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Topic : 12/04 Heroin Twins: The Intervention, Part 3

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Created on : Friday, December 01, 2006, 03:19:25 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil continues his work with twin sisters who are addicted to heroin and crack cocaine and were spiraling out of control. A few days into her detox, Sarah begins to emerge from her haze of drug use and painful withdrawal symptoms. Is she committed to the work involved with getting clean? Dr. Phil questions their mother, Cindy, about her own history of alcohol use and how she is sabotaging Tecoa’s sobriety and the health of her unborn baby. Then, Dr. Phil tracks down the sisters’ long-lost stepfather, Perry. They say his disappearance from their lives played a significant role toward their decline into drug use and prostitution. How does Perry explain his absence from their lives, and does his appearance bring closure for Sarah and Tecoa? As the twins begin to take their first steps toward a new life, Dr. Phil informs them that their paths of sobriety will be separate. Will they agree to go to different rehab centers to learn how to stand on their own two feet? Share your thoughts here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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December 4, 2006, 9:46 am CST

12/04 Heroin Twins: The Intervention, Part 3

Quote From: lwoelfel

Dr. Phil,


Please arrange a 3D ultrasound for Tacoa to give her a sense of reality about the baby.  I had one done when I was pregnant with my child and it made real that fact that I had a baby growing in my womb.  For a woman going through the first pregnancy, it can be a little surreal.  Having a 3D ultrasound allowed me to see the face of my unborn child (and he actually looked exactly like the ultrasound when he was born). 


I think this may help Tacoa in her decision making (to drink or not to drink, to do heroin or not to do heroin, maybe even to smoke or not to smoke) if she can put a face with the bulge in her belly. 


Thanks for the shows.  I learn so much!

This is her second child. She is well aware she is pregnat. She is giving the baby up for adoption.
December 4, 2006, 9:47 am CST

12/04 Heroin Twins: The Intervention, Part 3

Quote From: ljlu7654


I believe he made the right choice. The Father gave them a choice to live w/him, and they (((chose)) the wrong way. He didn't abandon them as I see it. They chose the Mother and drugs/alcohol, and the life they had, including getting pregnant twice now??


. Why is everyone blaming him? He offered to let them come and live with him. They continued to choose drugs, why should he bring that to his new family?


As for them feeling abandoned?? When my Dad found me and adopted me, his wife did also. When my Dad died suddenly, she never even wanted me at his service, and I didn't know why.  She adopted me and became my Mother and,  I thought she loved me, and still she blew me out of her life using her daughter in law to do it. She never even told me why, and I never did drugs or alcohol, she gave me a reason according to these girls thinking, right.


 So the abuse/abandonment excuse is just that, an excuse. How convenient for them to blame the Father. He offered them choices, they chose, now they blame him? It's a cop out,  biology or not. I could easily have become a drunk, had I chosen that path. I didn't chose that, and I still got dumped by my Fathers wife, my adoptive Mother. I held it together, they had each other and a Mom, if I can make it alone, they could have too. It's hard to blame the dad, that's all.

That was a torn Dad and I think the step-Mom was hurting too.

The real Mom is hurting also.  All of the parents here is hurt, that

was obvious.  Drug atticts can do alot of harm and no way should

there be a chance around a baby or young child.  I can understand

the dad protecting his new child, I don't howeverexcuse his absense

for so long, there is more ways to help than have the girls at his home

or around his wife and family.  I feel the real Mom was rather pathetic in

her judgements voiced about him too.  She should have just shut up

if she couldn't help these girls see that even him coming showed love.

Those stuffed toys was a very dear loving act to give them girls and that

should not have been so let alone.  It did show them girls not giving a

fair chance to get their dad back in thier life.  A smallest of a gift is not bad and the stuffed dogs should of meant more regardless of past mistakes.  Like the Mother didn't make any?

For her to even sip alcohol around them girls or even during the troubled times of

her daughters addcition is down right selfish and cold!

The girls are grown now but that does not mean their emotional growth has caught up to thier age?  they need the Dad that was on the show and it showed.

A father can be anyone,  a DAD is who loves you and yes to all the addicts out there,

 there is conditions to many things.  things like danger, abuse and the well being of others

is definately a condition to a healthy relationship.

December 4, 2006, 9:49 am CST

me too!!

Quote From: jodiana28

I have been following the story of the twins.   My concerns is that Dr. Phil is becoming the male hero that they have never had before.   He is the person that they are looking to for encouragement and they are putting there trust in him.    The father figure they clearly missed.   My concern is that after the show, there will be a void in their life where Dr. Phil stood.  

I too was a teenage addict, and became very attached to the men in my rehab, with out them I felt very lost. Well, let's see what happens at the rehap!


December 4, 2006, 10:03 am CST

Answer to 44 not so wise....

Quote From: mel1962

I read your story and thought it was wonderful how your life turned out so well. Not the same for everyone though. It appears that you have been thru what I went thru exactly except the part of withdraw? The twin was eating cereal the next day? Do not undrestand that? I could not eat for 2 weeks. And when you speak of clinic... was it the methadone clinic? I was a addict for 28 years. have been clean for 6 months now. This is the hard part. please give some feedback. Was I just weaker or more addicted...what???

thanks for the great story you can help a lot of other with hope.

44 not so wise.  

Yes, it was a methadone clinic and I weened myself off over the course of an 8-month period.  I took myself down 5 mg's at a time every two weeks.  I got a job and kept busy with my child and kept believing that I was going to be able to get clean. 


I leaned on my spiritual faith, a lot.


I knew that even when I was swearing to God that I wouldn't do this or that, that He knew what was my true truth.....He knew I was sick & addicted and I also believe that He knew well that my promises were empty.  I held onto that with all my might AND I was determined to get thru it.


Major turns of events happened during the healing time and I'd be glad to share that in private with you if you email address is  and I'd love to talk more.  I could seriously write a book on the things that went on during healing but I'll be glad to share. 


And no, I didn't really understand the ability to eat...I puked everything I tried to keep down when getting clean BUT I was getting clean off of opiates alone, not the other.  I don't know if there is something w/that.


28 years, Melissa is a long ass time.....but you can beat this thing, I swear it !!  Believe in yourself.  See the flip side.  I've been told that the the yin/yang side represents both the dark side and the light side but the light side doesn't just come on it's own.  The same levels of bad & darkness that we've had during the struggles with addictions (I started using at age 12 and slowly progressed to the heroin addiction) that lasted over 15+ years have the ability to get to the same levels of good, of positive....but we've got to create it.  Believe in it.  Reach for it.  KNOW that we can get past it.


Write me anytime...>I'll give you all the 'glorified' details of recovery if you want to hear it.


Blessings of Peace ~


December 4, 2006, 10:25 am CST

NA= Never Alone & Narcotics Anonymous

   I will start by saying that God loves you both very much and God is a loving and forgiving God. He has kept you alive because you are beautiful to him and he has a purpose for you both!

   I would like to share my experience, strength, and hope to the twins, their mother and all others affected by their story. I have a few favoriate sayings that I would like to share first. "If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got" (Dr.Phil). "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results" (Albert Einstine) SP?.  A+A =C "Awareness plus Action equals Change" (Unknown)

   I have found a new way to live free from active addiction. I have been clean 5 years and 9 months. I am a member of Narcotics Anonymous and I have worked & applied the steps  to many different areas of my life; drug use, behavior, attitude, thinking patterns, sex, men, money, relationships with family and friends (Even those I do not associate with) and spirituality. I want the twins to know nothing, absolutly NOTHING in their stories shocked or surprised me or made me say "How could they"

   I too disapointed myself and others. (This being an understatement) I also used alcohol and cocaine (A lot of it) durring one of my pregnancies.  There is ABSOLUTLY NOTHING I can do to change what is already done. I can only change what I am going to do!  I want you two to know after you get the drugs out of your system physically, you too have the FREEDOM OF CHOICE! Be willing to do what people are suggesting. It was explained to me like this once... There is a person in the burn unit with severe burns all over their body. Layers and layers of painfull burned skin. Each day only a single layer can be painfully pulled away. As days pass by each one with a lot of pain in it, the pain does start to decrease because there is room for new unburned skin to grow. Shame,regret and past issues do hurt in the beginning of not having the drugs to surpress it for us, but each day little by little  these bad feelings are replaced with new positive information.

   This new information is for us to apply to ourselves and our lives and make the most of it. It may come from doctors, therapists, psyciatrists, support groups, family, friends, even strangers and eventually, it will come from within. Just keep believing that you CAN do this, you DO have a choice, and you are NEVER alone!

   I am listing the resources I have used through my journey of recovery and anyone can contact me for more information.

A) New Beginnings Chemical Dependancy Treatment in Waverly, Mn

B) Journey Home 1/2 way house in St.Cloud, MN

C) Narcotics Anonymous (Continue to go to meetings and do what the program suggests)

D) DBT skills group / Dialectable Behavior Therapy (founded by Marcia Linnehan)

E) Love and Logic Parenting course

F) Individual therapy & Psyciatry.

G) Different mental health medications ( I have been medication free for about 2 years now)

H) Sharing my story to give back and hopefully inspire someone else to try what has worked for me.

    I never gave up once I learned that I had a choice. No, everyday wasn't / isn't easy but it is better than it was and continues to get better. Even when I didn't want to make the right choice and wanted to take the easy way out, I did it anyway because I had some idea that it eventually becomes an easy choice.

   In Narcotics Anonymous our message is "that an addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, loose the desire to use, and find a new way to live" (Basic Text, 5th edition p65) You are in my prayers! May God bless you Lonnie O'Neill St.Cloud, Minnesota





December 4, 2006, 10:29 am CST

12/04 Heroin Twins: The Intervention, Part 3

Quote From: afraid

Common gene mutation linked to drug addiction
22:00 10 June 2002 news service
Gaia Vince
A common mutation in a gene that controls the breakdown of the brain's natural cannabinoids contributes to drug abuse and addiction, new US work suggests.

Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute, California, questioned more than 1000 people attending a medical clinic on their drug use, including use of nicotine and alcohol. They found that people who reported abusing illegal drugs were four times more likely to have two copies of the mutated gene than people without drug or alcohol problems. About 3.7 per cent of the people in the study had this double mutation, the team says.

The gene encodes an enzyme called fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH). This enzyme is responsible for inactivating endogenous cannabinoids - which act on the same neuroreceptors as the psychoactive component of marijuana. Previous work has suggested that the enzyme is involved in reward and addiction pathways in the brain. The common mutation in the gene causes a build-up of natural cannabinoids.

Roger Pertwee, professor of neuropharmacology at Aberdeen University, suggests that people with the mutated gene might need to take a greater amount of a particular drug to achieve the same "high", because the neural pathways the drugs act on are blocked by endogenous cannabinoids. But because these people take more, they are more likely to class themselves drug abusers.

Genetic factors are estimated to account for 40-60 per cent of the risk of drug abuse and addiction.

Reduced inhibitions
DNA analysis showed that two copies of the mutated gene showed up in 16 per cent of people who declared abusing street drugs or alcohol, but in a smaller percentage of people addicted to alcohol alone. Just four per cent of those with no drug or alcohol problems had two copies of the gene.

"Although these findings are provocative in that they offer a potential link between functional alterations in the endogenous cannabinoid system and a predisposition to illegal drug use, alternative interpretations are also possible," the team write in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Pertwee agrees: "The fact that the correlation has only been found for illegal drugs and the mutated gene suggests that a higher concentration of endogenous cannabinoid in the brain may have the effect of reducing a person's inhibitions about taking illegal drugs in the first place," Pertwee suggests.

The Scripps team hopes the work might lead to a test to identify people at high risk of drug abuse. Jack Sipe, who led the research, told New Scientist: "We are currently working with human subjects to determine if the FAAH 385 mutation is linked to any specific drugs of abuse, such as marijuana, cocaine, and opoids, and, therefore, if the mutation could be a risk factor for individuals at higher risk for drug abuse or dependence."

Journal reference: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (DOI: 10.1073/pnas.802235799)

Scientific it is, and I agree with the study, however we all have some sort of demon living in us, and it is our responsibility to take control of that demon. What about the behavioral study? I agree it may put one at higher risk if they have the gene, however ultimately it is our choice to decide our destiny and path. I am not saying this does not take on part of the desire to use, but I feel it is wrong to place blame. The girls have been given an opportunity by Dr. Phil to change their past, and if they do not chose a new path..........who then to blame?
December 4, 2006, 10:31 am CST

Where is the biological father ?

I am, wondering what had happened to the birth father of those twins,  were the parents divorced,  did he abandon the family ?   I commend the step-father being tracked down,  but would like information about the biological father if possible.


I am praying for the recovery for the twins,  and for their family.  It is a LONG road recovering from drug addictions,  but with God,  all things are possible.


Love, & Prayers,  Taz Lady  from Indiana

December 4, 2006, 10:34 am CST

12/04 Heroin Twins: The Intervention, Part 3

Quote From: draven

i read on the website though, under Tecoa's profile, that this is NOT Tecoa's first pregnancy.  she has a son from before who the biological father has custody of now, b/c she abandoned him after he was born to go back on the streets and back to a life of drug use.  and now, in her second pregnancy, she is drinking, smoking, and has done heroin at six months along.  i want to have hope for her, too, but i am starting to wonder if she cares at all about this baby, since she is giving it up for adoption, maybe she simply doesn't care how he/she turns out after birth, since she won't be responsible for him.  i hope that isn't the case, but all the evidence seems to indicate this. also, i saw on the webcam for part three, that Cindy (her mother) begged her to stop smoking until the baby was born.  Tecoa flatly refused and said she could not promise that.  and then she LAUGHED when her mother became angry with her.  she LAUGHED, as though her mother's concern for the health of her baby was some sort of joke.  what kind of a person would do that?  i have to wonder about this girl's morals.  i have hope that she learn to live drug free, but still, she comes across as being ENTIRELY self-centered to me.  and that is so sad for that infant she is carrying.
Thank God she's giving it up for adoption, and I will commend her on that. She could choose to keep the baby, draw a welfare check and then neglect the child. This may be the only responsibel choice she's ever made.
December 4, 2006, 10:34 am CST

Been there, done that

I applaud Dr Phil and his staff for their intervention, and all they are doing, to assist the twins and their family in getting and staying clean and sober.  Without a doubt, assisting someone in gaining even a small degree of clarity, admitting to their addictions and wanting to take the first step towards recovery is a hugely difficult task.  However, one primary point to keep in mind is that, unless the twins/mom truly want to stay clean/sober for themselves...not because Dr Phil says so or to please someone else or whatever the outside reason may be...the chances of remaining on the path to recovery will continue to remain slim.  Sure, we get in the recovering door due to any number of reasons but to stay, to do the work that is necessary to walk and talk the recovering lifestyle, will take an honest desire that each individual wants for themselves, from their heart and soul.  It is said, "if we keep doing what we keep doing, we'll keep getting what we keep getting."  And, when the pain of NOT changing becomes greater than the pain of change, we will change.  I should know...been there, done that.  By the grace of God, after actively using alcohol and drugs for 28 years, I have recently celebrated 14 years of recovery, a completely different lifestyle and a gratitude far beyond anything I could possibly have imagined.



December 4, 2006, 10:48 am CST

i think after the twins have a full recovery>

Quote From: jodiana28

I have been following the story of the twins.   My concerns is that Dr. Phil is becoming the male hero that they have never had before.   He is the person that they are looking to for encouragement and they are putting there trust in him.    The father figure they clearly missed.   My concern is that after the show, there will be a void in their life where Dr. Phil stood.  

they will know just how to fill any voids that remain in there lives with out the help of alcahol or drugs, im sure they will never forgit all dr phil has done for them, and they will miss him very much, but life goes on and they too must go on with there lives,and the good part is they have been given there lives back to go on with, dosent it give you much joy to see these girls lives given back to them,it did me<>
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