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Created on : Thursday, December 28, 2006, 04:49:21 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
When the New Year comes around, most people resolve to lose weight and stop smoking, but Dr. Phil’s guests have odd New Year’s resolutions, and they need help making them stick. Laura is afraid of bulging eyes and big teeth -- not on people, but on costumed characters and clowns! She won't even take her son to an amusement park because she's too scared she might see a fuzzy creature. Laura goes backstage with Dr. Lawlis, chairman of the Dr. Phil advisory board, to learn how to overcome her fear. See what happens when she's put to the test at the end of the show. Then, Cindy says computers will take over the world and suck people's brains out. She has even lost jobs because she believes the mouse could shock her to death. Despite her concerns, she still wants to become computer savvy. Will Dr. Phil's plan get Cindy to overcome her fear of technology? And, Greta, 22, is so attached to an old blanket she calls her "Tee Tee" that she fears it may come between her and her fiancé in bed. How can she learn to let go of the tattered object? Plus, Lisa lectures people everyday at work about keeping up a habit that’s good for their health, yet she is too lazy to do it herself. What's the dirty secret she wants to resolve for 2007, and why is it such a big deal? Share your thoughts here.

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January 3, 2007, 2:28 pm CST

not sure, a bit of both

Quote From: swchick

Why did you start cutting your hair?   Why do you keep doing it - I mean, what do you get out of you just have a compulsion to do it?

It sounds like a variant of Trichotillomania - which is thought to be part genetics and part habit, and is not cured but managed.   Usually it is managed with strategies that fight the compulsion and replace the behaviour with a more productive compulsive behaviour that occupies the hands - like scrapbooking or knittting. :)  It might be a type of OCD that you have.   Are you trying to obtain perfect symmetry or make your hair look "right" and you are never satisfied?  Or do you just feel the need to cut something off of yourself, or have no clue at all how you feel except that you "need" to do it?

i think i need to make it look perfect, and symetrical, of course the more i mess with it, the more fixing it needs. also i have difficult hair that has always been a struggle for me , i always feel that if i can just fix "this" that it will look better, but fixing one thing leads to fixing the next thing. why did it start? think i always did it, just became daily gradually over time. sure wish i could just let it grow because i know i would like it if it were longer! just can't seem to get from here to there though. thanks for your response.
January 3, 2007, 2:47 pm CST

Fear Reactions

       I'm really interested in the type of therapy Dr. Lawless used with the lady who had the fear of the clowns and masked characters. As Dr. Phil noted, it wasn't a thought process, but an instant reaction with fear that was triggered when she saw the characters.


      Seeing that Dr. Lawless was working with this lady, it looked like she was talking to her. But how do you change the hard wired reaction response in a small child that doesn't have full language development yet? What techniques are used?


       Is Operant Conditioning used in channeling the behavior? I don't think immersion therapy would work, as Dr. Phil noted with the woman when she was on stage.  I know of a bad incident that caused a big fear of people coming to the door. Wanted to know how this could be changed.

January 3, 2007, 5:39 pm CST

Stage fright

Quote From: thepowerwithin

Hypnotherapy will help you deal with any type of anxiety or fear. When Dr. Phil uses Dr. Frank Lawless he always mentions relaxation and desensitization with fears. Find a good hypnotherapist in your area and you can get rid of your life time fears. It usually only takes between 3-12 sessions.


Thanks for the suggestion. but I'm scared to go to one. Would you know of a good/legite Hypnotherapist in the Seattle Washington area?



January 3, 2007, 10:09 pm CST

Off base with Greta?

I'm 25.  I still have my security blanket, though I admit I was never a thumb-sucker even when I was very little.  I've also been living with my soon-to-be-fiance for six months now.  Does he mind?  Nope.

Maybe she needs a new boyfriend with fewer issues.  I do agree that it's best to phase it out a little--I no longer *need* mine to sleep, but I like having it around, and I like to drape it over my shoulders on chilly evenings and such.  Mine is still in good shape, and it was a shower gift to my mother... I decided when I was still quite young (maybe 9 or 10) that I was just going to use it until it wore out, thinking it'd happen very soon thereafter.  And... it didn't.

But oddly, I've never had a boyfriend really mind, and that includes the other one I once lived with.  Most of them find it sweet.  Several have revealed that they still have sentimental childhood objects of their own--a pillow, a stuffed animal--although they don't generally still sleep with them.  Why exactly *should* someone give up a comforting object which is not dangerous or disruptive?  Isn't it better to get comfort from a blanket or a thumb than another midnight snack?

I mean, I'm sure it doesn't work for everybody, and maybe Greta will actually feel better without it, but I wouldn't say this is a shocking thing, to still have a blanket.

I've thought recently about giving mine to my firstborn.  But I think I might just make him or her one of his/her own... and hope my kids keep theirs just as long as I have.
January 4, 2007, 12:17 pm CST

other alternatives

Quote From: dahllaura

Thanks for the suggestion. but I'm scared to go to one. Would you know of a good/legite Hypnotherapist in the Seattle Washington area?



You don't have to spend money on a hypnotherapist to get over stage fright.  I play trumpet, and for my first solo, I shook like a leaf while playing, but I lived through it. 


I would suggest singing in front of people you are comfortable the campfire...lead the singing, so you don't feel like you are doing a solo. 


When you have conquered that one, go on to singing a solos in front of the same people.  Then, branch out to a larger you have kids?  Try leading singing for one of the kids' don't care how you sing, just that they have fun. 


Once you are comfortable with these things, try joining the choir in your church...when you have the nerve, offer to do a solo.  We go to a very small church, so I have plenty of opportunities for solos on my trumpet and singing.  It makes me nervous to play my guitar, but I'm getting less nervous about it the more I do it.


It is important NOT to chicken out when you have committed yourself to perform...the terrified feeling will pass the longer you are on stage.  I even sang a song I wrote myself, at church recently...a big step for me.


Do keep singing in the's a great place to reherse...LOL

January 6, 2007, 9:26 pm CST

01/02 Wacky Resolutions

Quote From: heathergrubbs

I am also 22 and I HAVE A BLANKIE NAMED SNAPPER that looks JUST like the one the girl had on today!! I started crying when I saw this episode because I felt bad for her!!! I don't know if I could ever get rid of my blankie.....or....quit sucking my thumb either!!! I wish I could post a picture of him...yes...i said him on here!! lol The only difference between her and I is that I AM MARRIED AND HAVE A 3 YEAR OLD AND A BABY ON THE WAY!!! My husband is afraid I am corrupting our daughter by making her drag her blankie around too!!! lol I really feel for her and I wish I was as strong as her!!!!!!!! I love my husband to death, but I told him if he ever got rid of my blankie it would be definite grounds for DIVORCE!!! I hope he does an update on these resolutions, because I need to know if there is a light at the end of the blankie tunnel!!!! lol
I don't feel so alone now. I am glad there are more people that have blankies and sleep with them still. I am 23 and I have a blankie it's just called yellow blankie it doesn't quite look like the one on the show but it really worn out. I am married and have a child. I took the thing on my Honeymoon and to the hospital when I delivered my baby. I even suck my thumb on occasion! I think that we are strong....My hubby has no real problem with my blankie...or at least I don't think he does because he has never said anything about it. I could never get rid of my blankie! It has a history. I don't feel there is no harm in it either. I really have no intentions on giving up my blanket though.....Is that bad?
January 6, 2007, 9:32 pm CST

Blankie Sleepers Unite

Quote From: jillmaica

My husband called me into the living room after flipping through channels this evening and seeing Greta's blanket. I didn't come in right away, and he said, "no really, you have to come in here".  I have one almost identical!! I'm 29 and still find mine just as comforting. I forgot it one year that I went to summer camp and my mom actually cut a corner off of it and mailed it to me, LOL. It's definately my dirty little secret that my husband has tolerated for the last couple of years we've been together.  Now that I'm nearing 30 and have a 6 month old son, I certainly have considered putting it away, but didn't think it was hurting anyone, so why?? Now I know I'm not the only blankie keeper! Thanks Greta!
I don't think it hurts anyone either. It is so much better than smoking or doing things that are actually harmful for your body. I am so glad that there are many of us. I don't feel alone anymore! I have slept with my blanie for 23 years! It has gone with me to my Honeymoon and to the hospital when I gave birth to my son  (he is now almost 2) I still sleep with it. Thanks to all that has posted and confessed of sleeping with their blankie and to Greta!
January 10, 2007, 5:26 am CST

Suggestion for Greta and her Tee Tee

Dr. Phil, you suggested to Greta that she throw her "Tee Tee" away in near future. I very much disagree and hope she has not done so. This piece of cloth is so much more than an old raggy blanket from childhood. It carries 22 years of history...Greta's history. Why not take this piece of small cloth and HONOR it in a very special way. Also, who cares what others think of it. It is important to Greta. I saw something wonderful when Greta pulled her Tee Tee from her pocket. I saw something beautiful when her mother held up her Tee Tee claiming she could not wash it any more. I saw texture in the ribbons of thread remaining. I saw a wonderful patena in its faded colors and beauty. It would be a shame not to take this small piece of cloth and treat it in a way that would be very meaningful to Greta. I am a fiber artist and work with various pieces of apparel pieces,clothing and fibers. My work often has a deep connection to my life and history. My work often strikes a cord of connection with others as well. I saw Greta's Tee Tee doing the same. Many of us could connect with this tattered piece of cloth in one way or another. I would suggest that this piece of fiber, "Greta's Tee Tee" be made into a beautiful piece of artwork. It could be mounted tastefully on an elegant piece of silk or velvet, framed and hung in a special place that has importance to Greta. A piece of art work is often given a title. Why not name this piece, "Greta's Tee Tee". I would be more than willing to connect with Greta and create a piece of artwork that she can cherish forever. Please suggest this to her and give her my email address if she likes my idea. We could show the "before" and "after" Tee Tee on your show, Dr. Phil! What Greta held in the palm of her hand was something very special. It holds a 22 year history, tatters, faded color and all. Her history, her story. I am certain there is a creative way to honor this wonderful piece of cloth that represents so much Greta. I am more then willing to contribute my artistic talents to Greta if she so chooses me to do so. I would be honored to do so. I believe deep down inside, most of us has a connection with our own Tee Tee .
January 15, 2007, 6:29 pm CST

The Little Tee Tee

     Yup That little Tee Tee look like its been through a lot......


     The only thing is this can be something different for different people. Some people it could be a teddy bear, a blanket , a doll, a little car, a dump truck, or anything out of the ordinary you can't stand to give up that comes up with you from your child-hood..........

    A hard part is getting rid of that as you get older if it is a problem for you when you get older. Its hard to believe people get emotionally attached to that sort of stuff. That all it is, is stuff...........

January 15, 2007, 6:36 pm CST

New Years Resolutions

   Hello Everyone


      I don't know about other people. It gets so hard to make New Year resolutions Stick. Most of the time people get so busy and so wrapped up in other things to where the new year resolution wacky or not gets completely forgotten about.

     Me personally I don't bother to set New Year Resolutions anymore simply because I lose track and forget all about them

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