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Created on : Monday, July 04, 2005, 02:07:26 pm
Author : dataimport
Share your story while giving and receiving support from others who are over 60.

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November 17, 2008, 4:56 am CST

I made it!

Quote From: janice255

 First I'd like to extend my sympathy to you Joyce for your sil. Yes You wonder how they can miss what took their life. Negligence is hard to prove in the medical field. I'm sure you were as devastated as I was. I need to call my brothers gf today and see how she is doing. I like to give people some space when thinggs first happen so they can do all they have to do. then I foind out other people know more than  I do b/c they have been calling every day or two. She said she would call in a few days to lets us know when the funeral would be. She said she couldn't deal gooing trugh his stuff and decided who would get what. It might be too hard to mail. We are too spread out. All six kids in six different states. I want to go and give my support to someone who is so sweet. I don't think she should have to give anything of his away until and unless she feels like it and when she feels like it.  I know some can't come financially. lie me and our sister in CA. I would have to have oxygen delivered to where I stayed for a day or two. Plus a special device I use in place of a consintrator. It's complicated. I'm going down to see my daughter and sil at Christmas so need to save that for then. Only a month away.  My Dr. visit come out very good. My sugar and colestrol and everything like that is fine. Dr. said very good. Now I hope I don''t have something he missed. Sad not LOL. Janice p.s. He didn't say anything about the 11 lbs weight gain.  Hope you all have a good weekend.   Janice I'll try your steps to beta Dr. Phil.

  I made it to beta board thanks to you Joyce! Thank you so much if I didn't say it b/4. It is such little print b/c I only have an 11 inch screen. That is the only problem. Another week to do better than last. I think I'm coming out of this depression and will stop using food as a comfort.  I want my watline back. Drinking more water. I have a Pure flavored water filter on my wish list so two people know. Say a prayer or cross your fingers however you perfer. Making a list to do more this week.

  Sorry for all the mistakes I made in the last post.  Janice

December 1, 2008, 5:45 pm CST

Attention all former WOW posters!

Hi everyone!

As you can read above this is the last month anyone will be able to post on this board.,  If you are a former WOW and want to check in you can go to the new board where some of us now chat.  If you cannot get there write to Joyce and she can send you a link to click on and get there in a timely fashion.

I realiize many will not get this message so if you are in touch with other WOW's please pass this message on to them before Dec31 of this year.

My but we sure shared a lot over all the past years,.  If you are reading this please go to the new board and let us all know how you are doing!!!  It does not have to be diet or food talk.,  Just let us know cause we care and want to stay in touch with our old Dr Phil. friends.

Have a blessed Holiday Season and may the peace of Christ be in your heart today and always.  Rainy

December 17, 2008, 8:15 am CST

new wow board connection

 Hi  everyone.  Rainy here.  I tried to get to the new board using the address I saw posted from the moderator and Joyce I think.  Well,  long and short of it it was not direct to the over 60 board for me so I am listing the one that takes me directly to the over 60 board and not just to the home page there.  I am not so spiffy with this computer and I need the easy ways to do things.

IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO GET TO THE NEW BOARD TRY THIS AND MAYBE IT WILL WORK FOR YOU BETTER.  HOPE TO HEAR FROM EVERYONE DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON TO HEAR HOW YO ALL ARE DOING. SubCatagoryID=198 page=1      if you put the whole thing in your search I think you can bypass the home page where it is easy to get lost and never find the over60 board at all before you give up  If I just use the part underlined it does not work for me.    come and say hello- everyone from way back when   January you will not be able to use this board again,.Rainy

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