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Topic : 02/21 The Dr. Phil House: Heroin Twins Follow-up

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Created on : Thursday, February 15, 2007, 04:41:20 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Sarah and Tecoa check in with Dr. Phil after three months of drug rehabilitation. Sent to two separate rehab centers, the twin sisters had to learn to stand on their own two feet before they could move forward in sobriety. The sisters haven’t seen each other in months. How is Tecoa doing after giving birth and placing the baby for adoption? Which twin relapsed and used IV drugs after months of hard work? Then, after rescuing Sarah and Tecoa, Joani finds herself back to the life of addiction -- abusing pain killers, lying to doctors and even meeting one of the twins’ old drug dealers to purchase heroin! How did this happen? Plus, a viewer inspired by Sarah and Tecoa’s story reaches out for help. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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February 21, 2007, 5:45 pm CST

happy to see them recover

Watching the twins on the Dr. Phil show was very uplifting.  I am a critical care nurse and I only see my patients when they are on the brink of death.  Its wonderful to see these beautiful young ladies recover so well.  It gives me hope for my patients and wards off burnout for me.  When I saw that Tacoa relapsed, I was happy to see that she was willing to stick with sobriety despite the relapse. Throughout the entire show, these girls were very honest and real.  They didn't come off as manipulative or fake.  I was amazed how beautiful they were after their recovery.  I found that I was so proud of them and I didn't even know them.  My heart goes out to Tacoa for her accomplishments of motherhood, adoption, and recovery.  She had to do it all without her sister, but now she has her sister.  Thank you for airing this show Dr. Phil, they are an inspiration.

February 21, 2007, 5:46 pm CST

heroin addicts

I just want to congratulate those twins for their hard work to beat this addiction. Way to go!



February 21, 2007, 5:51 pm CST

my 39 year old sister doin the same thing that the twins were doing

Dr. Phil, my name is dan i have a 39 yr old sister her name is Jennifer she is addicted to meth.I know it is difficult to reach all your viewers but i am begging for help for my sister she has been on drugs for so long now and has lost most of her teeth due to this and is no longer the oldest sister that i looked up to anymore. everyone in our family has given up on her except me and my dad. we really feel as if she will sober up if we could get her out of the environment she is in and keep her away. the reason i say this is because i have had her move in with me but she went right back to what she was doing and she knew i knew it was going on and she left and never came back my  dad has done the same thing until she started stealing from him and he kicked her out. I now live almost 300 miles away from her and talk to her about once a week she says she is not doing drugs anymore but i can tell you i just do not believe it. what i really want is to get her some help far away from where she currently lives to keep her away from her enemies she calls friends. i would also like for her to be a part in our family circle which she has not been a part of for apprx 6 years. she has a 6 year old son that she has nothing to do with. she walked out and left him with a friend of hers when he was just 6 months old for guess what (drugs). he now lives with his father and is doing great we do get to see him every so often my mother has joint custody of him and gets him every other weekend and a solid week in the summer. Dr. Phil is there anything you can do to try and help us out to get her life out of the ditch? please help thx dan avid viewer!!      
February 21, 2007, 5:53 pm CST

A smile

The girls need a smile they can be proud of. Can your show enlist the services of a dentist to give the girls a beautiful smile?


Just a thought. I'm sure there are many people that watch your show and would be willing to help the girls with the cost of making this happen.


Like your show.



February 21, 2007, 6:21 pm CST


I really feel for these sisters. I have a twin sister who is addicted to crack cocaine and she reminds me so much of Sara. I hope these 2 girls can stay clean because my sister has been on drugs for 10 years and she keeps getting chance after chance to turn her life around. She still chooses to be the way she is and you can't change anyone if they don't want help. Well, you can't change anyone, they have to change themselves. I really hope this showed people how bad things can get...I have seen it so may times. I cried when I saw this story cause it is so close to home.
February 21, 2007, 6:31 pm CST

Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt and Burnt the T-Shirt!

 Life in chronic pain is no joke, and I completely understand where Joani has been and how she got there.  Everyone is right that if you take narcotics you will be physically addicted to it.  What few people get is that for many people in chronic pain, they will back that up by saying, "So, what's your point?  Yes it is addictive, and I would dearly love to be on anything else, I would, if I could, but I can't, so I won't."

I came down with something called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy in 1994, comepletely out of the blue.  Prior to that, I cycled 60 km (about 35 miles) a day, to and from work.  My wife and I were very good ballroom dancers, which TV watchers now know is a lot of effort.  Instantaneously it was all over.  I was using a cane, then 2, then Canada canes, then crutches, then a walker, a wheelchair and now a power chair.  Every step down came with a lot of resistance and I waited far too long before finally giving in.  With my meds it was the same story.  I began with anti-inflammatories and the other painkillers, followed by codeine and then on up through its derivatives, morphine and its derivatives, etc.  When my condition was it its worst, I was on 85 mg of sub-cu dilaudid (hydromorphone) an hour. Sub-cu is about twice the strength of pills, I am told, which would make it 10 times stronger than morphine..  I am now on about 10% of that, as fentanyl.  Thank God for socialized medicine, because the dilaudid cost $350 Canadian a day, about $300 US.  That is a day, folks!

Right now, all up my drugs and other medical expenses total $23,000+ a year, most of which is covered by socialized medical support and insurance.  It still isn't cheapand doesn't include all the non-medical costs, like equipment and "decorating" costs, and a great topic for an expose is the cost of being disabled - try toilet seats.  Going down the last 2" is the killer, so a toilet seat that eliminates it is worth its weight in gold, or almost, since it costs $135 and not even gold costs that much!  You can buy motorcycles cheaper that power wheelchairs, suitably kitted out with extras like seats and controllers (I am not joking!).

Joani has my sympathy and deserves yours.  Yes, she made a mistake, Yes it is awful easy to make, and easier to throw stones.  While it doesn't make her mistake right, neither is all the stonethrowing.
February 21, 2007, 6:40 pm CST


I live in a similar situation as the guy Dom that appeared with the twins on the Show. Watching Dom was like watching my husband 4 years ago up to present day. My husband has come a long way from his addiction but has never really recovered. We are faced with challenges regarding addiction periodically. It is no longer daily but it still is an issue. Do addicts ever really get over it? At what point does an addict look back and say I am glad that is in the past? I hope that the twins and Dom and Judy will one day be able to answer this question with a positive answer. I love my husband and will help him as long as he struggles, just as I will help my son if he ever has these struggles. In a world where any one can find a reason to get a divorce I am not looking for an escape I just desire to know how to best help my husband, so one day (I hope) this will be completely behind us. So any advise is welcome and appreciated. 
February 21, 2007, 7:00 pm CST

02/21 The Dr. Phil House: Heroin Twins Follow-up

After reading all of the letters that have been posted regarding these girls, I saw how much their story has effected people.  I had twin sons and lost one to heroin five years ago at the age of 17.  He asked for help and it was hard to find a facility that would even take him.  Many places asked what court was sending him.  Sad to think they have to be in trouble with the law in order to be looking for help.  He was in residential treatment for just short of two months.  One week after he came home, he relapsed.  My husband found him in his room.  He had been an athlete and was good in school...great neighborhood.  He had friends that pressured him for close to two years to even try pot.  Pier pressure finally won.  First pot, then meth, and finally heroin.  There were hundreds of people at the funeral.  I had no idea my son had effected so many people.  The people that gave him that lethal dose were probably there as well.  My hope is that at least some that attended the service that day may have changed their lives for the better.  I stopped by the grave sight on the fourth anniversary of his death and there were two friends of his past sitting on a bench we had placed by his grave sight.  I was surprised to see them there - that people still remember him and pay their respects.  I only had one of my twins go through this and not survive.  To see both these girls go through this and survive lifts my spirit to no end.  I hope their story may touch someone out there that is struggling.  That they can find the help they need.  It's such a shame that so many need the help but financially can't get it.  It about broke us, but we got through it.  My prayers are for all of you out there struggling!
February 21, 2007, 7:25 pm CST

02/21 Heroin Twins Follow-up

I can't imagine trying to kick a heroin habit, I can't even stop smoking cigarettes!'re in my prayers.  Keep up the fight! 
February 21, 2007, 7:39 pm CST

Proud of the Girls & Also my Son

I watched the shows from the start only because my son who is 19 years old had just recently entered rehab before the shows aired.  He, too, was doing heroin (along with crack, and other things) I cried through the first shows, but when I watched the recent show, I smiled.  Not only for Sara and Tacoa, but also for my son.  He has also been clean now for almost four months.  I went from seeing him look like death to looking like his old clean cut, athletic, good looking boy.  I was so happy to see the girls look so good, (especially Sara)  Their smiles definitely put a smile on my face.  If they read this I want them to know that I am praying for them and I am very proud of the progress that they have made so far.  I am going through the same thing right now and everyday that ends, I thank GOD that my son made it one more day without drugs.  He, too, is still attending meetings and counseling.  He is determined to beat it and I believe he will and so will the girls.  It takes a lot of will and determination, but it can be done.  Just looking in the mirror at how good they look now should be reason enough to continue to fight.  Keep up the good work girls!!!  You are worth it, you are somebody, you are loved!!!   
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