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May 31, 2008, 4:43 pm CDT


Busy week outside but have accomplished a lot.  Today I trimmed trees and they do look nice.  Now we can mow under the apple tree.!  We have a graduation tomorrow about 50 miles away so will use some of that expensive gas...$3.72 - 3.89.  We fly to Anchorage August 23 but will have to let you know our time schedule which we receive a couple weeks before departure.  Sure hope our health hangs together so we can make the trip.  I did take out insurance in case one of has one of those home accidents, etc.  Really looking forward to the trip.  I keep thinking about going back to WW just for the motivation of others which always helps.  I keep hoping all this outdoor activity will do something.  I have done a little more inside the house, too, and keep plugging away to get my guest room emptied out.  Did take time to vaccum and wipe up the kitchen floor yesterday as the rain was keeping me in.  Hope Leo is felling better...Archie was on some meds for gout a year ago when we saw our Texas doctor but it had a very bad effect on his bathroom useage so we just dropped it.  Don't really think it was gout anyway.  Have a great Sunday in your house of worship.  Joy 








June 3, 2008, 5:18 am CDT

Hi to All

Good Morning;  Sorry I haven't posted for awhile----time is just going too fast.   Have been busy working outside--when the mosquitoes let us.  They have really been and are bad this year.  Don't remember them being so bad.    Spray doesn't even help.    My garden is doing good----lost 1 tomato plant to frost last week.   Covered them but  the corner of blanket must have blown off and got 1===lucky I had another to replace it.   My peas are doing really good and blossoms are starting to form.  They like the cool the weather we have been having.   Joy;  hope your trip to Alaska happens like you have planned.  And also hope you get to meet Dolores.   I will try to get back to posting on a regular basis.   If I don't get on the computer early in morning----I don't get on all day.   Always something to do.   Have been trying to get back to sewing but it is not happening.   Another grandson is getting married in Sept. and has asked for a goose egg cake top===so I have gotten all my supplies out and will be working on that.   All of you have a good day---hope your eating habits are better than mine---I have not been good---eating everything I get my hands on and more.     Jane
June 3, 2008, 9:45 am CDT


Jane, glad to hear you are OK...hope things are going well for Bill, too.  I know what you mean about getting on the computer...think about it and soon the day is gone.  I usually get on at night while Archie watches Wheel of Fortune.  I just came back from taking my DIL to the doctor and Archie is working in the garden.  I wanted to look up the weather in Seymour TX as that's where our grandson is harvesting wheat.  Time to start lunch but just thought I should check while I was here.  Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday..lots of pounds gone.  I don't watch but heard it was about weight loss so recorded it.  Joy
June 6, 2008, 8:41 am CDT

Hi to All

Can't believe it is Friday already--the weeks are going too fast.  Lois;  Hope your husband got good test report.   Dolores;   How is your house coming---are ready for your company???    Joy;  Your trip sounds so exciting.  Wish I could go with you.      We just came in from doing outside work===got rain yesterday and suppose to get more this afternoon.   It is windy so we thought the mosquitoes would leave us alone--but we were wrong----did get some work done---also picked rhubarb--lettuce-radishes  and spinach---will have a salad for lunch.   Our oldest son and his son are coming over tomorrow to check our roof--we think we have damage from the heavy ice we had a couple months ago.    Always something.   Have a good weekend everyone and hope you are all doing better with your eating than I am---just can't get my head on straight.      Jane
June 7, 2008, 9:19 am CDT

Good Morming

Just finished going through the house so will now start sewing.  We had terrible wind yesterday..blew a big branch out of one tree plus lots of small ones. Our son cleaned up the mess this morning plus cut down a few more limbs from my maple trees.   Goes so nice with the chain saw!  Went to our granddaughters graduation last night.  Weather is beautiful right now...71 and not too much wind.  Archie is busy cutting grass which takes in a lot of territory around the farm buildings.  Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.  I'm quitting work at 4 PM to watch the horse race!  JOY
June 7, 2008, 1:23 pm CDT

Hello everyone

Quote From: ulnamn

Just finished going through the house so will now start sewing.  We had terrible wind yesterday..blew a big branch out of one tree plus lots of small ones. Our son cleaned up the mess this morning plus cut down a few more limbs from my maple trees.   Goes so nice with the chain saw!  Went to our granddaughters graduation last night.  Weather is beautiful right now...71 and not too much wind.  Archie is busy cutting grass which takes in a lot of territory around the farm buildings.  Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.  I'm quitting work at 4 PM to watch the horse race!  JOY
Well, it is cloudy, we hope it will bring rain, but I don't think it will.  Leo mowed Thurs, and it looks good right now, but we are needing rain.  It has been in the 90's and the wind has been terrible,  so I think we are in for a very hot summer.  Leo has'nt  heard from  his tests yet.  He has allergies real bad and has an appt. with the Dr. Monday am. Our 31 yr.old grandson got married yesterday afternoon, his wife is 31 also, nether has been married before. They had rented a house and they got married in it.  We love his wife, she is fat, but is beautiful and has one of the best personality's, and she loves me and Leo.  We have'nt done anything today, there is plenty to do, but I guess we are just lazy.  We cleaned house pretty good Thurs. and bought groc. and did our running around Friday, My cousin, who owns the Retail Merchants Assn. here in Denison, had a celebration Fri, in honor of her 60th year to be working there.  Joy, I know you will love Alaska and meeting Dolores, Jane it is so good to hear from you too, and all those vegies you are growing sounds good.  Well, better go for now, Hope everyone has a great week end.  Till later, Lois
June 10, 2008, 6:28 am CDT

Hi to All

Sun is shining today---we had a very bad storm over weekend--got almost 4 inches of rain and had high winds---but we lucked out--most of the storm went north/west of us----The Wisconsin Dells area-about 30 miles south of us got hit very hard----a dam broke and some homes washed into the river---not good.

Bill is going to cut grass again today--has already cut it more times this year than ever before----we usually have a dry spring and summer.    Hope to get outside and do some weeding--depends on the mosquitoes---Hope you are all doing good.      Jane

June 10, 2008, 9:36 am CDT


Getting ready to take off to visit friends...return tomorrow.  Yes, jane, the Dells really got hit, didn't they.   Guess that means no water shows this year.  we used to enjoy driving through whenever we went that direction.  We've had some bad weather around us but so far we haven't had any damage.  A cool day today....barely 60.  I spent yesterday and this morning sewing.  Allergies must come out as these men get older.  Archie's nose needs a funnel.  Tomorrow night we're ivited to friends to play cards, Thursday I have my mammogram, and Friday brings the end of the week already.  Saturday is open house for our granddaughter so sure we'll get a lot of visiting done.  have a good week!  Joy 
June 17, 2008, 7:19 am CDT

Good Morning ladies

We have a little breeze this morning, but it still gets very hot, we keep the air conditioner as high as we can but still try to have a little air with our several fans.  My 66 yr old sister in law is being buried this afternoon.  She had lung cancer.  I see not many of us are posting these days, Joy, i wish i was going with you to Alaska, I'd love to meet Dolores.  I'd love to take that trip again.  Tonight is our family eat out, we always look forward to that, it's our way of at least seeing part of Leo' family every 2 weeks.  Sometimes there;s alot of the nieces and nephews there. Leo still has not heard from the kidney dr. to get a report, Leo called his office the other day and he had took a week off.  Our son came up for the week end for Fathers day. We cleaned house pretty good yesterday and washed clothes, so I,m not doing too much today, My weight is still the same, I do good for a day or two, then its back to my old ways.  Better go for now. Just checking in to say HI to everyone.  Have a good day. Lois
June 21, 2008, 4:35 pm CDT

A good Evening to All

Glad to see your note, Lois.  Sorry to hear about your SIL.  Always hard to see that final goodbye.  I've had a busy week as usual.  Played cards Monday night, spent all day at church on Tuesday with the quilting group, Wednesday was picking up kids from VBS and getting my yearly physical, visitng at the nursing home, getting home just in time for a quick bite and then off to play cards again.  Thursday morning I had a meeting at church and then came home to prepare "hot dish supper" for the farm...two sons and families.  Made two hot dishes, salad, french bread, green beans and dessert.  About the time dinner was over my DIL called to say our grandson had wiped out on his motorcycle...just a mile down the road...6:30  Archie and I arrived just after they had air-lifted him to the trauma center in Minneapolis.  We drove my son and DIL to the hospital.  He had bad road burns plus a gash in his forehead...numerous scrapes and bruises.  We spent time with him until they started to clean him up...went to a waiting area.  They had taken catscan, etc before we arrived.  We didn't actually talk to the doctor until shortly before midnight when he was going to sew up his head.  My son, Archie, and I left about midnight....bed at 1 AM.  My DIL stayed the night.  In the morning it was decided he would need surgery to remove a bone chip so today they opened up the wound on his forehead and went in to remove the chip.  He had the neck collar removed yesterday and was up to go to the bathroom so that was a plus.  Today he sedated quite heavily because of all the road burn pain.  When he does come home he will have to return to the hospital daily to have his bandages removed and his burns dressed.  I plan to help with transportation as my DIL is still recovering from back surgery.  Today I cleaned house, washed our sleep apt machines, and washed the car.  Archie wanted pizza for supper which was fine with me.  I hope Leo has gotten some results by fun waiting.  Our valley friends said today that it was hot and dry.  Please keep Cory in your prayers.   Joy       
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