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Created on : Friday, December 08, 2006, 02:31:23 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil's guests are trying to convince him that they're not doing anything wrong. First up, Ty Beeson produces a video series where the homeless are encouraged to fight on camera and perform what some describe as demeaning stunts. Some critics say these videos could be responsible for inciting young men to commit heinous acts of violence, because Ty actually pays for the footage. You won't believe what happens when he comes onstage. It's a Dr. Phil first! Then, a woman whose homeless brother was beaten to death says what Ty is doing is dehumanizing and wrong. And, what do you think about the ban on models who are too thin? Drew is against the ban and says that it's not the fashion industry's job to keep an eye on the models, and skinny models promote a fantasy, not reality. A former model who was rejected by the industry at 6 feet tall and 135 pounds, disagrees with Drew, and she says her struggles to stay thin are still affecting her today. Then, Drew squares off with another model who was told she needed to lose weight. She turned a deaf ear and is now a model on Deal or No Deal. A heated discussion ensues, and Dr. Phil weighs in on these controversial issues. Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

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December 12, 2006, 2:37 am CST

SIze 0

All I have to say about the too skinny topic is that size 0 isn't attractive in virtually all cases.  I am a 26 y/o male in the US Military and the general opinion among my "peers" ages 20-30 is that we put down the magazines with the size zeros and wish the industry could push a little more publicity to the size 6-12  (with curves) models.  If not for the sake of impressionable young teenagers, for the sake of the size 18 walking down the mall in a size waaaaay too small for her because she "cant find cute clothes in her size".  Can we please shift our focus and creative energy on complimenting the larger population's figure instead of wasting it on the smaller percent (size 0s).  It seems that "the industry" has more to gain from targeting the majority the of population market.   Why are they heavily publicizing the minority?
December 12, 2006, 3:33 am CST

convince me

I agree with what alot of other people are saying here....I have never heard of Bum fights. I went to the website to see what the big deal was over....I was really not impressed.  Honestly, it was just a cheap knock off of the MTV series "Jackass"  To me, anyone that would actually take an interest in watching these series, doesnt have anything better to do.  I dont understand how making these movies is suppose to bring attention to the growing homeless problem.  If they truely wanted to help this problem, there was so many other things he could have done besides giving them injuries that they have no way of going to a hospital with no insurance to take care of them.  Instead of spending the money to make these movies, he could have spent his money better on starting a shelter, an outreach program, or better yet donate the money he spent to charities like Comic Relief.  As far as the rail thin models go, I just want to take them and feed them.  I have a friend that used to be a model, and she was constantly being told that she needed to lose weight.  She was a size 2 at the time.  I myself have never been a size 2, probably never will either.  But then again I dont have to be.  I am happy with myself.  My husband absolutely loves and spoils me rotten.  I have always been a size 16.  That's who he fell in love with.  But as far as my friend goes, she doesnt do modeling anymore because of the constant demand for her to lose weight and nothing was ever good enough.  She is still a size 2 and very happy not being in that industry anymore.  I know that there has to be other models that feel the same way that she does.  I would like to see all the models that feel that way, take a stand and leave and then see what those companies would do then.
December 12, 2006, 3:51 am CST

It's all so very wrong!

 I'm 4'11 and I weight 128lbs.  According to fitness I'ma little over weight, so I'm trying to change that.  I'm trying tomodel and act and where is there really going to be an opportunity forme to model for big money?  Now for my height I'm sure theindustry wants me to weight 102 give or take a few carrot sticks. I don't know where I could model, but I come from two small parentsthat have great metabolisms; I didn't inherit that part of DNA, I wasborn to have some curves.  Whats frustrating is that seeing runwayshows, red carpet events, magazine spreads you have to be fit. For a women having a little bulge and you are a whale orpregnant.  Take Nichole Richie when she was Chubbier no one paidattention to her, now that she is thinner oh now she is chic and she isdoing runway, and now she is someones muse; hello she's short too, whatgives!  Although I do feel for the women who are naturally likethat, but I think that they should take those girls by a case by casebasis cause they do use children for the majority of the show. You have to blame it on everyone from the designers choice of models tothe parents telling their child that they are perfect in every way andthat anything is possible.  I look in Magazines and I feel likeI'm cursed sometimes I think, "God if you couldn't make me tall thenwhy couldn't you have made me petite"?  Then I snap to and Irealize that my curves is what people love about me.  When you arelacking its so hard to find that one agency that will give you a chancewithout telling you that you can lose weight.  I understand thatthere is the super model type, the full figure types, but what aboutthe rest of us?  It's hard to fit in the criteria when you are outof the box to begin with.  I think that they need to list a criteria so we are not waisting our gas just for them to tell us we needto lose, or find the ones that will give regular people a chance  How can people not have a complex when everything we see is body image Savoy? I swear you are not sexy unless you have Kira Knightly's abs, Jada Pinkett- Smith's arms, JLo's rear end and the list goes on and on.  Look at the starlets or celebrities that are out there the majority have money to look like that we don't; why can't they get average size girls and use the same movie magic to make them sexy and the new hot thing.  The guy on your show was talking about where are the parents for these girls and what not but even look at teenmagazines you'll see the same thing!  MTV's Laguna Beach the listgoes on and on; it's hard to be a parent that has to convince therechild that they aren't an ugly duckling.  He should have said walking mannichans instead of walking hangers .  I love Dove cause theyare doing the campaign that everyone is beautiful, but I guess it reallycomes down to self love, and I'm still struggling on that myself causeI always see someone else thats smaller and sexier than me.  Iguess I won't get over it until I make it.  Thats rough!

On the Bum fight Guy if he was trying to help he would be putting thatmoney towards a shelter for  them, a meal, hell new teeth for that one guy instead of lining his pockets with it.  I mean there are also  the movies like Jackass, but those guys are professionals and do it on themselves not bums who are already at their lowest point in life.  It's scary to think that I'm teetering on the line myself, I just quit a job to try to be self employed.   Another thing that guy shaving his head to look like you just shows how unprofessional he is and how he needs to grow up, but he also reminds me of the guy that does girls gone wild.  There is always someone thats willing to do something to have there 15 minutes of fame even if it can hurt them in the end.
All I have to say is that it's all so very wrong!
Yours Truly,
Tabatha Trotter
P.S.  I could talk for days about this you got the short version.
December 12, 2006, 5:13 am CST

Bum fights videos

These are the most shocking things I've ever seen. They are on the top shelf of our video store along with the "adult" videos. I just can't believe that they're legal, that our store carries them, or that people actually like to watch them. The videos go way beyond, freedom of speech and free press issues because these films exploit the mentally ill and severly addicted. I have worked with young men who have schizophrenia and most of them have spent some time homeless; usually at the beginning of their illness, before either they, or their families, realize what's going on. These young men are often in college when the disease first strikes and they wander away from school believing that the government or someone else is after them. These are fine young people who, with proper medication to bring their hormones into balance, can live happy, productive lives -- yet they often don't survive long enough to get care -- * because they are beaten to death!* The lack of care for our mentally ill is this country's greatest scandal. China does a better job.
December 12, 2006, 6:29 am CST


I cannot imagine what Ty is thinking of making money out of paying homeless people to perform for the camera? Especially not perpetrating violence upon themselves or each other. I guess when a person is desperate they will do just about anything for money. This is pure unadulterated profiteering from another person`s bad luck and ought to be illegal in a civilised country. I do not know how Ty sleeps at night when he is using these poor people to make thousands of dollars for himself? It would seem clear that these videos incite violence towards the homeless too and that should also make producing and selling them illegal. Ty should give whatever he has made to date to a recognised homeless charity in order to make amends for his actions.

Sadly society will always have the sick minority element who will buy these horrid videos but that doesn`t mean Ty should produce them. He needs to rethink his money making venture and quickly before anyone else is hurt by it.

December 12, 2006, 6:34 am CST

Thanks Dr. Phil

I totally agree with what you did and that idiot was wrong on what he is doing.  Now on the other side of the coin.  He pays the homeless about $20 for about 10 to 15 min. of pain which comes out to be about $80+ dollars an hour.  How much money does the military person get an hour to put our life on the line in South West Asia and the other parts of the world for his and your country?   I am retired and served many of time in Iraq and other parts of the world and yes, this is our choice but it is also the choice of the homeless.  The military soilder, airman, marine and seamen are sometime homeless, hungry and dirty just like the homeless in our great nation and we do it for verry, very little money.  I guess what I am trying to say is sometime we feel and get treated the same way as the homeless but that is OK because we are the military and that is what we get paid to do.  I love our country and I am proud to say that I served my 20 years and I cannot believe that as rich as our country is that we still have homeless on the street. 
December 12, 2006, 6:37 am CST

this is rediculous

     this is OUTRAGOUS!!!!i have been to the point.i am five foot two inches, and am NEVER going to look the way these models do!!IT IS ALMOST EVERY YOUNG GIRLS DREAM TO BE A MODEL OR A SINGER OR AN ACTRESS AND HOW CAN YOU NOT EXPECT THEM TO DEVELOPE EATING DISORDERS WHEN TEENY TINY IS ALL THAT WE SEE?he says that they were just on the cover of a paper magazine.yes, true, THAT PEOPLE BUY AND ENVY THESE YOUNG WOMEN ON THESE COVERS!!!'s a problem.women starve to be these girls.little girls starve to be these girls.and sure some are "blessed" to be this small, BUT WE ARE NOT ALL BUILT THAT WAY!!!most of the population is not built that way!and sports is different.most of these women are healthy, which promotes EXERCISE!!!sorry but that is how i feel, at 20, i still wish i could be that thin.
December 12, 2006, 6:52 am CST

12/12 Convince Me!

this guy is going to screw up my day i see that coming now, GET HIM SANTA MCGRAWCLAWS, i hope you put the raindeer stomp on his butt.
December 12, 2006, 6:55 am CST

Age vs Size

I do not know about other areas but here in Michigan it was very difficul to find

my daughter even a prom dress.  I had to make her both because the stores seem to attach age with size and style to sizes?   A beautful blue dress hanging there very approriate for her age but only carried in sizes up to 12?  or the style so skinny at the bust and ribs that even most 12's could not wear it? Young children now have bikini underware even though thier little bottoms can't hold them to them properly so they constantly pull out?  Even sexy Pjs now for little girls?  It comes from the fashoin industry and so many willing to fall for the modeled fashions!


Holloween proved what we should all watch out for:  appropriate clothing for what age they are at, appropriate body image and those whom they look at in advertising appropriate for any age and all of the major chains of tores that carry clothing insist on better size and age appropriate clothing!  they need to get better at having a diverse of sizes in thier advertising too.


On the idiototic show over causing injury to any human being: where is our laws at?

Does it really matter if a person lets them do anything in public?  Video'd and sold?

There must be laws on this kind of matter and those prosecuted and get all that profit away from them and donated back to the streets they used to make it!

December 12, 2006, 6:56 am CST


I am 20 years old, 5'5" and 98lbs...technically underweight.  I have always been this way, yet feel that my peers look at me as if I try to emulate those models.  I am nearly daily accused of having an eating disorder, despite the fact that I eat nearly everything in sight.  This makes me extremely self-conscious.  I am perfectly healthy, but speaking from this POV, there is really no advantage to being this thin.  To many, I am "too skinny."  You can never please everyone, so just be happy and healthy.
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