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Created on : Monday, July 04, 2005, 01:49:00 pm
Author : dataimport
Discussions about issues, challenges and strategies for people who plan on losing 200 or more pounds.

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April 18, 2007, 6:15 am CDT

Florida ppl

Quote From: dance31

WELCOME TO OUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS! Please let me first introduce myself,I'm Brenda,a 31yr old mother of 4boys and wife of 13 yrs. I live in Lake Mary FL. and know how you feel! Everyone at this board has some relation to how you're feeling about yourself.We are all here for you no matter how long or short term you decide to stay!Your son sounds like a very loving son whos proud of his mom(no matter what size)you are!I think your issues lie within your own self as to why you may feel this way.Have you had the chance to purchase Dr.Phils book(Ultimate WeightLoss Challenge?)If not,please try an do so.....his method TRUELY does make one see how to SUCCEED in this very hard journey!It speaks of the 7keys to success and you will find it to be a tremendous helping tool to you along the way!Please feel free to post anytime you'd like about whatever issues you're having to deal with so that we can help and see you through them.This group of people on this board are WITHOUT A DOUBT the most supporting group of people you will ever come accross.I struggle with alot of issues myself as do many others here,but the first step to getting through your battles is by exspressing your feelings and I'm here if you wanna talk.BBS:)HAVE A GREAT DAY
Morning ...My name is Joy from Orlando, Fl. looking for some one from here....and if you are around here would you like to learn Folk Dancing? So much fun and good exercise...let me know OK...JOY
April 21, 2007, 2:10 am CDT

New to the group

Hello every one. Im looking forward to this group. I have been toying with the decision to loose weight for a while. Even though its not something one should toy with when its a matter of a healthy life I just didn't truly realize how big I had gotten. I am so young to be this obese. My husband is getting ready to go to Iraq for a second time and the fact that this would be a perfect time for me to loose weight is comming more and more into my head. I hope for insperation on these boards. The fact that others are in the same situation as me seems to get me excited to loose these pounds, to hear others insperations and for them to be able to say they have lost 50 lbs makes me want to be able to say that so much more. Also, my husband and I want a baby so bad and I think that our inability to produce a child has a major part to do with me being so over weight. Looking forward to geting to know some people on here. Im open to ideas that any of you may have.
April 25, 2007, 7:43 am CDT


Hi, all! Just introducing myself. I had started the WLC a few years back, and successfully went from 372 to 356 in 2 months. The I got pregnant, and managed to only gain 2 lbs during pregnancy (with Dr. supervision, of course!), but never went back on the WLC (My "excuse" was that I was--and still am-- breastfeeding). I had been down to 338 after my daughter was born, but now I'm back up to 353, and it's time to start losing again.  My daughter is now 16-months old, and she's slowly self-weaning, so I don't need to be eating the 2100 calories I did like when she was an infant (though I still am!)


This afternoon during her nap I'm going to do a 15-minute leslie sansone tape, then sit down and start reading Dr. Phil's book. 


Hope to get to know more of you, and looking forward to all of us slimming down.

May 6, 2007, 8:47 pm CDT

I would like to join your group. OK?

I have been reading through some of the posts for the 200 lbs. to lose group.  I'm sure my dr. would agree, although I think for me it might be a bit much, but I sure am close.  I know anymore it seems I don't lose only gain.  I'm finding the forum a bit hard to navigate but computers can befuddle me pretty easy anyway.  So I'm going to keep my posting brief to start with until I know I can get things posted and found.  I'm 54, happily married with 3 grown children and my 1st grandchild due in Sept.  Looking forward to making some new friends on this board.



May 28, 2007, 8:30 am CDT

It's Been a Long Time

I'm not sure if anyone remembers me, but I used to post to this board quite often.  I decided to check in with you all.  I found out on 09/01/06 that I had diabetes.  That was a big blow to me.  It scared me to death because my mom died from diabetes and heart disease.  Any, I decided that I need to get back on track again.  I started by taking baby steps.  I cut back on fast food and pizza.  Started taking the long way around to add more steps.  My asthma had gotten really bad.  I checked in here but there wasn't alot of activity then.  So I checked out the Biggest Loser message boards.  That's how I found out about Spark People.  I joined Spark People 8 months ago and I've lost 71 lbs since then.  My A1C went from 9.8 to 7.2 during that time.  I still have a long with to go.  I started at 386 lbs and now I am at 315 lbs.


Anyway, I decided to check out Dr. Phil to see how everyone was doing.  I remember Bev, Loretta, Millie, and Megan.  I hope you all are doing great.  If you're ever at Spark People, look me up.  My user name is the same as on here.  Take care everyone.  I'll try not to be such a stranger any more.




May 31, 2007, 4:10 pm CDT

200 Pounds or More to Lose

Hi all. I am 23 years old and am not entirely sure exactly sure how much i weigh right now.  I have been obese all my life...most of my family is...i've been dieting off and on for 2 years and have managed to get and keep off atleast 75 pounds now but probably more...yay me...its really exciting...the last time i went to the doctor i weight exactly 400 which would put me at a loss of 75 pounds but i know i've lost more since then...i have depression and huge anxiety problems as well as bipolar...but the medication i am on is supposed to help me lose weight instead of help me gain...i have the weight loss book but not sure that it is in my posession at this husband and i recently moved from pennsylvania to north carolina and did not bring all of our stuff with us until we get a place...we are staying with his family right now...but due to my anxiety and depression i've found myself eating a lot more often...because i am an emotional i need to find some way of keeping myself from gaining...i can't afford a gym membership and if i could i do not have transportation...and most of the time i'm home all day by myself...i took up reading but that isn't much exercise that will help me lose weight...its more of an exercise for the mind that the body...

but i'm interested in hearing some of your stories, and making some friends, if anyone is interested...and if you live in the raleigh area my husband and i are lookin for some friends as well...he knows a few people but i don't know anyone
May 31, 2007, 6:52 pm CDT

200 Pounds or More to Lose

Quote From: todiiloo



I have been really sick which is why I haven't written sooner.  Got the flu and had a really high temprature yesterday. 


I live in Gothenburg. And yes I have sometimes thought of getting someone to struggle with.


Friday I got some news, I have been invited to go to an information meeting about gastric bypass. In the end of the meeting you decided if you want to go through with it. It's the way our largest hospital have decided to handle all the applications. And this far I apply to the standards they put up for going through with it. I am at a crossroad if feel.


I have already started to have problems walking. For me it's hard just to walk around a larger store.  So the idea of walking an hour, sure I can do it, I think, but then I can't walk the rest of the week. 


I am 5"7  and I weigh 407 lb, I think I need serious help to manage this. 


So I guess I will say yes to surgery. I know that I still need to do a lot of work even with surgery. I know it will be hell trying to deal with all emotions. But at the same time it is a help to keep me on track. And even if my life turns upside down doing this, it still can't be worse then it already is.


And when it comes to eating, I have all the knowledge in my head. I've been seeing a dietist more then half my life. The problem for me isn't that I don't know how to do, but to start doing it and keep on doing it.  I allow myself to fail over and over again. And that is one of the things I really need to work with, to expect more from myself. 



 I am 23 years old and 2 years ago weighed 475 pounds...i was going to get the gastric bypass surgery and they told me to get the surgery i had to do a 6 month diet and exercise program so for 6 months i did that and lost like 40 pounds...and i decided before i even started that if i lost 40 pounds in 6 months which would be more than i'd ever been able to my entire life that i would postpone surgery and try to continue losing as long as possible because i didn't want that surgery because i do not feel it is safe....

i know a man who had it done and lost control of his dieting and the staples came loose and he died...and for 2 years i fluctuated here and there but i'm still losing slowly...but losing weight fast isn't healthy either...losing slower is healthier and isn't so strenuous on the body...

if you can not control your eating habit before getting the surgery don't get it because that one fall back can cost you your life...keep vegetables around the house instead of junk food...easier said that done believe i know i'm there...i live the life every day...and i'm trying my best to get in the habit of eating healthy...i'm young enough that i shouldn't be out of breath when i walk up and down a flight of stairs and i dread those steps every day...luckily im currently living in the basement of my mother in laws house and have to face those stairs...but truthfully i'm only telling you this stuff because i was once sitting in that room at that hospital thinking very much about that surgery...

please don't do it unless its absolute last resort...try your hardest...go to physical therapy every day if you have to...thats what i started out doing...i went to physical therapy 3 days a week
May 31, 2007, 7:15 pm CDT

200 Pounds or More to Lose

Quote From: glburt

HI everyone, I tried writing @ 4 this morning, but computer was acting up, or maybe was the person @ the computer being too tired lol, was up, aching, due to trying to be super human. I'm doing ok weight loss and walking wise, but tried to work extra shift on my feet, then put in my walking on top, needless to say it was a long night. I agree with what is being said about starting out slowly, when I started walking this time, I walked a block, and increased it from there, I'm now walking 1/2 mile 2x a day, hoping to increase it steadily. Question....I had a *friend* yesterday tell me, my weight loss was easy??!!!??, cuz I have so much to lose, and people cant tell that I've lost weight for the same reason. My reply was ***I*** can tell and ***I*** am the important one right now....was I wrong? I was sooooooo hurt and sooooooo upset over this comment. Am I being over-sensitive??? I really pounded the track after this occurred, which means I let her get to me......but used it to better until I spent the night walking the floor cuz I was hurting. I guess what I'm asking, was I wrong to be so hurt? was I being overly sensitive?? How can I respond to such negativity? Have a super day everyone!!!
when i first started losing my mom and my stepdad would tell me whenever they would see me that they could tell because my clothes were looking bigger on me...and my husband could always tell when i lost even the slightest bit...and most importantly i could always tell...

but you are right you are the one that matters no one else long as you can tell than nothing else matters
July 8, 2007, 11:09 pm CDT


Hello! I was so happy that I found this board. I use to post back before they changed everything on the site..... it's been about two years. Anyway..... I do remember you. It seems like you live in Texas, I do as well. I can't remember all of the other ladies names to save my life right now. But there were a lot of nice people on the board. I noticed there are'nt any recent posts here. My name is Amanda..... back then I was a single mom of 1( a son who is now 6), I was separated.... but eventually got divorced. I am now with a wonderful man, we have a precious 9 month old daughter. Things are going great..... other than I still need to get this weight off! I lost 100 pounds back in 2005 and have slowly put back 50 of it. So if you count the weight I didn't lose before..... I have a total of 125 to get me down to my goal of 175. I know I don't have 200 to lose but I found so much support and encouragement before on this board. I'm hoping that I will be welcome here!



July 19, 2007, 8:42 pm CDT

So sad!

Wow! I guess this message board has just completely died out...... that is so upsetting. I was really wishing to find some support here, this really use to be a very supportive and encouraging board. I hope all of the wonderful people who posted here at any point are doing well.



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