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Created on : Friday, November 10, 2006, 09:20:25 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 11/15/06) Imagine discovering that your next-door neighbor owns over 200 cats. Ray and Dennis never thought their neighbor, Kristy, would let her pet collection get that big. Once friends, the three are now in a nasty and vindictive war because of the felines. Ray and Dennis say Kristy's property is one big, disgusting litter box, and they want Kristy to get rid of her cats. Kristy says she'll never part with her "cat sanctuary." Are Ray and Dennis playing dirty in order to run Kristy out of town? When is it too much, and where do you draw the line in the litter box? Then, Mike says his wife, Lori, keeps everything from used envelopes to empty food jars and medicine bottles, because she "might need it" in the future. He is ready to take desperate measures to put a stop to this. Lori says the thought of throwing her stuff out is her worst nightmare. Is Mike guilty of making nasty bribes to get his wife to change? What's really behind Lori's habit for hoarding? Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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November 12, 2006, 2:45 pm CST

11/15 When Too Much is ... Too Much

Quote From: fidosmommy

I once had 12 cats, all strays I adopted, but as they died of old age I did not add to the "family".   I now have 5, all house cats, all spayed and neutered, all with their shots, and very much loved.   They get plenty of attention and quality food.    Their grocery bills are bigger than mine!


This spring somebody dumped a litter of kitties and their mama cat in my back yard.  I guess they saw my cats taking a sunbath in the windows and decided this was a cat home and that I would take care of the new ones.  I haven't lifted a finger to feed them or house them.  I guess they are catching birds to survive.  Come spring, they will be having litters and I don't know what to do.  I refuse to kill them.  I can't find a place to take cats.  We have a dog shelter but no cat shelter.   The veterinarian doesn't have any idea what to tell me.  I might have 200 cats in my back yard before I know it.  I'm beside myself. 


I know Dr. Phil's message board can't help me either, but I had to vent.   Thanks for the ear.

Check around on the internet for subsidized spay/neuter programs, even if you have to just spay and release them.  It's better than having cats all over the place.



November 12, 2006, 2:59 pm CST

11/15 When Too Much is ... Too Much

Quote From: ceildh1

Personally I am passionate about the plight of stray and abandoned animals, and yes I get angry because the prevention is quite simple.

Spay and Neuter your pets- many States and provinces DO have programs for that purpose, check with your local animal hospital or SPCA, they would know, and if you cannot afford this basic surgery, than DON'T get an animal.

CHILDREN cannot be counted on to CARE for the animal, be a PARENT when your child asks for a puppy or kitten, if YOU DO NOT want to care for the animal, don't assume your child will, YOU will be the one held responsible for neglect and abuse of it, so if you can't be bothered be a PARENT and say "NO"

Farmers ( I live in farm country ) usually do have colonies of cats in their barns, cats tend to be unobtrusive to the livestock, and play their part by keeping the incidences of rats and mice out of the grain and feed, BUT many farmers have had to resort to CULLING out the colonies because of irresponsible pet owners who drop BOXES of unwanted kitties at their barn door.

Cats SHOULD be kept indoors, it helps them live longer healthier lives, and keeps them out of your neighbor's garden and it is a relief to the local bird and rodent population to know that kitty is behind the glass and can't hurt them.

There is no way, just from looking at the conditions on the previews, that this woman is registered or licensed anywhere as a sanctuary, no Humane Society would even consider it, the worst thing is most if not ALL of those animals will have to be destroyed, because the local shelter may not have the room, or they are infested with worms and other wonderful little parasites, not to mention the various bacterial and viral diseases that can run through any colony.

Unlike dogs, any cat owner will tell you, cats can be retrained and TAUGHT, as long as THEY feel the NEED, an adult cat used to being on its own with limited human contact can be converted SOMETIMES, for the most part Adult cats that have gone feral (wild) are not suitable candidates for a permanent home ( kittens will imprint good or bad feelings about humans within the first six to eight weeks of their lives ).

I rescued three feral kittens last year, the first one we found in an intersection of a town, we thought a rat was about to get run over, but on closer inspection, it was a kitten the vet thought she was only about four weeks old, she and her siblings were left in a ditch on the side of the road.

The other two are brothers born to a feral mother in a friend's back yard, we trapped them at about eight weeks old, all three live with me two kids, a husband and two dogs and a very put out seven year old cat , all of the pets are spayed or neutered, all of them are up to date for check ups and shots.  But those kittens took work, the littlest is stunted in her growth, she is a little over a year and hasn't grown since she was six months, she was never properly weaned from her mother, she was too little, the boys had to be taught to use the litter boxes, and that kibble is actually edible, food dosen't have to squirm, but I am neither a sanctuary or shelter.

But I beg ANYONE considering killing your neighbor's pets, PLEASE call your local humane society and have them look into the situation, these animals are not at fault, and they do not do what they do to purposly annoy you, I get where you're coming from, what this woman is doing isn't humane or constructive, but she is obviously oblivious and has a problem ( other than the cats) that DESPERATLY needs to be addressed.

Thank you for saying all that!


I used to work for a vet and people were always dumping animals on us, either discreetly (left in boxes on the doorstep or on a leash tied to the doorhandle) or not discreetly (they'd bring it in, say "it's not mine", and run).


Many vets have foster pets on the premises anyway but please don't expect your vet to take in what you find.  Not only can vets not afford this (believe it or not--it takes a lot of technicians to run animal hospital and they all have to be paid, although vet techs are not paid very well) but it's a huge emotional strain on the staff.  Believe me, we don't want to turn away an unwanted animal but we can't afford it any more than you can, and most of us have already adopted all the strays we can handle.  I fostered so many cats--at my own expense--I can't even remember them all. 


If you bring a sick or injured animal to the vet's, it's yours (unless they offer to take it off your hands).  You are responsible for paying for it.




PLEASE spay or neuter your pets!  They will be better pets, they will be better watch-dogs, they will be healthier, and it will save you a lot of money in the long run.  Modern anesthesia makes it very safe and it is not cruel (we have good pain medication these days, too!).  Your pet will never know the difference and will be spared a lot of health trouble later in life.

November 12, 2006, 4:35 pm CST

I love cats too, but........

I know I can't save all of them. I wish I could. We have 2 indoor cats, 1 cat that stays in an inclosed pole barn, and a new stray that stays outside. If I feed a cat I feel it is my responsibility to have the cat fixed.

November 12, 2006, 6:15 pm CST

As far as the cats go...

I can understand where her heart is. I know it's hard to turn any cat away. I'm a cat lover myself, and growing up at one point I had approx. 30 cats (all outdoors). We lived on an acre of land with no real neighbors around us, so it wasn't really an issue with anyone. As far as shots went, no, they didn't get shots (my parents didn't have money for that). We started out with one cat and it snowballed from there. I can honestly say I loved every one-at times they were my only friends. I DO have to say that 200 is WAY too many, but I think that she just may not be sure how to "turn her back" on them. I know that Dr. Phil may be able to help her understand how this may actually be worse for them in the long run.
November 12, 2006, 8:36 pm CST

Collecting is not protecting, it is a sickness

These people that start off helping a stray end up with it all out of control, saving trash, collecting empty bottles, newspapers and things normal people would throw away. It is a mental illness. They live in cat feces, urine, fleas and the cats are NOT getting the medical attention they need, they are spreading their diseases to all of the cats.  It is a tragedy and these people dont know how to stop.  It is a national disgrace what us humans do to eachother and to animals. Lazy, greedy people get a cute kitten or puppy and dump them in the middel of nowhere, over bridges, left to die in yards and worse. Hundreds of thousands of animals are put to sleep each day, then they are ground up with road kill and put in food, nasty secret.  We all must stop the insanity that is hidden from us.  We must take back our country, get the corrupt politicians out of the offfices and stand up for ourselves.  We are eating genetically modified food that has nothing nutritianal in it, and our brains are saying WE ARE STARVING so we keep eating, and we are getting fat. Stop watching the regular news, they are owned by the big corporations, the ones that are drugging america with prozac, we are being fleeced out of all our hard earned money under the threat of death or jail (IRS) and the politicians are making millions of dollars off of us, buying up land in advance of highway construction, making a huge profit, we must stop the corruption.  I for one will never eat a corporatly raised chicken or egg again after hearing what they do to the poor chickens to get them to grow in half the regular time and lay eggs in cruel inhumane conditions that kills many of them.  People across our land, please please check into these things, stop supporting the big corporations and support organic growers, take vitamins, drink distilled water, dont eat fast food, and stop drinking, doing drugs or medicating your self because you are so upset, frustrated and mad. Lets unite and kick those creeps out of office and take back our "of the people, by the people, for the people, NOT I can make a fortune out of this job I was elected for... by screwing the very people that elected me... I wont get caught... and lets not be so nice to people that are willing to ruin our lives, the lives of our children and the earth.  I say build more prisons, and fill em up. Put the child molesters in permanently, rapists permenantly, murderers never get out. Put the insane in mental hospitals and never let them out. Stop spending so much on space programs and lets get the people in this country in better shape, so nobody has to be homeless, hungry or unemployeed.  We are the richest country in the world and every city has slums. We are the laughing stock of the world, do you all know that no country will import american food? Do you wonder why?  This woman along with many women and men need mental help. Why would we not help them? Because the politicians have reduced funding for everything for us and put the money in their own pockets.
November 13, 2006, 7:09 am CST

someone needs help

This is over the top.  From my personal point of view, I have 3 dogs and about 9 stray cats. My dogs are my life . I am not really a cat fan but I would never let them go un treated. In my city we do not have a spay & neuter program, which is unfortunate. The joke in the neighborhood is that I pay my Vets mortage and car payments.( I have a good payment plan)

If you are going to have this many animals it is your responsibility to take care of all of them. Cats carry more disease than most. Just the bacteria in there mouths alone is outreageous.

If this woman wants them all she needs to step up.

I am just shocked that Animal Control has not interveined. In most states there are no laws regarding stray cats roaming at large, but if you own them BE RESPONSIBLE. Dont make your neighbors suffer.

I also understand that sometimes if an owner doesnt step up that the neighbors will take matters into there own hands..........please lady dont let this happen. If they are poisoned like you said in an intro.with antifreeze trust me when I say it is not a quick death. It is slow and very painful.


November 13, 2006, 10:21 am CST

that is way too much

     I feel for the woman with that many cats and I love cats but sometimes you just have to thin things out. I think cats are the best animal to have but I wouldn't want that many around especially since I bet that you don't always feel that well with all that cat hair around. You will be surprised how much better you feel with just a couple of cats for companions and the cats will feel better also.
November 13, 2006, 10:23 am CST

having too much stuff

     My boyfriend was one of those that said I might need it someday. I finally talked him into cleaning things up. We worked on it this weekend and he found out that yes he really did have too much stuff. You now can walk in the garage and see what is in there.
November 13, 2006, 1:46 pm CST

my god over 200 cats?

wow she must have never watched the price is wright, at the end of every show bob barker says please have your pet spade or nutered, but it would seem to be too late for this poor woman, but she could always give the cats away at christmas to well deserved homes with children,every child i have ever seen loves pets, 200 cats wow now thats alot of cats running around her house and yard,lol i bet its very hard to keep a good couch or chair with all those claws pawing at them, hehehe.
November 13, 2006, 3:11 pm CST


Quote From: kleesun

Check around on the internet for subsidized spay/neuter programs, even if you have to just spay and release them.  It's better than having cats all over the place.



 I think that not feeding the kittens and momma is cruel,if you just let them fend for themselfs they will become wild and unsociable,even if you just took them in for on a temporary basis,kinda like a foster parent and advirtised them in your local paper,radio or made posters to find them homes would be much more acceptable than leaving these poor cats to the elements,please think about this :)
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