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Created on : Friday, February 09, 2007, 02:45:44 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 2/16/07) Imagine your weight getting so out of control that it confined you to your home, to a room, even to a bed. Now imagine the isolation you’d feel when you could no longer visit your friends and family, and had to depend on another person for basic needs like food and getting to the bathroom. Cindy, 35, is approximately 500 pounds and completely depends on her 15-year-old daughter, Vikki, for everything. Vikki says because of her mother’s weight, life at home is one big fight, and the only time she had some peace was when Child Welfare removed her for a few weeks. Does Cindy put too many demands on her daughter? Dr. Phil surprises Cindy by reuniting her with her mother, Linda, whom she hasn’t been able to see in eight years. Then, meet a man who has been trapped in his bedroom for over two years. Bob says he hasn’t smelled the outside air in years and has no idea what the real world is like beyond his four bedroom walls. The last time he was able to check his weight, it was 900 pounds. How much does he weigh now? Dr. Phil surprises Bob with a visit from someone who’s become his biggest supporter, a man he speaks with every day but has never met. After seeing doctored photos of their thinner selves, will Cindy and Bob agree to work hard with the resources headed their way? Join the discussion.

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June 22, 2007, 5:01 pm CDT

06/15 Biggest Reunions Ever

Quote From: ashnky

The 500 pound woman infuriated me.  How can ANYONE treat their child like that?  I can not imagine how this teenager felt.  Torn between wanting to be a kid and the obligation of helping her lazy, apathetic mother urinate in a bucket.  Disgusting.  As a mother who has battled with her own eating disorders, etc.  My *child* was enough for me to want to better myself.  This woman treats her child like a slave.  It was truly disgusting.  I hate to say it but this woman is the kind of person who will NOT change unless she is left with no one, hitting rock bottom.  She uses her child to be even more unhealthy and her child doesn't even realize it.  This child needs to be taken from the mother and the mother put in assisted living until she can get her life togehter and realize that her child is not some 2nd class citizen.


As for Bob.  I absolutley loved him!  He seems like an awesome man who truly wants to change his life and better himself in any way he can.  I wish him the best and I know he can do it!  Good luck!!!! 




i feel exactly like you do. i am truly disgusted by her. she needs to get off her lazy a@! and do something. there is nothing medically wrong with her she is just LAZY. she reminds me of one of the large people at the supermarkets or the zoo who use power chairs. you have to move your body or you will never improve your weight or your health. 

June 23, 2007, 8:23 am CDT

06/15 Biggest Reunions Ever

Quote From: tammie352007

i feel exactly like you do. i am truly disgusted by her. she needs to get off her lazy a@! and do something. there is nothing medically wrong with her she is just LAZY. she reminds me of one of the large people at the supermarkets or the zoo who use power chairs. you have to move your body or you will never improve your weight or your health. 

 Many people who use power, or wheel, chairs, must use them because of cardiovascular and/or mobilty problems, often brought on by years of unbridled overeating. I've also seen morbidly obese people not only in a wheel chair, but on oxygen. Even at all-you-can-eat buffets. With their plates piled high with the most fattening foods they can find. Killing themselves with a knife and fork, as former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee once put it.
June 25, 2007, 6:33 pm CDT

06/15 Biggest Reunions Ever

Quote From: avantgirl23

I understand peoples need to sympathize with morbidly obese individuals, but the fact of the matter is is that they are damaging themselves willingly.  I just can't have sympathy for someone who does that to themselves.  I suffered from depression my whole life and one day I just had to get real with myself and say, "Stop playing the victim and change your own life, Jennifer"
I appreciate Dr. Phils "realness" with these overweight people and people in general.  They are in denial about the strain they put on themselves, their family and society as a whole.  I mean, they require more resources to get around, live, eat, etc.. I sometimes get angry at people that are too large for alot of those kinds of reason.  In the context of the "War on Terror", they use more fossil fules to get around in a car, and if you buy the arguement that we are at war for oil, that has enormous consequences
I have suffered from depression since I was 12 years old. There was no "victim" playing with me. It was a chemical thing. I happen to try St. Johns Wort out of desperation and it worked! I am not longer depressed, but it had nothing to do with my attitude, my unwillingness to change my life. It was a chemical problem that I found a solution to.

I gained a lot of weight while depressed. Yes, I did do that to myself, but it's not something I set out to's something I did to try to medicate myself. I get an actual endorphin high from over eating. Dr. Phil talks about this in his book. That too is a chemical high I got from food. Now that my depression is dealt with and under control I feel I can now deal with the weight.

I wonder, do you get angry at people with anorexia? Do you get angry at people who practice self-harm in other ways?

Seems to me that if a person is pretty they get a pass on some of their addictive, self-harming behavior..but us ugly fat people are throw aways.
September 19, 2007, 5:02 am CDT

I have just seen this show

 I had taped this show where it aired I was unable at the time to review it so I put it a side. Like many other tapes and then lost it . I tape my daily show every day so I can watch them the minute I have the time which often I can do pretty quickly but there are a many times I don't. Since I forget to put tags on the tapes to tell me what day or what I taped on it. I don't do till I put it in to watch it...

Last night I found this one it got me thinking of my weight and out much do I really want it to change. I talk about it often but still haven done much the last few months. I have started watching more my choices to eat.

I haven't started exercising much yet. I would like to see a web site that has free on line video , pictures etc to help me exercise form home....I haven't found any I only started looking yesterday. Well I did find a few but they are not good enough to show me the exercise and the videos are not free...CAN ANYONE SUGGEST A SITE or maybe the staff can find some or perhaps on this site we could get some in a weight section help?????

Back to the show I found heart moving and I wish them both a great success I would also like to know how they are doing????? This could help motivate me....

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