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Created on : Friday, January 19, 2007, 01:21:03 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
The story continues with Alex, a 14-year-old girl who moved into The Dr. Phil House with her mom, grandmother and aunt. Alex’s family asked Dr. Phil to intervene because they couldn’t stop Alex from prostituting herself to older men. Dr. Phil confronts Alex’s aunt, Enza, and her mother, Kim, about how their venomous relationship is affecting Alex and leading her to turn to men for comfort. Enza apologizes for her behavior with Alex, and finds a new ally in the house, against Kim’s mother, Jeanette. Jeanette overhears a discussion about her and angrily informs Kim that she will find a new place to live. After confiscating Alex’s cell phone, Kim listens to a voicemail from an older man, trying to contact Alex for sex. Private investigator, Harold Copus, meets with Alex and gets information on the older men she says she’s been with, so they can be taken off the streets. On their last day in the House, Dr. Phil breaks the news to Alex that she won’t be returning home with her family. Find out where she’s going and what makes her break down in tears. Then, talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 22, 2007, 1:41 pm CST

ENZA: A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

How is Enza related to this family?


How gullable is Kim to already be trusting Enza after 1 sitting w/ Dr. Phil after all that Enza has put her & her family thru?  How quickly Kim forgets that Enza is nothing but deceiving, vindictive & full of hate!!!  Kim needs to open her eyes & put all of her focus on her daughter & quit worrying about busy-body Enza.  Please remove Enza from the picture & let Kim, her mother & Alex take care of their own family issues.....ENZA IS TOXIC!!  She loves to create drama...enough already!!  ENZA BE GONE!!!


January 22, 2007, 1:42 pm CST


Enza is a manipulative, vindictive,  phony--all of this fake empathy is disgusting--she has contributed to Alex's destructive behavior as much as Kim has--she's just telling Dr Phil what he wants to hear when he chastises her--she is not sincere
January 22, 2007, 1:53 pm CST


OMG, Are y'all serious here?!?! I have only seen parts 1 & 2 - waiting for 3. But from what I have seen so far Kim isn't the Mom of the Year - but who is? That woman has a right to have a life outside her children - YES, the kids should come first and maybe that is where her problems lies. WHO KNOWS!!! Dr.Phil will do everything he can to help her.


Enza... well, lets just say I would LOVE to meet her and give her a peice of my mind! That one needs some serious help. She has a mouth on her and needs to know when to SHUT IT and BUTT out. Got news for ya Enza - You are NOT even close to Mom of the Year with the attitude and mouth on you!!! Any time any place.... PA-LAEEASEEE!!!!!


Jeanette... I feel for her. This poor woman has raised her children and doing all she can to help her daughter and getting grief for it. Sure, yeah ok she should say something sometimes, but pa-lease - NOT her problems to deal with.


Alex, Alex Alex - this is what the show is about. Leave it at that - take care of this child FIRST then the Mother - forget the Aunt - she's hopeless.  Alex, honey, VALUE yourself first and others will follow. Trust in your heart that you are WORTH more than what any man wants from you. You do not need a man or anyone else to tell you what you are or what you can be. Believe in You and you can do ANYTHING!!!!!! I sure hope the Doc helps you...been there myself. I'm 37 with 3 kids (boys ironically) - it took me a long time to relize that but I have and I am a better person for it, and you will be too.

January 22, 2007, 1:58 pm CST

01/22 The Dr. Phil House: Teen Intervention, Part 3

Enza's attitude is way over the top!  Does she really think she is so smooth that she can convince anyone that she is only concerned with Alex's safety, sanity or anything else!


In my opinion, Enza is messing where she shouldn't be, especially since she is one manipulative, self-serving pathetic person.  Does she not have a life of her own?  If she does please return and let Alex and her Mother work things out.


Poor Alex is being so abused by this person, not to let Alex's mother off the hook.  Enza's should be eliminated from this poor child's life.  What is she thinking! 


I experienced the same situation with my niece.  My only concern was to allow this poor child to be just that.  A child!  Her mother was a mean character; just would the girl was settled, making progress and was reasonably happy, she would come and get just because she could.  Of course the first few times my niece thought her mother came because she loved her then realized she was just mean and need someone to abuse when things weren't so great in her life.


Enough said, you get the picture.  Enza fix your life and stop runing poor Alex's life.  She deserves a chance, let her have it!  Let your self-serving attude serve you, you deserve it.


January 22, 2007, 2:14 pm CST

Who is Enza?

Who is Enza?  It seems like she is the person who foments all the ongoing stress between the mother, grandmother, and teen.  She never has anything positive to say about anything!!  She breeds toxicity!!  Can she be divorced from the family so that each has a fighting chance of straightening out their complex relationships?  Please do something about Enza.  Send her back to HER family!!
January 22, 2007, 2:20 pm CST

What a HORRIBLE mother!!! There's NO excuse for that!

I'm sorry, I have to say I normally agree with Dr Phil, but he's doing a horrible job on this one!!! Why are we focusing so much on Enza, at least the girl has the right morals. That mother, Kim, really should have had her child taken away from her A LONG TIME AGO! I've seen first hand the kind of damage that bad mothering has done, the drinking, the sex with random men... AND ALL IN FRONT OF HER OWN DAUGHTER!!! Not to mention, you don't let a 14 year old child leave the house for long periods of time when she's been known to prostitute herself!... I don't even want to think where that horrible mother was during those times!!!... THERE'S JUST NO EXCUSE FOR THAT!!!!... And yet the show is so focused on Aunt Enza, who seems to be the only one that gives a damn about Alex and getting her cleaned up (because clearly the mother DOESN'T,  she's only concerned with saving her own face and trying not to look like the alcoholic that she is!, and the grandmother isn't either, why is she even on the show?! all she's doing is enabling Kim to be such a horrible mother!!)
Dr, Phil, WHY ARE YOU FOCUSING ON ENZA RATHER THAN HELPING THAT POOR CHILD?! The responsibility of that poor child being the way she is is because of the MOTHER!!!!
You really need to focus on what's the real issue here and get a grip on this situation, because you're acting like you just don't have a clue what you're doing!! I'm really disappointed in what you're doing (and NOT doing for this family)!
January 22, 2007, 2:25 pm CST


Everyone involved needs to show a little respect for each other. The aunt needs to butt out. It's one thing to lend an ear and be a "buddy" to the girl, but the adults need to make sure the child doesn't hear all the bickering and criticizing from each other. And I really feel sorry for "grandma" me all I've noticed is disrespect and elderly abuse.


The biggest problem I see is the aunt trying to be too involved in this family. She needs to get a life of her own and just be there for support. The aunt is just a gossipy busy-body. I certainly wouldn't want her as a neighbor...she'd be in my business all the time trying to play "Dr Phil". The scene where the aunt was "helping" the girl to have manners while eating...really condescending for the girl!  I used to teach junior high and high school kids and this girl must have certainly embarrassed...the girl isn't a baby and may have seemed ok with the aunt suggestiing tucking a napkin in her collar like a baby in front of tv cameras...but the aunt treated the girl like a baby.  The aunt's remarks and actions aren't doing anything for this teen's selt-esteem.


I really think Dr Phil should send the aunt home! Please get the 3 generations of women...the teen, mom and grandma together again. There can be no resolution as long as the nosey aunt is around.

January 22, 2007, 2:32 pm CST

01/22 The Dr. Phil House: Teen Intervention, Part 3

Quote From: papafrank






January 22, 2007, 2:34 pm CST

I'm here to give you a pat on the back.

Quote From: chjude1

 That is scary, there are a lot of problems in my own family. One large  one due to the fact that my 22nd year old son who is mentally ill because his biological mother took drugs is one. My husband and my other grown children have  had to deal with these mental illness issues, never mind the fact that my Son will never have a normal life because of someone elses problems. We have always gotten help for him and continue in many different ways to help including letiing other agencys help him. So , I guess, my point which isn't coming out clearly is. these shows kindof make me sick. Here we did nothing but help our Son and the problems never end for him or us and this family with that Aunt is just so terrible. Yelling, pointing fingers, drinking problems  and on and on. I hate this particular show because is shows such dispare and we  here at our house, who have only tried to get the help my Son needs, sees a family that has been in denial for God knows how long. I wish there could be some happy endings to  these t ype of problems , but when you have family memebers that make things worse, it will be nearly impossible. All of a suddend the girl won't be ok, just because Dr. Phil stepped in. It will be because of his vast resources and ties that can get the girl away from her family.
My Son, like many other metally ill people , who need help and many times  refuse it will continue to struggle along day by day. That's life, there are no guarinteens, I know, and sorry about the spelling issues here,  but I will not give up on my Son , but with the laws the way they are, there is only so much I can do . He must want help also and if t here are other  poeple out there with relatives with mental health issues, le me know......sable

I have thought the same things you have written here. I am almost 50 years old, so this has been going on for a long time. YOU HAVE BEEN TRYING! THAT IS SO GREAT!


I am Christian, don't have much bible study though. When I was very young, I read the part where GOD says; I AM THAT I AM, don't worry you cannot understand, just believe. I don't know why your family or mine has been put through so much pain. Sometimes it seems cruel.


But, GOD is not cruel, the devil is. Anyway, you have not quit and will not quit. I think you get it.


I taped the show today. Got home in time to see just the last 20 minutes. Do you believe I feel lucky? I hope you can see the progress you HAVE made. Your work has had results. Pat yourself on the back and smile: even just a little bit. I am going to. Then I am going to get back to work.

January 22, 2007, 2:37 pm CST

01/22 The Dr. Phil House: Teen Intervention, Part 3

Enza is a toxic individual.  She keeps stirring and stirring the pot.  When she got caught by Dr. Phil talking to Alex about her mother, she then decided to move onto Kim and badmouth Kim's mother.  This family does not need her in their life. Instead of focusing on her own family, she is bent on "fixing" Kim's.  She needs to butt out and leave them alone so they can repair their relationship with Alex.
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