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August 9, 2009, 12:09 pm CDT

Is This Normal Social Discussion

Thanks for the belated b-day wishes, Ami & JP!  It was pretty uneventful, which is just fine by me.  Went to a nice dinner, had a killer mojito, followed it up at home with a cake created by my 11 year old who wants to attend culinary school and become a pastry chef.  In another 10 years I will be 100 pounds heavier and it will be her fault.


Lulu is doing great.  It is interesting to me, as a card carrying cat person, she has become much more part of the family.  We take her with us when we can and when we can't she is only left for a couple hours at a time.  Our summer plans had included an overnight to Boston but now we will wait until she is ready to be left with someone overnight.  Just like when my kids were babies.


JP, I'm sorry to hear that you are still dealing with all the crap with your health and your job.  It just doesn't seem right that they can terminate you because you are unable to work due to medical reasons. 


 Trace, loved your stories.  So do you plan to give him away?  How is MJ doing? 


Ami, I didn't go to my last class reunion, it was several years back and our 20th.  There were two girls that I was close to in high school.  I had other friends but 2 that really meant something.  The three of us are still close after all these years, the family I got to choose.  We all decided that instead of overpaying for a crappy dinner we would have a slumber party and look at old pictures, drink better wine than we did back then and laugh.  We did just that and had a great night although a small part of me wishes I went for the OMG, look at how bad they aged!!!! factor.  But they are probably saying the same thing about me!!!


Neecie,  hope the interviews went well for you.  What a set of options you may have in front of you.  At some point though I am sure that the right one for you will make itself clear.  Hopefully one will just "feel" right.


We've been keeping busy in my world.  Had to get a new car about a month ago.  My last one had pretty much reached the end of it's life.  I was able to live without a/c and didn't mind checking the oil when I filled the tank but when I started to smell something similar to burning plastic I decided to wave the white flag.  I tend to keep my vehicles as long as I can and I hate car shopping but I must say I am enjoying having A/C again. 


My end of summer plans have changed a bit with the reality of having a puppy and changes at my husband's job.  He was recently offered a position at his company that he just couldn't refuse, nor one that he or I would want him to turn down.  It does mean though that for the next 2 months he will be away for 4 days of the week.  The girls do not like it when he travels but are being so very good about it this time.   Hopefully that will last a little longer.


Sorry for this being so long winded, never know when I will get a chance to post again!  Hugs all.


August 9, 2009, 9:39 pm CDT


Errmmm never be sorry for long windedness....then I would have to be sorry all the time. ;P  hehe It's good to catch up with all you have going on. Puppy love!!!! Isn't a hoot!!  Now see there is just a whole world of difference in a dog and a cat. Dog's are like babies like you say, and they stay like children always adoring, always loving you best of all. =)  I think cats are like teenagers...they are distant at times, fickle, moody, loving, snotty, beligerant, know that whole gamut of emotions. Dogs just love. That's about it. =)


You know the class the reunion thing gives me such mixed feelings. I didn't like a lot of these people truth be told. They were ok, but you have to understand I was a "foriegner" to them. I moved into a very small rural community (the one my mother grew up she knew everyone) after living in Atlanta and Cincinnati. I took a dozen steps backwards with regards to the latest trends, fashions, teen thoughts, etc. My dad divorced my mom then and my grandfather died all within a year or so of moving there. It sucked, the little cliche crap went on....where the big fish didn't know it was a tiny tiny pond. And I was just snotty enough to tell them about it too often. LOL  But honestly if it had been ideal conditions I could never have played the game that teens play. I hated all the pretention....and omg it is still all over some of these people even after 30 years. How sad is that? Now many of them not so, they did actually mature get out and see the world and are well rounded folks that I have really enjoyed talking But those that welll....for pete's sake. You know the type. *rolls eyes*


My class wants to bicker at each reunion about serving liquor or not. You see our county is a dry one. So we didn't have access to alcohol during our teen years...well not in stores that is. Bootleggers of course....if we wanted alcohol we could get it. But it is a very hot issue, and always has been. It's moonshine country you see, so lots of people for years and years just made their own whiskey. Not in my time, but in my grandad's time. But the dry county bit goes back to prohibition days and well we just never came out of it. LOL  So a few years back we had an upstart of a doctor move into town and decided he would plant a vineyard and build a a dry county. *sigh* So the big fish in the tiny pond just began to do battle like two betas in one bowl. What a mess!! Well they passed a special ordinance that allowed him to have his a dry county.


Part of my class wants to have the reunion there on the grounds and serve wine and beer (prepaid of course because they can't sell it). The other part of my class will not be there simply because they are not going to support anything that has to do with serving alcohol. Then there are two that I know of that bless their hearts are alcoholics so they won't be there either because of the setting. Yet that bunch from high school that I really can hardly tolerate are the ones that decided the winery.....knowing full well who that meant would not attend.


Now here is the killer.....there were three girls that started organizing this event. They planned it and got all to the point of sending out letters. Family picnic deal at the Experiment Station....which is University of KY facility. Which means no alcohol on the premises. The day before they were to mail out the invites, one of our classmates called up and told them that no one would come if they didn't move it to the winery where they could have liquor. (Which is bs, but what he meant was none of the "popular" crowd would come= which translates in a small community to teachers kids....those who aren't near as popular to everyone else as they are to themselves...LMAO).  The three that had done all the work said they didn't see a point in moving it. The teacher's brats ...ooops.....kid's well they plotted their own reunion seperate from the one scheduled. Then one of them....who isn't adept at fb posted that she was inviting so-and-so to their party regardless what else went on....blah, blah, blah. The three that started it threw the whole thing to them and now it is all at the winery. And I just wanted to throw up.


I'm not going at all. First off, I get my teeth a couple of weeks before that and have to be in Ky two weeks before it. I just can't do another trip up that quick. Mostly though I just won't be able to not be a smart ass about the petty little high school drama over this whole thing. It's not in me to smile and be polite to people who I didn't like then and from all I can see I still don't have a reason to like. Of course I had a ball in high school laughing at several of these people. And one of them ended up being my lawyer through my divorce. LOL But still...truth be told I hated high school with a passion. Like I said I was set back into the dark ages and in four years I didn't learn a thing I had not already had in school with the exception of Agriculture classes (yes I was a Future Farmer of and civics. The rest was old hat and I had already had all by the 8th grade. It was simply a matter of schools in some states are far more advanced than schools in others states. City is more advanced that rural also. By the 8th grade I had had chemistry, German I, human biology, speed reading, etc, etc. Then along came rural life and they didn't even offer language until junior year in high school and then you could only get Spanish. =/ 


I was so utterly bored out of my mind I just skipped school all the time. I stayed in trouble all the time too. But in the days before attendance regulations (read: before attendance was tied to Federal funding) as long as you made the grade no one complained. LOL I missed 28 days one semester....and passed all my classes. It always pissed them off so much that I could do that. *doing the smartass happy dance*


Anywho, this tiny drama about my class reunion serves to remind me that while I have many memories of high school days...well those I like most don't involve most of these folks. lol


I love the idea of doing the private party deal. My best friend from high school didn't geejaw with many either. She came our senior year and we clicked like two peas in a pod. It was so funny, she and her hubby were my first husband and my best man and matron of honor when I married we were the best of friends for over 10 years. Then the divorces started...first mine then hers. Those were sad days. The worst part of my divorce was the mess it made of the friendships. (sad sigh)


Last weekend I was at the new sparkly super Walmart they just opened in the town there were we went to high school. I heard my named called....turned around and there was Chuck. Our best man at my wedding! It was awesome to see him and we were just chattering away when I looked across and saw someone that looked familiar in the fuzz. (I'm blind as a bat and sooo need to wear glasses all the time but don't). Here she came....omg Tish, my matron of honor!! I roared laughing, here we were all standing in Walmart both of them hugging me to death and being  very careful not to touch or look at each other. Their divorce was soooo ugly. eeeek. But omg it was a Kodak from hell moment without a doubt!! Hilarious!! I laughed and said all we needed was for Rickie to walk up and join this strange party. hehe We all laughed, because we knew what a lost thought that was. We all scratch our heads and wonder what happened to that guy we used to know. But needless to say, I couldn't get that much fun at my class reunion as I got in the five minutes in Walmart. Who knew Wally could be so much fun!! hehe


Oh well I wander as usual. *cough, cough* and no you don't get apologies from me for being long winded. I'm no Scot that believes less is more....hell more is more damnit!!! lol


I think I will mention to Tish a girls night out maybe when I am home sometime. See how the idea strikes her...could be loads of fun!!







August 10, 2009, 10:10 pm CDT


My 20th HS reunion is next month in CA, but I'm not going. I can't even believe it's been 30 years, but that's beside the point.  I really can't think of anyone from HS that I would go very far out of my way to see. I went to the 20th and it was mostly a disappointment. There were only two women that were there who I was really happy to see. And the funny part is neither of them actually graduated with us! Laura and I had been friends since we were babies because our moms were friends. But their family moved away just before our senior year. Ann, from Australia, who's father was on sabbatical at the local university, only went to school with us for one year - part of sophomore year and the first part of junior year. We got very close in that year and I've thought of her many times. I certainly never expected to see them at reunion, but it was really exciting when they came up to me. But, it was pretty much downhill from there on.


The only reunion I'm interested in is my UWP reunion. We'll have our 25th next July and we're already gearing up for it. 60% of us are on Facebook and we're definitely trying to pump up the excitement so we can get lots of people there. To me, a reunion with those people is just the best thing I can think of - I wish we can do it every year. I was thinking about it during my commute home, and about how I'm hoping Ralph will go with Erin and me, and when I thought about how much he loves me, and imagined myself with all the excitement of seeing everyone as they arrive -- the next thing I knew I was bawling!! Those people are the best friends I've ever had in my life. I can't wait to see them.

August 11, 2009, 11:19 pm CDT


Ok I'm back it seems. I was lost. LOL


Neecie thanks for the input, not sure what was going on.


And btw I am so glad that you and Loretta have helped me know I'm not the only one that really could care less about their hs class reunion. Tish and I talked and she said she wasn't going unless I was. We agree that it would be a lot more fun just us hanging out. LOL


Maybe those big fish still think there is only a little pond. ;P





August 13, 2009, 11:44 pm CDT


Something tells me the new boards aren't working properly. What has it been? a year that they've been trying out this Beta site, and it's still not working. ROFL!


Well, I think that the ITN Social Discussion Board is closed down. Out of business. It's been nice and we've got a lot of great memories here, but it's time to move to a new coffee shop.


Last one out, turn off the lights.

August 21, 2009, 9:10 pm CDT

Still a glimmer of light...

I never say never.


But if it's true that this Board is shutting down, I just want you all to know how much I have appreciated each and every word and comment and story shared here.  You are all unique and wonderful and your friendship has meant so much to me.


There is no doubt that I will see you in the fullness of time!




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