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Created on : Friday, January 12, 2007, 02:25:01 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 01/18/07) Criminals, deadbeats and bad boys -- most women run from these types of men, but some say Mr. Wrong is the right guy for them. Kelly says her daughter, Heather, married Mr. Wrong, and the price she paid was losing her children. Kelly says Heather's husband, Earl, is an unfit father and can't provide for the family. Heather, 25, says she stands by her 41-year-old husband and wants her parents to stop sabotaging her marriage. Are Heather and Earl really unfit parents, or does Earl deserve a second chance? Then, Sarah, 29, says she's been married to three men in prison, and her current husband is serving a life sentence for murder. Even more shocking, she often takes her two young daughters to visit their step-dad behind bars, and she says they love to see him. Why is Sarah drawn to this type of man? Sarah's mom weighs in on her daughter's love life. And, a woman who gave up nearly 20 years of her life for a man in jail has an important message for Sarah. Will Sarah feel differently after meeting Darlene? Join the discussion.

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March 18, 2007, 9:50 am CDT

Was the parents' lack of empathy

Quote From: baysiderd

 Heather's is just as bad as Earl. NEITHER of them should have children, who in their right mind leaves lighter fluid and matches lying around kids? Parents are suppose to protect children; not become someone to fear. Hearing that animal abuse is on the list of crimes just confirms them as unfit. Children are precious gifts even though Earl is the one who has pled guilty to the crimes Heather was there and witnessed them so she needed to stand up and be their mother. She should have taken that child to the hospital no matter what Earl said. I can only pray that they never have more kids and they get serious help in not only parenting but keeping them safe and healthy. I don't know how her mom & dad stay so calm but I am thankful the children have a stable home to live in. Responsibility should be the backbone of us all.


I don't care whose home it is, even  yours, there are hazards you don't even think about. We had a family in our community whose two children got out of bed during the night and climbed on the stove to get at the cookies. It had pushbutton controls on the back panel. The little girl leaned her knee on one and it came on and started her nightgown on fire. Both she, and her brother died.


I know a couple who are wonderful parents. Their children were never neglected. The mother was working in the yard and thought she was keeping an eye on her little ones, 4 and 2. They managed to get into a camper that the paternal grandparents had stored on the property. The door was supposed to be locked but had a faulty catch. The kids found some matches and the camper literally exploded.


The mother had walked around the corner to see what they were doing. She had seen the smoke and heard a whimper. She grabbed the hose and ran toward the camper. It exploded just as she got to the door.


Cleaning supplies, even chairs that provide access, outlets that can have things poked into them, there are many dangers we don't think of.


What these parents did wrong, was to be so insensitive to their children, they allowed that child to suffer third degree burns and didn't seek medical help.


How many of us has rushed a child to the doctor or hospital because he was screaming in pain? How could they not?


Since they seem to have been born without proper feelings that parents need, why do they want to subject those children to further hurt and insult.


Heather should thank her lucky stars her mother has deeper feelings for her children than she does.

March 19, 2007, 4:39 am CDT


Quote From: kathalynne

I noticed that flrat69 has a whole lot of personal connections with many of the bloggers and I find that interesting.  Wow!  You must have lived a full and meaningful life.  You have so much to share.  What  a gift.  Thank you for all your responses, wisdom and insight. God Bless.
Thank you for the message.  My wife and I have always worked with the public.  I was also raised in a military family and was exposed to a variety of people as well as places.  Yes, that was a gift, but it had its price as well in that I never really developed the skills needed to form and maintain the lasting friendships others have.  I also have no where I call "home" in a family sense.  I do think that if I really listen to someone, I can understand (at least in part) "where they're coming from."  Thanks again.
May 10, 2007, 11:20 am CDT

bad behavior dr. phil!

I think that your behavior towards Earl, Dr. phil, was way to hard. I think that you saw yourself as a better man than him and i didn´t expect that from you. Maybee you didn´t see how sad and violated he was? Or maybe you didn´t care?

he´s eyes were totally wet and his lipps were drimbling. and yet you kept yelling at him. He neds help, he doesen´t realize that his behavior is bad. He doesn´t realize why people look at him with discust in yheir faces. Man, i really felt like punshing their faces off,  when i saw how they looked at him and how sad he was.


So, anyway. you should have offered him help right away, and most importantly you should have listend to him. You were really bad at that today.


Thanks for my oppinion/ swedish girl.

July 20, 2007, 3:51 pm CDT

Mr. Fisher Pen Pal

I was totally shocked to see Willy Fisher on the Dr. Phil show cause I have been writing Willy for years now. He is not as bad as everyone thinks he is, I guess I have a special place in my heart for him cause I have wrote him for so long.

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