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Topic : 12/11 Dr. Phil and Robin’s Christmas Show!

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Created on : Friday, December 08, 2006, 02:28:50 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil and Robin invite you to celebrate the holidays with their family - Jay, Erica, Jordan and even Dr. Phil’s mom! As National Spokespersons for Toys for Tots, Dr. Phil and Robin are making dreams comes true for deserving families who fill the audience. The performers from Dancing with the Stars Tour have tangoed, waltzed and salsa danced into millions of viewers’ homes. They help Dr. Phil and Robin spread a little holiday cheer. Then, Vanessa Williams, who plays the mean boss on the new hit show Ugly Betty, brings a surprise guest. Plus, Jay and his new wife, Erica, share some of their favorite things, the cast of How I Met Your Mother drops by, and a celebrity performance you won’t want to miss! Get the scoop on the hottest games and electronics for your family’s holiday list! Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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December 9, 2006, 10:53 am CST


i think that they are doingthis for a good cause.. dont you


December 9, 2006, 1:25 pm CST

Christmas isn't a big deal anymore

 I don't know what it is. I am not depressed, but I don't get the big deal with Christmas.  I don't even want to see this show, I don't want a tree or anything.  I've heard other people who used to love Christmas like me say the same thing.  Anyone else out there going through this?  Sure, I can't really afford much anyway, but I've always really tried hard every Christmas to make a big deal out of it.  I wouldn't feel guilty about this new outlook I am having, except that I have a five year old son.  I don't want him to grow up thinking he's missing out on the fun.  Am I crazy?  I am glad Dr. Phil is using this show to help people and not just show off a bunch of expensive junk.  Although I am sure there will be lots of that too.  Anyone else out there with me?
December 9, 2006, 5:10 pm CST

Dr Phil & Robin...



             I admire your generousity in assisting with Toys for Tots and all those that are less fortuate than others. 

             I believe that each time you reach out to help others through their problems you are adding more and more to your bank account of weath of inner love and strength.  Personally, the more I watch and use some of your ideas along with the ones from my own recovery groups and the ones I am learning from my own CADC license classes in college...I am growing faster and healthier every day. It is hard to believe that after having a 33 year addiction that I am approaching my 3rd year of soberity and life is so beautiful.


Thank you and Happy Holidays to you and your family

Leila Kask

December 9, 2006, 6:37 pm CST

Merry X-mas and Happy New Year 2007

Dear Dr Phil & Robin, We watch your show here in Perth ,Australia,almost every day.Your subject matter is very emotional but also very educational.We're sure your helping many people cope with some of the advices you give. There are also matters that we learn from and you are to be  congratulated on your show which involves your entire family. Perhaps you could do some shows in Australia in the future? You'll have a very enthusiastic audience. We wish you and your family a Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year. Warm regards from Shanta and Hans Machielse and family.
December 9, 2006, 6:41 pm CST







December 9, 2006, 7:14 pm CST

Dr. Phil & Robin:

 I can't wait to see the Christmas Show.  I think what you and Robin are doing for the kids is great. 

The two of you make such a perfect couple.  By the way Robin, you are so beautiful.  I watch your shows and love them all.

I think your generousity and warm heart (both of you) says it all.  You are making people's lives worth while and for that I think you do a great job in helping people.

You are both hero's in my book.  Keep up the good work and look forward to many more years of the Dr. Phil & Robin shows.


December 9, 2006, 8:01 pm CST


hello i do foster care in my town last year i decided to do angel trees for the foster children in residentail treatment facilities i was surprised at what i was told by many socail workers that they hadnt given these children much thought to assure they got presents until i called i was able to get 63 kids sponsored last year i have struggled to get 13 sponsored this year but i really wish there was a public awareness that many foster children dont get xmas gifts because they dont  have families to but for them and many of these childrens parents rights have been terminated but do to some problems they may not at that point be able to be in a family setting but no matter these children deserve to have gifts so maybe you can help make people aware of this  they can help by conatct their local children services and  tell them they would like to sponsor a foster child in a facility that may not other wise get presents thank you for oyur time tina from wv
December 9, 2006, 8:02 pm CST

12/11 Dr. Phil and Robin’s Christmas Show!

I read often and post never but I couldn't let this one go! 


First and foremost, I send a special thanks for helping others, especially children any and every way you can!  Toys for Tots is an excellent program and I applaud any who participate and contribute!


On, the Christmas note from the woman with a 5 year old!  It is VERY SAD that you have that attitude and though I am not sure what took you to that point, I think several things could make it better...........  First and foremost remembering the true meaning of Christ - mas may lighten the load or burden, second the fact that your child is five must keep you somewhat spirited, third, it doesn't take much money to make a 5 year old happy.  5.00 at the Dollar Tree would buy 5 things you chose from love and bought with sacrifice. 


As far as the give aways to the audience, I think that is pretty cool but often my thought is if they can afford to get to the Dr. Phil or another show like it, they can probably afford the give away gifts anyway.  Not to take away from the generosity, that is nice!


Third, for us Christmas has been an evolution -- my mom always had such big Christmas' that we always had high expectations and demands really.  Now that we are married and off on our own with kids, she has had to slow way down and more importantly we will never come close!  We focus on the FAMILY and the TRUE meaning of CHRISTMAS, there are 9 of us in the house and extended family close and we just cannot do what we dream or imagine...........  So, we get what is needed for us (21-'21-19-1'-16-16-5-48-37) and maybe a want if able and call it GOOD!  My husband saves 40 hours of vacation to cash in on the 15th and whatever that check is is what we have to spend on the 9 of us and about 15 others with grandparents, etc.... and when its gone - ITS GONE!  The check is usually around 500.00!!!!!!!!!!!!  I shop cheap (10.00 jeans, etc..)


We're happy and not broke or in debt, the kids are happy, the true meaning is the most important,, and though we'd love to be able to do more - IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for listening!



Norman, OK

December 9, 2006, 11:37 pm CST

Dr. Phil. & Robin

 You are doing a wonderful job. I am glad that you are helping other people at Christmas. I am a big fan of your show. I watch your show every day.

     I especially like it when you give things away. That is the best part of the show I like. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and A Happy New Year. And the best to you and your family in 2007.

  Hope fully one of these years we will get down to California and watch your show live.


                                                                                     Deb McCulley


December 10, 2006, 4:44 am CST

Doing an Outstanding Job!!

What an absolute outstanding job you and Robin are doing.  It is such a honourable idea!!  Can't wait to see your show on Monday.  Christmas is such a special time of year for family and friends.  Dr. Phil I certainly commend all your family for the great work that is being done.  Why not make this world a better place to be.   Wow way to go !!!!
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