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Created on : Friday, February 23, 2007, 02:10:16 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 02/27/07) How ethical are you? Many people believe they would do the right thing when confronted with a dilemma, but what happens when the line between right and wrong becomes fuzzy? Mylissa says that after a bitter breakup the right thing to do is get revenge, so she created a Web site where women learn tips and ideas on how to get back at an ex. But did this Web site really help her get over her ex? You won't believe what she says! Then, Heather says her best friend, Roza, is sneaky and will do anything to save a buck. Roza has even asked Heather to participate in shady activities. Roza says it's a game, and it's fun. What does Dr. Phil think? And, the Dr. Phil show hits the streets of New York City to conduct its own social experiments and find out how honest people really are. Hidden cameras catch unaware people in action. Will they return extra money to the cashier? Stop a shoplifter in action? Help a woman who's being yelled at by her boyfriend? Or tell a woman her thong underwear is sticking out of her pants? What would you do?

Find out what happened on the show.

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July 29, 2007, 10:23 am CDT

"reformed" good samaritan

Saw this show just 2 days after swearing off "intervening" in public situations between others.


RE the couple who staged a fight on the street and no one approached for more than 20 minutes; maybe people have been "burned" by "helping" before, as my husband and I have been.  In 3 separate instances, my husband and I have intervened when it appeared the spouse was being harmed and the situation escalating, only to then be attacked by BOTH partners!  Guess that's why police officers know domestic situations are some of the most dangerous they respond too.


Yes, I'll continue to always return the extra change, step in to help a true victim or child, but when it comes to adults, I'll move away and then discreetly call authorities, but my husband says he'll move away and "let 'em kill each other!"

July 30, 2007, 5:56 am CDT

What I did..

I was at a sporting event with friends and family. My brother observed an intoxicated girl doing things that were pretty risque. Guys were around her "cheering" her on. My brother came over to me and said, we have to get this girl out of this situation. He saw two guys take her by the arms and sit her down between them in the stands not far from where we were sitting. She was obviously pretty drunk. They were doing stuff to her and no one was doing anything. So with my brother behind me, I walked over to them, picked her up by the arms and said... "where have you been" and walked her out of the stands. I was shaking so bad. I got her to the bathroom and asked her a bunch of questions.. where are your friends, do you need anything. She was just too messed up to know what I was saying. So we got her put back together, took her up with us to our seats. where I made her drink water and just chill. She hung out with us until the end of the event, when her cousins came a got her. They said she has been like this all weekend. What a mess, but I felt good to know I had done the right thing.


Second story. Just last weekend out with some girlfriends... there was a younger girl across the bar from us with her very large breast hanging out.. no one was saying a word. So I said to my friends.. I'm going over there.. I just said, look I mean no disrespect here. but you really ought to fix your shirt. She looks down and says.. Oh gosh thank you.. they are always falling out!  Thanks for coming over and telling me. I just walked away sort of laughing and shaking my head.



July 30, 2007, 8:46 am CDT

OK here's what happened to me

I was in the local grocery store yesterday.  A lady was wearing a see through kinda skirt.  I saw her flowered underwear.  Looking around, I was like "okay where's the I on Dr. Phil LOL."  Anyway, I didn't say anything.  She could have said something mean back cause I'm large and was in one of those motorized carts.  I was mad at myself for not taking a risk.  With or without a $1,000 gift certificate I should've taken the risk.  However, fear took over.



July 30, 2007, 9:20 am CDT

I hear you...

Quote From: deenee

While spending some time thinking about this whole subject last night, I began to think that maybe passing judgement on people without being in their shoes is not the most ethical thing to do.  Is it ethical to set people up on hidden camera and then have everyone who watches think they are so much better because they would have done "the right thing"?  Is it ethical to sit around and watch it just so we can feel good about the choices we make in our own lives?  Is it ethical to post messages and pass judgement about people with problems without even knowing all the details of a persons situation and even then is it ethical to sit around and talk about them?  We live in an unbalanced society where it seems to me that most people equate how ethical something is with how good it makes them feel inside or how much better it makes them feel in comparison with someone else.

however, wouldn't you wanna know if you're walking around with toilet paper on the bottom of your shoe?  Or, your thong's sticking out?  I envy those that were on DPS and said something to people that were (how do I say this) a bit of a disaster. 



July 31, 2007, 6:30 am CDT

07/25 "What Would You Do?"

Quote From: smash3885

I liked the "Too Much Change At the Register" test but I thought the argument in the middle of NYC was weak.  First of all, it was only a heated verbal argument that sounded like it was nobody's business.  Second of all, it was in NYC where crazy stuff like this happens everywhere you turn.  I think it would be interesting to test this in a small town.


Now if the lady was being smacked around and appeared to be in physical danger and nobody came to help, that's a different story.

I'd just like to say that I live in a small town..doesn't matter people just look the other way.
August 5, 2007, 1:18 pm CDT

Giving more than he deserves

I think it's so disappointing to see a woman (or man) devote precious time to getting back at a cheater. As if the act of cheating itself isn't enough damage to someone. The people who are actually considering the website & looking forward to their opportunity for revenge is as pathetic as the person who cheated on them. We don't actually think that we're gonna get permanent satisfaction and closure from such acts as spam emails, std letters & cut cords on appliances?? For what, maybe 24 hours? Why is it so hard to believe that the best revenge is not to give the jerk who betrayed you your time and energy. Feel like a fool for what he or she did? Do these revenges and now you won't even feel'll look foolish, and the idiot who hurt you is one step higher up the moral ladder thanks to you. I can say these things because I have been cheated on... not mildly.... it was on enormous levels...but, rather than surrender myself to further drama, I picked myself up and moved on, regardless of the 12 years of marriage & 3 children. I don't hate him... he's just not worth it enough for me to give him that.
August 31, 2007, 1:40 am CDT

That´s sick!

Quote From: whoopiecat

Did you all check out that website,  Oh my god! Just one example, for $425  she will engage in an ongoing campaign of harrassment and trickery designed to break up the couple of your choice, apparently to ensure that the one who you feel has wronged you can't have a relationship with anyone else.  I can't believe this chic's not in jail!

That woman must be metally ill, and really don´t know  what she is doing. Is she trying to play God? Does she really believe that SHE is the person that can judge between wright and wrong?


Life isn´t black or white, and NO-ONE can live a life without hurting someone. That´s LIFE.

To loose the love from a partner is very hurting, but you can´t command a person to love you.


Besides, everyone sees "reallity" through personal eyes! There is a whole theatre in all of us, and sometimes the theatre will be unproportionate to what really happens. Especially when we are hurt. And sometimes we might get hurt more from our own vulnerable, than from what really happens.


I´m happy married since 10 years. My husband is the best man and best friend ever! And we love each other. He is a very kind-hearted person, and very honest!


But when we first met, his ex-wife get crasy! Real crazy, it´s hard to belive that a person can behave in such a manner that she did. Whitout no reason, exept what was going on in her own sick mind!


Half the list on that website, she configured out all by herself...


It´s disgusting to find a website that helps such sick people!!!!!



January 18, 2008, 12:33 am CST

What would YOU do

Quote From: ceildh1

And  I would add, at the risk of a political debate, what you have in The White House now isn't exactly the poster child for honest and ethical behavior either is he ?  And Clinton kept it much cleaner than the Kennedys, so the point would be what ?


The point is what it tells the next generation is just o'kay - it has said to youth 'anything for a buck' is o'kay,too.  Just wait til you get on a fixed income and are paying a higher percentage of your spendible income to support this crap.  Just saying one was not as bad as the other is a total cop out!  Most of these SOBs lie to themselves before they lie to public anyhow. Great Standards!  Ever heard of the Golden Rule?  
January 31, 2008, 12:46 am CST

what would you do

Quote From: penny_lady

I don't give a crap about his marriage vows..the ONLY reason that was an issue to me is because his lying was perjury in a court proceeding. Outside of perjury oral sex is a private matter between the Clinton's and Lewinsky.

And I didn't compare the two. I was responding to a post that DID.
Just another example of "me First" thinking - very narrow and shallow!  It sounds like a re-run of "its  the gun (or drug)" mentallity - not the human "thing" again. 'don't give a crap"    Hmmmmmmmmmm
June 18, 2008, 9:49 am CDT

What would you do

Quote From: eileenbett

My daughter moved in with her boyfriend accross the street from us recently. Their children were removed from them because of sexual abuse and the boyfriend has been accused of doing it.

He has not been proscuted for lack of evidence.  I know a person is presumed innocent intil proven guilty so here is the do or don't of it.  I know the situation do I tell the manager of our duplexes of the high possibility him being a child molester being as there are so many children on our block or do I say nothing because nothing has yet been proven other than the children one 3 the other 11 has said he did it and the 3year old had physycal evidence of it. He has not been charged.  The case is still open.

Up Date:  her BF is under a restraining order (Armed and dangerous) and is no longer living in our area and is not allowed on any property owned by out landlord.

As last I heard he is in jail for breaking the restraining order.  His case is still pending in Indiana and my 11 year old granddaughter is the main witness in this case.  Up until now she has been afraid to testify.  I have tried to reassure that it is ok He can’t hurt her any more. Up until now we have not been allowed to discuses anything about this with them (Judges Orders).  As it stands our two younger grand children are going to be adopted by a very loving, caring, Christian family who love them very much.  Our older grandchild who is needed to testify (she is 11) is still being shifted from foster home to another.  The judges in Indiana said we can have custody of her but the snag is she is in Indiana and we live in Illinois.  Catch 22 Illinois and Indiana court system has no clue how to bring her back to Illinois.  The Judges told us to figure it out and lawyers in Ill. Can’t help us in Indiana and visa versa.  I even went to the court house in Joliet and talked to lawyers in the Family part and all agreed.  Their not allowed.  Now our grand daughter is caught between two states even though the court said she can come home.  I have no clued what to do next.  She knows she can come home but can’t because of screwy laws between two neighboring states.  It frustrates me a beautiful young girl can’t come home because no one wants to be responsible but they want the power over people.  We want her home and want to be responsible they can keep their false power.

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