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Created on : Friday, December 01, 2006, 03:22:29 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Kids across the country are playing pranks and harassing teachers. Tericka, a high school science teacher who loved her job, lived in fear of her scandalous past catching up with her and getting her fired. Students eventually found out about her shocking past and the news spread throughout town like wildfire. Are other teachers taking her side, or do they feel her punishment was justified? How can she move forward? Then, Anna, an assistant principal, was harassed on the Internet when two students created a fake MySpace page alleging to be her. She says they completely attacked her character and need to be held accountable for their actions. Was this just a practical joke gone bad, or were these students out for revenge? Find out what Anna did to show these kids that some jokes just aren't funny. Could the mischief your kids get into end up costing you thousands of dollars? Talk about the show here.

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November 8, 2007, 8:37 pm CST

Teachers in the sex Industry

In Las Vegas  a large number of teachers work as strippers on the weekends in order to be able to pay rent.  Teachers  do not get paid enough and we don't have enough people willing to be good teachers.  If she is a good teacher and the only negative in her career is porn she has done years ago, then it does not make sense to fire her.  People expect way too much from teachers.  We are not even allowed to have MYSpace pages at my district.  It should not matter if a teacher does a video on a day off to get her or his bills paid. 
January 22, 2008, 11:10 pm CST

12/06 Teacher Troubles

Quote From: unorthodox

The assistant principal is teaching those "children" and their neglectful parents that some things have severe consequences.  She is teaching them that their own fun does not override the rights of others to maintain their privacy and reputation within the community.  She is teaching them that there are times when a "sincere apology" is not enough.  The message she is sending to the kids in her school is that a crime is a crime is a crime.  Punishment by the courts has a twofold purpose, first, to punish the guilty party, and second, to deter others from pursuing such a course of action.  If the parents are made to pay for their lack of attention and moral guidance, so be it.  Maybe that will make other parents wake up.  If the "children" are made to pay for a lengthy period of time, maybe that will also encourage parents to remind their children of the terrible consequences of such despicable acts.  What nobody has mentioned is that after a prolonged period of good behavior, the felons will be able to apply for, and probably get clemency and an expunged record.  It should not be easy, and it should be expensive.  Let's stop mollycoddling young people who are perfectly capable of not only destroying the lives of others, but who also add the majority of deaths on the highway due to their irresponsibility.  In that case, their poor victims often pay an eternal price.  As for the principal getting financial reparation for the damage to her reputation, I hope she gets mega punitive damages.  It seems that only drastic action and consequences will ever convince some people that they must finally shoulder the burden of making their children adhere to acceptable codes of conduct.
Should kids not learn about forgiveness? She went to far with her so called authority. The boys were sorry and regreated what they did. I guess you are saying that Sorry is not enough in this case and I could not disagree with you more!
June 22, 2008, 5:12 pm CDT


Hello, anyone that had MS. DYE as a teacher, or was in close realtions with her please contact me at it is very important and i would greatly apprecieate your help.

Also, if you know anything about her son, Christian (dye) please contact me at the email address above.


Thank you.

December 29, 2008, 11:14 pm CST

A troubled past

Tericka I think you can still have a bright future in teaching.  Have you ever thought about using your life story to educate troubled girls?  Maybe taking a job the juvenile detention system some sort of group home.  A story like your's should be used to inspire young women and help them lift themselves up, as you did.


I know losing your job was heartbreaking but you made it this far in your life, perhaps, God has other plans for you and means to steer you in a new direction.  Your strength, even though you may have been feeling weak, glowed through the television screen, even the blind could have seen it.  I have a strong feeling that you will be just fine, no matter where you go from here.

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