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Share your story while giving and receiving support from others who are over 60.

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October 12, 2008, 11:12 pm CDT

/Just in case/

There's a rumor going around that there's going to be some changes made on this Dr. Phil web site.  I don't know why they'd change things again after there was so much trouble the last time.  So I want on my Over 60 WLC friends to have my real email address.  Please make a note of it in your email address book.


andiepie17's real name is Andrea.

email address is:


Please mention Dr. Phil or Over 60s in the title of your email message to me.


:) Andiepie17

October 13, 2008, 11:49 am CDT

The New Board

Soooooooooooooooo,  I just went to the new boards to see, "Maybe there IS a way we can all move over there!!"  It was like learning Greek and no matter how many times I posted a TEST message at the over '60's site, the test failed!  This just seems so unfair.  I'm going to go back to try to figure it out again, but I have a feeling I'll be communicating with everyone via e-mail.




October 13, 2008, 10:33 pm CDT

/Two things I thought I'd never hear from.../

 a doctor (or in this case a physician's assistant).  Those two things are:  she's happy with my weight, and she's happy with my blood pressure.  I'm happy with my weight, too, which was 119.5 lbs. this morning.  I'm only a half pound away from my goal weight. 


:) Andiepie17


(177/ 119/ 119.5)

October 13, 2008, 10:40 pm CDT

making the effort

     Well WOWs I have made the effort and posted a message on the new 60 board.  I don't think they post them right away as mine is not posted but there are 3 from Ellen (wired shut)  so you are getting through Ellen.  andiepie you are holdling your goal weight so well!  We are proud of you.  Joyce
October 14, 2008, 8:06 am CDT

Joyce and others

If you can do it..I will try..but today I'm going to Spa Diane..after all of the Oom pah pah of the Oktober fest..and crowds..The weather was gorgeous and today is beautiful..

I don't know when I'll get there, if I get there..but ifit can be done I will persevere.

And yes, I hope this weather holds out for LB's trip..there is Flo's Clamshack that one can see the ocean place..and we are hoping that they keep it open until after their visit..

Joyce, thankyou for the photo of  your mom, brother and sister in law..I know itis a shock, but quicker can be a great blessing..Everyone looks so vital in that photo..even your Mom..I think the spirit shows through..w/love and hugs, diane..and aren't we challenged on a daily basis..once more into the fray I

October 14, 2008, 9:45 pm CDT

Mother's Hands

   My dear dear sister in law died at 6:30  this evening.  Never have I known someone to have such an aggressive form of cancer.  She was only 68.   What a beautiful tribute her oldest son posted to the family on the email this evening.

Mother’s  Hands
Hands so soft with gentleness, caress the baby’s head and breast. Feel its tiny fingers move, wonder at its life so new. Hands now bathe the little one,  clean and soothe with touch of love. Sickness, fear or life’s little lessons won, hands are there with strength and love. Tireless they toil with hope and love, of what this baby will become. Washing, cleaning scrubbing so, with care to let the littleone know, that life is safe and clean with care, hands working diligently to make it so. Hands are holding its head just right to feed the child and touch with love. Hands labor on now through the years to teach the law, respect and care. To wound with healing as intent, hands punish with love, a life lesson meant. Gently wiping away the tears hands now pat the one so dear. Caressing gently littleone, to sooth the sorrow, shame and fear s, teaching justice’s love, with lightly moving fingers near. Hands will follow in a book under the words intending to help look. The child now wiggles from the task but hands are there to keep them fast. Hands extended to guide along and stop the wandering one from harm. Hands to hold the littleone through, sleepless nights guarding, from illness harm. Cool the heated head and brow; hands are working with sorrow now. Working care so tireless, bring, healing, hope and rest. Hands fold littleones hands together, teaching reverence, for Gods talk together. Showing hands from long life past, nailed from palm, to redeem mans past.
Hands creating meals with care, contents known, health to bless. Hands are wrapping gifts of thought, careful folds and bows show love. Hands are handing out the gifts, to family members gathered near. Soft receiving hugs of joy Hands are patting backs with love.
Hands creating craft from junk, working wonders with skill and touch. Painting, knitting sewing so, into this life new creations flow. The hands now labor to make a touch, unique and lovely, for all to love. Hands now working to create, useful things to clothe and entertain. Throw it away? no not quite, hands will fix it and make it right. Hands select some wood or stone, from ocean beach or near the home. Hands use skill, and make of them, a lesson of beauty from whence there was none.  Hands are planting and cutting now,  green growth comes from them and how. Flowers bloom in abundantness, around the home, now everywhere. Hands now touch with gentleness, the soil, leaves and pedals, of Gods living earth.

Hands now shaking, trying to accept, the death of mom then dad now passed Shaking from the loss of work, to aid them in life’s toil, now ceased. Hands now wiping away the tears, from her own cheek,  missing these so dear. Hands holding sorrow, deep in the chest, pain and anguish never to forget.
Hands enjoying time in life with other hands her mate in life. Finding friends from long ago hands rejoicing with others so. Hands are playing cards and fun, with other hands, their free time well won.
Hands are working once again, for grandkids showing love and thoughtfulness. Remembering tasks from long ago they spring to motion to make goodness flow. The children will remember them, the loving touch experience knows.

Sudden pain the hands now feel, something’s  wrong inside she feels. Doctor visits don’t reveal. Hands administer pills and such, with little hope, for healings touch.  Hands now bruised and black from needles, weakness now, keeps fingers feeble. Other hands now holding them fast, now remembering the touch, for soon the hands will move their last. Hands holding on with strength now abated, to give what love is left remaining. Touching each, her family’s hands, remembering each touch, for now their last. Hands grow cold and no longer move, reveal the ring her love she knew. I hold the hands that were used to bless, too soon to stop their blessings, and are at rest.

In loving memory of my dear mothers passing in the Lord Jesus care. I Love and miss you mom.
October 15, 2008, 7:38 am CDT

Dear Joyce

I am so sorry for the l oss of your sister in law..and the e mail of your nephew touched me deeply. thankyou for sending it.

I have only known of two other people who died so suddenly from cancer. Both suffered from a form of Leukemia.  Sudden death just doesn't give people time to prepare..and you have had your share of death this year. My sympathies to you and your family..w/love and a comforting hug, diane

October 15, 2008, 11:18 am CDT


My Dear Joyce,


I am so sorry for your loss.  I wish I had the right words to comfort you, but I know that this has been such a difficult year for you and now..this.  Please know that I am praying for you and that I send my love. 




P.S. The tribute was like none I've ever read.  Thank you for sharing it.

October 15, 2008, 6:52 pm CDT

The new board

The new board has so many "kinks," I don't know where to begin to describe them all.  The forum moderator DID say that they would close the old boards when the testing was finished.  Since it seems like they have a lot more testing to do, hopefully that means we have "some" time before we have to move...




October 20, 2008, 8:27 pm CDT

/Drat! Gained 2 pounds./

Well, friends, I blew it this last week.  Gained 2 pounds.  "It must have been something I ate."




(177/ 119/ 121.5)

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