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Created on : Thursday, February 15, 2007, 04:41:20 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Sarah and Tecoa check in with Dr. Phil after three months of drug rehabilitation. Sent to two separate rehab centers, the twin sisters had to learn to stand on their own two feet before they could move forward in sobriety. The sisters haven’t seen each other in months. How is Tecoa doing after giving birth and placing the baby for adoption? Which twin relapsed and used IV drugs after months of hard work? Then, after rescuing Sarah and Tecoa, Joani finds herself back to the life of addiction -- abusing pain killers, lying to doctors and even meeting one of the twins’ old drug dealers to purchase heroin! How did this happen? Plus, a viewer inspired by Sarah and Tecoa’s story reaches out for help. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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February 21, 2007, 2:01 pm CST

Dr. Phil/a ? for


 Dr. Phil I hope that you get the girls some dental work. They are very pretty today,but it is very apparent the damage the drugs has done to their teeth. I'd say the necessary fillings and veneers for the front. They are so pretty and all the work you've done may all be in vain. Now that they are sober and have to live with this dental appearance they may become discouraged. It would help them too with seeking employment.
I'm happy that Sarah has found employment and is happy with it.

Tocomas body language says she's not there yet. She wasn't comfortable with sitting upright and engaging in the conversation with her sister and the other woman, as was her sister. Her voice sounds very tense.
Girls I hope you make it.I've been there and know it's hard.People do care though.

February 21, 2007, 2:01 pm CST

yes you will become addicted

Quote From: slushurtin

Hi Carol!

I too am wondering about Joani because of what I read in the description of the show where it said she's having trouble.

I'm writing to you because of you saying you are addicted to pain killers, and I'm just so curious about people like us and if you would be interested in talking I would like to hear from you very much.  I don't know if this is ok but my e-mail is:

I'm very concerned about this because I'm a chronic pain patient and from a previous Dr. Phil show and so many others I am wondering if anyone on pain meds for a prolonged time will eventually become addicted?  If so, is this a price we have to pay for being out of pain?  Or is society telling people if they are on pain killers they are addicted and we believe that because of some symptoms we have or are our bodies physically dependant on the medicine?

I would love to see someone as responsible and intelligent as Dr. Phil tackle that issue and I would love for him or someone in the media look at the positive side of pain medicine for chronic pain.  Some people do need it because there are no other alternatives, and we constantly search for one, but for some such as myself, pain medicine has allowed me to be a mom, wife and fairly productive member of society, and I'm not alone.

So Carol I'm wondering where you fit in these areas?  I would love to talk to you if you want a friend, to help you whatever you choose to do, I'm not judgemental, or anyone else who would like to not be alone because you are a chronic pain patient, and would like someone who won't make you feel guilty if you do take pain meds(NOT ADDICTED to them cuz you have no need just want the high), but along with me are open to and always looking for alternatives to these meds.

God Bless You Dr. Phil!

I understand so much more about why you are so good with people who are addicted to so many different things, since I've learned more about Robin's up-bringing, you know how addictions hurt and destroy "family members" and you carry the love and respect you have for your wife to your patients, audience and whoever you try to help, because you helped Robin to be a SURVIVOR-Congrats Robin.

Also, thank you two for all that you have done for Katrina victims such as myself(I'm a quiet Katrina victim).  I live in Ms. in fact I live 100 miles inland from Gulfport, and my county (Jones) was the worst hit county in Ms. above the coast!  Imagine that 100 miles inland, 9 deaths, I think the Governor said the 2nd worst hit county, but that doesnt' make sense, anyways, I apprec. all that you have done, I would ask one thing of you, and this is in no way to disrespect what you have done, please know that, and I'm not talking about our county because we are ok compared to the coast and New Orleans, but please, please DON"T FORGET MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST!!  They were destroyed and it makes me sad, sometimes mad that most of the focus is on New Orleans, and there should be a lot, but equal time for equal trauma!

 if you are on pain medication (also called opiates.....such as hydrocodone, loretabb,morphine)  for a prolonged period your body WILL DEFINITELY become dependent on these.  It is a price you will pay to deal with the pain.  Is it worth it?  You have to answer that for yourself.  If it's working for you  and keeps the pain away then you  gotta do what you gotta do.  Good luck. 
February 21, 2007, 2:01 pm CST

Are You Kidding Me?

Joni is a master manipulator. I knew she was full of it when she was on the show rescuing people ... maybe so she could be back on the show?  I thought Dr. Phil was smarter than this. She is a health care professional ... who is she kidding? Ultram? A prescription pill addiction that moved up a few notches to snorting heroin? Give me a break. She is in denial and Dr. Phil is, too.  jcb
February 21, 2007, 2:02 pm CST

one day at a time

I can relate to these girls in a big way.  I am a greatful recovering addict.  We as addicts have to battle our addiction one day at a time.  If that doesn't work, one hour at a time or one min. at a time.  DO WHAT EVER YOU HAVE TO DO TO STAY CLEAN.  Just for today.  I have had dozens of relapses before I relized that I am killing myself and my family.  I am praying for you girls and all the still suffering addicts that havn't found a program of recovery.  Don't give up!!  No matter how much clean time we have, relapse is always an option...BUT YOU HAVE TO ASK YOURSELF "AM I WILLING TO PAY THE CONSEQUENCES THAT COMES WITH USING DOPE"  Hell no.  Not today.  Addiction has no boundaries...Like the church leader on this same show.  Or me...I was a Loan Officer of a well known national bank.  Lost my beautiful wife of 10 years, my house, jobs,  and some family.  But I choose not to use today.  These girls have a strong base of recovery.  We as addicts have to remember that this is one battle that makes up the war.  GOOD LUCK TO YOU BOTH AND GOD BLESS
February 21, 2007, 2:03 pm CST


Everyday, everyone has to make choices. You can be more powerful than the drug, if that is what you choose! I just don't understand what would EVER make you try these drugs. Don't let yourself down, hold your own standards higher than that.

February 21, 2007, 2:09 pm CST

Just a note of support

Happened to catch both shows with the twins. As a person addicted in the past to alcohol and pot for many years, I just wanted to send a word of support. When they finally gain back their control and clean their life and mind, they will rise up higher than they have ever been. It is not the mistakes we make in life, but how we correct for them. Living long is a combination of luck, good role models, and self-will. Congratulations to all three women on the show today. KEEP GOING! You can do it and I send you all the energy I can, to help.  
February 21, 2007, 2:12 pm CST

The Twins look better

 Wow the twins look alot better.  They actually are very cute girls......  The thing with Joni going and buying heroin through me off.  I didn't understand that.  So she's having some pain and taking pain medication then that makes her want to go to the neighborhood where she helped the twins escape and buy some heroin?  That's crazy.  So she did two bags of dope......that doesn't make her an addict and you're not going to be addicted to heroin in 48 hours. 
February 21, 2007, 2:33 pm CST

I am so happy for them all

 Even with the relapse I am so happy they are getting help and want help..I have a question for the people on here that said they to had an addiction..I was under a Doctor's care for more than 10 years and he treated me  with diazepam and darvocet  (Valium, pain killers) I moved to a different state and after my 5 refills ran out I was forced to go to the doctor for refills ..well the new Doctor said in fact I did not have fibromyalgia and the diazapam was not something she was gonna give me ..I have been on antidepressants and I have adverse affects from them this doctor even tried me on a mild ones and it was awful..Anyways my question is I have been off the pain killers for 13 days today ..I slowly came off but have had none for 13 days ...I am having pain still and I'm not sure if it's my body hurting or the cravings for pain meds? Does this make sense? For those of you that don't know when your on pain meds for an extended period of time your body can withdrawal in 4 to 6 hours and you think it's your condition (your body hurts) and really your craving the pain meds...But after 13 days I don't know I don't have a clue what is normal for me to feel at this point ..I know I need help because I really want something for the pain.. Tylenol sure don't help.!..Please anyone with the answers if you can tell me whats normal to go through after a 10 or more year addiction please tell me! 
February 21, 2007, 2:34 pm CST

Me Too!

After watching the girls on the show today, I remembered how proud I was the day I graduated from Rehab in S. Fla.

I was 35 yrs old, mother of 2 grown boys and hurricane Andrew hit S Fla/  I had many friends that were in the same situation that I was in as far as a home goes........except my husband brought home a "friend" that the hurricane demolished his house and since he had a son, I said that he could stay with us for a few days.  That is where I was introduced to crack cocaine.  I was an office manager for a Surgeon, who I ended up writing bad checks out and after ,bout 5 years of drugging and getting money anywhere Family, Friends and even stealing from my boss, I was arrested!  For Gods sake, this was not me, I was the baseball MOM!  I then was put on probation and eventually violated for being dirty.  I was sent to jail for 8 days, when I released, went back to the same thing.  Again, I came up dirty and that was when I was sent to a drug rehab.  When I first went in and they told me I would be there 9 months, I thought they were out of their mind!  I can remember this as if it was yesterday, I had been there for 3 months and was standing in the shower when it finally hit me, HEY, I DO BELONG HERE!  After that, the rehab was a breeze.  When I got out, I had nothing, but within 2 weeks, I mananged to find a small house and a 450. car to get to work, only to realize that my husband was still using.  I had a good job, packed up everything that would fit into my car and moved to another state.  I am presently  a HR manager for a lg company and am a VERY proud grandma.

What I am getting at, is, that there are days that I do not even think about those days, but I deep  down I will never forget.  I recently received a promotion at work and sent the email that was sent to all of my co-workers from my boss to my parents.  They were so very proud, my mom must have forwarded that email to everyone I have ever known.  To me just that alone was enough to keep me clean.  It has been 10 years now, and I will be 50 yrs old in a few months, but like I said in the very beginning, I will never forget the proud feeling that I had when I left rehab.  Girls, keep up the good work, no it will not be easy dealing with real life, you just learn to cope.  Keep your chin up, your head held high and plan one day at a time.

February 21, 2007, 2:36 pm CST

Wishing them the best

 At the close of the program Dr Phil said that Tecoa relapsed a few days after the show but has now been clean 5 months, I believe.  I wish them both much success in their lives.  My two sons made the bad choices to get involved in drugs as young teens and two years ago, while still in their early twenties, made the choice to get out of that scene.  As of March 2 the youngest will be clean 2 years and about a month later his brother will also reach the two year mark.  One has pretty much just moved on with his life while the other still participates in NA regularly and is very concerned with helping others get out of drugs.  Everyone has to find their own way to make it work, but I just thank God that they are now clean, sober and happy.  Heroin is bad stuff, but you can beat it if you take it one day at a time.
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