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Created on : Friday, December 01, 2006, 03:22:29 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Kids across the country are playing pranks and harassing teachers. Tericka, a high school science teacher who loved her job, lived in fear of her scandalous past catching up with her and getting her fired. Students eventually found out about her shocking past and the news spread throughout town like wildfire. Are other teachers taking her side, or do they feel her punishment was justified? How can she move forward? Then, Anna, an assistant principal, was harassed on the Internet when two students created a fake MySpace page alleging to be her. She says they completely attacked her character and need to be held accountable for their actions. Was this just a practical joke gone bad, or were these students out for revenge? Find out what Anna did to show these kids that some jokes just aren't funny. Could the mischief your kids get into end up costing you thousands of dollars? Talk about the show here.

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December 4, 2006, 11:24 am CST

Hi I agree with you

Before age 13, I was kicked out of a class practically every day (at least 40% of the time).  But I constantly was the individual that was teased and harrassed for who I was so I am relieved that there never was a MySpace account. They would often say stuff about me that was untrue so I am glad that only the Internet existed (but not Myspace). I think my college career has been wonderful and I rarely get heckled; this was especially true at QCC. I think that Michael Richards should have indicated that anyone can have racist viewpoints and thus we need to make sure that he would hire fairly; he was an angry guy who showed his racism. There was a student at my university whom had slandered me and 35 people came to my side to support me. It was only after she had slandered other students that she was expelled from our doctorate program. Thank God!!!!! I give everyone credit for their outrage on how these kids were disrespecting their teachers and how the parents don't take an active role in policing their child's activities. The best punishment would be for them to either have to do community service at a homeless shelter for 100-500 hours or have to wear a sign on their back stating exactly what they did.

I think that students should have respect for teachers, but having parents who are on dope as role-models, there is no way they are going to behave in an ethical manner towards teachers, nevermind the parents siding with the teachers so that the teacher can teach the class. Even the parents that are sane (don't use drugs) disrespect the teachers to an unbelievable degree. So many parents that have children with disabilities resort to sue first and then ask questions later.  They definately hurt the taxpayer and come up with every excuse for their child's behavior. Also, those parents or children learn to be very cruel to other children with disabilities who wish to follow the mainstream, rather than so-called disability culture. I think the same is true for African Americans who wish to act appropriately. I think rap music has really hurt the African American spirit and that immigrant populations from Africa have it more together. I think loving your heritage and history is all-good, but it shouldn't prevent you from being and doing more. I follow Bill Cosby's advice: speak English. I also like the fact that expresses to young people that if you want to be successful, you must act in a candid, honest way and talk eloquently, not rap.

I think that school should enforce detentions and in-school suspensions, but that expulsions should be reserved for only the most severe of offenses (assult on a teacher, having a weapon in school, or having drugs on school property are examples of why a student should be expelled). I had problems with behavior before age 15 since I didn't like taking turns and I often got ostracized for not conforming to group norms. I had a lot of detentions and never tried to get out of them. After 15, I really learned that it wasn't right, to interrupt, and I only answered or asked a question if I was called upon. I also didn't mind if people interrupted me; it indicates that I was flexible and easy-going. When I was put in honors classes, I flourished since there was no real lowest-common denominator to model after. I felt very happy and rewarded my teachers for giving me a chance to excel. I was incredibly bored in "remedial" classes and didn't feel that I got any respect so I just tried to made lemonade out of a lemon of a situation. The honors classes were helpful and I attended college early as a result.

I was home-schooled twice. Once in 2nd and 3rd grade and once in 7th and 8th grade. That was a wonderful experience since I was able to learn one-on-one or in 8th grade, I was self-taught. My self-teaching got me C's in HS English and A's in every other subject except World History, but it made me an excellent writer insofar that I was able to ace the placement test in English and got 2As in my first English Composition classes (with about 500 hours of work, five hours of sleep in the first one, and two hours of sleep during the second one). The first class was taken during the summer with Precalculus so that was easy, but the second course was taken with Calculus, Physics, HS English, American Civics, Trigonometry, and English Composition II. Fun schedule!!!! I really liked my history teacher since she made me work for a decent grade.

Why did I begin college early? I was a weak writer who constantly needed to revise my work. I thought maybe I could take a writing course to improve my writing. So, I took a placement test during April vacation at my local community college. My honors chemistry teacher indicated to me that I should take college writing and that I could always retake the course if I needed to.

The college was the best for me; there were people from 20 different ethnic groups that were in attendance. People from Vietnam, Haiti, Kenya, Nigeria, China, Japan, Korea, and Ghana are just to name a few. I liked my social experiences there since people treated me with a ton of respect. I really liked whom I met there as it helped me grow as a person. I graduated with a 3.59 with a degree in Business Administration. We all looked out after each other and when I was competitive, they pointed out what was truly important. I switched from biology to math to business at my community college. I hope I made the right decision.

At my four-year college, a large university, I have not felt as comfortable. The people are very to themselves and people have their IPods that they listen to constantly. There are some people who are totally disrespectful while others are just quiet. You learn to walk-away and not be bothered by this. I really like college since you can be an individual, you can be creative. I hope to graduate with a 3.4 from my unversity (currently it is a 3.38). I will graduate as a double-major in Management and Accounting. I find it is easy to communicate but wish my interpersonal skills were either better or that I could be understood more. I just wish I was more persuasive.

I am an individual with CP (moderate to severe nonverbal learning disability, very-mild hypotonic CP), ADHD, and probably obsessive-compulsive. Hypotonic CP, in itself, is not a form of CP, but it usually falls inthe ataxic type. I feel like I was born with it and had not inherited it since my mother and I are totally different and I can only think of my grandfather (her father) having similar issues. I have visual and auditory processing problems as wellas upper-limb dexterity issues, but never received a formal CP diagnosis. I am hoping to find work very soon after graduation. I've been to a lot of interviews and it can get extremely tiresome. Eye-contact, while I do it, is an extreme problem for me since I have difficulty with points of reference. I am hoping that I can land a government job since I want to be able to demonstrate just how I can excel. I am looking forward to having security so that I can become the Millionaire next door. It's been very rough and I have high four-digit student loan debt. I am looking forward to getting it paid off in four years.

I wish everyone else luck. I am hoping that those kids will have to meet in front of a judge soon. I think that community service or public humiliation is the best punishment.

December 4, 2006, 11:26 am CST

Hi I agree with you

December 4, 2006, 11:28 am CST

Terika Dye

I am from the same area as Ms. Dye.  I think the way she has been treated is unbelievable.  Everyone has a past - has it come down digging up all the dirt just to get your way??  Ms. Dye did what she had to do to survive - this was 10 years ago and in no way affected her teaching ability.  I think the people pointing fingers need to turn them around to themselves.  Ms. Dye you have my support!!!!  Not everyone in the Paducah area agrees with the school board.
December 4, 2006, 12:08 pm CST

Bring back spanking

I currently work in the Omaha, Neb school district.  I work in the cafeteria and watch kids out of control all the time.  Kids steal and the vice principal says at least there in school.  A vice principal asks a kid to step back and the kids looks at them doesn't move and the vice principal moves away.  It's not the individual teachers or administrative staff it's the school system as a whole.  Why can't we have schools for kids who really want to learn and put our finances into them.  Parents that use schools for babysitters give the kids back to the parents.   Why not have to earn  the privilage of a free education.   It's not about grades but it's about desire and participation.  What teacher doesn't want a kid who just wants to learn .
December 4, 2006, 1:20 pm CST


umm... i definetly had her for a class and she was a good teacher.  i think some students just need to be punished.
December 4, 2006, 8:35 pm CST

wow only one thing i would even coment on here so far<>

as i havent seen the show as of yet but as far as the kids posting on my space as someone they wernt, wow i do think the identy theft laws should take up this matter and put there little asses behind bars as a example for others to see and learn by, after all that was in fact identy theft, the feds need to take this matter up! if your old enoughj to do the crime then your old enough to do the time end of story!<>
December 4, 2006, 8:47 pm CST

they dont even get smacked on the hands, they made it aganst the law to smack or paddle there butts!

Quote From: mamaw1954


I just dont understand how come they let kids rule the schools nowdays.    When i was in school if you got into trouble you had to pay for it.   Now the kids get smacked on the hands and turned loose to do what they want, say what they want, and dont ever have to pay for the conciquences of their mouths.    There is no respect for the teachers or any of the staff half the time, because they dont know how to show respect.    Kids now days has no respect for their elders or even for themselves.    I believe the whole problem started when the lady stuck her nose in and told them to take prayer out of school.      I hope the teacher that is having problems will stick it out and i hope she takes the kids and their parents to court for defimation of character.     You know what we do in our past should stay in our past.     Did God not forgive us of our transgressions and sins.     Like the good book says " Judge not lest ye be judged"

when i were in school the principle would paddle our butts for miss behaving, we never liked to have to go to the principals office,now kids see it as a break from class, as far as a kid showing the teacher respect it must come from the way these children arnt being raised,when i were a child if i were to say{ yeah-no-what } to any adult i would get backhanded in the mouth,parents allow there children to show disrespect to them at home so the kids arnt going to be any differnt away from home,when i said yeah it better be followed with a prompt sir as well as yes sir or yes mamm no mamm and as far as the what word it wasnt used period to a adult as that word yeah to a adult would= ass woopin big time,

December 5, 2006, 4:11 pm CST


So this teacher did what ?  Oh yeah, made a porn movie TEN YEARS AGO, she obviously turned her life around and became a professional, a teacher no less ( one of the most THANKLESS jobs out there I think ), so she obviously went to college, and from what a couple of posters from her area had said, she was a damn good teacher, so what's the problem, I don't get it, I mean come on, she was broke and homeless, and I'm sorry desparate people do desparate things, it dosen't make them evil or bad influences.

Is she showing the movie she made to the kids ? No, and did she share the story of her sordid past with her students, God I hope not, obviously a vindictive mean spirited person found out about it, and felt the need to ruin someone's life

So tell me this, would you change Doctors if you found out that during med school your doctor was stripping to make ends meet ?  Even if he/she was the BEST in your town, delivered your babies or even saved the life of one of your loved ones, I doubt that would matter much then, or would it ?

I truly think there are some people we hold to TOO high of a moral standard, problem is those same people are constantly  looking over their shoulders, and they can't relax because they have to be sure their past dosen't catch up with them.

I mean really people, we allow pedophiles to return to their communities, around children, because they did their time and DESERVE another chance ( and knowing that chances are they will re offend) this woman has done nothing it seems but her job since that sorry episode in her life, why does she deserve less than the pedophile ?

December 5, 2006, 5:34 pm CST

In Defense of the Kids........

Quote From: mamaw1954


I just dont understand how come they let kids rule the schools nowdays.    When i was in school if you got into trouble you had to pay for it.   Now the kids get smacked on the hands and turned loose to do what they want, say what they want, and dont ever have to pay for the conciquences of their mouths.    There is no respect for the teachers or any of the staff half the time, because they dont know how to show respect.    Kids now days has no respect for their elders or even for themselves.    I believe the whole problem started when the lady stuck her nose in and told them to take prayer out of school.      I hope the teacher that is having problems will stick it out and i hope she takes the kids and their parents to court for defimation of character.     You know what we do in our past should stay in our past.     Did God not forgive us of our transgressions and sins.     Like the good book says " Judge not lest ye be judged"

In defense of the kids these days, they have much more to deal with, usually, starting at home.

Have you ever read some of these childcare books ? "Don't trust your instincts " seems to be a big thing, trust the book, whichever one happens to appeal to you the most, so unlike even my parents in the seventies and eighties who depended on their instincts and parented  us, this days we are told that is WRONG, and the book will tell all, parents become confused about what top do and the conflicting advice and "evidence" we are innundated with is incredible.

Children are told as early as kindergarten that if Mommy or Daddy touches you in a way you don't like, tell us and we will have CPS or Social Services come see what's going on, even a teacher can get in trouble for patting a student on the back for a "Good Job".

Parents have given their power away, why I don't know, but we did.

Kids are coming from more broken homes now than EVER, Mom and Dad are BOTH working to make ends meet, it's NOT always a CHOICE whether or not to stay home now, and it makes it even harder for parents to keep a close eye on their kids, now kids being kids, especially teens, think back to that time, if you don't keep on top of things well we can a figure out where that can go.

There are kids who are going home to Mom or Dad passed out drunk or stoned on the couch, or Mom and Dad being "TOO BUSY" to talk give the kid some money and snd them on their way.

There are kids being badly abused at home, and lash out at ANY authority figure that they KNOW can't touch them.

Parents do have to take back their power with their kids, I agree, but where is the line ?  What constitutes abuse and what constitutes discipline, I've heard some saying that GROUNDING a kid is abusive, what is that all about ?

When Brittany Spears and Christina Aguleria  (?) have become our children's role models, or those horrid Bratz dolls that advocate being a fashionista instead of smarter than the boys, or how about the sports stars that have been charged for drug possetion or those rappers that glorify gun violence or the rock stars ( Marilyn Manson comes to mind) that glorify the evil in the world, we were in trouble.

Parents allowing their daughters  to go to school dressed like hookers in the name of fashion and freedom ? Give me a break. Or allowing their sons to walk around with their underwear hanging out, how about letting your teen get tattoos and body piercings whether you like it or not?

Did these parents LISTEN to that young woman last week ? She wanted to hear the word "NO" she wanted limits, children NEED them, so we as parents have to STEP UP and take our power back, I truly belive the really rotten kids are the MINORITY,lets start focussing on the MAJORITY of kids who might be just lost and confused, a lot like us parents at times.

December 5, 2006, 7:55 pm CST

Should their be punishment for something that happened over 15 years ago?

Ms. Dye and I live in the same county. And she was my teacher for one semester of my freshman year. I am now a junior in high school. There was not one person in my entire school that could make Earth/Space Science as interesting as she did. She was a great teacher. She made sure all of her students were always doing well in her class and if they weren't, she was always there to help. I know this situation is not whether or not she is a good teacher or not, but people who do bad things should be able to turn their life around. I guess the big dilema is whether or not the students will be able to concentrate or not in school. I believe that is the students choice though. Just as sleeping in a class and failing is a choice, whether or to pay attention to Ms. Dye or not should be a choice. And honestly, who would not want to listen to Ms. Dye.
    I'm sure all adults have something that can come back and haunt them, whether its a nickname, somebody who was a sex partner, or somebody who has been arrested. How does life go on if people are not forgiving and understanding? I am against all of the publicity about Ms. Dye. What happened in her life is her buisness. Oh by the way, whatever happened to the under age kid who was looking at porn....absolutly nothing. NOT FAIR!
    All I have to say is....hang in there Ms. Dye. All of your former students understand what is going on and are on your side 100%. These people are crazy if they don't let you be a teacher again. I guess they don't know what they are missing.
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