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Created on : Friday, February 02, 2007, 03:08:27 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 02/07/07) More than half a billion adults are overweight worldwide, but even more shocking is that millions of children are already on the road to obesity. Amy’s son, Harrison, is only 7 years old, but already weighs 152 pounds. She says her husband, Tim, has no problem with their son’s size. He feeds the boy cookies, chips and ice cream, and even sneaks sugary snacks into his room at night. Amy fears that they’re killing their son with food. Is Tim the only one to blame for Harrison’s weight problem? World-renowned pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears shares his thoughts. Then, Carla wrote to Dr. Phil because her 4-year-old grandson, Logan, is already 30 pounds overweight. She says he has terrible eating habits and even breaks into the cupboard to sneak junk food. Carla wants to help him but says she can’t discuss the problem with her daughter, Jennifer, without an argument. Can Carla and Jennifer stop fighting long enough to start Logan on the path to weight loss? Plus, when Josh was on the show four years ago, he was 4 years old, 155 pounds and could barely walk. Dr. Phil worried that the little boy wouldn’t live to see another year. Is Josh still in jeopardy? Talk about the show here.

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February 2, 2007, 7:25 pm CST

02/07 “How’s My Big Fat Baby?”

Being fat is not good for a child or an adult.  It cause health problems and can end up killing you. Like heartattack and so on!
February 3, 2007, 3:54 am CST

"How's my big fat baby?'

I am a big person, always have been! but the one thing that I have learnt as an adult is I can take control, especially on behalf of my children,it is the law of the jungle, you don't want to mess with the mother cos if you cross the line with her chidren " she's GONN'A EAT U ALIVE !!!!!!! " I think you NEED to take back  your overriding rite as Harrisons mum to dictate your WILL for the sake of your child. I wonder at Tims behaviour, does he think he's 'just being nice' is he playing  good cop bad cop with you? has he no concept of the VERY REAL HARM he is doing to his son? or  has he got his own weight issues? Whatever it is it has to stop and stop NOW !!!!!!! Amy  take your God given right to dictate what Harrison is allowed to eat and what he is'nt, start by cleaning out the cupboards, IF IT's NOT IN THE HOUSE,TIM CANT GIVE IT TO HIM!!!!!! Get Harrison active start by making it a game, play with him, Little by little he will respond. Tell Tim that if he really wants to give Harrison a  treat at the end of the week, this can only be after a week of him activly helping you reduce his intake of inapproprate food and drink and also 'playing' with Harrison at least 3 times a week. And then theres the lad himself Im no stranger to 'I want, I want, gimme gimme ,PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEE !!!!!!!!!  I have 3 children and 1 rule, in two parts, BE CONSISTANTLEY PERSISTANT, and BE PERSISTANTLEY CONSISTANT . Enlist help from everywhere, family, freinds, school, local health centre, look up neutrition on the net. Amy you are the mother lion come out  " ROARING ". Please also remember that a "treat" is not a bad thing now and then and, if totally denyed, when Harrison gets the chance he will  "go for it ". So freind Amy, I wish you luck. P. S. My children gave me the name and the strength to ROAR!!!!!!!!!     

February 3, 2007, 12:45 pm CST

My story

 I used to be obese up until January 2006 when I decided to turn things around.  I am a 20 year old male who is 5'10'' tall and used to weigh 250 pounds.  I took off 80 pounds last year so now I am 170.  I have kept it off for 8 and a half months so far and find that all that it takes is a consistent excercise routine and not having dessert everyday.  I did it 100% for my health becuase it was deteriorating and I needed to take action.  I was putting on 15-30 pounds per year when the average weight gain in a year for a growing person should be approx. 10 pounds.  I followed this trend until after I turned 10.  I weighed 80 pounds when I was 10 (4th grade) but I remember weighing 106 in 5th grade so I put on 26 ILBS In one year and was a 106 pound 11 year old I weighed 165 at age 14.  200 at age 16.  230 at age 17 (bad year my dad was unemployed I was depressed) and 250 at 19.  I haven't had a soda or caloric beverage (except milk) in 13 months, I havent had french fries in 16 months.  I don't miss them at all.  Being healthy isnt just important for living to be 85+ years old it greatly enhances your quality of life during.  I have energy to spare and my heart is doing fantastic.  I hope these kids turn it around because I know what it feels like to be going on the wrong track. 
February 3, 2007, 6:38 pm CST

02/07 “How’s My Big Fat Baby?”

You know what, see this is DISGUSTING, forget political corectness in this case, this is nothing short of child abuse.

I am aware of Prader Willi syndrome, before that gets brought up, but from the blurb and the previews, the impression I get is these are normal children whose parents have eithr a) no CONTROL over these children or b) are NOT on the same page when it comes to nutrition.

The junk food issues are so simple, DON'T BUY THEM, or does you child DICTATE to you what they will eat, proven fact a child will NOT allow themselves to starve to death, and from the look of the parents it wouldn't hurt them either, child locks on the fridge and cupboard doors would come in handy.

Why would ANYONE set their CHILD up for a life of ridicule and shame, not to mention how cruel children can be when they get to school.  As PARENTS we are RESPONSIBLE ( ugly word for some I know) for our children's physical and EMOTIONAL well being, under what theory is it okay to allow a two, four or seven year old CHILD to dictate what is best for them.

Would you stand there and allow your husband to BEAT the child, if you would then someone should save that child NOW, feeding them to DEATH isn't any better.

Judgemental, yes, mean yes, hey I'll take it, in cases like this, you know what, it is the PARENT'S FAULT.

February 4, 2007, 6:39 am CST

Obesity - Do something now!

 I'm 45 years old, and fought weight almost my entire life.  I did something about it in 2002, still am fighting to lose 40 pounds.  I realized that getting to the issues is the problem.  Began a healthy eating way of life and took  off 11 pounds recently.  I have been  a little depressed and stressed since beginning of 2004.  I moved from my home state of California to Texas, married a man only after knowing him 7 months, relocated my 10 year old to Texas away from her daddy. 

Then in August of 2006, I divorced my husband, financial ruined, relocated again to Nevada with my 10 year old only to live with my generous sister.  I work full time a very stressful position within the healthcare industry.  My daughter only a month ago was depressed, she had put on about 35 pounds, strictly my fault, she talked about sucide, her feelings to me (which I'm so glad that I took the time to really listen to her).  I joined a internet support group for kids called (, they gave me some tools, I put them into action and within a few weeks she has taken off 10 pounds and is so happy.  I got her involved in dance/drama we hike and we are always busy. 

I do believe that is we as parents need grab hold of a weight issue of a young child we can help them by teaching them what is healthy.  My daughter is happy, confident and knows that this will all be behind her in just a few short months.  She can't wait for her family in California to see her and is so looking forward to getting bikini for the summer.

When I think back to our conversation and how sad she was - I am very sorry that I did not see her depression sooner.  I'm just glad that I finally got out of my self absorbed world ~ which I think a lot of parents do. 

Sincerely, Mitzi Thompson
February 4, 2007, 6:45 am CST

Sometimes children are just big

My son is 5 years old, and so far no one can figure out why he is so large. He was normal size at birth 7lbs 8oz, almost month early. In one month he almost doubled his weight, at 1 yr check up he was 35lbs. No junk food, no solids until 6 months just big eater. Now he is 90lbs at 5 year checkup. His brother is 42lbs and only 15 months younger, and eats the same foods. We have done every test imaginable, nothing so far. I must add he is also off charts on height as well. I am certain that some parents would much rather throw junk food at their children than actually cook, but it has became too easy to judge others when you have no idea what happens in their home.
February 4, 2007, 10:17 am CST

Lets get a GRIP on it parents!!!

I am a health care provider and have taken care of kids for over 12 years. I think that it's appalling for parents to allow children to become so unhealthy. I have a nephew that is 6 years old and he weighs more than a 125lbs. I blame his obesity on his mother  my sister). She doesn't prepare healthy meals and allows him to drink sodas like water. I have explained to her  the importance of weight loss for him because she describes to me what appears to be sleep apnea. As a health care provider I believe that these kids should be taken from those parents who absolutely don't care or get it. These kids could be placed in an environment that would be conducive to weight loss therefore improving and in most cases reversing the damage that has already  been done. This only one health care providers opinion. Does anyone  else have any suggestions on how the parents should get a grip?



February 4, 2007, 11:22 am CST

02/07 “How’s My Big Fat Baby?”

I recently took my kids to the doctor for checkups and the doctor told me that they were small.  Sure, my son is a little short for his age, but he eats healthy and is very active.  He is 4 years old and weighs 32 pounds now.  He was a 7 pd 2 oz baby, perfectly healthy and I want to help him stay that way.  Same thing with my daughter.  She is almost 18 months and weighs 20 pounds. 


The reason my doctor said this is because with so many young children being heavy, it is unusual to see children like mine.  They eat fruits and vegetables, we hardly ever go out for fast food and they are very active all day, I wish I had their energy! LOL


I wonder how many parents are told that their children are small because it is true, kids today are bigger.  I don't want my children to develop heart problems or diabetes because of food.  I am their mom and that means I am responsible for their health and well being and that's what I'm doing. 


To the parents who feed their kids junk all day, please think of your kids and their health, not about what's easier to feed to them.  Sure, my kids like cookies, but they don't eat them everyday.  I don't even buy them in groceries every week.  I buy them for a special treat, not for an everyday snack.


Please think of your children.  It is their life.

February 4, 2007, 11:27 am CST

Fat babies make me sad

When I see a fat child, first it makes me so sad for that child and then I get so angry at the parents of the child because I know it's not the childs fault. 

It is our responsibility to make sure our children are happy and HEALTHY, and an overweight child is NOT healthy!!  I"m not talking about a chubby baby, they are all a LITTLE chubby for a little while.  I am talking about fat, unhealthy fat, it's just not right and I agree with the other person who said it's just plain CHILD ABUSE!! 

My question to the parents of these fat kids and the out of control kids has always been the same...."WHO IS THE PARENT, WHO IS IN CHARGE HERE?"  The answer in most cases is that the child is in charge, whether the parents want to admit it or not.  Step up and take control of your children, be the parent!!!


To the parent who has the overweight 5 year old and said sometimes they are just overweight, there is just one thing you said that caught my attention and that was that he's "just a big eater." 

Please don't take what I am saying as harsh, it is hard to figure out the tone in a message like this, but I assure you that my tone here is soft, I am trying to understand your situation. 

My thought here is that if he's a big eater and he's over weight, then he is eating too much.  I have a 6 year old that is not a big eater and is not overweight.  Have you tried not giving the child everything they want to eat?  And by everything they want, I don't mean junk food, letting a child just gorge themselves, and not putting any limit on how much they eat, even if it's healthy food, is not good, there need to be limits.  Have you tried this? 

February 4, 2007, 1:30 pm CST

heart broken

i HATE the thought of a child not being able to play or do natrual things as every child should but instead they have to be limited becuase of their weight which no child should be limited.  i have a niece that is over wheight and only 4 she eats all the worst possible things and i can't say anything to my husband b.c it is a touchy subject, he sugest i am to much of a health freak b/c my mother was. i have a daughter and i know as a fact i would never allow her to eat more than 3 full meals a day and 1 snack and only healthy things.  the best way i can make her do that is if i buy  only the right food and explain to her like my mother explained to me, girls can't eat as much food as boys and have to watch there figures, when you feel satisfied with your meal STOP EATING DON'T INDULGE YOURSELF!!. i did have an eating disorder as a high-schooler b/c i believe when i got older the pressure to be thin took a little more than eating right, and playing sports. But i believe i can stop that chain with my daughter and teach her the right way, along with my very supportive husband. He is very sucure with his weight and very helpul at telling me i am beautiful for having a 2 month old baby. So i am ready to start her on the right track. The parents in my point of view are to blame b/c they have the money to buy the mal nutritional foods that there child can sneak/ eat. if i wanted to sneak food it would only be canalope or watermelon, no fatning foods were ever around. Also the parents should have more control over there child, if she/he cries for more food the answer is no and thats finale , i was told to chew ice. and i believe that response saved me a life of ridicule and depression. in the end i thank my mother for not allowing me to think with my stomach. I don't have an eating disorder now but i am very casiouse with what goes in my mouth but i do believe in letting go sometimes and having an icecream or a piece of cake its ok just not all the time, and i know it is a treat and not a habit.
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