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Created on : Monday, July 04, 2005, 01:49:00 pm
Author : dataimport
Discussions about issues, challenges and strategies for people who plan on losing 200 or more pounds.

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March 3, 2007, 2:19 pm CST

"That" surgery

I appreciate hearing about the ones they DON'T tell you about...I need that so I can remind myself when I get pressure from doctors and friends to have "the" surgery. Thanks, Beverley, for the reminder. ........................................Loretta =^..^=
March 4, 2007, 4:31 pm CST

It's easy to forget what success looks like...

I think success is eaing well meal by meal   and steadily dropping weight.  If your regular meal plan is doing that right now you are doing it... and your body is going to get there.  If you are exercising and that causes your weight loss to go faster and for your body to start looking and feelign better... you are COOKIN !!!


If these things aren't happening.or they aren't happening as fast as they could. it's time to rethink your program .    Otherwise.. relax...exercise some patience... you'll get there... enjoy the process......  this is a big change... you need some time to get ready for your new trim lifestyle...   it will happen...



March 5, 2007, 1:05 pm CST

hi everyone

hello everyone, some may remember me, some may not, been awhile since i posted, hell its been awhile since i've even been on phil's site, which shows in my weight believe me. I am so ready to start improving how I feel about me, and doing whats right for me. Have a lady I met thats a local person, my size (lol) therefore, my speed, wanting to be walking buddies, hopefully that will help. As those who remember me know, I have problems with one of my legs, so walking is a chore. I havent gained weight but I havent lost any either, which is NOT what was in the "BIG" plan to begin with. Dealing with alot of junk right now, and know getting back on track will help. Have dusted off Phil's book and will start with page one. Start at the very beginning eh. Take care everyone!
March 6, 2007, 2:43 pm CST

Re: hi everyone

Welcome back, Glennda! ..........................................................I remember you said you were very busy, with 3 kids, two jobs, etc etc. I hope you have been able to find time for YOU in all that. ..................................................One thing I found, at least it works this way for me, is that it takes TIME to work through the do the exercises, to find the answers that work for you, to form new routines and habits. Later things go smoother due to the new routines, but for me, in the beginning, I had to be willing to invest time in ME. I actually put ME on my schedule, made appointments with me....LOL! ........................................................You once asked if anyone had any tips for keeping you on the path...I have one: become a "regular" somewhere, and commit to hanging in there til you get to know people, and build up your circle of support. Real live people are the best!! But if that is not available, then online support is good, too, though it takes awhile to find the right fit, and to get to know people. The main thing is to find somewhere that has like-minded support and encourage them, and they support and encourage you. If you have to, choose a goal and stick to it: I will post 4 times a week (or whatever works for you) no matter what. .....................................................If you can't find an active group here at Dr Phil where you feel you fit (there are other groups here that are very active, just check the message boards under Weight Loss Challenge Discussions) then you might like to visit Sparkpeople (my user name there is Rettakat)..........................................Either way, I know you can do this! We have a great plan in Dr Phil's book...all we need to do is DO it, and never, ever quit. It is not always easy, but it IS doable..............................Best of success to you! Loretta in Oregon =^..^=
March 6, 2007, 8:13 pm CST

Hi everyone

I hope I am welcome in your group. My name is Madeleine, I am 33 years old and live in Sweden. I currently  weigh about 410 lb and I am really tired of feeling like this. I've just started with Dr Phils book and hope to find support somewhere. Eventhough I have a great fiance (We are planning to get married 8th of March 2008) he doesn't really understand how I feel since he isn't struggling with his weight.


Right now I am struggling to find out what my thruth about myself is, but my mind gets all blank when I get near the subject in my thoughts. I have at least realized that it's up to me to make the changes, I don't care if I am not thin to the wedding. I would be really surprised if I was. But at least I want to feal that I have turn my life around that I am working in the right direction.


I hope to have kids some day, and soon my chances are gone. I haven't any time to loose anymore. I have so far been lucky enough to avoid diseases (like diabetes, heartproblem and such) that follow obesity. But my body aches all day long. I can't sleep in our bed anymore, because my back is so sore when I wake up that I have problems walking. Some days my fiance must help me put on my socks because my body is so stiff and hurts so much that I'm not able to do it myself. 


A doctor has given me a certificate of illness because I am so depressed, so I mainly sit infront of the computor or in the sofa watching tv. I feel sorry for my fiance, because not only is he working full time to support us, but he is doing most of the chores at home as well. We already live together.  


I desperately want to and are going to change my situation.


March 8, 2007, 1:34 am CST

Welcome , Madeleine...

I"m glad you are reading the book.   Everytime you DO something positive you are going to get some results and reading the book is a good first step.  I"m glad you realize that it will take more than a year to get to skinny... but there is plenty of time to get you much trimmer and much healthier in time for your wedding.


Now, lets get you eating healthy and start making your body feel good again.


Since you say you are spending most of your time on the couch, lets start there.  Get a pencil and paper, and lets start putting together a menu for next week that will get this process going. It's good to do this before you get to the grocery store ...


Be assured that nobody here wants you to starve yourself... we don't do that because it doesn't work. Most likely you won't even feel hungry the whole time  But you may have to change your eating patterns...It will be worth it. Most likely, the way you are eating is actually starving you right now because you're not getting what your body needs and it's in craving mode most of the time because of that.. 


So, now... write down what you think would be a really good fullfilling lunch for you for one meal...and put down the amounts you think would be good... and let us see what you are thinking ...  put down foods that you like to eat and that you are thinking about including in your new eating plan.....   and get back to us  ...  we'll help you "stay safe"  and keep hunger away.







March 8, 2007, 4:39 am CST

Thanx for your welcome

I sure do need to change my eating habits. First I need to start eating breakfast, I manage ok when my fiancé is home. Because then he puts the breakfast at the table and I just have to sit down and eat.


So breakfast today (eventhough it's actually time for lunch)

A cup of tea with some milk

2 slices of rye-crisp, with ham


I guess that is it , but I will in steps try to eat something more later on. Perhaps a boiled egg and a fruit


I know that it's good to eat lunch, but right now my fiancé is going nightshift and I tend to do the same allthough I have no job to go to, so there will not be any lunch today.



Our plan today is to eat

Swedish meatballs

Boiled potatoes

Broccoli and carrots

Homemade brown sause  it doesn't contain any sort of butter

to drink



We are going to shop for groceries today. And we usually try to make a plan for dinners. If I don't have an alternative ready to cook it usually ends up with us eating take-away of some sort.


Yesterday we ate

Chicken and vegetable wok with rice.


I think I eat kind of healthy when I cook dinner for us, we always eat vegetables, we never deep fry anything (that is when you cook something in large amounts of oil, isn't it?) and we like to eat chicken and soups.


Well so how did I gain weight, I gained every single pound of it  by eating junk between meals or instead of meals. I eat large amounts of candy, cookies, buns, cakes, ice cream and all those sweet things.  I have made up some sort of image for myself that the afternoon isn't nice unless me and my fiancé  have a cup of coffee with some sort of cookie, bun or cake to go with the coffee.  And if we buy cookies, he sort of eat one or two and I eat the rest.  So my first step since I decided to start losing the weight has been to get rid of all in my kitchen that is not good for me. Like ice-cream, the chocolat sauce to have with the ice-cream and other things. It wasn't that much, because I have never been able to store anything at home ever. 


My mum was so disappointed at me when I was a child and she discovered that her cookie jars in the freezer was empty but they were still there.  She told me over and over again, if you empty  a cookie jar at least don't put it back.  In the end she started to hide them, putting the cookies in boxes and state that the box contained liver, meatballs or somethingelse that wouldn't attract me.


I have always turned to food when I have felt anxiety, loneliness and such. It was really bad when I was in my teens, then I would go to 4 different food stores and buy up all my allowance on cookies, chips, ice-cream and then go home and binge it in less then two ours. I skipped school often so I could be alone home and eat.  It got that bad after two so called friends of mine had taken me to the school cafeteria and showed me the largest girl at school buying a chocolat bar and then turned to me and said: Doesn't she groce you out, don't you think she is discusting, well you should know that other people thinks that you are groce when you buy candy.  After that I didn't even want to eat lunch in school, and then when I got home  I had cravings for all sorts of sweets. I use to say that I ate until I was one potatoe chip away from throwing up.


I have better control today, but I know that I need to find a way of dealing with my emotions that doesn't contain any food.



March 9, 2007, 4:08 am CST

Oh , Madeleine, you sound just like the rest

of us did in the're going to love the freedom you're going to experience when you start giving your body what it really wants instread of the junk..


There are a few more pieces of information  about you that are necessary...  your height... and your sleep schedule...  Since your boyfriend works nights and you say you plan to do this in the future  are you sleeping during the day  or at  night?  It's very important during weight loss to sleep a good 8 hours or more in the dark.  If you're not doing this now, today is a good time to start working on this, too.  Your body needs time to reset itself and it doesn't do it if you're not sleeping. Just dozing on the couch doesn't count... you need good quality sleep to heal.


You also didn't say what exercise or physical activities you are doing now or what is available for you.   Can you walk without pain?   .


I didn't see much terribly wrong with your eating plan other than it didn't have enough fruit and vegetables...for a person that is already thin.... you didn't have the amounts...  and that can be a problem... it's important to know the amounts of the protein because that's where most of the good calories are and we have to be careful to get enough protein... but not too much because the calories really stack up..


The journey to healthy and trim requires a lot of change for...not change for your boyfriend, though some of the changes you make will certainly be noticed by him...  are you ready to do this?








March 10, 2007, 2:06 pm CST




First of all, welcome, good luck and good start.

Secondly i wounderd were in sweden. im in stockholm myself and weigh about 138 kilos but working on that. Like people have said eating is only part of it, sleep and exercise is also very important. Have you thought about geting an e buddy or somone that you can exercise with even if its just for walks in the begining? I got myself a pedometer (stegräknare) a few days ago and yeah, i was right. i dont do the normal 10 000 steps aday but i can do them, i have several times.

Try and find small ways to fit in exercise in your dayly life. If you sit to much infront of the computer then maybe you can set up some kinde of trade system, one hours walk gives you one hour internet. A way for you to earn that sit down time.


right now with spring coming i realy feel motivated and have decided to walk part of the way from universety on the days i have class. i dont start with the whole amount but take out a nice part in the middle and then i can add on when that part just isent challanging enough.


im the same age as you are,. im 31, turning 32 in august.


if you whant, feel free to get in touch with me in my e mail and maybe we can do something sometime.

March 11, 2007, 8:33 am CDT

200 Pounds or More to Lose



I have been really sick which is why I haven't written sooner.  Got the flu and had a really high temprature yesterday. 


I live in Gothenburg. And yes I have sometimes thought of getting someone to struggle with.


Friday I got some news, I have been invited to go to an information meeting about gastric bypass. In the end of the meeting you decided if you want to go through with it. It's the way our largest hospital have decided to handle all the applications. And this far I apply to the standards they put up for going through with it. I am at a crossroad if feel.


I have already started to have problems walking. For me it's hard just to walk around a larger store.  So the idea of walking an hour, sure I can do it, I think, but then I can't walk the rest of the week. 


I am 5"7  and I weigh 407 lb, I think I need serious help to manage this. 


So I guess I will say yes to surgery. I know that I still need to do a lot of work even with surgery. I know it will be hell trying to deal with all emotions. But at the same time it is a help to keep me on track. And even if my life turns upside down doing this, it still can't be worse then it already is.


And when it comes to eating, I have all the knowledge in my head. I've been seeing a dietist more then half my life. The problem for me isn't that I don't know how to do, but to start doing it and keep on doing it.  I allow myself to fail over and over again. And that is one of the things I really need to work with, to expect more from myself. 



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