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Created on : Friday, February 09, 2007, 02:44:03 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 02/15/07) The bad behavior of some young celebutantes is all over the news — Paris Hilton receiving jail time, and Britney Spears going to rehab. Dr. Phil's guests are spiraling out of control by emulating the celebrity life. Chelsey, 21, is a self-admitted good-time girl who loves limousines, nightclubs and tequila shots. Her obsession with partying is so bad that she's been in drug rehab three times in the past three years! Chelsey's mother, Renee, wants her out of the fast lane before she crashes and burns. Can Chelsey change her ways, or is the damage beyond repair? Then, 23-year-old Raquel thinks nothing of driving drunk, wearing sexy clothes and flirting with the boyfriends of other women. She even travels with an entourage! Raquel's sister, Angie, believes she's destroying her career by living the high life. Will Raquel sober up when Dr. Phil gives her a dose of reality? Tell us what you think!

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February 12, 2007, 8:33 am CST

Have them watch the news....

Anna's life should be a good example... Living in the fast lane has it's price.
February 12, 2007, 8:38 am CST

young, restless, and dangerous

         it's very sad to see these young ladies in the spotlight who have so much money, and somewhat of a future just tossing it to the winds...but this is what  Hollywood enjoys..the sad part is that many impressionable girls think this is the way to go because they see the rich and famous do it and it is acceptable..and even a recovering alcoholic, I had to make the decision that there was a problem, ( the problem is me)..until then, no one and nothing could have made me see otherwise. These gals can get away with the unacceptable behavior because they have the big bucks to do so, young people like the ones on this episode will not be so fortunate(?) if and when something happens as they don't have the funds do wipe it away..BUT, sometimes, like in my case, when I got my DUI, I fully surrendered to my disease and I had no doubt in my mind, that I had a problem...I pray (cuz  that's  about all I can do for anyone) that they will accept the fact that they have a disease, and to do something wonderful for themselves...BECOME I trudge the road of happy destiny, I do it all ONE DAY AT A more, and no less.........
February 12, 2007, 8:55 am CST

02/15 The Young and the Reckless

Quote From: gwarrior6

Then what?  After they've drunken themselves into a DUI or vehicular manslaughter charges and end stage cirrhosis, then what?  Keeping yourselves healthy in youth will keep you healthy later.  IF you sleep around a lot-or at least present yourself that way, what respectable guy is going to want you (versus using you for sex?).  What if they acquire Hepatitis C or HIV?  Can they afford lifelong medication or liver transplant (if they even get to the top of the list)?


Acquiring skills in your youth makes you valuable when you can no longer rely on your looks.  Being healthy allows you to use those skills.  They should go to college or if they have, focus on a career instead of partying all the time.  If you go into an interview (not at a strip club) wearing hoochie gear, what is the manager going to think?  I wish these celebutante wannabes would actually contribute to society instead of partying their lives away.

Have to wait until the show, but I am curious about one thing, where do they get the money to do this, the last time I went to the tavern a bottle of beer cost $3.75, and the shots were at least $3.00 or more apiece depending on what it was and who pays their fines and tickets ?

What they don't understand right now, is that by the time they're thirty they'll look forty or more, and look like used up bar tramps, you are so right about no respectable man wanting them, but unfortunatly, they think they are invincible, and nothing bad will happen to them, and they will be young and pretty forever, if they don't smarten up, will they ever be in shock ten years from now.

February 12, 2007, 9:33 am CST

02/15 The Young and the Reckless

Quote From: kaykwilts

The sad thing about Brittney, Paris and all the other mindless tabloid stars is that they think it is cute to act slutty.  They enjoy being in the tabloids week after week.  Good grief!  Britney is a mother now.  She needs to start acting like one.
It's all about the money for these so called celebrities, they don't care about their fans, young girls, children, they are greedy punks who think they are Gods gift to society and unfortunetly, they have followers who believe this and believe if it works for the celebriteis then it will work for them which if course we all know the out come of that attitude.

These people may have the money, but they don't have  the decency to live the life that they were meant to live and those watching them as role models, need to get real and face ther eality of life, if they don't, then they will be ruined and will have nothing to offer, all for the sake of "having a good time"

For the most part, hollywood is nothing but one big soap opera, such a  waste of time and energy...........

February 12, 2007, 11:23 am CST

02/15 The Young and the Reckless

Quote From: bactphd95

Regardless of the presence of any spotlight, the aforementioned young "ladies" have chosen to live this lifestyle as much in the public eye as possible. I don't think anybody begrudges the right of these gals to have a good time, but DUIs, parking in the middle of the highway, and the like are just over the top. If JoAnn Schmo pulled a stunt like that in your hometown or mine, her name would be in the paper, all right - in the "Police Blotter" section, no photo. These women do it, it's all over every tabloid in the country, and really, WHY SHOULD WE CARE about, let alone attempt to emulate, what these dip-brains do? Even my 11-y/o is "so over" all of them it isn't even funny!


I agree with you about Britney, either she figured out or was told that to have any semblance of an "adult" career she needed to keep her name out there as much as possible - the maxim "no publicity is bad publicity" applies in spades. Paris? As you say, spoiled, and I would add trashy, brat. If her last name were "Reynolds," and she didn't have Daddy's fortune, she'd probably be in a trailer park somewhere. At least Lindsay seems to realize she has a problem & is doing something about it, again, her (more positive) CHOICE.


As far as role models go, look at whom we as a society in general idolize, pay obscenely well, and splash all over our so-called news media - entertainers (I use that term loosely) and athletes. We couldn't care less about our teachers, police officers, or research scientists - when was the last time People did a cover story about/Oprah host on her show a Chemisty Nobel laureate...probably never?? In the long run, whose accomplishments are greater - Britney's or those of the Nobel laureate? 'Nuff said.

And unfortunatly, unless people can be convinced to stop buying their CDs, going to the movies, and reading the tabloids, there's not a lot we can do except maybe influence our children to higher things and pursuits.

I'm not prudish in the least about most things, but imagine my surprise right there on the rack at the checkout, was a magazine, a well known one, and on the front cover were pictures of Brittany et al, all showing their stuff, of course the "STUFF" was blanked out, but I still didn't really think it was appropriate for the front cover, HOWEVER, that being said, that would sell the magazine faster than if she were dressed like the Mom she's supposed to be, like with CLOTHING.

I've seen young women from trailor Parks that are 200% classier than Paris, BLECH, why anyone would want to be her is beyond me, see what young women don't realize is she has the money to keep from looking used up before she's thirty, they likely don't, unless like Anna Nicole they find a rich sugar Daddy to pay for it.

Sad state isn't it ?


February 12, 2007, 7:13 pm CST

02/15 The Young and the Reckless

Quote From: graceven

The big difference is the spotlight is on them.  As a recovered alcoholic for over 14 years, I know all too well the risks I took, the bad choices and the fact that it is a miracle that I didn't kill anyone (even though I did cause a car crash when I was drunk, but even that didn't stop me from drinking and doing drugs).  I credit my alcoholism to both genetics and upbringing.  My parents drank the entire time I was growing up, so I believed that it was just what all adults did (so I started when I was 14, of course).  No one could have stopped me from my bad behavior except for myself.  I had to want it.  The odd thing about my recovery was that I always knew I was alcoholic but had no plans to stop the behavior.  I had a beautiful moment of clarity followed by rehab and years of trudging the road of happy destiny.  Along that road we had an intervention for a girlfriend who was going to die from starvation due to anorexia and exercise bulemia.  That was in 1992 and she is still in her disease.  She has learned how to mask it from uneducated people, including her family, and hopes to start a family soon.  I pray she'll be able to have a child in her weakened condition; but I know she does not believe she has a problem, so in my philosophy, she does not have a problem.  I am an alcoholice because I say I am.  I believe a person is not truly an alcoholic/addict (same thing, a drug is a drug is a drug) until they admit it to themselves and to another person which makes it a reality.  I think and have seen some interventions work long-term when caught early enough, but for the most part, no matter how generous Dr. Phil is with these people, the job is theirs alone to ASK for help.  Until they want it more than the drunk, they will be drunk (even if they take no drugs - they will be "dry drunks" who, in my opinion might as well drink because they're just as miserable).  The saying "Live and Let Live" is big in AA/NA; I prefer Live and Let Die (but then again, this is God as I understand God and in my understanding, there is no death...just a passing on but whatever I leave unfinished here on earth, I'm still going to have to face when I pass away, so might as well live in "heaven" while I'm on earth instead of waiting for it.  For me, so far today, that is sobriety.  Because I asked for help.  I'm glad I didn't kill anyone or myself and I'm grateful I did not catch a life threatening disease beyond alcoholism in action.  If I had, I'm sure my philosophy would be far different.  I think the best thing a parent can do for their adult children is to be good examples (even if they think it's too late) and then let their children go (third step).  They may fail and no, it isn't fair to an innocent bystander who may also be injured by the disease; but chipping away at individual cases is somewhat a waste of time.  To condratict myself though; you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink, but at least they'll know where to findn the pond when they're thirsty enough.  God bless them all...

14 years! Awesome! My husband is celebrating 20 years on 2/22.  Unfortunately, his son is beginning to experiment with drugs and alcohol. We're trying to nip it in the bud, but he's inherited the disease, so I'm not sure we can stop it (despite weekly drug testing and dragging him to NA and AA meetings...).  I really have no personal experience with addiction, other than seeing friends and family struggle with it, but have a ton of respect for those that do.

February 12, 2007, 7:36 pm CST

02/15 The Young and the Reckless

Quote From: chrissiepoo

14 years! Awesome! My husband is celebrating 20 years on 2/22.  Unfortunately, his son is beginning to experiment with drugs and alcohol. We're trying to nip it in the bud, but he's inherited the disease, so I'm not sure we can stop it (despite weekly drug testing and dragging him to NA and AA meetings...).  I really have no personal experience with addiction, other than seeing friends and family struggle with it, but have a ton of respect for those that do.

you really should go to a alanon meeting, it could prove most imformative for you in helping keep the child off drugs.
February 14, 2007, 11:47 am CST

Right Out of the Headlines

Quote From: suzangm

Anna's life should be a good example... Living in the fast lane has it's price.

All too true. The late A.N. Smith, Marilyn Monroe wannabee until the end, is a textbook case. Sadly, she never quite realized the joke, such as it was, was on her (or did she, at the end?). Worse, these "young and invincible" folk don't think much past next Tuesday, so age 39 might as well be 60 for them.


From what I've seen, most "normal" hard-partying adolescent types outgrow the behavior by their mid-20s, just because they have "real" jobs and responsibilities. Owing to their bulging bank books, these young women have no such incentive to, as we used to say, "grow up!"

February 14, 2007, 4:18 pm CST

Don't continue because...

I had a head injury and was in coma for 4 months by getting hit on the head for no reason.   Walking with a walker is everyday for me. I was 20 when this happened and would like to tell all the young people that I used to party hard, experiment with drugs, and in fights for no reason.  I got a second chance at life, and for all the young people I would like to say that you may not get a second chance...  Do things right because you may not get a second chance.  Take care of your life... Think SMART !!!                         johnny v...
February 14, 2007, 6:05 pm CST

02/15 The Young and the Reckless

I can't wait to watch this episode. I know girls who are just like this but alot younger (13f-14m-16f years old)  whos mother is the exact same way.
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