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Created on : Friday, January 26, 2007, 01:55:18 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 1/31/07) The media bombards the public with images of stick-thin bodies, but not all men prefer these types of women. Self-proclaimed "Chubby Chasers" love their women curvy, round and voluptuous. Clayton says he likes the rolls on his wife, Cheryl's, 300-pound body, and he loves to watch her butt jiggle. Cheryl says that she wants to lose weight but fears that if she does, she might also lose her marriage. Does Clayton sabotage Cheryl to keep her overweight? Dr. Phil has a plan to get them both what they want. Then, Phillip says he prefers to date women who are at least 250 pounds. His twin brother, Paul, says he's disgusted by the plus-size women, and his brother is embarrassing the family. He even makes fun of Phillip's dates when he brings one home, calling her fat and stinky. Will these brothers ever be able to find a middle ground? And, go inside a nightclub that caters to big women and men who can't get enough of them! Talk about the show here.

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July 13, 2007, 5:15 pm CDT

Personally speaking about BIg Love

I really wish BBW's were more accepted in this society of ours. That is why I love the BBW personals. I get to meet men who actually are interested in someone who has meat on their bones and I do not have to come up with fancy words or terms to describe myself.

Why someone has to get so hung up on someone's SIZE is beyond me. There is more to a person than their size, and yes, it is all about PREFERENCE people. I do not go out of my way to date a thin man, bald man, black or white man, or whatever. I will date a man who is a decent human being, has certain values that are attractive to me. I do not look at their size, color, nationality, or so forth and so on, to make my decision.

In addition to that, if a man is interested in dating me, (the BBW woman), kudos for me! I am an attractive, active, middle-aged, hard working individual, who has high morals and values for myself and family. I am kind and considerate to all people and feel that everyone's opinion matters. I am all the things a good man would want in a person. I would hope that this is what he sees in me. Not just the superficial OUTSIDE of me. What a shame that people always have to put a label on someone to make themselves feel better. Fat? nah! it's not fat, it's PHAT!!!!   lol  I wish i lived in CA to go to club bounce. I think it would be fun to go even for one night! Maybe they will open one in MASS!

July 15, 2007, 1:24 am CDT

07/03 Big Love

I'm a member of the first BBW dedicated rap group, the chubby chasers.  We love big women, it's not just the physical apsects but the personalities too.  BBW's tend to be more down to earth, more caring, and more adventurous too.  They are real women with real bodies.


This is why we wanted to make an album dedicated to them, it's time to give all the beautiful BBW's some good publicity and love!!


Check out our myspace and you'll see what beautiful women really look like!!

July 17, 2007, 5:15 am CDT

What was that Guy thinking?

I am not good at remembering names but I was horrified at the man who was so strictly against people who are overweight. No matter what anyone's opinion is on the matter, no one ever has the right to make another person feel worthless and intentionally go out of their way to treat another human being like they are their personal doormat to step on when they see fit. Furthermore, like the old saying goes, opinions are like ***holes everyone has got one. I wondered after this show if that man ever felt the sting of racism or prejudice, there are alot of people in this world that have problems with skin color, would he be as hurt and upset if people talked to him like that, treated him awefully because  of the color of his skin? Maybe he should think twice before he speaks, karma goes around. It wouldn't be anymore of a right for some racist person to say things against him than him treating overweight people the way he does.
July 17, 2007, 8:42 am CDT

i disagree

Quote From: msvivace

It sounds to me like chubby chasers are just a different type of player. They are objectifying fat women and being attracted to them for purely physical reasons. Personality, character, brains, etc. are left out of the equation. Instead of the more common type of "arm candy" they've chosen something more voluptuous. It's still icky. Don't women want to be truly loved for who they are?
there's nothing wrong with being a chubby chaser - who's to say they don't take personalit and character into consideration?
July 22, 2007, 5:32 pm CDT

Big Love reply

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