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Created on : Friday, January 05, 2007, 10:47:53 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Almost every teenager owns a cell phone and an iPod these days, but what if your daughter bought these items with money she says she made by prostituting herself to older men? Alex, 14, has been running away from home, stealing money from her grandmother and selling her body to men nearly twice her age. Her family wrote to Dr. Phil for a desperately needed intervention. Alex’s mother, Kim, and aunt, Enza, are sisters-in-law who cannot be in the same room together without getting into a fight. Will they reunite for the sake of saving Alex? Within minutes of moving into the Dr. Phil House, Alex was trolling for men on the Internet, under the watchful eyes of Dr. Phil’s cameras. Dr. Phil meets with Kim and asks some hard questions, to find out how things got so out of control with her 14-year-old. Sparks fly when Enza joins the conversation. Find out what Enza has to say about Kim’s mothering skills and join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 30, 2007, 7:54 am CST

last part of show

what happened on the last part of the show I saw the first three but it was not on on monday when is it going to be on?

January 31, 2007, 12:22 am CST

Get rid of Enza

Quote From: siouxsan

I agree that the aunt (she looks a little like Sally Fields) is the poison in the house. Pure poison. I disgree that she has a lot of self esteem, I think the opposite is true. She screams alot but to me, it seems like it's all coming from pain. She seems like she is in agony. Her eyes and behavior reveal an internal misery to me. I hope she gets help. It's painful to watch her.
Enza definately needs to go.  She brings too much negativity into the home.  I even wonder why she is there.  She doesn't live in the household so she doesn't know what goes on behind close doors.  The mother has lost control over her daughter and Enza is not a help.  She is causing more harm than good.  Teenagers can be difficult.  I have a 17 year old.  He gets mouthy with me at times and he gets upset when I pull authority on him, but I have complete control.  Never been in trouble, has a 3.5 GPA in school, works part time and plays sports.  I couldn't ask for a better child.  I think the mother lost control when she started partying or she was too occupied with her partying and placed her daughter on the back burner but it is now time to grow up and pay the piper.  I honestly think there should be more stricter restrictions on my space as well.  That seems to be a problem.  It seems to me that accounts for minors should be approved by an adult with some sort of private information which would have to be submitted that the child would not be able to do themselves.  This child needs to get involved in other activities and should not be allowed to go out at 14 unless it's with a parent or guardian.  I think the mother is now trying to what is right but things are just too out of control right now and I think that sending her away for help was probably the best thing that will ever happen to this child.  Sure she will resent it now, but she will be thankful later.  Still Yet, if it were me, I would have a Restraining Order placed on Enza.
March 30, 2007, 1:03 pm CDT

Teen Intervention

Being from South Africa, we have only got to see this show now, for the last 3 days I have watched how this family does nothing but fight, but what was the most shocking was Enza'a behaviour, it was absolutely disgusting, I feel she is definitely more of a bad influence on Alex, just the scene in the kitchen alone said it all.  I feel Enza should be removed from Alex's life completely until she learns some self respect and dignity, I have a pretty hot temper too but I would never carry on like that.  Kim is Alex's mother NOT Enza and the sooner she learns that little fact the better.  Kim is no angel either but this is her daughter and she needs to work out how to get along with Alex and to support her, encourage her and make sure that Alex knows that she loves her and she needs to work really hard to help Alex to accept herself and like herself.  I believe that you should never tell a child anything negative as never mind women have long memories I think kid's memories are even longer.  Enza get out of their lives until you can bring something positive to the environment and if you can't do that then leave Kim, Alex and Jeanette alone, mind your own business!!!!!!!!!  And Kim should not just discard her mother because Enza has got a bee in her bonnet, her attacking Jeanette is just another way to manipulate Kim and Alex.  Jeanette has more rights to be involved than Enza will ever have...
April 4, 2007, 6:33 am CDT

too much gloating

Quote From: deelynnw

the mom may now realize she has made mistakes  but who is suffering from them alex is i really think the mom is all to blame for alex's  problems. you can't really blame alex she does'nt know any different . i also was a single mom when my kids were in their teens, my daughter is now 23 i never had any of this problems with her . i truely believe its all in how your brought up .   

Well, yeah, a lot of teens do turn out all right. I think when they do, you the parent should be thankful but you don't gloat about it or cast aspersions on those who had problems.


The mom knows she made mistakes. She was brave enough to make them right. The good news is, she did the right thing. She needed help doing it and she reached out and got the help. I really admire that.


April 6, 2007, 8:59 pm CDT

i thank that she needs DrPhil relly bad!!!

 i tahnk thank she needs DrPhil relly bad!!!
July 30, 2007, 3:11 am CDT

The Frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here in Australia we are far behind and have only just seen this show and while i have to say that the mother definately has faults in this case the aunt enza is I believe a great contributer to this. She would have to rate as the most manipulative person i have ever had the misfortune to see and if i thought this woman had any contact with my child i would swim my child across the pacific ocean to get away from this truly hateful woman. Aunt Enza needs to get lost and stop trying to get the daughter to live with her which i think is her ultimate goal. Go away Enza!!
November 10, 2007, 1:09 pm CST

DR Phil said you ether get it or do'nt

Quote From: kimuofu

i  thank she go the drphil house  she needs help from drphil
November 10, 2007, 1:12 pm CST

i thank she needs DrPhil relly bad

Quote From: kimuofu

 i tahnk thank she needs DrPhil relly bad!!!
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