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Topic : 12/04 Heroin Twins: The Intervention, Part 3

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Created on : Friday, December 01, 2006, 03:19:25 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil continues his work with twin sisters who are addicted to heroin and crack cocaine and were spiraling out of control. A few days into her detox, Sarah begins to emerge from her haze of drug use and painful withdrawal symptoms. Is she committed to the work involved with getting clean? Dr. Phil questions their mother, Cindy, about her own history of alcohol use and how she is sabotaging Tecoa’s sobriety and the health of her unborn baby. Then, Dr. Phil tracks down the sisters’ long-lost stepfather, Perry. They say his disappearance from their lives played a significant role toward their decline into drug use and prostitution. How does Perry explain his absence from their lives, and does his appearance bring closure for Sarah and Tecoa? As the twins begin to take their first steps toward a new life, Dr. Phil informs them that their paths of sobriety will be separate. Will they agree to go to different rehab centers to learn how to stand on their own two feet? Share your thoughts here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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December 4, 2006, 1:09 pm CST

12/04 Heroin Twins: The Intervention, Part 3

Quote From: fluffyfat

I totally agree with you, Lilu.  I'm sorry your adoptive mother let you down.  It certainly is to your credit that you turned into such a fine person after all that.  Good for you!
THANK YOU LILU! Some common sense is finally spoken here! I think the mother feeds off of this so that it takes the focus off of the things SHE didn't do.
December 4, 2006, 1:10 pm CST

I can't believe she let Misty shoot up for 1st time

When I saw them last week, I couldn't believe the woman filming them just let Misty shoot up for the 1st time. I was lucky to see what was happening to my friends who shot up & I made a promise to myself that I'd  never ever shoot up. That was w/o a doubt one of the best decisions I ever made in my life & that was over 25 years ago. I'm so glad I made & kept that promise to myself. Many I knew are dead because of shooting up drugs. I know someone who watched a friend die while shooting up & all she did was shoot up the rest. That happened many years ago & she still struggles w/ her addiction. As far as know, she only gets clean is when she gets put into jail.


I had found an old friend thru one of the class websites. Had I known they shot up, I would have had no interest in seeing them. But they chose to keep that to themself. So I had no idea when I saw them that they'd come so close to dying. I really think they would've died one of the two times that they stopped breathing. At least I was there to keep them breathing. They didn't drink usually so having a few beers w/ me was enough to make their normal amount used a life threatening situation. Oxys are very powerful drugs in pill form let alone being shot up & had this not been a rather tall & stout person, they would have died. I know that w/o a doubt. It was very scary to witness. After the second episode, I talked about many issues I have worked past in my life. Finally I got them to open up to me as to what they were doing. It was a very intense conversation that lasted for a few days.


I had a very bad upbringing so I knew the mental things that go through you're head when you're mentally abused & unloved by a parent. Well, their upbringing was even worse than mine. Their Dad was never in the picture as far back as they could remember & their Mom (who does not even deserve to be called a Mom) would leave for days to a week at a time & when she returned she would come into the house screaming at them for no reason. For a bunch of teens, their house was always kept immaculate. Now I can see why. They were terrified of her. And, when she came home, she never even brought food for her kids. I'm sorry but that is just such a cruel thing to do. Kids should not have to fend for themselves. My own Mom would have given me food for them had I known but teens did not confide in each other @ those kinds of things 30 years ago. No wonder they ran away from home. I have been on my own since I was 15. I ran away from home too. but somehow I was fortunate enough to "get it". That was 27 years ago. Unfortunately, we had lost touch during one ofthe many times I ran away from home. I was told  they had moved to another state. Here their Mom sold the house & moved away. Not them.


Now they live near her & they still seek her love which she just won't give or doesn't know how to give. Sad that such a good person hurts so badly inside because they feel unworthy of being loved by either of their parents. People, do not have kids if you don't plan on doing what's needed to raise them properly.


They had quit using & were doing okay for awhile. But they started using again. And to look at them, you never would have suspected any use especially the amount they were using. Their habit cost over $600+ a week. They were a very functional addict who looks great. Another addiction they had was physical fitness. So I outed them to a relative of theirs who I felt was the best person to help them. I have no idea whether it helped or not. But I was not about to enable them. I know way to many people who have OD'd or committed suicide.


So if you know a kid w/ a poor home life, try to help them. You won't be able to save them all but sometimes all it takes is for someone to care about them, show them that they do matter & that you believe in them. I know that for a fact because I helped their nephew turn his life around. He was headed down the same road but now he's on a new path. Maybe my old friend can see how happy their nephew isin life & may come to the realization that is whatthey want for themself. But maybe not. As another freind told me, you can't save everybody. But I still try because being on my own since I was a teen made me very thankful for my friends. They meant more to me than family. Actually, they were my family. And if you can help a teen now, they won't waste theri lives trying to escape themselves. And that's impossible unless you use so much that you're comfortably numb or commit suicide. And, I was almost successful at committing suicide when I lived at home. No one even knew there was anything wrong unitl 2-3 days had passed. That's how much they noticed.


But that has helped me to help others who have never found there way. And I'm sorry but if you haven't lived it, there will be things that you just don't get. And if you don't believe me, go to a runaway shelter & volunteer to help the kids. It won't be easy because they have a hard time trusting others. When you get treated like dogshit, you'll see why they don't trust anyone but their friends. I've lived w/ kids who were mentally abused, & others who were kicked, punched, burnt, thrown down steps, etc.... So how do you trust people when nothing in your life goes according to the way that they are supposed to? It's hard - that's why they need someone who truly cares about them & believes in them.


So stop worrying @ givng toys. They need to be loved & cared about & that's priceless to a kid.

December 4, 2006, 1:11 pm CST

Cigs? Give me a break

I am so tired of hearing about the smoking concerning tecoa.  That should be the last thing on phils mind.  I did no drugs while I was pregnant however I did smoke.  My son was born completely healthy.  People need to back off of smokers.  Your only making it worse.  I have the personality that if you approach me in a concerned way you could make headway.  However, if you try to guilt trip me or act like you know something I dont then you've lost my attention. 
December 4, 2006, 1:11 pm CST

binge bunnies

hopefully they are going to get their act together and listen to others and understand that they are there to help them and not to hurt them.  And not do any more con artist work and really

keep their noses clean.  The mom needs to take her head out of the sand and deal with her

girls in reality and not fantasy.  She had withdrawn from reality to deal with it and she had the

attitude if you can't beat them - then join them.  Alcohol is not a good witnessing tool for the mom to use.  And, babying her girls is not the answer either.  She is stuck between a rock and

a hard place.  Yet, the mom put herself their by babying or spoiling them.  Every parent loves to

be able to do that and well, you just can't do it to a drug addict who's your child.  You just can't.

You can't baby or smother or spoil a spouse, loved one or family member or friend that's addicted.  You're doing nothing more than advancing them into an early grave.  I hope these two girls will be able to overcome their problems and peel away the layers and get clear vision where they need and what they need to do to really live. 

December 4, 2006, 1:15 pm CST

heroin twins

 dr. phil, in my opinion you were a little out of line concerning the heroin twins father. he was 1200 miles away with a new baby on the way. why should he subject his family to these girls who were already out of control at 12 years old! you should rethink this one. I usually agree with you 100% but not on this one!
December 4, 2006, 1:16 pm CST

thank you thank you thank you


  Dear Dr. Phil,


      I sincerely want to thank you for doing these past few weeks on the twins heroin addiction intervention.  You have brought a new insight into heroin addiction that people never knew about.  Many people do not know that there is currently a heroin epidemic in this country until it happens to their own child. The seriousness of this problem cannot be denied or hidden. It is out there, it is being used, and young people are  becoming addicted without their parents often knowing until it is too late.  For bringing this to your show, I commend you. These twins will make it but they know it will take hard work. And, I believe they can do it.  For all your shows on educating the public on important issues, such as this one,  hooray for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 4, 2006, 1:21 pm CST

Do Not Hammer on Perry

Quote From: lbischof

Maybe I am the only one, but I TOTALLY understand protecting one's child from bad influences. The fact that these girls got each other involved in drugs supports Perry's difficult decision to not allow them into their lives out of concern for their other daughter. I would have done the same thing. As unfortunate and painful as it is, I am sure these girls (once they sober up) would do the same thing for their own future children. Everyone knows that when someone is an addict the last thing they are thinking about is the safety and concern of other people. I am curious as to why Perry is taking the hardest hit in the blame for the road gone wrong. What about this mother who STILL doesn't have common sense figured out. She is toxic! I know PLENTY of children of divorce and especially where one parent choses to lose contact. Sure there are scars that come with that, but not everyone becomes a drug addict. Where is your heavy hammer with the mother Dr. Phil? This mother seems to be the common denominator. Regardless of how life has dealt these poor girls a hard blow, THEY need to take responsibility for sticking the needle in their arm. At one point, one of the girls said to Perry, "we wouldn't have gone down this road if you were around...." Sounds to me like this is something they heard from their mother. Enough already, they are old enough to know better than that. There comes a time when one has to take responsibility. I am so angry with this mother and disapointed in you Dr. Phil that you have not been tougher with her. Laurie in NJ
WHERE WAS CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES?  These twins should have been removed from the mother many years ago. No other choice.  MOM IS IN NEED OF A PRISON TERM>
December 4, 2006, 1:23 pm CST

Good Job Dr Phil>>>>>>>>>>>>!

You really stepped up and were a great man for helping the twins,  Their Momma and the nice lady who taped it all.


When you attach yourself to a cause it really does show thru how sincere and true you are....


Thank You!  God Bless your show and your staff to continue on the journey of the true "authentic self"  and for  being an expert in addictions for over 30 years>>>


 My eyes were tearing up when you were helping those girls reclaim there life!


It just takes the first brave steps to get on the positive path of life,  and your kind heart and TV show helped them when death was so near.


I am in recovery myself and I will keep you all in my prayers always....


December 4, 2006, 1:23 pm CST

A Testament to the Human Spirit

Here is a just a corny thought I'd like to share with anyone like me who saw the three part series about the Heroin Twins:

I am so deeply proud of these girls.  Of course I don't know them, but I like them and cannot help but notice how much their story is proof of the strength of the human spirit.

I doubt I would have their courage.  With the possible exception of ice cream, I have never been addicted to anything, but I recognize how easy it'd be to become dependent on heroin.  I cannot imagine how much courage and determination a person would need to get off it.  I tip my hat to these girls. 

And I literally pray to God that they will remain sober and take their considerable courage to make great lives for themselves. 

A wise old woman I know who is 89 years old recently told me that in life boring is good.  I didn't understand what she meant at first, but she explained that the simple boring pleasures in life are the best pleasures.  I hope these girls can find the magic in the simple moments that make life wonderful.

As someone who has gone through tremendous struggles in life, I can lovingly tell the twins that there will be challenges ahead.  It's not all going to be the triumph of detoxing in the Dr. Phil house.  Some days are going to be bad, but some are going to be great and others are going to be boring. 

Please never give in to that horrendous drug.  Any ideas they may get that this would be a good idea are the devil talking.  I am not remotely religious myself but I do know that heroin is a tool of the devil. 

Hang in their Sarah and Tecoa.  I am rooting for you.
December 4, 2006, 1:24 pm CST

12/04 Heroin Twins: The Intervention, Part 3

I really  do hope they get the help they need!!  Praying for them!  Its a shame to see people mess up there lives with drugs!  God  bless them!  
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