn antoher way of dealing with people and if they won't change leave them.


None of us know how this lady revenged, except the lying part, which is wrong, period.

The best revenge is to live well, but sometimes you have to warn other people of the harm that an offensive person is commiting such as by cheaters. I just encourage those cheated on to tell only the truth. For one if they lie, then the people they are trying to protect may sense their dishonesty and not protect themselves and also because it is just wrong. The truth will stand on it's own.


When I heard the lady falsely "notified" people of Aids tests showing the guy had Aids (if I heard it correctly) this is wrong and disrespectful to other victims.

I say, just tell the truth, because if he cheated he has placed them at risk of death through aids or other things. That is enough to know, to go get tested.


Let's look at it this way. If it is true that some you-know-what infected the ladies, then they deserve the care and respect to be advised to get tested and get support on how to watch out for such problems in the future, if they have one. They are not the perpetrator so why give them a heart attack or make them feel suicidal by falsifiying this info. Even if this is true, they deserve respect in the delivery of the news.


I have no problem with people ethically revenging their ex. Let them do something legal and ethical. All this talk about forgiveness is fine for those who want to just move on. I am like that too, not out of forgiveness, but because I know there is good stuff out there and don't want to waste my time on losers.

But some people need to do something. As long as it is not unethical who are we to control people so much. Isn't it better to focus on stopping people from cheating? What if there is a consequence. We should not criticize if someone wants revenge. I think people say this because they think Jesus (PBUH) said something about turning the other cheek, but his statements are often taken out of context. And do you think he was turning the other cheek when he turned over the tables in anger? That was revenge and rightly so.


I say we can loosen up on the demand others forgive and do nothing when rightly very angry and focus on the ethical aspects of what is the correct way to get revenge in addition to living well and focusing as someone did on doing good things for ourselves.


February 25, 2007, 3:17 pm CST

What Would You Do??


What goes around...... come's around. I would like to think that if someone wronged me, i would let it go.... but it would all depend on the severity of the offence! I am not someone who has had alot of experience with revenge, mostly becouse i tend to avoid conflict.


Also would like to add..... I have worked in costumer service for a long time ( and about 6 year's of that as a cashier!) It seem's to me that cashier's have been depicted a little "stupid" in some of the previouse post's. We are human..... and we do make mistake's & keep in mind..... some of us deal with money in the thousand's every day!!! ( We give out alot of change!!!) I would also like to add that, i am very thankful that people do return when they have been given the wrong change.... but that doesn't happen often. And... i don't even think it's their fault! people are so busy rushing around these day's, that most of them barely  pay attention.

Just remember next time you are in line.... being polite goes a long way , and make's it much easier to stay at a job that hardly pay's a living wage.  Just think about it!!


Cheer's from Canada    

February 25, 2007, 4:06 pm CST

i've seen it all before

this show looks interesting... but i've heard all of these issues before. the sneak-peek online is more interesting than the whole thing... trust me
February 25, 2007, 6:39 pm CST

02/27 "What Would You Do?"

Quote From: judipease

Well I would not have gone that far but I did to something kind of bad. I had met a guy over the Internet and we really hit it off. Well to make a long story short we ended up meeting. He came to see me in Norwalk Ca from Mississippi. After that we talked for about a year and we were starting to make plans for marriage well I found out that he was married. So I admit it I got even. He had told me that he had a warrant for his arrest for hitting a neighbor who had put his hands on one of his sons. So after finding out he was married I called his local Police Station and asked about the warrant .  They of course said they could not give me details so I told the Officer what had happened. He told me that the warrant was for domestic violence against his wife. I asked why he wasn't picked up for the warrant and was told he moved and they had no new address for him. So I said would you like his address? Officer said: yes do you have it ? I said: I sure do and then I gave it to him. I then said : would you like his Phone number ? Officer said: yes we would  So being the good citizen I was I gave it to him. About two weeks latter I received a call from the Jerk and he said how sorry he was about not calling me but he was woken up at 2 am one morning and was arrested. He had to sell his computer to get out . I acted so shocked and told him I was sorry. Who could have done such a mean thing to him. He said I think it was my wife.  Guess I got the last laugh . LOL LOL LOL LOL  ..  Signed Naughty  Judi

Good one, you not only got the last laugh, but you might have saved his wife and kids from a life of hell and abuse (good on you !), and you were smart enough to give an academy award winning performance to him, admitting nothing. 

I would also give you credit for NOT ignoring that RED FLAG and investigating the reason for the warrant, you saved yourself from ending up with a hellish life with an abuser and a liar.  One of the few cases where I've actually seen revenge as being a good thing.

On second thought, maybe there's a better word for it than revenge.

February 26, 2007, 5:11 am CST

what would you do?

Quote From: penny_lady

Slavery and sexism weren't moral or ethical and they were a part of this country long before the 60's.  I know people like to romanticize the past, but come on. This country is much more moral and ethical in many ways than it used to be.
I don't know where this one came from or what they are smoken!   We had a guy in the White House that could not keep his pants zipped up and got a 7 mil advance on a book deal.   Really looks like the way to live to our youth!
February 26, 2007, 6:32 am CST


As a Christian, I believe in turning the other cheek. I have done it enough, that I have lost a lot. I am confused, I know I am to set the example and show the love of Christ to others. I just get very frustrated, when people take advantage of this. I am on my third divorce and starting over completely for the second time. When I moved out (was forced out) of my husband's house. Me and my three children moved in to the basement of my first ex. When we went back to get our things, I could have cleaned out the house and taken anything I wanted, I didn't. I only took what was ours, and I didn't even get all of that . Now almost a year later, the judge didn't award me hardly anything, but what he did award me, I can't even get. I have to replace everything , a complete household. This man is so selfish and cold that it didn't even phase him to lie or have his son lie in the courtroom. I just didn't fight. I have so much bitterness and would love to get him back, to see him suffer. I just can't, that's not who I am, I don't have it in me. I just don't think it's fair to watch my children suffer, but I guess that's my fault. I try to do the right thing, it's just that sometimes it's hard when you see people you love suffer. I can relate to the revenge, only in thought, I could never seek it out.
February 26, 2007, 7:52 am CST

Yes...and No

Quote From: penny_lady

Slavery and sexism weren't moral or ethical and they were a part of this country long before the 60's.  I know people like to romanticize the past, but come on. This country is much more moral and ethical in many ways than it used to be.

Pennylady, I concur heartily with your 1st 2 sentences. As one old friend of mine often said, "The Good Old days weren't really that good."


However, I'm less convinced about the 3rd. What has happened in the last, I'd say, quarter-century or so is the rise of "Me, Me, Me" and the continued chase of the Almighty Dollar. In some quarters, we're almost back to the "(Not So) Good Older Days" when the robber barons held sway...Can you say "Enron?"

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