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Topic : 01/22 The Dr. Phil House: Teen Intervention, Part 3

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Created on : Friday, January 19, 2007, 01:21:03 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
The story continues with Alex, a 14-year-old girl who moved into The Dr. Phil House with her mom, grandmother and aunt. Alex’s family asked Dr. Phil to intervene because they couldn’t stop Alex from prostituting herself to older men. Dr. Phil confronts Alex’s aunt, Enza, and her mother, Kim, about how their venomous relationship is affecting Alex and leading her to turn to men for comfort. Enza apologizes for her behavior with Alex, and finds a new ally in the house, against Kim’s mother, Jeanette. Jeanette overhears a discussion about her and angrily informs Kim that she will find a new place to live. After confiscating Alex’s cell phone, Kim listens to a voicemail from an older man, trying to contact Alex for sex. Private investigator, Harold Copus, meets with Alex and gets information on the older men she says she’s been with, so they can be taken off the streets. On their last day in the House, Dr. Phil breaks the news to Alex that she won’t be returning home with her family. Find out where she’s going and what makes her break down in tears. Then, talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 22, 2007, 6:34 pm CST

teen intervention, part e

January 22, 2007, 6:35 pm CST

The Father

Quote From: deejtu1945

Since I missed Part 1 & 2 and I do not want to read through all the messages, has there been any mention of a "father" or "male" in this mess?  The main reason the daughter is acting out in this manner seems to be the lack of a male presence in her life, whether it be a parent, an uncle or anyone that cares.  And when she is surrounded by negative women, the situation just intensifies.  For the record, "lookin for love in all the wrong places" seems to be the norm.
This has been raised quite a number of times. Enza's brother is Alex's father. But there must be something very unfortunate that has occured here because the issue has been remarkably overlooked by everyone including Dr. Phil.  
January 22, 2007, 6:38 pm CST

Dr. Phil got fooled...knew it would happen one day....

 it was painful to me to hear the aunt, enza, being so patronising to the 14 year old child:

"baby we are trying to keep you clean"

"any one ever teach you how to use a knife and fork? "

"your teeth look like the meal is still on them"

but the one that really was painful to hear,

"i am tired of people thinking you as so nasty

 people dont think you have it in you but i know you cruel.:(

January 22, 2007, 7:02 pm CST


Enza is pure poison.  She is feeding off the turmoil the family is in.  She is self-righteous and thinks that she has all the answers.  She was interfering with the relationship between Kim and Alex, now she is trying to get between Kim and her mother.  Dr. Phil, please get that woman out of the house.
January 22, 2007, 7:14 pm CST

Way to go Dr. Phil

 Well Dr. Phil never ceases to amaze me! I think there was much progress made today! There wasn't has much yelling, more sharing and more communication. It was a step in the right direction. I was pleased to see both women taking some responsibility for their bad behavior.

 As far as Enza being a manipulator, it does appear she is, but in her defense it is a pattern I am sure she has been doing for a very long time. She and Kim can't change over night. All of these bad behaviors will take therapy and practice. I have changed my view  about Enza. Her heart appears to be in the right place, she, like all of the women need communications skills.

 I too, have some of the same problems, and I know how hard it is to change old bad habits. I am so much more hopeful for this family after todays show. I pray for the family and everyone involved!

 My heart did ache for Alex. I know she must be frightened, but hooray for Kim for doing the right thing. Alex will see that in the long run it is for the best.

 As for Jeanette...I must be very careful addressing this problem. I have a mother very similar. Boundaries is the best solution for that situation.

Again, thumbs up to Dr. Phil and his staff!!!!

January 22, 2007, 7:24 pm CST


Quote From: cyngray

Kim looks pretty good on the show because she loves her daughter and seems to have a calm desire for her daughter to do better. But it sounds as though her personal behavior has been irresponsible and that's the most important factor in this problem. Enza is toxic and spews venom behind any back that's turned. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't  just gossip about Alex when she's not on a TV show trying to look like a hero. But even what she's revealed on the show is that she is constantly conspiring with someone against someone else and doesn't really care who it hurts. Whether the grandmother stays or goes, I don't really care, although it seems reasonable for her to say, "If I'm living here, then I have to be able to express myself regarding the discipline of the children." If her help isn't appreciated, then she should go. My big point is that Kim is irresponsible in her own behavior and that has corrupted her child, regardless of how much she loves her child and wishes things were different. If she doesn't change, Alex will not change.

ENZA is the biggest PROBLEM here. YES mom made some MISTAKES but MOMS is entittle to makes MISTAKES  and then LEARN from them. ALEX is a teen and I feel she is doing what she whats to do because thats what she wants to do,not because mom is doing this and that. SOME teens is just out of control and ALEX is one of them. enza is helpin her to use her mom problems

for why she is doing what she is doing rather if mom is making mistakes are not or have a drinking problem are not. mom is growing ALEX is not and ALEX needs to know what mom do is mom growing up business not hers, and it dont give her the right to do what she see or aunt enza tell her mom is doing.ALEX to me is doing what she feel she is big to do.aunt enza is the fire dropper here.

January 22, 2007, 7:25 pm CST

01/22 The Dr. Phil House: Teen Intervention, Part 3

I think Enza needs to get out and stay out for ever.

Mom, Alex and Grandma all need therapy to learn as a functioning unit with consistency.

This whole situation is pretty screwed up but I have seen much worse.


I would like the Thank Dr. Phil for the only thing he has been helpful with. 

Thank you for getting the sick pedophiles off the street!!!



January 22, 2007, 7:27 pm CST

definitely manipulative

Quote From: mdivine

Enza is pure poison.  She is feeding off the turmoil the family is in.  She is self-righteous and thinks that she has all the answers.  She was interfering with the relationship between Kim and Alex, now she is trying to get between Kim and her mother.  Dr. Phil, please get that woman out of the house.

Enza was exploiting every week point she could find even when she was apparently trying to be nice.

Every thing sooo negative. What the heck kind of person would say people don't think you have it in you..instead of just saying you have it in you.


She says all these out of line things with cameras around! What would she do when no one else was around. SO dishonest.


But Alex's Mom seems to underneath really want Enza's approval...very sad.

January 22, 2007, 7:31 pm CST


Quote From: nursescare

I am ready to bite through a brick,  Dr Phil i have seen you tell step parents  on other shows to  let the real parents deal with the issues. so I am shocked that you havent stopped this one dead in its tracks. I dont care what kind of insight or information this aunt has to bring to the table, she has no business being their at all. she may care about the daughter, but she is using this show as a door to get her personal hatred towards the mother out their. she is very manipulative and i just cant stand it. i dont care what the mother has done wrong that aunt has no right and no business being there. she talks about the daughter seeing her mom with a penis in her, boy wasnt she trying to create a negative visual for the daughter. when the daughter was going to get her tests she made a smart comment to her mom and then she looked at her aunt for confirmation. please Dr. Phil get this horrible game playing women out of that house and let the daughter and mother deal with there problems. please, I know you can see the games she is playing, you can see right on her face the personal satisfaction shes getting out of all this.

I couldn't agree with you more.....


I believe Enza needs to pick on some one stable and see what she gets in return, she had me laugh on todays episode, I mean give me a brake the compassion the caring, the " oh I just want the best for you Kim" please,  Enza I know your reading these comments, give it up Phys co your transparent!


I don't have a clue what Dr. Phil has planned for this one (Enza) but you can bet he's had to bring in the best in the physiological department he could possible find.

January 22, 2007, 7:32 pm CST

Put a muzzle on Enza

Next to the mother and grandmother, Enza looks crazy - you can't carry on a conversation with her because she just screams.  What is wrong with her?  She is not looking out for this child's best interests, she is only concerned with carrying on an all out war with the mom because to me if she can keep bashing the mom, she feels better about herself.  She needs some real help and quick.   I feel sorry for the teen because she's stuck in the middle of a lot of dysfunction.  And Grandmother, I don't think you should get in the middle of the mom and aunt arguing but you should get the teen out of the room when it's going on.  No wonder this child is screwed up, nobody is standing up for her. 
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