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Created on : Friday, December 08, 2006, 02:31:23 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil's guests are trying to convince him that they're not doing anything wrong. First up, Ty Beeson produces a video series where the homeless are encouraged to fight on camera and perform what some describe as demeaning stunts. Some critics say these videos could be responsible for inciting young men to commit heinous acts of violence, because Ty actually pays for the footage. You won't believe what happens when he comes onstage. It's a Dr. Phil first! Then, a woman whose homeless brother was beaten to death says what Ty is doing is dehumanizing and wrong. And, what do you think about the ban on models who are too thin? Drew is against the ban and says that it's not the fashion industry's job to keep an eye on the models, and skinny models promote a fantasy, not reality. A former model who was rejected by the industry at 6 feet tall and 135 pounds, disagrees with Drew, and she says her struggles to stay thin are still affecting her today. Then, Drew squares off with another model who was told she needed to lose weight. She turned a deaf ear and is now a model on Deal or No Deal. A heated discussion ensues, and Dr. Phil weighs in on these controversial issues. Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

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December 12, 2006, 8:19 am CST

12/12 Convince Me!

if my hangers start walking around with my clothes on them, im leaving the house. dont know about you people but im not wating to see whear there going  hahahahahah.
December 12, 2006, 8:20 am CST

Why oh Why

After watching the show today, I just had to write. The other night when Victoria Secrets aired, I told my husband I wanted to write to CBS then, but didn't. But today I just have to speak up. Models in the US are not representing the Average Women. For all those women that watched Victoria Secrets with their husbands the other night, either they walked away feeling less than ...

If they are trying to sell to women, dah the missed the mark. If they are targeting the males...what kind of trouble is being caused when men buy these things for their wives and girlfriends and then they don't look like the model did...I think we need to get real in this country, too.

We have actually caused some of the weight problems in this country by our models being forced to be Thin. I have been over weight all my life by the standards of the modeling industry. I was put on my first diet when I was only 8 years old. I was not over weight because of the amount of food I ate or because I wasn't active. I ate the same as my sister that was never over weight. I had a bigger muscle structure than she did though. When my husband and I married, I weighed 180 lbs, and was 5'4. He also weighed 180 lbs. but was 6'4. Our life styles were also complete opposites. He is more the couch potato style, and I have to have something to do at all times. He eats 3 times the amount, of exactly the same foods. But he couldn't gain a pound and I on the other extreme couldn't loose a pound with out complete starvation. Which I did several times Thur out our lives together. Only to find after 16 years of marriage to weigh 240 lbs. and my husband is 220. He gained weight naturally after age 40 as is just the right size for his height to be called Average. I on the other hand slowed my metabolism down to the point it has almost stopped. I now have diabetes, and am being told that I need to eat 3 small meals a day and 2 snacks. That is a lot more food then I have ever been able to eat. So guess weight is climbing. I truly believe only have of our over weight is caused by over eating and sloth. The other half is because of social ideas of our culture. Come ON America... IT time to GET IT RIGHT!   

And I know there will be all the skeptics out there that are saying in their minds...yeah Right. Just as Doctor throughout the years have not believed me or your guest that were Thin even though they ate anything they wanted.

We all have different body needs for food, some less some more. How about focusing on middle ground MORE Then we might not have as much problems with weight and have better self-esteem

December 12, 2006, 8:20 am CST

"Beauty" in America

I just wanted to say that we should be promoting health not weight in the fashion or any other industry. The man on the show asks where are the parents? Well, I have a 10 year old daughter and there is no way to shield her from every unhealthy image she is bombarded with in our society. She is a thin and healthy girl but still is left feeling like she isn't pretty enough and has low self esteem. I have started having discussions with her about society and how girls are perceived but I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle because of how saturated our culture is with  this idea of beauty that is impossible to attain. I suggest everyone go to it is startling to see how distorted the images are that fill magazines and billboards. If we really have any hope of fighting this we have to challenge companies to take initiative and do the right thing. Thanks!
December 12, 2006, 8:21 am CST

American Idol

I auditioned for American Idol in Memphis and was sorely disappointed. I hope to make it in the music business, and I really don't know how, so I tried out for American Idol. I have a great voice, but I didn't make it past the first audition. There are 3 auditions to American Idol. 2 of them are with these young intern kids. The last is with Randy, Paula and Simon. The interns let people who can't sing through for good ratings. They also let mediocre young girls through who have bodies like cheerleaders and perfect skin. They let young guys through who are good-looking. The auditions were in a stadium with open booths, so everyone auditioning could see everyone else. Those who made it went to one side of the auditorium and those who didn't exited out of the other side. It was clear who made it and who didn't, and everyone that made it looked perfect or was over the top, and those who didn't... didn't. So before we made the 12 hour trip to Memphis, I didn't realize I didn't have a chance. It would've been nice to know. I am 5'7 and a size 12. I am average looking, but have a phenominal voice and am a charismatic person. I also have great taste in music, which seems to be a big deal on the show: song choice. It made me very sad at first, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and I can model my career after people that I truly do idolize like Sheryl Crow, and write music and sing from the heart, bumping the far from perfect system, and changing it in the process. That's the way I would have it anyway.
December 12, 2006, 8:21 am CST

ty v/s dr phil

dr phil you had every right to ttrow that lowlife scum off the stage what i would like to know is were is the law in all of this  to me ty is a self portraed hit man that pays a few cents to make the people whom have fallen on hard times to show how dispicallabb he can behenees to be charded by the law for causeing  and insiteing a crimeal act on the human kind on each count then see how he feel when he is subjected to the due pross of the the law

                                                                                                                 thanks for letting me put my

                                                                                                               voice down lark501

December 12, 2006, 8:25 am CST


I don't think people stop to think, it is not the parents that always influence their children and their concept of weight, it is society. Everywhere you look it's all about skinny, half-naked to completely naked women. It's all over on the T.V., the movies, magizines, and that is what our young girls are looking at and the reaction that most, not all men, give to these skinny women who are posing with little to nothing on. Just like having the Victoria Secret show on public T.V. why? for the men of society, to enhance their fantasy. What ever happened to leave it to the imagination? Less is more? I have struggled with my weight since the birth of my last son and the degrading, cruel words my husband, at the time, use to make to me, making me feel about an inch tall if that. Women are not sex toys, sex objects or "walking hangers"! Why can't men be happy with the women they have, it's not going to be those sexy, skinny models that are going to be taking care of them when they are old and can't wipe their own butt. I guess I am old school because what those models have, every other woman has the same thing just in different sizes. If you think about it, when it comes to the runway models, those clothes are made especially for that model, not for you or me, so how are we to know what we might look like wearing that article of clothing, we don't, regardless of weight and height if we have sexy outfits made just for us as an individual, I bet we would look pretty HOT on the runway too. Look at Queen Latifa I think she is gorgeous, she is a plus size woman I would rather see her on a runway because she is realistic, skinny runway models are not. They are fake and in magizines they are enhanced for the viewing of self centered men who don't appreciate the good-hearted average sized woman that takes care of them when they need it. 
December 12, 2006, 8:27 am CST

My message on the ultra skinny topic

I think that the issue with "ultra-thin" models today needs to be addressed. I do feel like no matter how the industry views their models teen girls do look at any person in a magazine that they feel is beautiful as a role model for them. I don't think it has anything to do with parents. I wasn't a teen long ago and my parents taught me that  I should love myself the way I was and shouldn't starve myself to look a certain way, which i didn't, but the thought did cross my mind being a cheerleader and wanting to have that attention. I think now after having a husband and new baby that being myself is what makes me beautiful and looking good in a size 2 or 4 jeans isn't. Being healthy is what matters and growing up I thought tyra banks was so beautiful and she is still skinny but in a healthy way! I am for the ban of ultra skinny models. I think the ideal size would be a 10 for a runway model!
December 12, 2006, 8:30 am CST

Being thin

The fashion industry is into selling to thin people and that is who they make their clothes for.  They have to remember there is a lot more people out there that are the right weight for their height or over.  Many people diet all their lives and just cannot lose those extra pounds.  It is just the way their bodies are made.   I just wanted to tell my experience.  I received a gift card from Victoria's Secret for my graduation from college.  I wanted to buy a teddy or sexy nightgown to wear and guess what -- they didn't have anything in my size.  I am a size 16 and very disappointed that they don't even carry anything for a "larger woman".  I guess if you are a size 16 you are not supposed to be sexy.  I ended up buying a couple of bras but that wasn't what I went in there for.  I weigh more than I am supposed to for my weight but I am happy, and life is too short to spend it wishing you were someone you are not.
December 12, 2006, 8:32 am CST

For God's sake STOP IT!

For anyone of God's creation to honestly believe this behavior is "Pleasing to God" doesn't really know the truth.  For one human being to do this to another human being, is nothing but evil running amuk in America.  Guess this could be because they don't view others as a "Creation, but just a mistake of nature" for whom do not deserve  kind treatment from anyone.  They call this entertainment?  Let us go back to the "Golden rule" and treat them how we ourselves would want to be treated.  For  those who are filming this horror, place yourselves  on the other side of the camera and let a homeless individual do the same to them and see if this would change their minds.  We need to bring back the Golden rule!!!!!!  This is God's law for mankind and how we are to treat others.  "That's right---MANKIND not HUMANKIND.

For the filmers of this kind of behavior----Remember, you will be judged upon judgement day.  If you are not interested in going to heaven, keep this up and you will go to hell.

December 12, 2006, 8:32 am CST

skinny models

I am not quite sure that banning super thin models is the answer or the only answer.  An eating disorder does not only have to do with self image but also with ones own self exceptance and ability to control something in ones own life.  Would I feel better if there were models out there that look more like average weight person, of course yes, however if a young person or adult already has lowself esteem and the need to be accepted either by peers or family then even the movie industry would have to change their weight requirement .  Point being there is something much more than just the image.


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