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Topic : 07/23 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp, Part 3

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Created on : Friday, February 09, 2007, 02:49:12 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 02/12/07) Three couples continue an intensive workshop with Dr. Phil, in a last-ditch effort to save their marriages. After almost getting kicked out of the house, Nic and Amanda sit down with Dr. Phil to discuss their biggest issues: their falling out with Nic’s mother, Amanda’s job as an exotic dancer and the affair she’s been having with a patron. With surprise visits from his mother and the man sleeping with his wife, Nic struggles with his emotions. Can he get everything on the table and find some closure? Will Amanda be unified with her husband and tell the other man that it’s over for good? Then, Cherie watches from another room as her husband, John, talks with Dr. Phil, but it's not long before she becomes outraged by what she hears. She joins the men to tell her side of the story. Plus, does an unexpected visit by Cherie’s mother make John pack up and leave? Join the discussion.

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February 10, 2007, 1:31 pm CST

Man Camp?

I thought Man camp would have the dill instructor yelling at the men and women to get their crap together.  I was all excite and I'm still waiting.  This is more like relationship intervention.  The title is all wrong.
February 10, 2007, 10:58 pm CST

02/12 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp, Part 3

this episode is going to be halarious. during the commercials i saw that the one guy is going to cry lol.

also the only hot woman on the show is the oldest, isnt that wierd?
February 11, 2007, 12:45 pm CST

man camp boot camp?

These people are like watching a bunch of unsocialized 5 yr style!......One writer thought Dr. Phil would explode with lectures (hehe would be nice if he turned into Sargeant Phil).but these kids will just stomp off n leave (one tantrum after another)

Personally  I wonder why Phil chooses such simpletons.Then again it looks good on his resume of accomplishments....." trained enraged man babies how to behave, without them quitting" and "got stripper wife to join women of faith and relinquish her sinfull ways!" Doesn't stripper wife have enough money she doesn't need her abusive spouse?.isn't that why she strips??

I haven't made the greatest choices with men either, but it isn't as though there is a sufficient pool of decent MEN out there anyway.They do put on the charm, play prince til they snag ya! But when the true colours show..14 yrs??? 

It's just great to deal with homicidal monsters/stalkers and disrupters when you break it off.(would any of these bozozzz resort to that?) How many women in jail, due to self defence? protecting themselves from these jerks?.where was the law to prevent these tradgedies?...(oh boy, thats another show *hint*)

Good luck to these folks.I'ld rather see the twins back: more shows working on repairing from this loveless selfish world!


February 11, 2007, 1:51 pm CST


Quote From: madisonmartin

I thought Man camp would have the dill instructor yelling at the men and women to get their crap together.  I was all excite and I'm still waiting.  This is more like relationship intervention.  The title is all wrong.

You are so right. This is about messed up COUPLES, not just men. I am saddened that Dr. Phil used this type of sensationalism (in the title) to get viewership.


And on the first forum board, it was sadly predictable that nearly all the negative attention went to these men. There are no innocents in this TV house (other than the children at home); the women have just as many problems and faults, but they are simply not as loud.


HOPEFULLY all six individuals will get the help they need so three complete couples can leave healthy and happy.

February 11, 2007, 2:16 pm CST

02/12 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp, Part 3

as hard as it may to beleive there are a lot of men just like these 3 on the show, but a very good rule of thumb i use is this. if im too lazy to clean it im not going to beach at some one else to clean it!! i never ask any one to do any thing for me, or even to help me do the things i know i can do alone!
February 11, 2007, 3:12 pm CST

Amanda must be a strong woman.

It seems like Amanda is going to be under a terrific amount of pressure on Monday's show. I hope she can hold up emotionally. (facing her mother-in-law, the man she's been seeing, discussing the exotic dancing....a lot!) All on national t.v. I say, if she can get through this, she can get through anything!Personally, I think I'd curl up in a fetal position and suck my thumb!
February 11, 2007, 4:59 pm CST

02/12 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp, Part 3

i would tell the guy that has the wife with a lover to cut and run, its stupid to even try to fix this, you know in your heart you will always think the worst every time she leaves your sight, some times we have to do what we think is going to hurt the worst, but it will get better,all your wife has learned from this is what got her caught and will only know how to keep you from catching her again,yes it will hurt in the begining but time heals all wounds,all staying togather will do is postpone the inveadible, pack up and go man, you cant make a woman love you!!!, if shes cheatin she dont love you!!!, and the only reason she even wants to try to fix it is cause she just hasnt found the write words to explain why she dont love you, and is only trying to find a way to not make it hurt you too badly,
February 11, 2007, 6:53 pm CST

02/12 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp, Part 3

Maybe someone can help me here,

What is the point of the MIL'S coming in for their "Surprise" visits ?  I thought once you GREW UP, and moved out, what went on was none of their business, the Good Doc himself has told meddling in laws that very thing, if they want their Mother's help and support, then ask for it, seems to me that's blindsiding John and Amanda.The blurb did say these were suprise visits.

As for her dancing, big deal not like she's taking the kids to bring your kid to work day, and she does it when they are in bed, besides its perfectly LEGAL and there's money to be made.  BUT, if she works for a decent establishment, she could lose her job for sleeping with a Patron, many of these places frown upon that.  My husband agreed with Scott, " if you were sleeping with my wife, you wouldn't have made it two steps in the door.  I think though, this could've been and should've been handled better, I mean why should they share that moment with the others in the house, its none of their business, tell me would any of you want to have a party for that ?

I have read posts from the wives, whining about people bashing them, and I agree with the responses, you CHOSE this venue for your fifteen minutes, so get over it, if you chose to air your dirty laundry in public, then you chose to get the neighbors talking.

As for Nic crying, well who says he can't have emotions, he might act like a jerk, we all do, but he is entitled to cry, at least he's human.

February 11, 2007, 7:12 pm CST

Grow up

I thank these men need to grow up and  start helping the wives, that trick of letting the wives mess up the house showed the immaturity of them all. They expect the wives to do it all and then wait on them when they are home.  After 34 years of marriage my husband is aware that even if I stay  home he can still wait on himself.  I work all day also and have worked different shifts to be able to make sure we didn't use a lot of hired childcare.  We don't divide the chores around the house but if anything needs doing and he wants to fuss about it then he knows he can do it himself or I will get to it when  I can. He would not have liked the messed up house but he would have cleaned it up. Women are human.too. Also the women don't get off either. They need to start showing they care, if you are married you should not be going with other men and give your husband the attention he should have, if he doesn't respond then get busy and find a way to communcate not fighting but talking about your problems. Counseling is not hard to get and it helps everyone , we had both of our girls in counseling and it has made for great relationships now they are grown. My grandson can also talk to us about whatever he wants. You have to talk and really listen to each other and your kids to function well. We never had couples counseling but we worked stuff out.l can't say never fight in frount of your kids but that throwing  stuff,  cussing and  abusing each other is not for little ones.
February 12, 2007, 3:40 am CST

02/12 The Dr. Phil House: Man Camp, Part 3

Amanda need to find some self respect! She's a mom and a wife, and there have to be other jobs out there she can get. I'm sure she probably makes good money, but she needs to decide whether the price she is paying in sense of self and family is worhthit. Plus, she is placing herself in compromising situations every time she dances. What do she and her husband THINK will happen? Her husband also has to dig deep to ask himself WHY his wife feels the need to strip (yeah, it's still strippin'!) and why he allows his wife to place herself in that position. Maybe he was just hoping she''ll leave him. It would be easier to blame her than to take some personal responsibility for this "train-wreck" of a marriage. ("Hell, she was a stripper and cheater, what else could I do??) Maybe he likes the money. He needs to step up and take the lead in that family. He needs to nurture her and his children. AND, don't get me STARTED about those other couples!! lol

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