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Created on : Friday, December 08, 2006, 02:31:23 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil's guests are trying to convince him that they're not doing anything wrong. First up, Ty Beeson produces a video series where the homeless are encouraged to fight on camera and perform what some describe as demeaning stunts. Some critics say these videos could be responsible for inciting young men to commit heinous acts of violence, because Ty actually pays for the footage. You won't believe what happens when he comes onstage. It's a Dr. Phil first! Then, a woman whose homeless brother was beaten to death says what Ty is doing is dehumanizing and wrong. And, what do you think about the ban on models who are too thin? Drew is against the ban and says that it's not the fashion industry's job to keep an eye on the models, and skinny models promote a fantasy, not reality. A former model who was rejected by the industry at 6 feet tall and 135 pounds, disagrees with Drew, and she says her struggles to stay thin are still affecting her today. Then, Drew squares off with another model who was told she needed to lose weight. She turned a deaf ear and is now a model on Deal or No Deal. A heated discussion ensues, and Dr. Phil weighs in on these controversial issues. Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

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January 14, 2007, 3:19 pm CST

from a kids perspective

well with this modeling anorexic thing like i deffinatly look up to the models in the magazines i look at them everyday and i want to be like them. i sometimes go for a few days without eating because i want to be skinnier but then since i am so active i get too weak and i feel like i can bearly move so i hav to eat. but i mean every girl i know wants to be like them . and then on top of that i do have like 3 friends who have relaly fast matabolizms so that ads to all the pressure. i jsut dont think that it is something that you can just change even if eveyone agrees to changing the rules there will still be the pictures out there and you will be able to see them and you will still strive to look like them.It;s like for me i am like 5'10 and i wnat to be a model i have wanted to be a model my whole life but i jsut dont think i have the body for it, i will never look like them i will never be good enough fro myself. There is just a lot of pressure especially now in this day where everyone is obsessed with being thin.

just giving you a perspective from a teenager


March 13, 2007, 4:11 pm CDT

Bumfight videos - a sign of degenerate generations to come/Stick models - you can only defend the fashion guy's view if it isn't your family member

 For the case of a fat bank balance this guy REALLY thinks he can convince anyone that he is doing the homeless a favour when, lack of scientific knowledge or not, it is out there and obviously making HIM a rich man, but also help to create a degenerate generation for whom violence becomes the norm. From talk shows on these subjects, especially where teens and young adults follow this kind of trend and where parents confess they TRY to stay on top of what their children are doing, but in most cases comes across as if they would rather have their children as friends instead of being solid parents it seems to me you totally lost the plot amongst all the wealth you strive to have. For these kids to go out and KILL innocent people, that sure as hell cannot be ok. Not in a million years and if you defend it on the basis of a constitutional right, perhaps the biggest war is inside the US, not on the outside. And you wonder why school shootings happen? If you can justify this guy's right to make these videos, sell it and makes money of someone else's misery, then their must be something wrong with your psyche and if I were you, I would bloody well worry if my child is really so innocent as he/she portrays to you when you don't know what they are up to when you are not around.

As for the so called ‘hangers’ referred to by some fashion guru who try to defend the reason why they do make use of stick figure girls in American fashion shows and in Hollywood where these girls are glamourized, isn't it garishly obvious that at least the Europeans CARE about their daughters and young women and at least try to create a healthy body image where as the American people are so much more intent on having the perfect figure, the perfect image and the riches that it might bring, that they would rather sacrifice their daughters in the quest for perfection than try and prevent what may lead them down a path of self-destruction. Only when it is too late they run for cover and for help and often those girls loose the battle.
Not a lot of girls would settle for second best like Plus Size modeling when they want to be like a Victoria Beckham, a Kate Moss who is allways portrayed as stylish and living in the limelight and that is what you and your daughters crave. Though that guy said there are other options for girls if they really want to do a modelling career, he also admitted that in the fashion industry designers have expectations of the girls who do represent them on the runway. If that is not the case, then please explain to me why children are pushed into beauty pageants, modeling careers, why they start dieting before the age of ten and why mothers keep on nagging at their girls to loose weight under the pretense of health?
The right of artistic expression from designers my backside. Dr Phil, you allways say people cannot change what they don't acknowledge. And quite frankly, the designers are not willing to add an inch here and there for the very sake of the people they are trying to sell their designs to.
If you consider the war in Iraq the biggest challenge, how come the American people turn a blind eye on the various battles of a war to save your children and your people from themselves?
May 14, 2007, 7:48 pm CDT

What I think

Dear Dr Phil


I agree with you about the models being ultra thin and think that they should accept the models by there personality.


I agree that the subject about the homeless getting paid to be beaten is wrong and that it is exploiting the less fortune and it can encourage violence in  the younger generation of today.


I enjoy watching your shows they teach me alot and you are lucky to have a wife like Robin and she is lucky to have you.

June 22, 2007, 4:49 am CDT

Even in denmark


I'm very worried about the homeless people... I knew a homeless man, and one day i talked to him, he had been beeten by 6-7 young people. The reason was, they had asked him if he wanted som money, and offcourse he said yes... When he walked up to them they started beeting him and yelled that he was a old, nasty bum and they would punish him because he was begging for money. Whits was very wrong, he never asked for any thing.. I found out that it was some people i knew who had did it, and offcourse reported them to the police. But, the danish police system is not allways very good... They said they couldn't do anything, and even if they could, they wouldn't "he is just a homeless man, and the world is better whitout him in it" that is the message i got. 3 months later he, the homeless man, was pusshed out to the trains and got run over, and offcourse died. I don't know if vivios like the ones Ty shoves and byes is to blame for this. But, my fear is that if we allow vidios like his, we will get more and more of  theese problems.

I do think Dr. Phil did a very vice choise when he sent Ty of stage, that man does not deserve to be on any stage. I think he should think again, he is not helping anyone, besides him self.

Many worried thoughts Debbie from Denmark.

June 27, 2007, 2:35 am CDT

Bum fights, very surprised by Dr Phil

Quote From: siscarrie

I think Dr. Phil was absolutely right to throw Ty off the show.  However, I wished he hadn't aired those despicable videos.  I'd never heard of Bumfights videos before, and I'm sure many others haven't either.  Looks like he inadvertently gave Ty free publicity for that garbage. The airtime would have been better spent talking to the lady whose brother was murdered.



Dr Phil should have torn that guy to shreds first... then threw him off the show!

I really wanted to hear that despicable person (Ty) try and defend his position i.e. defend the indefensible. I believe the greater good would have been served in this way.

Who knows - Dr Phil may have been able to get through to him so that he can see the error of his ways. He could have had Ty confronted by the lady who lost her brother. He could've arranged an intervention for him - he needs it (maybe an intervention behind bars).

I also think he gave his videos unneccessary free publicity.

Why isn't Ty and his film makers in jail? I don't get how they can produce such evil yet remain free.

What goes around comes around Ty.
January 1, 2009, 10:00 pm CST

Are the designers on crack?

I mean really what is this guy thinking?  This show aired on our cable TV today in Australia and I cannot believe those two girls you had on stage let him sit there and tell them in a round about way that they were both fat.  I live in Australia so our sizing is a little diffrent to yours.  I bought this book by Meg Cabot called "Size 12 is not fat" and when i bought it I thought - damn right it's not - I'm a 16-18.  Then I discover that she is American and your "12" is equivalent to our "16"

Drew told those girls that they tried to model for somethingthey weren't suited to or had to work with the right designer for their size and I'm sorry but where to they get off saying that Claudia is a "plus size"?????

Who are they kidding?  Drew also said that the sizes were determined in Paris 80 years ago - meaning we're talking early 1900's meaning corsets and bindings and all that crap.

Take to film "The Devil Wears Prada" - excellent film as Anne Hathaways character shows that fitting in is not always the best.  But there are women - the character "Emily" for example - that fall all over themselves to fit in and be accepted by these insane people.

We don't have a size 0 in our fashions for adults - only for 6month old babies!!!

But these designers need to start making clothes for real people as well as for the super skinny.

Some designers don't know how which is really sad and even some dress makers don't know how.

My sister is getting married in a few days - she has 3 bridesmaids.  The MOH is an AU6, the other is an AU10 and I am an AU18.  The other two girls had not problem once their dress was made.

My dress (I swear) is 2 sizes too small.  I have to have it altered and won't receive it until the day before the wedding.

Nothing good is ever designed for normal size people.  Maybe these "couture" designers should wake up to the real world if they ever want to sell their clothing to all people.

I'm not saying that madrid did the right thing but surely these designers can have more than one size??

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