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Created on : Friday, November 10, 2006, 09:23:21 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 11/17/06) It's often said that parents find true happiness when their child finds true love. But what happens when a mother suspects that her child may be sleeping with the enemy? Gerri fears that her son-in-law, Alan, is such a danger to her daughter, Melissa, and her grandchildren, that he may kill them. She claims Alan is molesting his 3-year-old daughter, and that Melissa is in denial. Gerri says she had no choice but to call Family Services. Alan and Melissa are outraged by the accusations and say Gerri is out to destroy their marriage. Alan maintains his innocence, and Melissa stands by his side. Could Gerri's guilt as a parent be causing her to make these serious allegations? Alan takes a grueling three-hour lie detector test to prove his innocence. Who will be the one apologizing when Dr. Phil reveals the results? Is Alan a monster or the victim of a malicious mother-in-law? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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June 11, 2007, 4:43 am CDT


Quote From: shetypes

I seen the exact words which did notnclude he did not actually do it.  It is a fact that children tell after the perpatrator makes them angry, the do seek vengence.  Not that it did happen, I just worry that it was not clear if it did or did not happen.

Your words only:  I know a way to get even with Mr. ___. I will say he touched me where he shouldn't."

I cannot study a situation that does nto include the whole story.  Both sides. 

Sex offenders are in every field of life, none left out.

False accusations does happen far too often, usually by adults though not children.

I still pray this child was not abused.  I did nto see that statement as giving an absolute, especially from a boy, that it did not, just that it may or may not have.  Whatever lfie the child lives because of his parents does not change that, in fact makes him more vulnerable.

I do not assume, but someone did.


They're all guilty!  Hang 'em all!  Why do you say you don't assume when you always do?
June 12, 2007, 5:43 am CDT

a very important question

i want to ask a very important question about this case....i have heard on the show on the video that has the grand mother recorded is that kelly the daughter saying they have touched my pe-pe ..told THEM not to do so!! what did she mean by them ? is there another person accused in molesting this child?
June 12, 2007, 8:37 am CDT

condemned without trial

Quote From: elizabeth_23

i want to ask a very important question about this case....i have heard on the show on the video that has the grand mother recorded is that kelly the daughter saying they have touched my pe-pe ..told THEM not to do so!! what did she mean by them ? is there another person accused in molesting this child?

When it comes to allegations of sexual abuse, even a hint from another person, and the accused is condemned without trial. Even if it proven to be a false allegation, he will never be exonnerated by the public.


There was no video presented that said the child said her father touched her pee-pee. In fact, that isn't even what the wicked grandmother said. She said the child said he touched her "there."


When the grandmother was describing the tickling, she said she asked her granddaughter where her daddy tickled her and the child said, "All over." It is likely the grandmother also followed up with, "Does he tickle you down there?"


Children are impressionable and they also try to please adults. If grandma wants daddy to tickle her down there, then she must please grandma.


When my son was four, we were camping in one of our national parks. A forest ranger came along with some color books, funny books, and pictures of Smokey Bear. He talked to my son about forest fires. When we returned home, my son was very sure he saw Smokey Bear and Smokey Bear gave him the funny books and color books. Was my son lying? Absolutely not. He was merely demonstrating how his memory could be tampered with. Thank goodness, the ranger was a good person and not evil.



July 7, 2007, 10:09 am CDT

False Sexual Abuse Accusations

I plan to buy this TV show video to show at my next court date.  I passed 2 polygraph tests and a 9 hr psych eval after my ex-paramour turned in 18 false sexual abuse allegations.  She would get mad, coach the children to say certain things, turn in 2 or 3 false abuse allegations, come back to me, and then do it all over again.  (I kept taking her back to protect the children.) She failed a polygraph.  Yet social workers say I am a good liar, and after she tells a judge that I am a perp, they won't even let me speak.  I have spent the last 10 years trying to get custody or even some visitation, spending well over $100,000 on attorneys, and she always wins with her free attorneys or charging me with her attorney fees.  Social Workers have written in their files that she probably coached her children to say, "Dad asked me to lick off his weiner, but I wouldn't, so he licked it off himself." (???)  Yet, they say that she is an OK mom.  They laugh about what she coaches the children to say, and refuse to help me get my children.  (This is in Missouri.)  She has a severe background of incest, rape, and physical abuse, but they do not acknowledge that, knowing that those tendencies lead to sexual abuse. I pray that Dr. Phil will look into my situation.  I know my children are being physicall, mentally, emotionally and probably sexually abused, and I haven't been able to see them for two years. I am trying to get into court again.
July 15, 2007, 9:25 am CDT

Effect on your daughter

Quote From: marymoore5

I definetly go through phases.  This is real and like I said I am still in shock that this happened to  MY family and it was MYdaughter and my husband who did this to her.  I guess I really want to talk to someone who has been through this to let me know that I am no crazy for all my mixed emotions.  I want someone to tell me there story how they stopped loving someone.  I have told him many of times dont expect me to loose my kids over you and dont ever put in a postion to choose cuz you would loose.  I guess I just miss him so much and cant believe he did this.  I read all the letters and know they are true.  I Thank God the abuse has stopped and never went all the way.  I guess there are 2 paths to take one is to say I forgive you.  Yes you can see your son but we are though and you will never have a relationship w/the girls.  The other path is forgiveness and see this as one of those hard hard things Christians have to go through as a tesimony to your faith and marriage that this will make our family grow strong and survive.  I see signs from God every day and really dont know what path he is leading me to.  Believe me I have heard everything everyone has said and then some.  I know my path will not even be a question when the time comes that he is out.  God did protect me and my family from the worst and he is with us every day.  I have just felt weak lately and just really miss him.  This isnt one of those cases to say what has he done this time it came from nowhere with no warning.  Said good bye and 10mins later a detective pulled up to tell me is being arrested in 5 minutes.  My daughter and I are extreamy close.  She has given me space to morn for him and I support her and her therapy.  My kids dont know how much I miss him well they probely do but I dont discuss these thoughts w/them its not like I am telling them that Dad is coming home they know he is gone.  I have taken the 4 yr old to see him 3 xs.  I really dont want and wont take that away from either of them they love each other unconditionaly.  The girls dont and I respect that .


I am making an appt w/the victims councelor at the prision.  I have been through alot of counceling and do really need one that specialize in these cases which I seem so alone and it is a rare case.

Each time you contact your ex in any form, it is like a slap on your daughter's face.  It is like saying, what happened to you is not important.  ANY contact with him registers with your daughter as "He is more important than me; he is OK."  Pretend like he died; don't even mention his name.  Get over him.  Get someone new that is healthy!!!!

July 18, 2007, 3:56 pm CDT

That Was Ridiculous

That guy in that show where the mother-in-law thought he was molesting his daughter was guilty as sin. You don't need a too be a psychiatrist like Dr. Phil too know somebody is lying. He passed a lie detector test. So? You know how unreliable those things are. That is why they aren't admissable in court. I could go too Barnes and Noble and get 15 books telling me how too trick those things. I could convince a lie detector that I am Dr. Phil for goodness sakes. Now he is going too have amother kid. Another kid for him too have free reign too molest whenever he wants. Hey he passed a lie detector test.

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